The Great Con Artist

Yesterday was all about Trump. Yes I know, the Health Bill was voted on and a so-called Religious freedoms bill but behind all the BroHaha, is a giant con. I mean lets admit it, the so called healthcare bill they passed yesterday is far from what they promised, and you’d be lying to yourself if you said it was. You can take the pig out of the pig sty but it’s still a pig. As for the religious freedoms bill, it was so inconsequential the ACLU didn’t even blink.

Folks look behind the curtain and what you’ll find is a giant CON GAME and we’re the suckers. There was an interesting anecdote on Twitter yesterday taken from a Washington Post article from 2016.

The article stated that,

At a Manhattan charity event in 96m a ribbon-cutting ceremony was conducted by a charity called the Association to Benefit Children. They were celebrating the opining of a new nursery school intended to benefit toddlers with AIDS.

The honored guest at the event were Ann big donors to the cause and included, Kathy Lee and Frank Gifford, Mayor Rudy Giuliani, David Dinkins, Abigail Disney, another donor, and a seat was saved for Steven Fisher, a developer who had also donated generous to see the facility built. All were seated on the dais.

The Trump showed up. “No one knew he was coming.” said Abigail Disney.  “There’s this ruckus at the door, and in comes Trump. He just gets up on the podium and sits down in Fisher’s reserved seat. He wan’t a major donor, in fact he was even a donor according to the charity’s executive director.

Rather than make a scene, they continued the program, with little kids singing and photographers snapping pictures, and Trump standing in a man’s spot who had actually contributed.  Afterward, Disney recalled, Trump left without offering an explanation or donation. Fisher was stuck in the audience. The charity spent months trying to repair its relationship with him.

“I mean, what’s wrong with you, man?” Disney recalled thinking of Trump when it was over.

So, as I’ve been saying all along, with Trump it’s all about image and to hell with substance. I’d bet a years wages (if I had a job) that he hasn’t a clue about what he signed or will sign in the future.

Trump wants people to believe he’s a great philanthropist, just as he now wants people to believe he’s achieving all these wonderful things and keeping all his campaign promises. Given what took place yesterday, I’m wondering how many people are coming to the realization that Trump is as hollow as his promises. Hopefully it’s a lot.

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