This is Socialized Medicine –Are You Next? Part 2

For those of you who’ve been following my blog for a number of years, you know that I have written often about what happens when the government takes over health care. In my last blog I spoke about a family that’s been told they don’t have a right to take their child out of the country in order to get help. But something else is happening as well. The countries of England, Finland, Denmark, Iceland, France, and even the U.S. are targeting Down syndrome children for death.

In the U.K., approximately 90% of infants prenatally diagnosed with Down syndrome are terminated, In Iceland, nearly 100%, in Denmark, 98% in France because they’re new at it 77% and in the U.S. 67%.

These children are being targeted. And the correct name for it is GENOCIDE. In France the DS organizations wanted to air commercials showing a happy smiling DS child and how they can live a healthy fulfilling life and the gov., refused to allow it. However there are several that suggest aborting these children.

People, this is sick! How can we talk about the atrocities of the Nazi’s when we have sank to there level. Will the next group to be targeted be children with Cerebral Palsy, or Autism? Won’t happen? Really” And what about aged? Many countries are already pushing for them to die and decrease the surplus population.

Listen to what these Down syndrome people have to say. And while they’re speaking, think about this. What if you had to fight to keep people like yourself from being killed simply because you and them are different.






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2 Responses to This is Socialized Medicine –Are You Next? Part 2

  1. gloria says:

    As you know no man can change a jot or tittle of bible truth, but man is slowly changing our humanitarian love for each other. When are we going to stand up in truth for each other?

  2. Billie says:

    Truth is becoming an unknown quantity in our current world. For a great many truth is whatever they believe it to be. When the state can take your children and kill them because they believe it is in the Childs best interest, truth has been replaced with expediency.

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