Selfishness-Thy Name is Motherhood

I’ve come to the conclusion that the Ostrich has the right idea about burying their ┬áhead in the sand. When I see the idiocy going on in America today I no longer wonder why they do it.

One of the reason I bring this stuff to you is I hope it will set off alarms that something is drastically wrong and if we don’t soon get hold of it and make it stop, it will be too late and 1984 will be upon us. I would also suggest that if you haven’t read 1984 you do so. Just as a refresher.

According to the NY Times Opinion page, Motherhood isn’t Sacrifice, It’s Selfishness. Yeah, all you moms out there are being selfish. It’s selfish to put yourself threw the pain of childbirth, the years of teething and potty training, all the school functions and teacher parent meetings all the hours of sitting threw practice sessions for soccer, baseball, hockey, football and you name it sports your kids play and or dance, cheerleading, scouts or other such time consuming stuff that fill up a child’s life. That is certainly selfish.

Then there’s the worry once they start to drive and date, the expense involved, with clothes and medicine for all their childhood trauma’s, my kids trauma’s included a badly broken arm, concussion, numerous sports injuries, and at the age of seven nearly getting us thrown out of base housing while stations in England.

Then we move into the college years if we’re not broke or in hock up to our eyeballs to pay for it, and the fear that all the good things we drilled into their heads will be washed away by professors who encourage them to change their gender, rebel against their parents and anything that might cause them the slightest bit of agitation, and to put aside the ability to think rationally and become a bunch of lemmings.

But wait all that selfishness isn’t over yet. Now we selfishly watch them take subjects that outside of college will get you turned down for any job requiring more than a passing knowledge of the new gender pronouns. We selfishly let them move home, live off us, and expect us to continue on as if they were still under five and had no idea how to wash cloths. make beds, or clean the bathroom.

Yes we mothers are selfish alright. Hard hearted nags who preferred to stay at home, care for our young, do all the above and if lucky in the end get a thank you for all the selfish things we did while we went from young mother to elderly grandma.

To be honest, I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my life than caring on a daily basis for the child I chose to have. To watch them grow and blossom and learn is one of life most rewarding and yes at times frustrating things. Being a mother is fraught with danger and worry and concern. It’s sleepless nights, and teary hugs when something goes wrong in your Childs life, a bruised knee or a broken heart. Sitting by the bed of a seriously ill child and at times having to say goodbye long before they should be leaving us.

Yes, it’s all selfish, and I don’t regret a single minute of it. You get out of it, what you put into it. Children are a gift from God to be treasured. Do you?

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