Toys Were Us and Why They No Longer Are

As you know Toys R Us is closing all of there more than 735 stores nationwide. You might be asking why? Well, it began when Corporations decided they had to embrace the beliefs of the left. This usually entails cultivating a left-wing public image by saturating advertisements with political correctness and donation large sums to ultra-left causes. Like most things having to do with the left most if not all of there idea’s lead to destruction. And so the story of Toys Were Us.

Toys Won’t Be Us promoted the eradication of its future customer base.

They accomplished this by donating for years to Planned Parenthood. This outfit has two primary purposes: 1. to launder taxpayer money before channeling it directly into the Democrat Party; 2. to kill children before they get a chance to play with any toys.

In 2010, Life Decisions International (LDI) called for a boycott of the chain because of its support for the abortion giant. By the end of that year, the bad publicity led Toys R Us to pull its direct support for PP. In response, LDI removed the toy store from its boycott list.

By then, it may have been too late. A little irony — not to mention poetic justice: In its bankruptcy filing, Toys Were Us cited declining birth rates as one of the reasons for its troubles.

Supporting Planned Parenthood may not have been the main cause of the demise of Toys Were Us but it had to have been at least a contributing factor: Once formed, negative associations in the public mind are hard to shake.

Target has gone out of its way to alienate its own customers by promoting the radical homosexual agenda, in part by encouraging perverted men to use restrooms and dressing rooms intended for women and girls. It there is any justice, it will suffer the same fate as Toy Were Us. Ditto Hollywood, which continues to ram leftism and degeneracy down the throats of its customers.

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