The Rise of the American Socialist State

Recently, it has come to light that Barack Obama and Eric Holder have formed a group to try and reshape state legislatures in their socialist left-wing image. If successful, Democrats would be in control of Congressional redistricting after the 2020 census, thus creating Democrat majorities last for decades. I have also written that it appears the Dems are realigning with with the socialist ideals of communist such as Karl Marx and how this so-called Democratic-Socialist ideology has been gaining acceptance with millennials, which if you’ve read what I’ve written about the American University situation is understandable.

As this new alignment grows be prepared to witness the gradual death of capitalism and Constitutional government and the rise of the United Socialist States of America.

I had a long talk with a friend last night and he asked if I really believed America would become Socialist. I answered yes because Socialist offer everything and it cost you nothing but your soul. I’ll explain.

If you didn’t hear about the election in Pa. yesterday then I’ll tell you. Four openly socialist candidates supported by the Democratic-Socialists of America (DSA) won their primaries in state House races.  The Pittsburg chapter of DSA strongly backed two candidates in particular: labor organizer Summer Lee and women’s rights activist Sara Innamorato, both of whom are dues-paying members of DSA.

“It feels like a monumental shift” the group’s Pittsburgh co-chair, Arielle Cohen, told HuffPost. “We won on popular demands that were deemed impossible. We won on health care for all; (see my articles “Two Year Old Alfie Evans has been found Unworthy of Life) we won on free education.”

The other two winners were Elizabeth Fieldler and Kristen Steele. Of the four, only Seale will face a GOP opponent in Nov. which means that three of Pa., legislators next year are guaranteed to be DSA members.

Liberal Dems were winners in other primaries around America as well yesterday, proving the lurch to the extreme left isn’t fake news. To paraphrase a line from an episode of Seinfield, these radicals are real . . . and they’re spectacular.

Now here’s the sad part, and the most important. Despite being presented with an opportunity to select conservative candidates to counter this left-wing extremism, the Gap chose “moderate” candidate because they’re allegedly more electable. And that brings us to the crux of the problem.

When Republicans choose to protect the party by becoming Democrats in order to win, they only ensure that Democrats win and America loses. Democrat-lite is still Democrat, and Democrats are now socialists, which means that Republicans have become accessories to the advance of socialism and can’t be counted on to reverse America’s course.

Conservatives need to completely cut their ties with the GOP, if for no other reason than to let them self-destruct. If we continue to play the #Unibrow game, our Constitution and the Republic it protects are doomed, and the rise of the United Socialist States of America will be inevitable.

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