Onward Christian Soldiers

A very important court challenge in the state of Indiana is starting to get more national attention, and that will likely increase once the hearing officially takes place. For years Christian business owners have faced withering assaults on their rights of conscience by the LGBT political lobby and their pawns in state and local governments. By passing Orwellian named “non-discrimination” or “human rights” statutes, activist empower the government to put a gun to the head of business owners, forcing them to participate in otherwise voluntary ceremonies, even when it constitutes a violation of their religious conscience.

Everyone from florist, to bakers, musicians, and photographers have lost everything because of this. But in Indiana, a group of pro-family Christians decided to fight back appealing to Article 1, Section 3 of the Indiana State Constitution that says:

“No law shall, in any case whatever, control the free exercise and enjoyment of religious opinions, or interfere with the rights of conscience”

The Indiana Family Institute and American Family Ass. of Indiana have filed suit against several cities and municipalities there, as well as against the state legislature, for their so-called “human rights” law that blatantly offend this constitutional provision by actually punishing people for not believing the way the LGBT movement demands.

This is bad news for the Neo-fascism of the LGBT agenda because their defeat is almost guaranteed if the hearing doesn’t take place in front of activist judges.

The rights of conscience were among the most cherished and fiercely protected, by the Founders. This is a shrewd and clever way forward for Christians. Most every state has some form of a conscience rights provision ┬áin their constitution and even those that don’t still operate under the authority of the First Amendment.

Activist of all stripes in this fight will learn that lawmakers that attack the conscience rights of citizens will be met with litigation, high costs to city or state, and a public relations nightmare for those arrogant enough to pretend it’s their duty to punish the thoughts and beliefs of people who don’t think and believe as they do.

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