Trump Wants Your Guns

Well, I’ve been away for a while, a much needed rest away from a world I see slowly falling apart. A lot has happened since I last wrote, and not much of it has–no, I take that back–almost all of it was bad. And now with the recent school shooting, things are coming apart at the seams.

What I’m wondering at the moment is this. How are all you “he’s not Hillary so I’ll vote for him,” people going to explain away what he’s doing now with gun control? Trump revealed his true nature today, when he took up the Democrat talking point regarding the NRA and accused Republican members of Congress today of “being afraid” of the NRA. .”

Sounds to me like that’s only a hairs breath away from what the Democrats are always saying. That the NRA has our side in its back pocket. But that wasn’t all Trump revealed about his true nature. Pence spoke about allowing due process so no one’s rights are trampled. But Trump disagreed.

Trump said “I like taking the guns early like in this crazy man’s case that just took place in Florida. . .  to go to court would have taken a long time,” In other words, take the guns first and then go through due process. Now isn’t that nice. We all know what Nikolas Cruz was, but any president that openly advocates gun grabbing and “due process second,” is not just a liberal social justice nightmare, but has the dangerous mindset of a dictator in the  making.

How can anyone defend that statement and the slippery slope it creates.  You have a neighbor who see’s you out in the yard cleaning your guns or perhaps target shooting and the neighbor is traumatized by the very idea. He calls the police. The police arrive–the neighbor says the guy was out in his yard shooting his gun and he belongs to the NRA. The police don’t wait to get the court to grant a search warrant. They take the gun and ask questions later.

Can’t happen? Ask the kid who turned his pop tart into a chewed version of a handgun.

In this day and age anything can happen and the Dems will jump on this along with some wishy washer congressman like Susan Collins and Jeff Flake.

This week alone there have been five instances were Concealed Carry has saved peoples lived. Five instances. Did you hear about them–no because they don’t fall into the liberal talking points.

Alright they’re moving the age for kids to buy guns to twenty one. Fine, great. So why are they pushing to lower the voting age to sixteen. What does a kid sixteen know about anything? Oh, they are smart enough to know all the in’s and out’s of gun violence and the nuisances of how these things work. Fine. So if they know all about guns why raise the age limit to twenty-one? Perhaps we should raise the age to twenty-one for a drivers license. Young drivers have killed a lot of people. How about raising the age in which they can buy pot. No—-can’t do that. Or how about restricting kids from driving until they can spend twenty-four hours doing something rational. There would be almost no kids driving then.

And yet, there they are marching in the streets. In fact PP is financing an upcoming national march called –wait for it–“MARCH FOR OUR LIVES’ Now that’s chutzpah if ever I saw it. And the kids marching haven’t a clue. March for our lives–funny that only applies once the kid is born.

Trump’s true colors are coming out folks. What he said today was said in a by-partisan meeting whatever that is, and it was televised for the whole nation to hear. He just gave the Democrats the perfect election ad, along with talking points.

So now the question is how will you cover for this. How will you put the smile on the pig over this total lack of common sense. NO-don’t you dear say he didn’t mean it, or I misunderstood. I didn’t and neither did he. And don’t give me the Hillary argument we’re long past that.

Just like it’s almost impossible to get your good name back after someones accused you of a sex crime, so it will be to get your second amendment back once someone says your dangerous or mentally unstable and shouldn’t have one. Just wait, it’s coming and you elected it.







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