The Gestapo Has Found A Home In England

Ideas are more powerful¬†than guns. We would not let our enemies have guns, why should we let them have ideas” ¬†Joseph Stalin

If you haven’t heard of Tommy Robinson, you will now. I have been writing on the downfall of Britain for over a year now. Some would say why? That’s England not America. Maybe for the moment, but stop and look at what’s happening on the Progressive Socialist side of the ledger here in America. Free speech is being shut down on almost every campus in America.

So what is all this about? It’s about a man who is trying to stop the destruction of his country. As far back as five years ago I began writing about the multicultural enrichment of Britain by Islamic colonist that included rape gangs that groom underage British girls, girls as young as twelve to be sex slaves. They are beaten, humiliated, tortured and imprisoned by these “animals” and the government, does nothing.

For objecting to the Islamization of Britain, Robinson is a thought criminal — and not in a figurative sense. He literally is a criminal because liberal authorities do not like his thoughts, although officially they arrested him for “breach of the peace,” an all-purpose charge that cane applied to people who’ve done nothing wrong.

Considering that British prisons are dominated by Muslims, Robinson’s sentence is literally a dead sentence. See article below)

This represents a major escalation from the practice of temporarily incarcerating and then expelling foreigners who come to Britain to discuss the issue of massive Islamic immigration as happened to Lauren Southern, Martin Sellner, and Brittany Pettibone.

Let’s not have any more criticism of Putin’s treatment of journalists unless the mainstream Media speaks out as forcefully as Stefan Molyneux on this.

UPDATE: As of today (Tuesday) the bane on the media has been lifted. they can now write about what happened. Do to Conservative world pressure.

I want you to notice what he was saying about 1984. About the truth being erased. This is why I wrote so strongly about the left destroying out historical monuments. History can’t be taught if it’s been erased! Here is a follow-up video. And another, less well done but still relevant video on a similar subject. Folks don’t thing this can’t happen here. The progressives are pushing these things every day. This we be how we live if we sit back and let it happen.

Thank you for reading. These are important subjects that we should be aware of and don’t say it won’t happen here. The British people were saying that as well.

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