Tariff’s Mean Higher Prices on Everything For Everyone

So, you thought Trump had had enough. That his brain had lost the ability to be any more dysfunctional than you already know it to be–think again. Now he’s on a rampage to destroy free trade. Oh yes he is. If you doubt, you underestimate the man’s long history of liberal leanings and associations.

Today Trump gave all those of us who are still conservatives the middle finger. He’s about to announce tariffs of 25% on imported steel and 10% on aluminum from all countries that send their metals the the U.S. He intends for this abomination to last four years. A sufficient time to destroy the American economy.

Now before all of you start shouting and cheering there’s some things you should know.  First check your 405K’s if you dare. The dow dropped 500 pts., on that news. Tariffs you see are really a tax on the consumer.  According to Sen. Sasse, “You’d expect a policy this bad from a leftist administration, not a supposedly Republican one.” But hey, the Democrats are over the moon about this new situation.

Well, it’s only steel and aluminum you say. No big deal. REALLY?  Then why are these industries scared to death about this. If they were hurting wouldn’t they be cheering as well? But they’re not. And you know why? Let me tell you. According to Cody Ark, president of the American International Automobile Dealers Ass. “The burden of these tariffs, will be passed onto the consumer.” In other words that $30,000.00 car you hoped to buy will now increase to $35,000.00. That riding mower you need will also cost more. Name any product that uses steel and expect to pay more. Lots more.

Brian Kuehl, executive director of Farmers for Free Trade, said, the “announcement invites retaliation that we are deeply concerned will hurt American farmers.”  Could it be because all there machinery is made out of steel. Because that will raise the price of farming. Of course you love paying more than three dollars for a lb. of asparagus, almost three dollars a pd, for tomatoes. Nearly two dollars for lettuce. And of course meat will be more expensive because the trucks that carry feed to livestock will cost more. Plus those that carry it to the butchers, and grocery stores.

Plan to pay more for Air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators.

But hey-this is how you MAGA right?

Roy Hardy, president of the Precision Metalforming Ass. and Dave Tilstone, president of National Tooling and Machining Ass. said the deep tariffs “imperil the U.S. manufacturing sector and particularly downstream U.S. steel and aluminum consuming companies, who alone employ 6.5 million Americans compared to the 80,000 employed by  the domestic steel industry.” That’s you folks.

Talking about aluminum do you know how much is made out of that product. All brands of beer and soft drink. All canned fruits and veggies. Coor’s came out and said the drink manufacturing companies could lose as many as 30,000 jobs. Then we have solar manufactures that use aluminum in there panels. They estimate a loss of 23,000 workers this year and more the next. It will result in the delay or cancellation of billions of dollars in solar investments.

Oh, but you say this will fix China. No it won’t. China is not even among the top ten importer of these products. Canada is no. 1. But China will hurt us by placing tariffs on other goods we send them. And when the countries that used to sell us steel and aluminum find their market totally cut off, they will get no dollar exchange.

And so they won’t buy American goods. They buy from other countries. And those countries to avoid the tariff refuse to sell to us. Great–here comes the next depression. Just when we thought we were getting more money in our pockets.

Oh well–MAGA

And just think, when all these people are losing their jobs because the REPUBLICAN President doesn’t have a clue about how the other half live, guess who’ll they’ll vote into the Congress and the White House. And that could easily be our junior senator, or Bernie Sanders, or worse a well known sort of Indian lady with high cheek bones..



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