The Camp of the Saints

Several years ago when the mass migration of illegals into Europe began, I wrote about a book I had just read called “The Camp of the Saints.” Jean Raspail’s prophet 1973 novel. If you haven’t read it let me suggest that you do. It’s a French translation and at times difficult to follow but not impossible. If I can anyone can. It is a chilling account of what happens when will meaning people refuse to see the danger and allow boatloads of illegals into their country. Black Pigeon Speaks outlines aspects that are not discussed in the mainstream media regarding the effect on IQ and how it tends to lower the IQ”s of those living in the invaded countries:

Even if the particular caravan of saints that has been in the news recently fails to live up to its earlier hype, it is merely the tip of the iceberg in a sea of ice bergs. The massive, constant flow of immigrants from the dysfunctional Their World goes on year and after year. Its effect on Western Civilization will NOT be reversible.


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