You Think Your Kid Can Read –Think Again

The 2017 National Assessment of Educational Progress, aka The Nation’s Report Card, was released and it wasn’t pretty. Only 37% of 12th-graders tested proficient or better in reading, and only 25% did so in math. Among blacks, only 17% tested proficient or better in reading, and just 7% percent reached at least a proficient level in math.

This is only a fraction of the bad news. Nationally, our high school graduation rate is over 80%. That means high school diplomas, which attest that these students can read and compute at a 12th-grade level, are conferred when 63% are not proficient in reading and 75% aren’t proficient in math. For blacks, roughly 75% received high school diplomas attesting to the fact they are competent in math and reading at the 12th grade level. However 83 percent could not read at that level and 93% could not do math at that level.┬áIt’s grossly dishonest for the education establishment and politicians to boast about unprecedented graduation rates when it does represent academic achievement. At best a diploma certifies little more than attendance.

This isn’t the worst of the news. Some of the greatest fraud occurs at the higher education levels — colleges and universities. According the the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 70% of white high school graduates in 2016 enrolled in college, and 58% of blacks. Here’s some questions that need answering.

If only 37% of white high school graduates test as college-ready and roughly 17% of blacks, how come colleges are admitting 58% of them?

It’s inconceivable that college administrators are unaware that they are admitting students who are ill-prepared and can’t perform at the college level. Colleges cope with ill-prepared students in several ways. They provide remedial course. One study suggest that more than two-thirds of community college students take at least one remedial course, as do 40% of four-year college students. Professors dumb down their courses so that ill-prepared students can get passing grades. Colleges also set up majors with little analytical demands so as to “accommodate” students with analytical deficits. Such majors often include the term “studies,” such as ethnic studies, cultural studies, gender studies and American studies. The major for the most ill-prepared students, sadly enough, is education. When students’ SAT scores are ranked by intended major, education majors place 26th on a list of 38.

The bottom line is that colleges are admitting youngsters who have not mastered what used to be considered a ninth-grade level proficiency in reading, writing and arithmetic. Very often graduates from college still can’t master even a 12th-grade level of academic proficiency. And for those students that play sports— During a recent UNC scandal, a learning specialist hired to help athletes found that during the period form 2004-2012, 60% of the 183 members of the football and basketball teams read between 4th and 8th grade levels. About 10% read below a third-grad level. Keep in mind these students graduated high school and were admitted to college.

According to Richard Vedder, distinguished emeritus professor of economics at Ohio U., in 2012 there were 115,000 janitors, 16,000 parking lot attendants, 83,000 bartenders and about 35,000 taxi drivers with a bachelor’s degree.

What can be done? Perhaps start over from stretch. Weed out the bad poorly educated teachers, find retired military, or retired teachers to work in the classroom. Get rid of all the junk course, all the sex education, gender indoctrination, etc and concentrate on the basics. Don’t allow parents to bully teachers when the refuse to allow the student to move up. All this would be a start. Get rid of the teachers union.

Anyway, you might want to sit down with your kids and ask the to read a book. Not an easy book but one many of us read in Junior High and High school. Ask them to work math problems. Write down a sentence and ask them to diagram the words. If they can’t do that for their grade level they’re in trouble and you should be pounding on the school house door.

And for this your kids will be in hock till they’re drooling in the porridge bowls?

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