Sanders Want’s Single Payer-Vermont Said No Thanks

Thanks to back-stabbing left-wing “Republicans” like John McCain, it looks like we won’t be stepping back from the OCare debacle. Since the current situation is unsustainable, that could mean lurching forward. However, Bernie Sanders thinks it time to jump in to single payer.

CNN’s Jake Tapper…asked Sanders if he will introduce single-payer, not that well, you know what happened. Sanders responded with, “absolutely, of course we are.”

But what about liberal states where the concept has already failed — like Sanders’ own Vermont?  The single-payer framework in Vermont would have imposed a double digit payroll tax on small businesses, as well as 9.5% premium assessment on individuals. In my judgment, the potential economic disruption and risks would be too great to small businesses, working families and the states economy,” Shumlin wrote in 2014.

Strangely seeing it’s Calif. Single payer was passes out of the Calif., Senate, but one it got to the State Assembly, the speaker of the Assembly, Rep. Anthony Rendon, lambasted the Senate’s attempt as “woefully incomplete” Guess the didn’t raise taxes enough for him to give it his blessing. And of course the part the Senate left out was the part about controlling cost, and how to pay for it.

When asked how single payer could go national when you can’t even get Calif, and Vermont, Bernie started stuttering. Guess when your wife is up for jail time and you have all the responsibility for three or four million dollar mansions, it’s hard to think about these things.

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Your Never To Young To Be Indoctrinated into Deviancy

The evil inflicted largely on your dime by the abortion mill Planned Parenthood doesn’t stop at killing unwanted babies or even at selling their body parts. There is much more to the agenda it advances — for example, instilling twisted liberal sexual mores in 3-year-olds.

In new guidelines issued on the official Planned Parenthood website, the federally subsidized corporation explains how parent should talk to their pre-schoolers about gender roles, sexuality, masturbation, and transgenderism, even offering tips on how to tell if you toddler “is transgender or gender nonconforming.”

These are kids barely old enough to take. The younger you start, the more damage you can inflict on their developing minds. For the benefit of you moms that want to buy into this (and if you are one of those moms I don’t want you anywhere near this web site.) the following questions are among those addressed.

  • How do I talk with my preschooler about identity?
  • What should I teach my preschooler about sex and sexuality?
  • How do I talk about different types of families?
  • How do I talk about gender roles and stereotypes?
  • How do I talk about sex?

A sample of the answers:

“While the most simple answer is that girls have vulvas and boys penises/testicles, that answer isn’t true for every boy and girl. Boy, girl, ,am and woman are words that describe gender identity, and some people with the gender identities ‘boy’ or ‘man’ have vulvas, and some with the gender identity ‘girl’ or ‘woman’ have penises/testicles. Your genitals don’t make you a boy or a girl,” says the site.

Toddlers are also to be encouraged to masturbate.

After being sexually indoctrinated with this sick lunacy from before their earliest memories, kids are liable to get screwed up quickly. Then the progressive parents can crow that they were born that way, as they showcase their totally insane transsexual children.

God must be weeping.

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Did You know Color-Blindness is Unethical? Me Neither

Listen up out there all you white scum Americans. Well, not really, but that’s how the other side thinks about you. To be white is to be Satan incarnate.

Progressives progress one step at a time. With each step taken, an earlier step is left behind. For example, remember the famous quote about being judged not by your skin color but by the content of you character? Well–forget it.

Two University of S.C. professors argue in a recent paper that “colorblind racial attitudes” are “unethical’ and can also perpetuate White norms.” Imagine that!

Mary Ann Priester and Ronald Pinte, both of whom teach in the College of Social Work at USC, advanced that claim in a July 19 research article examining the prevalence of color-blind attitudes among psychology students.

“Color-blind racial attitudes may prevent White individuals from developing a deeper level of awareness of racial oppression,” the professors assert, later adding that “deficits in awareness are not only unethical, but can also perpetuate White norms within the professions.” Gasp!

Just think. If we don’t stop perpetuating white norms, how are we supposed to destroy the civilization that whites created? If we don’t destroy it, how can we achieve utopia by turning the whole planet into Haiti?

In addition to their many other sins, whites were found to be more color-blind in their racial attitudes — that is, they believe success and failure are determined by individual merit, (holy moly) rather than by “white privilege” and imaginary discrimination against politically favored minority groups. This was determined by asking whether they agree with statements like, “Everyone who works hard, no matter their skin color has an equal chance to become rich.”

Curiously, they also found that “students who attended predominantly White undergraduate institutions had greater awareness of racial oppression than students who attended institutions that were racially balanced,” a result that runs contrary to convention wisdom.

Curiously? Not at all. The malicious lie that privileged non-whites are somehow oppressed is more difficult to prop up among people who interact every day with conspicuously non-oppressed non-whites.

Looks like Martin Luther King wasted his time. I leave you with this question. What happens when Whites become the minority and we start demanding our rights. When we start demanding, public housing, food stamps, free medical care, special rights when applying for college. What’s good for the goose is good for the gender they say.


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Do You Understand What Just Happened? I Doubt It.

If you think Benedict Arnold was a traitor deserving of hanging, then lets add these to the list. Lamar Alexander (Tenn) Shelley Moore Capito (W. Va.) Susan Collins (Maine) Dean Heller (Nev) John McCain (Ariz.) Lisa Murkowski (Alaska) Rob Portman (Ohio) Also you might want to know when they’re up for reelection. Alexander: 2020, Capito: 2020, Collins: 2020, Heller: 2018, McCain 2020, Murkowski: 2022, Portman: 2022. And what do these outstanding Senators have in common? The committed the greatest betrayal in modern political history.

And what did they do? They insured that ObamaCare would never be repealed. And these seven people are to thank for it.

Say your sitting across from you spouse of seven years and they turn to you and say, “I have a couple of things to tell you. They ran out of milk at the store. I slept with my co-worker last week and now about the milk situation.

You might say–“Whoa, whoa, forget the milk situation. What was that second thing you said about breaking your most fundamental promise to me. A promise you made seven years ago? The one promise that was central to our life together?” For many people that isn’t just a broken promise, it’s a deal breaker. And if you just opened your newspaper or accessed your favorite blog or news site, you might not realize that we just experience the worst political betrayal I can remember.

Here’s a story about transgenders and the military. Oh, yeah, and also the Republicans voted not to repeal ObamaCare. Now about that transgender story. . . And we’re suppose to just let this go? No way WE WANT A DIVORCE!

I listened to John McCains speech yesterday and I told my husband something wasn’t right. All this talk about getting along with the Dems. coming out of hospital to vote. No way was he going to vote to get rid of O-care and I was right! The only one of this group with a clear conscience is Collin’s who never ran to get rid of O-Care. All the rest ran on a promise to cut it out root and branch. EVERY SINGLE ONE LOOKED YOU IN THE EYE AND LIED. EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM AND ADD MCCONNELL TO THAT LIST. 

As I wrote in earlier blogs all these people voted for repeal in earlier votes when they knew the numbers weren’t there and Obama wouldn’t sign it. Only when it looked as if we had a chance this time did they vote against repeal. The only thing changed was the President who they knew would sign the repeal if it got to his desk and they made sure it didn’t.

Trust me there are more that would’ve vote against it but they were all up for reelection next year. Can’t have them voting no, might hurt their chances of re-election. “We’ll use those safe seaters  to destroy our hopes and when their turn comes for reelection those dummies out in the hinterland won’t remember how we screwed them over. Dean Heller is the only one up this year and Nev. went for Clinton so that tells you what his chances are. He voted to help the party knowing he’d probably lose next year anyway.

Then Rand Paul come out with a tweet saying “Hey, at least we got to vote on a clear bill.” Will whoop-de-do.

Listen folks I hate to say it but Boehner was right. He said Republicans best hope in the coming months is to peel away aspects of the law, such as some tax provision and regulations and to end health insurance mandates. But wait, revising the conservative dissent in the Supreme Court’s ObamaCare case five years ago,  Scalia and company warned that striking down the mandate would necessitate striking down the entire law since the program can’t function without it. In other words, there’s no way to pay for it!

The cash–wait for it–will have to come from much higher premiums, triggering ye olde death spiral or from –wait again–tax payer money. If the base is mad now wait till they’re on the hook potentially to have to pony up the money. Just wait till they get the bill for over $50 billion to prop up ObamaCare.

The demise of the 7-year promise to repeal O-Care is just the latest twist of the knife that Republicans have delivered to advocates of limited government. IT’S A REMINDER THAT AMERICA ONLY REALLY HAS ONE PARTY: THE PARTY OF BIG GOVERNMENT.

For a brief time it looked as if the Tea Party movement could break this cycle, and get the party to embrace a more limited government approach. But in the end it failed. Well, there’s always the midterms. I figure they can probably get repeal done with 70 Senate seats. That’s a joke folks.

Our leadership can’t fix health care with total control of government and our base wants the government to shut down “biased” media outlets?

If you’re unhappy get use to it. You haven’t seen anything yet. You know, being old isn’t such a bad thing, at least the worst that’s coming well be after were gone. Oh, but of course there’s the grandkids to pay for all this.

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Muslim’s On The Move

If you love Britain as I do, you can only feel broken hearted that a country so tied to our own is allowing itself to be over run by middle eastern invaders. These invaders with their sixth century ideals, will soon be turning most of Europe into a Muslim territory and it will be done as the leaders of these countries, seem determined to decimate the history and citizens they were interested to protect. Why so many world leaders seem driven to destroy European culture is beyond me. Perhaps they believe that when the take over comes, they’ll be spared. They should think again. Handing you country over to a bunch of ignorant, sex hungry, low lifes is a sure fired way to wind up dead at the end of one of their knives.

For instance– A gang of Muslim (so-called) men rampaged through Liverpool city centre attacking strangers because they were white “non-Muslims.” One witness feared Amid Mohmed, , Mohammed Patel and Faruq Patel were ISIS terroists. The drunken yobs targeted three unknown men before the set upon Gary Bohanna when he revealed he was Christian.

Laughing Faruq, 19 who was not convicted of a racial or religious motive, the filmed Mohmed punching St. Helens councillor Paul Lynch to the ground, as his terrified girlfriend tried to protect him. There punishment? A writ-slap sentence of 42 or 18 weeks. When the get out, there will be thousands more Muslims in Britain.

Guess who the next wave of immigrants coming to America will be. White Europeans.

Then another indicator of the mental capacity of those brought up as Muslims. Applied Islamic justice: Village elders in Pakistan ordered a 17-year-old girl to be raped as retribution after her brother was accused of raping another 12-year-ole girl, media reported Thursday.
In Muzzafarabad, this happened. It’s not unusual to punish family members with rape in Pakistan. Recently a tribal court ordered a woman to be gang raped after her brother was accused of having sex with a woman from another tribe.

This sort of travesty of justice results from Islam according to which women are subhuman. But don’t forget, all cultures are equal, except ours which is “oppressive” and therefore less equal, and Islam is equivalent to Christianity. Don’t expect commentary from feminists on this story, they’re too worried about their Virginias.


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School Days Aren’t What They Use To Be –God Help Us.

“Reading and writing and arithmetic, taught to the tune of a hickery stick.” Remember that old song? Yeah, so do I. But maybe that tune had it correct. Of course different people have different abilities. As I’ve written so often of late, the only way to make everything fair is to dumb everything down to the lowest common denominator.

If you’ll remember I wrote on the subject of taking away incentive on earlier blogs. Raise the base pay to fifteen dollars and the kids who were working hard to get a raise suddenly realizes that all that work got them nowhere. Even the poor performers got the cash so why try? End of the work ethic.

Back to the classroom. Some people find algebra difficult. I count myself in that group. Never could figure out how a+b=C. That’s why I didn’t take algebra. But now Algebra is racist:

A community college chancellor in Calif. is proposing to get rid of the requirement that all students take intermediate algebra in an effort to boost the graduation rate at his institution.

Eloy Ortiz Oakley, made the suggestion during a recent interview with National Public Radio, call the requirement a “civil rights issue.”

Yes, you read that right, a civil rights issue. That’s what civil rights has become. A reason not to learn math.  At our current rate of decay, within a matter of months it will be a civil rights issue to be stigmatized for crawling around on all fours in your birthday suit rather than walking erect and wearing clothes.

There current graduation rate at Calif. Community Colleges is just 48 percent. Say, just think what the graduation rate would be if they made it unnecessary to take any classes.

Out in Minnesota, the “School Safety Technical Assistance Council” (a big name for a bunch of people with small brains,) has issued guidelines that will be distributed to Kindergarten through 12th grade public schools and charter schools throughout the state. The toolkit attempts to “ensure a safe and supportive transition: for children becoming a different gender at school.

Parents are expected to get with the program. The Minn. Dept. of Ed. encourages parents to have “acceptance and support of their child’s gender identity” if they want their child to perform well at school.

If a 5-year-old boy want to pretend that he’s a girl named Gertrude, everyone must play along or be denounced as transphobic. Older students may enjoy the access to bathroom and locker room facilities of the opposite sex to which they are entitled according to the Toolkit.

Teachers should avoid calling grade school children “boys and girls,” because the phrase is not “inclusive.” So how is calling everyone zee or whatever inclusive of those who prefer to be boys and girls by nature and birth? Question number two–if a boy wants to be a girl and plays and dresses like a girl, isn’t calling him a girl along with all the other girls inclusive. And remember, Trump issued a statement saying school should call students by their appropriate gender title.

Lastly, during communist China’s nightmarish Cultural Revolution, teachers lived in terror of being denounced by thuggish students who were drunk on the power granted them by the demented extremist in charge. Welcome to American academia:

One Chicago art professor resigned from his post earlier this month after a “small cadre of militant LGBT students with an authoritarian agenda” continually accused him of “racism” and “homophobia.”

The Art Institute of Chicago, professor Michael Bonesteel told the Chicago Reader, “feels more like a police state than a place where academic freedom and the open exchange of ideas is valued.”

Bonesteel committed two thought crimes”

  1. On Dec. 12, Bonesteel was leading a discussion about Chicago artist Henry Darger, whose artwork often depicted young girls with male genitalia. He mentioned the popular theory that Darger’s work might be the result of childhood sexual abuse – an idea that apparently frustrated one transgender student.

2.   Then just two days later, the second problem cropped up. During a similar discussion session in another class, a student went off on a “long diatribe about perceived anti-Semitic attitudes” of Gerand Jones, the author of a book assigned to the class. The student proceeded to complain about the institute’s treatment of transgender and minority students and then accused Bonesteel specifically of “racism and homophobia.” The same student also complained about a lack of trigger warning during a discussion of an implied rape in another assigned text.

When the student complained about the interaction, Bonesteel said, (Dean of Faculty Lisa Wainwright “ultimately determined that it’s more likely than not your conduct in relation to this student constituted harassment based on gender-identity in violation of the School’s Policy Against Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation.”

As a result, Bonesteel was told he would no longer be teaching those courses and his hours were cut so drastically that he lost his health care insurance. There was little he could do but to resign. At least for the moment he only lost his job. It started that way in China as well.


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Marginalizing Christianity

For more than fifty years I’ve been a great lover of British drama, and deceptive shows such as Inspector Lewis, Morris, Midsomer Murders, Miss Marple, Vera, Sherlock, New Tricks, etc. I’ve watch some episodes so often I can recite the lines along with the actors. What’s been bothering me however over the course of the last say seven or eight years is how almost all of these shows have taken on a subtle dislike of Christians.

In almost every episode of every program, theChristian or Minister or Priest is either a liar, a murderer, a general all around swine, mentally unstable or just plain nutty. Christian couples will alway wind up doing something in secret that makes a mockery of their faith, ministers are hiding some occult secret in the basement of their church or some slightly insane worshiper will be found wandering about the village threatening God’s judgment of hell and demanation. Never once can I recall a real, honest to goodness Christian who is a boon to the community.  I can’t count the number of times I mention this to my husband.

Those who aren’t Christians, spend there time ridiculing those who are. Only on Inspector Lewis, is there a character–Sergeant Hathaway–who is portrayed as a Christian. Actually he started  out wanting to be a Priest, then left the seminary and became a cop. His character is sometimes confused and maligned but he seems to hold up fairly well against his partners absolute distaste for anything Christian.

Having lived in England I was aware that England was falling away, and that the church of England had become little more than a bunch of gorgeous building with no heart.  But as we know the Lord seems to do the best work when things are the toughest. There has been a slight awakening in Britain, but it’s being hampered by the P.C. caste system.

According to a recent poll, more than 90 percent of Christians in the UK believe their faith is being marginalized in British society.  It also found a majority of Christians thought their faith was not given the same respect  as other religions in the UK, with most feeling it was considered unacceptable for them to share their beliefs in public. The survey, conducted by Premier Christina Communications, questioned more than 12,000 “ordinary Christians” as part of a “state of the faith” study.

Half of the respondents reported having experienced prejudice because of their faith. Experiencing discrimination is suppose to be a badge of honor among the politically favored groups, yet there sit Christians at the bottom of the caste system, openly revile in the culture that is presented to us as our own by the media.

It’s what Herbert Marcuse of the Frankfurt School,  called “repressive tolerance” is inflicted particularly unmercifully on the young: Younger Christians were more likely to say that they experienced prejudice for their faith, with 70 percent of respondents aged 15 -19 reporting negative experiences.

Only the strongest among them will hold onto their faith, and we need to pray for God to intercede in this matter. We need to hold these people up and at the moment prayer is the best answer.







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It’s Time For Christians To Stop Funding Lying Politicians

Remember way back in 2010 when the Republicans ask us to give them the house, and they’d repeal Obamacare–and we did. They they said hey, without the Senate, nothing get through so give us the Senate and things will change. We gave them that in 2014. Then last year the cry was, but even with both houses, if we get bills to the President he won’t sign it. We need the White House and now they have the White House and we’re still waiting.

Now there seems to be a snag. They can’t seem to get things done because Senate Parliamentarian Elizabeth McDonough, a hack appointed by Harry Reid, in 2012, ruled that provisions of the Obamacare repeal-and-replace bill prohibiting taxpayer funding of planned parenthood violate the Byrd Rule.

That rule, named after the late and never missed Robert (D-KKK) Byrd subjects non-budgetary provisions of bills to filibustering, thereby requiring 60 votes for passage instead of the 50-plus Pence. And what differentiates “budgetary” from “non-budgetary” provisions under the Byrd Rule? Aside from MacDonough’s whims, not much.

Now that we’ve got the three branches, where do we go to vote out the Dems., Senate Parliamentarian? Nowhere, because she serves at the pleasure of the Senate’s majority leader. That’s right, old turtle face Mitch McConnell.

Which raises the question of why the Current leader, ( Mr. turtle face) won’t replace her as Trent Lott did in 2001 when he canned the left-over Dem. parliamentarian. Or is,ply overrule her, something he and Pence  as President of the Senate, are lawfully entitled to do.

Here’s why turtle face won’t do it. MacDonough provides cover for his sabotage of efforts to end Obamacare. We may soon witness him and other Reps., use a rule named after a dead senator from the Dems., Klan wing as a reason for failing to repeal Obamacare. After all, we can’t kill Obamacare, McConnell will soon tell us, if replacing it means funding abortion, right?

My bet is that by the end of summer both Obamacare and PP will still be receiving funds. The moderate and liberal wing of the party have all got their knickers in a twist because of the so-called problem they’ll have when millions of new medicaid recipients lose their coverage. On the other hand they won’t have to worry about a pushback if they eliminate PP funding. So why don’t they.

I’ll tell you why–Republicans on the whole don’t give a fig about abortion. They only like it as an issue, a money raiser. Elect us and we’ll end PP funding. Send money here to help us get the job done. We’ve all received those lies in the mail. Kill abortion and what would they run on eliminating?

The party has acquiesced on gay marriage, civil rights for transvestites, and gov. sanctions for anyone who’s not on board with either. America’s abortion mills need to churn at the same gruesome capacity as the crematoria’s in German-occupied Poland in 1943 because if they don’t, its the last remaining scheme to defraud Christians out of their money and votes.

The trick is to keep the whole racket going.

According to McCain in 2012, “the party should leave the issue alone.” Except that is when the need money. The ongoing Obamacare clown show demonstrates to Rep. voters just how badly we’ve been defrauded by party leaders over the past seven years and how many promises have been broken.

Yes there are Reps., who truly oppose abortion and Obamacare and deserve our support. But when you know the party is using those of us who believe abortion is an abomination and that Obamacare should be repealed, as a means of getting money–then it’s time we say no more.

True Christians need to start thinking about this. If these two issues play out the way I suspect they well, then it’s time for us as Christians to give serious thought to limiting our political contributions to only those individuals with a proven track record of honoring God rather than giving to a party with a proven track record of betrayal and deceit.

I know I will no longer support with my vote or my money Claudia Tenny for her vote to allow transgenders to stay in the military. That was an issue of major importance to me as a Christian and as the wife of a military career officer. We have to start making these decisions and telling our congressman that we will side with God.

In the end, nothing else matters.

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Everyone Knows Anything Goes

So come on all you second amendment Trump fans, start applauding for his new pick for WH communications director. That’s right start applauding. Oh, you already are? Yeah, Trump wants him, he must be great. Really? Reallllly? A one time Wall Street muckily-muck, who wants America to give up it’s guns, and join the global world? That’s the guy your clapping like a bunch of seals for? If you are, don’t come crying to me when Mr. Scaramucci decides it’s time to convince his hopeless boss that guns aren’t good for America.

This is the guy who believes the lie that says America has 5% of the world’s population and 50% of the world’s guns. Oh and another figure he got wrong 5% of the world’s population and using up 25% of the worlds energy. No wonder he left Wall Street, if he’s that bad with numbers.

Oh, and then there’s that statement about Trump representing a hope for Globalism. Yeah that should get you trumpets going. WOW! This guys a winner all around so you folk who think Trumps a genius at picking the right people, you keep on clapping. The noise will drown out the truth.

Nothing to see here folks, more along, the best is yet to come.  Now it seems all those terrible tweets he sent out calling Trump a loser, a jerk, a dunce–jokes all jokes. And Trump loves a good joke. Oh, yes he does. He loves them so much he hired the guy–Whoopee!

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Insanity Thy Name is Liberal

What do you know about “Minks” other than they make beautiful coats and cost a great deal of money. Well, it appears liberal fruitcakes on the left don’t know much about them either. Liberal fruitcakes result from a perfect storm of sanctimony, malice, liberal ideology, and dare I say, idiocy. One of the leaders of this fruitcakery is the animal rights movement which is probably response for this:

Stearns Co. Minnesota, Sheriff Don Gudmonson says sometime between 10:30 p.m. Sunday, and 5:30 a.m. Monday a person or group of people burglarized the Lang Farms LLC in Eden Lake, just northwest of Eden Valley. The farm raises mink for pelts.

Gudmonson says once the vandals were on the property they took apart sections of the exterior fence that surrounds the barns and released all the mink from their cages. Authorities say around 30,000 – 40 -000 mink were released, all of which are domesticated an will likely not survive in the wild.

The damages were in the range of $750,000.

Here’s the problem. Mink are savage little beast and will kill anything and everything they see. Especially each other. They will kill all sorts of wildlife, and small domestic animals like dogs and cats. Chickens, forget it. Each other–absolutely. That is why they are place one mink to a cage. Put two together and neither will survive.

So I hope these people are feeling very self satisfied at the moment for they have all but killed every animal they returned to the wild. Job well done.

And you thought New York was bad. You could watch a chilling science fiction movie about what would happen if certifiable lunatics achieved total control of a society or you could visit California.

The Calif. Senate Majority Leader Kevin de Leon (no relation to Ponce) has introduced a vill that would mandate Calif get all its electricity from renewable sourced by 2054.

What has not been widely discussed in the press – and buried in the details of the bill – is that ALL new homes and ALL homes sold must have solar panels as their source of energy. All apartment buildings with more than four units must instal solar panels by 2025. and all commercial and office buildings must do the same. As for farms (if there are any left in calif.) they must commit 25% of their acreage to windmills.

When asked about the economic effect of the bill, Kevin said, “This will be a huge economic stimulus for Calif. Now all my family members who are here as undocumented workers can get a job. (Yes he actually said that) It will take the burden off me of supporting them. After all, who do you think is going to climb on all those roofs and install those panels?

So there going to have a bunch of illegals, who can’t read or speak English climbing onto peoples roofs to install electrical equipment. He doesn’t say who will pay these workers–wait–nah, surely he doesn’t mean the tax payer. Now here’s the kicker. When asked about who would pay he said, “Calif. has its own program and we plan on expanding that. The program, of course, will be income qualified and aimed toward identified minorities.” (get the picture?)  expanding on the issue, he said anyone who can show they are Black, Hispanic, LGBTQ, or disabled will get special subsidies. Oh, and if you can prove your 1/16  American Indian. That should suit Elizabeth Warren.

WHITE Calif’s, who cannot certify that they are perverts will pay for their own solar panels, and also those of their neighbors. How nice. Gosh, it must be great to be a marginalized America. But wait! This is Calif. How can LGBTQRSTUV people get subsidies? That would include all of San Fran and most of Hollywood and they sure don’t need the help! Well financial help anyway.

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