The Decline and Fall of the Modern World

The cultural Marxist Left has such tight control of bot the government and the media throughout Western Europe that you won’t know how close the caldera is to erupting until it actually blows. However, hits have come to light following the emblematic death of Pamel Mastropietro of Rome.

The lovely 18-year-old girl was raped, murdered, chopped into pieces, and allegedly partially eaten by savages from Nigeria.

Liberals no doubt bleated the familiar irresponsible platitudes. Others had a different response. Luca Traini went berserk and opened fire on random African colonists, injuring six. In an indication of where this is headed if the floodgates remain open, graffiti has appeared lauding him.

A recent YouGov poll asked what Europeans think are the most important issues facing the European Union. Of the 11 countries studied, immigration was the #1 issue in nine: Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Lithuania, and Greece. It was #2 in the remaining two, apparently because Spaniards consider unemployment even more serious and Poles are not as threatened because they have resisted E.U. pressure to let in massive words of unassimilable welfare colonist.

IF they limited the poll to journalists and bureaucrats, the #1 problem would be racism, quickly followed by Islamophobia. But people who live in the real world have real world concerns.

Once enough passengers understand that the captain and crew plan to scuttle the ship and leave them to drown, a mutiny is inevitable. The sooner it happens, the less messy it will be.


One reason that leftist have been facilitating the Islamic invasion of Europe is that they share common enemies with Muslims — for example, Christianity. Voice of Europe is a lonely voice in defense of civilization under siege”

Last hear we’ve reported on how 200 churches and Christian symbols were damaged or destroyed in a year in just one German state. Recently police started investigating six cases of vandalism in churches in the town of Bamberg. The property damage totals more than 20, 000 euros, investigators say. Figures and crosses in several churches have been destroyed or damaged.

It would be racist to object, because anti-Christian vandalism is an aspect of Germany’s multicultural enrichment.

In December last year, a Pakistani migrant tried to blow up a church in Mannheim. Last week another Pakistani migrant was arrested for damaging a church in Chemnitz. People have been beaten for wearing a cross in migrant populated areas, threatened for being a Christian or murdered by a refugee for converting to Christianity.

Eradicating Christianity has been a primary goal of the left going back to the French Revolution. Islamization will certainly promote this objective. Germany in the 2020’s will look like Beirut in the 1980’s as Christians are driven underground. Then, when they have the numbers, Muslim colonist and their offspring will turn on the cultural Marist who imported them.


As Western Civilization is rolled back, memory of it will be deliberately erased. Progressives refer to this as “colonization.”

While student protests at campuses around S.A. have been calling for “free quality, decolonized education,” one university has started taking the first steps towards breaking down the notion that Western knowledge is superior.

That anyone could dispute with a straight face that “Western knowledge” is superior to ignorance and savagery indicates that education is already breaking down.

At the University Stellenbosch, a curriculum renewal project will lead to the “decolonizing” of at least 10 academic programs, including medicine and law. Dysfunctional aboriginal culture will take the place of Western Civilization.

Meanwhile, at the University of Johannesburg, a compulsory online module, African Insights, has been instituted for all first-year undergraduate students to introduce them to the reflections and writings of African thought leaders. (I didn’t know there were any)

In addition to medicine, fields of study targeted for decolonization at Stellenbosch University include math and engineering. If you visit Africa 10 years from now, (and why would you dare?) be careful about driving over new bridges.

Romans had glass windows. But the technology was lost after Rome’s fall. Glass windows were reinvented in Europe during the so-called “Dark Ages.”

If progressives prevail all of the technology developed by the West will have to be reinvented. It will be not merely lost but deliberately erased in the name of the same depraved ideology that is causing the West’s decline.

If you think this only applies to South Africa, read up on the African population explosion and give some thought as to whether all these Africans will stay in Africa, where they cannot feed themselves. The Africanization fo Europe, although only antis infancy now, is already becoming violent.

UN regional Population Projections between 2015 -2100– Asian– 4.00 in 2020 to 5.29 ┬áby 2100. Africa –from 1.00 in 2020 to 4.50 by 2100. North America —0.00 in 2020 to 0.01 in 2100. Each point is a billion people being added.

According to the World Bank Data by 2100, over 80% of the world will be living in Africa or Asia.

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