Sanders Want’s Single Payer-Vermont Said No Thanks

Thanks to back-stabbing left-wing “Republicans” like John McCain, it looks like we won’t be stepping back from the OCare debacle. Since the current situation is unsustainable, that could mean lurching forward. However, Bernie Sanders thinks it time to jump in to single payer.

CNN’s Jake Tapper…asked Sanders if he will introduce single-payer, not that well, you know what happened. Sanders responded with, “absolutely, of course we are.”

But what about liberal states where the concept has already failed — like Sanders’ own Vermont? ┬áThe single-payer framework in Vermont would have imposed a double digit payroll tax on small businesses, as well as 9.5% premium assessment on individuals. In my judgment, the potential economic disruption and risks would be too great to small businesses, working families and the states economy,” Shumlin wrote in 2014.

Strangely seeing it’s Calif. Single payer was passes out of the Calif., Senate, but one it got to the State Assembly, the speaker of the Assembly, Rep. Anthony Rendon, lambasted the Senate’s attempt as “woefully incomplete” Guess the didn’t raise taxes enough for him to give it his blessing. And of course the part the Senate left out was the part about controlling cost, and how to pay for it.

When asked how single payer could go national when you can’t even get Calif, and Vermont, Bernie started stuttering. Guess when your wife is up for jail time and you have all the responsibility for three or four million dollar mansions, it’s hard to think about these things.

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