Is It Over Yet? Can I Wake Up Now?

Here we go ladies and gentlemen, I’m using those terms now because soon it will send me to jail. ¬†As biological reality is forced into compliance with liberal ideology, we will be confronted with blasphemous horrors such as the world has never known:

Richard Paulson, president of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, said eight children had already been born to women after [uterus] transplants.

He said that the next step would be to trials involving transgender women {i.e. men who “identify” as women} to help them become natural mothers.

Only in a nightmare would it be possible to read about depraved men becoming “natural” mothers. Yet I can’t seem to wake up. Soon natural women won’t be needed at all for any reason and women will be done away with.

Now lets move on to Delaware where the State Dept. of Education is considering sweeping regulations regarding discrimination that would allow children to determine their gender and their race! How many blacks do you think would chose to be white? Of course they wouldn’t, to hear Black Lives Matter they hate whites so why be one. But I bet a lot of liberal whites would chose black.

The proposed “Regulation 225 Prohibition of Discrimination” could set the stage for a gender-bending, cultural appropriation free-for-all in the nation’s first and probably last state.

Parents may or may not be notified of the race and gender of their kids. Once again a major objective is to destroy the family. According to Delaware Family Policy Council President Nicole This,

These policies are setting parent up as a ‘non-ally’ and unsupportive, even abusive, if they affirm their child’s biological realities and work through confusion versus embracing it.”

Pn the positive side, white boys who would otherwise face a lifetime of systematic discrimination should be able to establish themselves as females of color, and thereby avail themselves of all the attendant privileges, including Affirmative Action hiring and promotion.

In Britain the horror continues. Six girls, aged 14 and 15, were groomed by two men who were jailed in 2016 doe sex offenses in Yeovil, an English town of 45,000.

A report found there were 14 missed opportunities, and criticized social services for not investigation concerns when the girls repeatedly got pregnant. The sexual enslavement of underage native girls (British citizens) has been epidemic in Britain for decades now. The practice is allowed to flourish lest anyone be accused of Islamophobia.

The report said lessons must be learned after one of the girls was wrongly taken to court for alleged racial abuse against her abuser, while her abuser was not investigated until years later.

Mehmet Citak and Ahmet Kurtyemez have finally found their way to prison for sexual assault. It took a while, even in a relatively small town. Imagine how long it would take in Londonstan, or even Rotherham.

There is really nothing new in this story other than the fact that in Europe men no longer seem willing to defend their wives, daughters and sisters from men of middle eastern background if it means you’d be called names and perhaps go to jail. What sort of sick nation allows their citizens to be raped and brutalized because they don’t have the courage to do the right thing.

Of course it’s not the politicians whose family member are being assaulted. However, as the number of foreign invaders come in the more politicians will also feel their fury. For instance in Denmark their minister for Immigration had to be hastily evacuated from a deportation centre after tensions escalated and she was attacked. Once they are being injured maybe things will change or maybe it will be too late.

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