Looks Like It’s Curtains For the Real Men In Our Midst

I just came in from watching a crew of manly men cut down some extremely large trees using chain saws, a buckets truck and shire brawn. It was a tingling sensation to see these immense trees succumb to the might of these masculine woods men. Then I came in the house, opened my lap top and read this . . .

“University of Texas Mental Health Center Treats Masculinity as a Mental Health Issue”

Since liberal authorities tell us that it’s normal and healthy to be a pervert, it is only logical the they should tell us that it’s sick to be normal.

Treating masculinity as if it were a mental health crisis “MasculinUT” is organized by the school’s counseling staff and most recently organized a poster series encouraging students to develop a “heathy model of masculinity.”

A heathy model of masculinity from the progressive point of view might look sotting like Conchita Worst. (Look it up) Stated examples of unhealthy masculinity to be rejected are striving to be successful and wanting to provide for a family.

Tough you might enjoy “taking care of people” or being “active,” MasculinUT warns that many of these attributes are actually dangerous, claiming that “traditional ideas of masculinity place men into rigid or restrictive boxes which prevent them from developing their emotional maturity.”

It’s a good thing universities are there to help us develop emotional maturity once they’re of of the crying closet.

Job seekers should take note that the school wants to hire a “healthy masculinities coordinator” to take charge of the program.

There is no evidence that masculinity itself contributes to violence. Universities that run similar programs, such as UCH-Chapel Hill or Northwestern, have admitted that their programming isn’t supported by any evidence.

To hell with evidence. Scientific thinking is racist. Lest they be accused of reverse sexism, educates not need to create programs to eradicate femininity. In progressive utopia, only men will be feminine.

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Do Parents Even Care ?

In my last post I wrote about the dumbing down of our students. What I find amazing is that parents are still sending their kids to these schools.  Today I’ll be continuing in that vain. Lets start with this.

Education these days is more about advancing degeneracy that learning the three R’s. now that our education system is fully owned by the the socialist left. That’s why 11th graders at Westside High School in Jacksonville, Fla. had this as a test question.

Ursula was devastated when her boyfriend broke up with her after having sex.

To get revenge, she had sex with his best friend the next day. Ursula had a beautiful baby girl nine months later.

Ursula has type O blood, her ex-boyfriend has AB blood and his best friend is type A blood.

If her baby’s daddy is her ex-boyfriend what could the possible blood type(s) of her baby NOT be?

This is not a joke, it was an actual question on a test. Two of the most profoundly corrupt elements in our society — i.e., the entertainment industry and leftist teacher’s unions — have the most influence on shaping the next generation. That does not bode well for the future.

Continuing– As part of the Long March Through the Institutions, the Left has conquered higher education, and now are consolidating their hold. At UC at San Diego, they explicitly require all incoming faculty to be active cultural Marxists as stated by the Center for Faculty Diversity and Inclusion.

All candidates applying for faculty appointments at the school are required to submit a personal statement on their contributions to diversity. The purpose of the statement is to identify candidates, who have the professional skills, experience, and/or willingness to engage in activities that will advance our campus diversity and equality goals.

When they bark about “diversity,” they most definitely are not referring to diversity of thought. In other words, Non-Leftist need not apply.

Moving on— Social engineers aspiring to construct totalitarianism starting with impressionable children won’t stop at destroying the family. Close friendships are also to be frowned upon. Consequently, students at a preschool in Mass. are forbidden to have a best friend.

Pentucket Workshop Preschool’s “best friend” policy is being blasted by a parent who says her daughter got upset after reportedly being told by a teacher that she couldn’t use the term because it could make other students feel excluded.

The appalled parent got a letter from the Pentucket’s director, who will continue discouraging the concept.

“It has been our experience (which spans decades) that the use of the term ‘best friend,’ even when used in a loving way, can lead other children to feel excluded which can ultimately lead to the formation of ‘cliques’ and ‘outsiders,'” the letter was quoted as saying.

The coercive assimilation of any sort of outsider or “other” is a primary objective of cultural Marxists. We are not to form voluntary associations based on similarities. Equality as understood by progressives means no one is more similar than anyone else — unless of course you are are “other” yourself, in which case you are encouraged to exclude hated members of the core population.

In utopia, there will be no best friends or any other kind of friend, other than Big Brother.

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You Think Your Kid Can Read –Think Again

The 2017 National Assessment of Educational Progress, aka The Nation’s Report Card, was released and it wasn’t pretty. Only 37% of 12th-graders tested proficient or better in reading, and only 25% did so in math. Among blacks, only 17% tested proficient or better in reading, and just 7% percent reached at least a proficient level in math.

This is only a fraction of the bad news. Nationally, our high school graduation rate is over 80%. That means high school diplomas, which attest that these students can read and compute at a 12th-grade level, are conferred when 63% are not proficient in reading and 75% aren’t proficient in math. For blacks, roughly 75% received high school diplomas attesting to the fact they are competent in math and reading at the 12th grade level. However 83 percent could not read at that level and 93% could not do math at that level. It’s grossly dishonest for the education establishment and politicians to boast about unprecedented graduation rates when it does represent academic achievement. At best a diploma certifies little more than attendance.

This isn’t the worst of the news. Some of the greatest fraud occurs at the higher education levels — colleges and universities. According the the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 70% of white high school graduates in 2016 enrolled in college, and 58% of blacks. Here’s some questions that need answering.

If only 37% of white high school graduates test as college-ready and roughly 17% of blacks, how come colleges are admitting 58% of them?

It’s inconceivable that college administrators are unaware that they are admitting students who are ill-prepared and can’t perform at the college level. Colleges cope with ill-prepared students in several ways. They provide remedial course. One study suggest that more than two-thirds of community college students take at least one remedial course, as do 40% of four-year college students. Professors dumb down their courses so that ill-prepared students can get passing grades. Colleges also set up majors with little analytical demands so as to “accommodate” students with analytical deficits. Such majors often include the term “studies,” such as ethnic studies, cultural studies, gender studies and American studies. The major for the most ill-prepared students, sadly enough, is education. When students’ SAT scores are ranked by intended major, education majors place 26th on a list of 38.

The bottom line is that colleges are admitting youngsters who have not mastered what used to be considered a ninth-grade level proficiency in reading, writing and arithmetic. Very often graduates from college still can’t master even a 12th-grade level of academic proficiency. And for those students that play sports— During a recent UNC scandal, a learning specialist hired to help athletes found that during the period form 2004-2012, 60% of the 183 members of the football and basketball teams read between 4th and 8th grade levels. About 10% read below a third-grad level. Keep in mind these students graduated high school and were admitted to college.

According to Richard Vedder, distinguished emeritus professor of economics at Ohio U., in 2012 there were 115,000 janitors, 16,000 parking lot attendants, 83,000 bartenders and about 35,000 taxi drivers with a bachelor’s degree.

What can be done? Perhaps start over from stretch. Weed out the bad poorly educated teachers, find retired military, or retired teachers to work in the classroom. Get rid of all the junk course, all the sex education, gender indoctrination, etc and concentrate on the basics. Don’t allow parents to bully teachers when the refuse to allow the student to move up. All this would be a start. Get rid of the teachers union.

Anyway, you might want to sit down with your kids and ask the to read a book. Not an easy book but one many of us read in Junior High and High school. Ask them to work math problems. Write down a sentence and ask them to diagram the words. If they can’t do that for their grade level they’re in trouble and you should be pounding on the school house door.

And for this your kids will be in hock till they’re drooling in the porridge bowls?

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Are We Being Played By North Korea?

North and South Korea met in what is being called a “historic” effort to broker peace between the two nations. “Both recognize the need to end the current armistice regime and build a permanent peace regime,” says a “peace declaration” signed by leaders of both nations. Only there’s a problem. The leaders that signed that were Kim Jong-il and Presider Roh Moo-hyun and the date was Oct. 2007. After the meeting, the South Korean leader stated “There is no longer going to be any war. The North will no longer attempt unification by force, and at the same time we will not do any harm to the North.” Actually, that was said by President Kim Dae-jung after the “historic” summit of 2000 between the two countries. I’m quite certain, though, that this time is different. This time they really mean it!

The really interesting thin is that the North managed this time to take any discussion of human rights off the table for peace discussions before they even got started. Presumably the South and America, were fine with that because instead, Kim Jong Un offered to cease the North’s nuclear testing program, garnering huge praise from all corners.

Yet now we get word that according to geologists, it seems that the North’s last nuclear test actually collapsed the mountain under which the testing site lay, meaning that technically they are unable to continue their testing program anyway. Without tipping his hand, Kim worked to leverage this otherwise disastrous event to his best advantage in the upcoming peace talks.

Of course, many in the conservative media have been spiking the proverbial football after Kim made this announcement, giving Trump all the credit for getting Kim to agree to end the testing, but it now sees that acclamation may have been premature. Especially so in light of the fact that Kim only agreed to stop testing and never said that he would stop or even slow down his production of weapons, nor that he would give up any existing weapons. What was really accomplished here worth celebrating? So far, not much.

As Nicholas Eberstadt put it,

“The problem is that the North can walk away from its peace promises at any time. And when it eventually does, it will be able to blame whomever it wishes for this tragic result – potentially polarizing politics in the South, igniting tensions in Seoul’s alliance with Washington or fracturing the loose coalition of governments that rallied around sanctions against it. In the meantime, Pyongyang will hold the other parties hostage to the fear that if any of its new demands aren’t met, it will quit the peace process.”

The players may be different this time, but so far there is no reason to believe that the outcome will be any different than what occurred time and time again between the two Koreas over the many years Ince the conflict erupted in 1950. As Trump himself tweeted, “only time will tell” if peace is finally and truly coming to the Korean peninsula.


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Britain Is Lost — Europe Will Soon Follow

I spent several years in Britain and came to love the people and the country, but what Britain has become is nothing short of evil. As I’ve been reporting over the past several years things have gone off the tracks and I don’t see a way back for England.

Over the past several weeks we’ve been witness to the craziness that is now Britain. First, a man was arrested and fined 800pds, and six months in jail for teaching his girlfriends pug to make the Nazi salute with his paw. It was done to irritate his girlfriend. Every time the guy said Hail Hitler the pug raised his front paw. Funny right. Well he put it on YouTube. Someone in the government saw it, said it was an act of cruelty and hence the fine.

The problem with that is that at the moment anti-jewish bigotry currently stands at a record high in the UK. There were 1,346 recorded anti-Semitic incidents last year. A 34% rise in violent assaults against Jewish people. Hummm–perhaps it has something to do with the increased Muslim population?

We also learned that flipping off a mobile safety camera while fitted with a laser hammer is punishable in the UK by eight months in prison. And of course we know that carrying a spork in the UK is criminal activity as well.

All of these seem to be criminal activities of the highest order. But allowing the all powerful NHS kill your child–not so much. They actually sent 30 officers to surround the hospital so Alfie’s parents couldn’t take him home.

Meanwhile, the British police are enmeshed in scandal as a Newcastle rape gang comprised of Muslim men was left to its own devices while authorities reportedly “appeared to punish the victims,” according to The Independent (UK) According to that outlet:

Grooming gangs abused more than 700 women and girls around Newcastle with “arrogant persistence” after police appeared to punish victims while letting the perpetrators walk free, a case review has found. The report into the response by authorities to child sexual exploitation found that before a large-scale police operation was launched in 2014 officer’s actions were sending an “unhelpful” message to perpetrators…Investigators said the abuse could not be stopped without work to understand the profiles, motivations, and cultural influences of perpetrators, after finding similarities with grooming in Rotherham, Rochdale and Oxford.

So lets see. You can’t stop these animals from raping your young girls and woman because you don’t know enough about their motivations, or cultural influences. Are they kidding me or what. Their motivation is to degrade and dehumanize women in general, and their cultural influences are that they come from hell hole Muslim countries who believe that raping woman is a sport.

Europe is in serious trouble. And that trouble is self-imposed. We may be watching the end of the Judeo-Christian morality that protected children and women, increasingly supplanted by the new morality of bureaucratic rule from above — a rule concerned mostly with quashing dissent and treating citizens as subjects.

How strange that the Queen should be celebrating the birth of a new grandson while one of her subjects is fight to save their baby from NHS.


The rise in anti-Jewish bigotry in the U.K. is no laughing matter. The fact that Meechan (the pug trainer) was convicted and thrown in jail with real criminals is nothing short of a sick joke. To be jailed over a video that mocks Nazism and fascism, sets a dangerous precedent for freedom of speech in the U.K. Rather than do something substantive against the rich of anti-Jewish bigotry throughout the country, British authorities instead chose to go after an easy target.

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Alfie Evans — Rest In God’s Arms

It is with the greatest of sadness that I report that today the British health care system will kill another victim of their care. Alfie Evans father posted on Facebook that today Alder Hey hospital intends to euthanize (deliberate kill) Alfie for no other reason than they can.

Today they will remove this innocent Childs ventilator. But even worse if that’s possible they intend to inject Alfie with what appears to be diazepam or triazolam. The first is more commonly known as valium. The second is a central nervous depressant. Both are benzodiazepines. With side effects that include amnesia, fatigue, and sleeplessness, either could most certainly be fatal to a child who may be trying to breathe on their own after being extubated.

Make no mistake about it. This is absolutely euthanasia on the part of Alder Hey. Any attempt to claim “palliative care” should be roundly rejected. Not only are they affecting his ability to breathe effectively, allegedly they actually plan to administer a drug that will make it even harder for Alfie to breath on his own. I have written on three of these cases. This is the first time a parent has claimed an injection, whose use can only hasten death, will be used.

Tom, Alfie’s father refers to the possibility he’ll be arrested if he tries to remove his son and is firm that if Alfie is breathing post extubation he will refuse the injection. This young man, 21, has traveled to Rome to appeal to the Pope for asylum. He has exhausted every appeal possible to retain the right to move his son abroad having acquired the means and money to do so. Absolutely tireless in his quest he has become the face of the horror in the U.D. being very vocal.

If you look at Alfie’s official pages, you will see a number of allegations from the parents. In today’s video, Tom asserts he and Alfie’s mother slept on the floor last night. On the floor in their son’s room. Great “palliative care” there at Alder Hey. The very definition says you attempt to meet the needs of the ENTIRE family.

His post also claims that Alfie’s feeding tube has not been changed in seven months and actually has evidence of mold. This is the care provided in a leading children’s hospital?

Perhaps it is his youth or his personality, but Tom Evans has given a raw and quite frankly horrific account of the practice in the U.K. of ending a life. (I have written of several other instances concerning the elderly) While the court battles of the Gard and Haastrup families were documented in the media, Tom Evans has been clear about the horror show this process actually is. He has not hesitated to post documents, videos and details of the ordeal he and Kate James have been put through by the hospital and the courts. How the remaining people in the U.K. who consider themselves citizens rather than subjects are not in complete revolt at this point I do not understand.

Tom Evans posted fifteen minutes ago.  —-ALFIE, I AM SO SO SORRY

The only thing left now is pray for this young family, and especially for Tom who gave everything he had to save his son. This is not an easy thing to get over. Pray that God gives him the strength he needs to go on.

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Starbucks and Other Silly Idea’s

“There are bad examples which are worse than crimes; and more states have perished from the violation of morality than from the violation of law.”  Baron de Montesquieu

When outrage erupted after Starbucks had the police eject a pari of loitering troublemakers even though they were Persons of Privileged Pigmentation, it was suggested that the company make amends by giving their coffee to black people for free. The idea is catching on. Last Tuesday a PPP barged into Starbucks brandishing his race card and demanded free coffee which the barista gave him.

In the foreseeable future, there will be no more white people to feed off, so parasites like the guy mentioned above will quite starve. In the meantime, Starbucks has officially reacted to this absurd controversy:

Pubic outrage over the arrest of two African American men at a downtown Starbucks spared a corporate crisis that led the company to take the unprecedented step of announcing it would close more than 8,000 stores for an after noon in May to train baristas on how to recognize their racial biases.

 That is, the employees are to undergo brainwashing with hardcore Black Lives Matter indoctrination. That is the official Starbucks reparations for the entirely reasonable expulsion of the arrogant loiterers.

Needles to say, black troublemakers will not be ejected from Starbucks in the future. They will be free to do whatever they like in the restrooms and throughout the shop without making a purchase. According to liberal ideology, they are “oppressed”; therefore, their every demand is to be obsequiously acceded to.

If there is any “diversity” in your area, expect the environment at your local Starbucks to change. It will come to resemble a cross between a crack house and a homeless encampment. Paying customers will stay away.

Consequently, Starbucks will go out of business. So at least this nauseating story has a happy ending.

On tip from moon battery.

Moving On–

When Government finances science, you get the science government wants. No matter who you vote for, government will largely consist of progressives, because they are naturally drawn to positions where they can boss others around, whereas true conservatives tend to shy away from government, regarding it as an unpleasant necessary evil. Consequently, taxpayers are forced to finance the promotion of transgender children:

The National Science Foundation is expanding a study of transgender children as young as three years old, giving the project’s researcher an additional $1 million.

The lucky recipient is Kristina Olson of the University of Washington who has been wallowing in gender insanity since she was “just a child,” according an NSF video announcing the award.

“In addition to transgender children, we are recruiting intersex children, gender nonconforming children, tomboys, princess boys, pink boys, non-binary children, gender creative kids–you name it!” according to the project’s website.

Already the study has produced results unsurprisingly confirming that it is good to impose transgenderism on children too small to comprehend much less resist it. With politically driven “science,” you find what you are paid to find.

Olson has already received $635,711 from the federal government for her gender studies.










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Calif. Is Trying To Sexualize Our Children. It Will Come Here

This week, the assembly in the state of Calif. could vote on a bill that would legitimately ban books, shut down churches, and close psychiatric offices all over the state. What is the purpose of the bill? To prevent anyone from being confronted with material that could advocate changing sexual behavior or gender expression or to eliminate or reduce sexual or romantic attractions or feelings toward individuals of the same sex.

Need I say this is insane?

It’s bad enough for the state to intervene between clients and therapists with regard to changing orientations, as several states have already done — while conversion therapy tends to be ineffective, this is a free country in which people should be able to seek whatever therapy they choose.

But this bill goes further. By suffusing that any attempt to change behavior or gender expression amounts to illegal activity, the state of Calif. essentially cars all transactions involving parenting and religious instruction not in line with the socially leftist worldview. It is a simple fact that most religious people believe that orientation and behavior are two different things, fully distinct: we may have urges toward behavior, but it is our job to sometimes forego that behavior.

The state of Calif.would make that prospective jail-able or fine-able. Furthermore, if you’re a parent of a three-year-old who says she feels more like a boy than a girl, you’d be forbidden from buying a counseling book urging you to teach that your girl will likely grow out of that perspective (statistically true) or offering strategies for preventing transgender behavior.

This is tyranny. Full stop. And it’s wildly unconstitutional. Under this law, it could be illegal to sell the Bible or buy the Bible; it could be illegal to attend a religious day school. And this asinine piece of garbage passed two separate committees with flying colors.

It’s nearly unthinkable that the Supreme Court would uphold this law. But stranger things have happened, and we live in an ugly time for advocates of personal and religious liberty.



California’s New Sex-Ed Curriculum is About to Roll Out…What You Need to Know

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Massive African Immigration Threatens Existence of Europe

I’ve been talking for some time about how Europe will at sometime in the near future be overrun by third world immigrants. Well, it seems that French President Emmanuel Macron has been reading my column. He can see what’s coming down the pike regarding this frightening massive African immigration.

“Bombshell” population growth in Africa means Europe is entering an “unprecedented” age of mass migration,” asserting the the two continents’ destinies are “bound.”

Macron acknowledges that Africans will continue to pour into Europe as foreseen in The Camp of the Saints “for many years to come.” He referred to Stephen Smith, who has estimated that there will be as many as 200 million Africans in Europe within the next 30 years.

In 1960, Detroit had the highest per capita income in the U.S. It was called the Paris of the Midwest. Demographic transformation reduced it to a welfare-dependent hellhole unsafe for regular Americans to enter. 

Soon Paris will become the Detroit of Europe, as will every other European city. Within two or three generations, Europe will face the nightmare situation we now see in South Africa. From there is is only a matter of time until Europeans are eradicated completely, and Europe becomes an extension of Africa, characterized by starvation, disease, and savagery.

To be funny, a joke has to be true. But when you realize just how true, it sometimes stops being funny. Here’s an example:

Q: What do you get when you feed 1 million starving Africans?

A: Five million starving Africans.

Disease and their inability to feed themselves used to limit their population, since responsible sexual behavior sure won’t. But do-gooders have lifted these restrictions. The population of Africa will soon explode into the billions. This population won’t stay in Africa.

Meanwhile the progressives who run Europe roll out the welcome mat. EU President” Without Millions of African Migrants, Europe Will Be Lost. The European race is following the dinosaurs into the tar pits,


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Two Year Old Alfie Evans Has Been Found Unworthy of Life

I have written several articles concerning the heartbreaking story of what Britain’s socialized medicine is doing to their children. At the moment the spotlight is on Alfie Evans. Alfie is the third child who the doctors at Alder Hey hospital would rather see dead then out of their care. It appeared that for a time Alfie had secured a reprieve from his death sentence but it turned out to be a ploy by the hospital.

Alfie’s parents, have been fighting to allow their son to be given the chance to live but the hospital has constantly refused to do so even thought the family has the money and has also made arrangements to take him to a hospital outside the United Kingdom.

Alfie’s father, 21 year old Tom Evans has been in a protracted legal battle with the staff of Alder Hey hospital over his sons medical care. He has been tireless and dogged in his drive to raise funds, arrange appropriate care and understand his rights as a parent under UK law.

As of yesterday he thought he had the solution. He received legal counsel explaining his rights under the law. The letter stated that Alfie is only in hospital because you, his parents, voluntarily sought its healthcare services. Alfie retains the right to self-discharge from hospital. He is not imprisoned there. Because of his minority, it is for you, as his parents, to make a decision to self-discharge or to stay at hospital.

I should tell you at this point that Alfie has yet to be given a diagnosis of his problem or any idea what could and should be done to bring him back to full health. They have declared that he isn’t worth saving due to future quality of life issues, a belief that has been questioned by hospitals in Italy and America.

So Alfie’s parents decided to self-discharge their child. They had a respirator and several willing doctors, standing by to assist in the transfer alone with a plane to fly him to their chosen destination. The hospital called the police and threatened to arrest the parents. Even worse news came today.

Tom again went to court declaring that Alder Hey was violating Tom and Kate’s parental rights in refusing to release Alfie, but a JUDGE has dismissed this idea.

The JUDGES have decided treatment is futile. They have decided that Alder Hey’s care plan is the current course based on testimony of the Hey staff. The JUDGES are making a decision in loco parentis when the parents are there, with resources and a different point of view.

In effect the state has decided that the parents of Alfie have no right to have any hope and that they are not allowed to have a different plan of idea of what palliative care for their son may look like.

The very air he breathes is at the benevolence of the state at this point. Doctors and judges playing God in the absence of a diagnosis and documented improvements with reduction of sedating medication and weaning Alfie’s vent. The “detailed care plan” set up by the hospital has been kept secret. But Tom Evans has made this battle as public as he possibly could. He has pulled aside the cloak of secrecy as the hospital moves to carry out their unconscionable plan.

Their plan or as they call it Alfie’s palliative care will consist of removing his feeding tube, and breathing tube and thereby end his life without the benefit of pain killing drugs.  Six months ago another child under the same conditions at the same hospital lost his life to this barbaric practice. That child struggle for  six hours SIX HOURS before he finally stop breathing. For six hours that one year old child fought to live. Alfie is about to suffer the same fate.

For everyone in this country enamored with “Medicare for all,” please look at the official Alfie’s Army page on Facebook. There are other tales from parents whose children have not been diagnosed, have plan of care in place and whose parents are fighting for what we would consider basic comfort measures in this country.

For our friends in the UK, I have no words. Only sorrow that their elected officials and the citizenry in genera sit idly by while even more fundamental individual liberties are stripped away. This the the third child that will be euthanized by their healthcare system that we know of. At least a dozen others are in line for this conclusion. It’s really as if the UK is full of subjects again, not citizens.

Think what it would be like to sit next to your two year old child and watch him struggle for six hours to keep breathing, to not be allowed any medication to ease his passing or a chance to be seen by those who believe they could save him. There is a place in Hell for those that allow this to happen and it is well deserved.

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