They Cheated, They Lied, They Said They Were Honest

I don’t know about you but I’m all for bringing back lynching. Yes, you read that right. Thanks to Judicial Watch we now know the Obama’s Office of Personnel Management (the agency that handles benefits to Congress and their staffs) intentionally manipulated and falsified documents to ensure that these federal workers in D.C. could be exempt from the mandates of Ocare that they forced on us.

The enactment of the deceptively-named Affordable Care Act necessarily tossed out “civil servants” in D.C. out of the luxury Federal Employee Health Benefits Program they had been used to, and forced them to sign up in one of the new Care insurance exchanges. Or so we were told.

But while ObamaCare and the Congress were toasting one another and telling us how great these new exchanges were going to be, they were not about to suffer through having to utilize them personally. The exchanges were good enough for us, not for them.

So both President Obama and Congressional leaders went to work pressuring the OPM to allow the Congress to join the D.C. “Small Business Health Options Program” rather than be forced to abide by the rules they’d set for us.

But wait a minute, you say. The House and Senate aren’t “small businesses.” Your exactly right. Collectively they employ several thousand people. So since Care stipulates that any employer with more than 50 employees could not participate in these “small business” exchanges, how did OPM get away with this?

To coin a phrase from the movie Yeallowbeard, “that is what we in the Royal Navy call a lie.”

They falsified documents. They cheated in order to exempt themselves from having to abide by the onerous regulations they were imposing on the masses.(You and me) Thanks to Judicial Watch we can now see the documents with our own eyes.

Employer name: US House of Representatives; Doing business as: STAFF US House of Representatives; Employer type: State/Local government; Number of Full – Time Equivalents in Prior Calendar Year: 45.”

45. They said they had 45 full time employees. They have thousands. The Senate did the same thing. Notice at the end of each of these forms there is the following statement before the signature line: “I attest that I employ 50 or fewer full time equivalent employees.” That is blatantly untrue and anyone whose name appears on the dotted line should be forced out of the Congress. That of course would mean the place would be empty.

Each of these documents were authorized and registered by the same U.S. Government that would send you to jail as a small business owner if you did this. Michael Cannon has been blowing the whistle on this for about a year but now we have the actual documents.

Making a materially false or fraudulent statement as part of a claim against the U.S. Treasury is a separate federal crime, as is wire fraud. We would face fines of up to three times the amount drawn from the Treasury and/or up to 20 years in prison. They might also face prosecution for health care fraud (10 years) violating the Sarbanes-Oxley ban on falsifying documents (20 years) conspiracy to commit such offenses (5 years) and other crimes under federal and D.C. law.

Newly unearthed documents suggest these officials knew and understood they were violating the law.

This makes the Republican failure to repeal the so-called Affordable Care Act all the worse. As several others have accurately acknowledged, perhaps the quickest and most effective way to end the OCare nightmare is to force every member of Congress and the people who work for them to abide by the law themselves.

For those who are wondering- nothing will be done to these people. They’ll continue to lie and cheat and steal and we’ll pay for it. But then, what else is new?

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