What the Johnson Amendment Is Not

SHOCK: Democrats Introduce Legislation to Ban Christian Counseling

I have written about the Johnson amendment briefly in an earlier blog. I’d like to take it a little further today. First I think we need to look at the state of Christianity in America today. It seems self-identified evangelicals are more than willing to turn a blind eye to sin if someone promises to advance their agenda. Bluster and bully in their name and they’ll ignore any and all betrayals and broken promises.

In short, these self-identified evangelicals are just like everyone else. Self-identified and and actual evangelicals are NOT the same. Among those who regularly attend church, their divorce rate is lower, their birth rate is higher, the family more stable, and they were least likely to support Trump in the primaries. Many reluctantly did so in the general. Trump however made no distinction between the two groups. Instead, he made the entirety of them several promises.

He promised to put federal protections for Christians in America who are increasingly targeted by the gay rights activists. There are few actual practicing Christians in America who believe Christians should refuse to provide goods and services to gays.

But the overwhelming majority of orthodox, Bible believing Christians oppose providing goods and services to any wedding that violates God’s decrees, including same sex weddings. Gay activists intend to force us to do just that, and are aided and abated by the left. Obama signed federal orders discriminating against any Christian organization that sought to assist the federal government in helping the poor. Especially any Christian group that maintained an actual Biblical world view.

Trump promised to repeal that order. Twice now, however he’s refused to do so. Instead he wants to repeal the Johnson amendment, authored by Lyndon Johnson, that prohibits non-profits from active engagement in partisan politics . Non-profits may educate, but they can’t participate as partisan players.

We all know this rule has never applied to the black community, where the church plays a more interwoven community role than in the white community. Politicians are constantly coming to speak to the congregants. Now that it’s beginning to happen in white churches, the IRS is cracking down.

There are few practicing Christian evangelicals that would want their ministers engaging in politics from the pulpit. Also the fall out from this would eventually be an end to the charitable deduction for churches and ultimately to churches paying taxes.

The eradication of the Johnson amendment may placate the minstrels, charlatans, and TV conmen clerics who have surrounded and embraced Trump, but it will do nothing to help actual practicing Christians.

Getting rid of the Johnson Amendment would not have helped Baronelle Stutzman save her florist shop. Or Sweet Cakes by Melissa keep its doors open. It would not have helped the Christians in America routinely targeted and harassed by gay rights activists. But there is other legislation and executive orders that would.

Trump has just chosen not to push forward any of those. Instead, he keeps making promises and breaking them. Now he offers us a fig leaf. Neil Gorsuch is not enough. Trump promised so much more and hasn’t delivered, you only have to read my latest blogs to discover which ones. The question is, which promises will he break in the future. You also must remember his daughter, is a huge pusher of gay rights.


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