Did I Call This Or What?

It’s a good thing I’m modest or I’ll have to remind everyone in my last post that I mentioned that the next tyrant Trump would be willing to dine with was that chubby guy with the funny haircut who rules North Korea.

WEll– according to Bloomberg News today Trump said he’d be “honored” to meet with Kim Jong Un under the right circumstances. Wonder what they could be, can’t find anyone else to eat with him?  WOW–we sure know how to pick them. Now it would make sense to meet with the dictator (no not Trump) if he decided to change the way N.Korea did business, but he hasn’t. Perhaps they want to talk about how to make certain people disappear.

Is it possible Trump wants to build a hotel in Pyongyang. And then of course Trump’s spokes person told the press that our little communist leader has led the country forward. To what, starvation. What he’d like to do is lead his country into S. Korea and kill them.

On another topic lets take time out for Rush Limbaugh. I thought he couldn’t go any lower but what he said today shows that Rush is no longer what he preached for twenty odd years. And yes, I was an avid fan. I started listening the first day he appeared on WIBX and never missed a day unless I was at a funeral. (no not mine)Even when I was in the hospital I took a small radio with me to listen. No longer.

As you know the Dem. budget bill is up for a vote. I spoke about this in the last blog. Yes, I meant to say Dem. bill because it’s more them than us. So up pops Rush. He’s angry folks, and he’s blaming the Republicans. In fact, Rush is so mad he’s decided that Trump shouldn’t work with the Reps any more.

Now I’m sorry–I’m not really–but as I said yesterday Trumps the MANAGER of our team. If one player on the team screws up, you hold him accountable. If the entire team screws up, you hold the MANAGER responsible. Just ask the managers that got fired this year coaching British soccer. Now again, who’s the nominal head of the GOP in DC? I’ll give you a minute.  TR_ MP. Buy a vowel for the win.

What I can’t understand is this. Why isn’t there any venom for Trump in Rushes rant? He didn’t mind tearing into Bush, or Obama, or Clinton. He made a living out of bashing those guys, yet Trump… not so much. And as I said early, he tells Trump not to work with the Republicans. Really? Then what, Push legislation through the Dems? Yeah, that will work.

He actually had the gall to say outlaid, “I don’t mean to be ragging on Trump there…” I think he’s afraid of Trump. It’s amazing. Since very few real conservatives listen to him anymore I guess he’s afraid of losing the Trump supporters as well. After all, got to keep the big man in Washington happy.




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