Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Day’s of Summer

Those days of soda and pretzels and nut cases! OK, I added the nut cases part but tell me I’m wrong after reading the following.

First— As you know there are those who refuse to get their kids vaccinated because of their unfounded fear that vaccinations cause autism. Now that fear has spread to pet owners living in Brooklyn. Veterinarians in that region of Nutcakeville  have stated that there is a growing number of people who’ve decided that vaccinating their pets against virulent and potentially deadly illnesses — some of which can spread to humans — can lead to their pets becoming autistic.

Now I know Autism is nothing to make light of. It’s a serious problem, but to carry that over to your pets, who if one protracted rabies could potentially kill the person or other dog it bites is ridiculous. Not to mention that things like rabies can rapidly spread through the pet population. But again this is Brooklyn.

How do you tell if your pet is autistic? Maybe autism explains why dogs don’t talk and refuse to respond to our commands.

Second — Procter & Gamble is the culprit in this story. Whole generations of Affirmative Action and all manner of favoritism for blacks and still we have our faces rubbed in mendacious, pernicious, yet perversely self-righteous crap like this.

What in the world does imparting neurotic white guilt and encouraging blacks to blame their problems on whites have to do with selling household products? Since they have such a low opinion of customers who are white, perhaps they don’t need my money either. I’ll look elsewhere for the products I need.

If you’d like to tell them how much you appreciated P& G explaining to blacks that whites are dangerous and out to get them you can do so here. I just did and I feel good! 

Three — I’ve often written about how the left is using the language to destroy history. Here’s an example. In Portland Oregon’s Centennial School District, they have three schools. Lynch Meadows, Lynch Wood and Lynch View Elementary.  The land these schools sit on was donated over a century ago by the Lynch family. These were the first schools built in the district.

Well, according to the Centennial Superintendent Paul Coakley, newer families coming into the district associate the name LYNCH with America’s violent racial history. So–the name Lynch has to go. Once again down the Memory Hole goes the generous Lynch family.

Now the superintendent could have explained the history behind the name but instead choose to give in to the invaders of the community and destroy a part of the area’s history. How much you want to bet these new people came up from Calif. That place is like a disease that spreads rapidly. I guess Loretta Lynch will presumably be allowed to keep her name, by virtue of her pigmentation.

Four — In Bernards Township N.J. the Muslim population wants to build a Mosque. “Don’t they always?” Well, the people there didn’t really like the idea and said so and were sued by the Muslims. In a settlement agreement, which reads more like an act of surrender, Bernards Township agreed that, in addition to a $3.5 million payment to Islamic Society of Basking Ridge residents and citizens of the Township are prohibited from commenting on “Islam” or “Muslims” at the upcoming public hearing to approve the settlement. Astonishingly, a federal judge approved the prohibition as a fully enforceable Order of the Court.

Fortunately, The Thomas More Law Center is fighting back with a suit: They allege that Bernards Township’s settlement agreement constitutes a prior restraint on speech based on content, as well as, a violation of the Establishment Clause because if prefers Islam over other religions. TMLC is defending Christopher and Loretta Quick, who live near the proposed mosque construction site but who are not allowed to mention Islam.

Richard Thompson, Pres. and Chief Counsel of the TMLC commented: “As we have previously documented, ISBR has taken the extraordinary step of concealing significant links on their website to a radical group named by the federal government as an unindicted co-conspirator in the largest terrorism financing trial in American history, the Islamic Society of North America. ISNA is claimed by the Muslim Brotherhood as one of “Our organizations.” According to internal document seized by the FBI, the Muslim Brotherhood’s strategy is to engage in a “grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying Western civilization from within . . .”

Achieving this objective is only conceivable with the help from non-Muslims, which it appears happens to be most of the liberal judges who now control a substantial amount of our courts.

And last but not least — USC Trojan kicker Matt Boermeester was suspended in Feb. for what the school then termed a “student code of conduct issue,” according to the Washington Free Bacon. However, last weekend the supposed victim came forward to say that school administrators falsely accused and punished Boemeester.

That “victim,” Boermeester’s girlfriend Zoe Katz, sent an email to the LA Times saying that the player was seen roughhousing with her by another student. That student then alerted authorities to an “assault” in progress. However, Ms. Katz remains adamant that no assault occurred and the witness misunderstood what she saw.

School officials disregard her testimony, dismissing her as a “battered” woman. When she persisted. they forbid her to see her boyfriend. The gears of a malevolent ideology like feminism are not pleasant to get caught up in, even for its supposed beneficiaries.

Biermeester kicked the game-winning field goal in the Rose Bowl last year. Now he has been kicked off the team and out of USC. What a waste.




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