Alfie Evans — Rest In God’s Arms

It is with the greatest of sadness that I report that today the British health care system will kill another victim of their care. Alfie Evans father posted on Facebook that today Alder Hey hospital intends to euthanize (deliberate kill) Alfie for no other reason than they can.

Today they will remove this innocent Childs ventilator. But even worse if that’s possible they intend to inject Alfie with what appears to be diazepam or triazolam. The first is more commonly known as valium. The second is a central nervous depressant. Both are benzodiazepines. With side effects that include amnesia, fatigue, and sleeplessness, either could most certainly be fatal to a child who may be trying to breathe on their own after being extubated.

Make no mistake about it. This is absolutely euthanasia on the part of Alder Hey. Any attempt to claim “palliative care” should be roundly rejected. Not only are they affecting his ability to breathe effectively, allegedly they actually plan to administer a drug that will make it even harder for Alfie to breath on his own. I have written on three of these cases. This is the first time a parent has claimed an injection, whose use can only hasten death, will be used.

Tom, Alfie’s father refers to the possibility he’ll be arrested if he tries to remove his son and is firm that if Alfie is breathing post extubation he will refuse the injection. This young man, 21, has traveled to Rome to appeal to the Pope for asylum. He has exhausted every appeal possible to retain the right to move his son abroad having acquired the means and money to do so. Absolutely tireless in his quest he has become the face of the horror in the U.D. being very vocal.

If you look at Alfie’s official pages, you will see a number of allegations from the parents. In today’s video, Tom asserts he and Alfie’s mother slept on the floor last night. On the floor in their son’s room. Great “palliative care” there at Alder Hey. The very definition says you attempt to meet the needs of the ENTIRE family.

His post also claims that Alfie’s feeding tube has not been changed in seven months and actually has evidence of mold. This is the care provided in a leading children’s hospital?

Perhaps it is his youth or his personality, but Tom Evans has given a raw and quite frankly horrific account of the practice in the U.K. of ending a life. (I have written of several other instances concerning the elderly) While the court battles of the Gard and Haastrup families were documented in the media, Tom Evans has been clear about the horror show this process actually is. He has not hesitated to post documents, videos and details of the ordeal he and Kate James have been put through by the hospital and the courts. How the remaining people in the U.K. who consider themselves citizens rather than subjects are not in complete revolt at this point I do not understand.

Tom Evans posted fifteen minutes ago.  —-ALFIE, I AM SO SO SORRY

The only thing left now is pray for this young family, and especially for Tom who gave everything he had to save his son. This is not an easy thing to get over. Pray that God gives him the strength he needs to go on.

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