This is Just Plain Pathetic

I’m sorry folks but this is just pathetic. The Republicans have just put out a new add for next years election. And guess what the subject is —ta-da! Health Care. That’s right. They paying big bucks to tell us how bad ObamaCare is. ┬áThere pulling out all the stops to inform us how bad ObamaCare is and how if the Republicans don’t stop them, the Dems will bring give us single payer.

They use lines like “Big government has destroyed the American health care system as we know it.” But it gets worse, they move on to the old saw–What does this mean to you? Trillions in higher taxes. Government control of your doctor, hospital and !!!!! even prescriptions. Holy horse feathers Batman!

It appears that there setting the stage to say to us “Look suckers, ObamaCare (you know the one we promised to repeal) is bad, but what the Dems will give you next time is worse.”

Then it ends with “Tell Nancy Pelosi and California Democrats that we can’t afford single-payer health care!”

So how did the Calif Dems get into this? I’d like to make some changes–“Big government has destroyed the American health care system that most of us were fine with.” What does this mean to you? ” premiums bigger than our house payments, doctors dropping patients like flies, hospitals closing at a rapid rate and prescription co-pays costlier than your alimony payments.”

Yeah that sounds better. Think I’ve lost my mind. Gone doololly? Say the Republicans are idiots but not insane. You lose.

And get a load of the scary background music. Good grief. They said the same thing when they were selling the repeal of ObamaCare so this must mean they’re on board for Single payer because they seems to say exactly the opposite of what they mean. So if they say lower taxes, read that raise taxes. If they say build a fence, read that no fence.

I just hope they remember the age old saying, “Hell hath no fury like a voter scorned.

What these dimwits don’t seem to understand is the Obamacare was alway meant as a precursor to Single Payer. The maddening part in all this is that our leaders think we’re all a bunch of idiots. For seven years it’s been all about getting rid of ObamaCare. Now that they got caught with their fly open it’s suddenly about stopping single payer. What a joke.

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