Why Work When Other’s Will Pay Your Way?

“I’d work but there aren’t any jobs out there.” B. Stan

So lets talk unemployment. Most of us think there just aren’t enough jobs to go around. Especially now that computers, robots, etc., are taking our jobs. What’s a person to do? Well, new findings have come out that put the kibosh on all that.

In March, employers advertised 6.55 million open jobs, ¬† the most on records dating to December 2000, the Labor Department’s. said Tuesday. At the same time, there were 6.59 million unemployed people. ¬†Typically, there are far more unemployed people than advertised job openings–often twice as many. And back in July of 09, just after the Great Recession, there were 6.7 unemployed people, on average, for each open job. With that ratio now at essentially 1 to 1, the job market appears to be tilting in favor of workers and job-seekers rather than employers.

Too bad the welfare state inflates with a ratchet. When the economy tanks, it expands. When the economy improves, it stays expanded. The result is a permanent and ever-growing drag on the economy as more people are paid to vote rather than to work.

The right solution would be serious welfare reform. There may never come a better time. The wrong solution would be to leave the border open to more unskilled labor from the third World.

There was a time when men were embarrassed and humiliated not to have a job. Most would take whatever they could get to keep their families afloat. No longer. Now it’s easier for the state to house, cloth and feed us and people wear it as a badge of honor. The work ethic is still alive but on life support.

I doubt there are many out there that when in High school or Junior high didn’t try to find some sort of job that would put money in their pockets. I baby-sat for 50 cents an hour, 75 after midnight. I mowed lawns for $1.25 hr. and worked my heart out to get enough to buy the dress I wanted from Lerners. The jobs are there, the desire isn’t. Unless this changes those who still work for a living will throw up their hands and say enough and then all those living off of us, might have to get off their duffed to feed themselves. Nah–they’ll starve.

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