Britain Is Lost — Europe Will Soon Follow

I spent several years in Britain and came to love the people and the country, but what Britain has become is nothing short of evil. As I’ve been reporting over the past several years things have gone off the tracks and I don’t see a way back for England.

Over the past several weeks we’ve been witness to the craziness that is now Britain. First, a man was arrested and fined 800pds, and six months in jail for teaching his girlfriends pug to make the Nazi salute with his paw. It was done to irritate his girlfriend. Every time the guy said Hail Hitler the pug raised his front paw. Funny right. Well he put it on YouTube. Someone in the government saw it, said it was an act of cruelty and hence the fine.

The problem with that is that at the moment anti-jewish bigotry currently stands at a record high in the UK. There were 1,346 recorded anti-Semitic incidents last year. A 34% rise in violent assaults against Jewish people. Hummm–perhaps it has something to do with the increased Muslim population?

We also learned that flipping off a mobile safety camera while fitted with a laser hammer is punishable in the UK by eight months in prison. And of course we know that carrying a spork in the UK is criminal activity as well.

All of these seem to be criminal activities of the highest order. But allowing the all powerful NHS kill your child–not so much. They actually sent 30 officers to surround the hospital so Alfie’s parents couldn’t take him home.

Meanwhile, the British police are enmeshed in scandal as a Newcastle rape gang comprised of Muslim men was left to its own devices while authorities reportedly “appeared to punish the victims,” according to The Independent (UK) According to that outlet:

Grooming gangs abused more than 700 women and girls around Newcastle with “arrogant persistence” after police appeared to punish victims while letting the perpetrators walk free, a case review has found. The report into the response by authorities to child sexual exploitation found that before a large-scale police operation was launched in 2014 officer’s actions were sending an “unhelpful” message to perpetrators…Investigators said the abuse could not be stopped without work to understand the profiles, motivations, and cultural influences of perpetrators, after finding similarities with grooming in Rotherham, Rochdale and Oxford.

So lets see. You can’t stop these animals from raping your young girls and woman because you don’t know enough about their motivations, or cultural influences. Are they kidding me or what. Their motivation is to degrade and dehumanize women in general, and their cultural influences are that they come from hell hole Muslim countries who believe that raping woman is a sport.

Europe is in serious trouble. And that trouble is self-imposed. We may be watching the end of the Judeo-Christian morality that protected children and women, increasingly supplanted by the new morality of bureaucratic rule from above — a rule concerned mostly with quashing dissent and treating citizens as subjects.

How strange that the Queen should be celebrating the birth of a new grandson while one of her subjects is fight to save their baby from NHS.


The rise in anti-Jewish bigotry in the U.K. is no laughing matter. The fact that Meechan (the pug trainer) was convicted and thrown in jail with real criminals is nothing short of a sick joke. To be jailed over a video that mocks Nazism and fascism, sets a dangerous precedent for freedom of speech in the U.K. Rather than do something substantive against the rich of anti-Jewish bigotry throughout the country, British authorities instead chose to go after an easy target.

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