Are You Addicted To Social Media? Want to Make A Bet?

I can’t tell you the number of times people (some in my own family) have told me I need to be more modern. I need FaceBook, I need to understand how to use my cell phone, I need to be able to text and send photos and all those other things people do with their thumbs. I always tell them I’m happy as I am. If I can use my cell phone well enough to call my husband in an emergency, or to call for help when broken down on the road, that’s fine with me.

For one thing social media is physically addictive. Go to any restaurant and watch the people. Nine times out of ten a party of two or more won’t be talking to each other, they’ll be looking at their cell phones. Go to the food court and watch the same thing happen.

The social media infrastructure is controlled by ideologues who are devoted to an agenda hostile to regular Americans. Paul Joseph Watson gets you wondering: If social media can suppress the basic survival mechanism of being aware of our surroundings when navigation through an open environment, just how much power does it have over you? Social media and progressivism both lead to the same thing–infantilization.

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