Cuomo’s Gun Grab

The anti-Second Amendment hysteria by left-wing extremist and the media–but I repeat myself–has reached a fever pitch following recent incidents of gun violence at public schools as if breathes new life into a punch list of Constitutionally questionable laws designed to completely disarm America.

One such law gaining momentum is the Extreme Risk Protection Order (ERPO). By taking one part “big government knows best” and adding a heaping cup of “for the children” with a dash of “mental health crisis” for seasoning, progressives in both parties have created the perfect recipe to satisfy their appetite for killing the Second Amendment and denying us our God-given right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

An ERPO empowers family members and the police to seize guns from anyone they feel poses a danger to themselves or others simply by obtaining a judge’s order–an order that doesn’t require testimony from the “accused” which is a violation of our Constitutional rights. No warrant. No charges. No arrests.

After the Parkland, Fl. high school shooting, Gove. Rick Scott–currently the GOP candidate for US Senate–joined forces with Republicans who had already joined forces with Dems to pass a host of anti-gun laws, including ERPOs. In the months that followed, GOP governors in Vermont an Maryland also passed ERPO laws.

Earlier this year I wrote about how mental illness I being used to deny gun rights and shared a story about an ERPO being used by police in Seattle, WA to forcefully confiscate the guns of a man because his neighbors didn’t like that he “started” at them while legally wearing a holstered forearm.

Besides the fact that ERPOs are becoming one of the greatest threats to our Constitutional rights, they are also serving as the grease for the slippery slope we are taking toward tyranny, as we see in the recent proposal of Andrew Cuomo.

Cuomo plans to introduce a proposal to the state legislature for a law that will allow teachers to petition a joke to remove guns from eh homes of “troubled students.” Under his expansion plan for ERPO, teachers and school administrators would be granted legal standing to petition a court to remove firearms from the homes of students considered a threat to themselves or others. The teacher’s union loves this idea.

If it becomes law, the next time a child acts up in a NY school a SWAT team could b knocking down the door where they live to disarm the parents. And with the way ERPO laws are gaining acceptance–including in Washington DC, it could happen where you live as well.

Think about it. A teacher talks about the danger of guns and some kids tells the teacher he is scared because his dad has a bunch of guns. The teacher tells the Principal the principal calls the police and that father loses his gun rights. They know the can’t abolish the 2nd Amendment, but this is the same thinking as banning/registering ammunition, etc,. just a backdoor to disarmament.

I can see this ending very badly. One of these days they’ll over reach at the wrong time and a parent will feel the need to take a stand–and that won’t end well. This better get batted down in the courts before it gets that far, but I’m dreadfully afraid it won’t.


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