Trump-“It’s an archaic System…It’s really a bad thing for the Country.”

I don’t want to say I told you so, but I’m saying it anyway. So the new temporary budget is about to be voted on. Lets see, there’s no funding for the border wall, no cuts to sanctuary cities, no cuts to PLANNED PARENTHOOD, and there are increases in the cap for the H-2B visa program for the remainder of FY2017 . So tell me, how would this be different if the Dems were in charge? If it keeps up they will be. Just wait.

For those of you blaming this on Congressional Republicans and not your boy Trump, I ask this question. Where is the veto statement. Why is Trump agreeing to everything he ran against and promised the voter. He should be screaming from the roof top that this bill is going nowhere and fast. But he isn’t. In fact, he said he’d go along with it. Really?

Maybe it’s because he’s busy elsewhere inviting thugs and dictators to the White House. His latest best buddy is President Duterte of the Philippines. Trump just loves his drug fighting programs. How do you praise someone whose drug program is based on extra-judicial death squads, that go around killing addicts and the outcast? So lets see, so far El Presidente Trump has invited Erdogan, al-Sisis, and Durterte, to dinner. Can’t wait to see him invite the fat boy with the funny hair cut from North Korea.

Oh wait! Just in —Duterte isn’t coming. Supposedly Trump forgot one important point. He never cleared it with the State Dept, or National Security Council. If he had he wouldn’t have egg on his face that all the Trump believers out there now have to lick off.

Diterte came to Trumps rescue and told the press that well–he couldn’t commit to coming because he was suppose to go to Russia. Well, imagine that!

And talking about power, on Fox News Trump said he was “disappointed” with congressional Republicans, despite his many “great relationships” with them. Get ready, He blamed the CONSTITUTIONAL CHECKS AND BALANCES BUILT INTO U.S. GOVERNANCE. “IT’S AN ARCHAIC SYSTEM…IT’S REALLY A BAD THING FOR THE COUNTRY.”

WHATTTTTTTTT! Archaic? A bad thing? He continued while referring to himself as a person of “common sense,” (his words not mind) he struck at the checks and balances in place, saying it may be something that has to be changed, in order to get things done.

Again I say WHATTTTTTT!  Could this have something to do with his love affair with dictators. I don’t believe we (I didn’t) elected him to destroy the only governing document that makes sense anymore. Can you imagine were we’d be without it? We wouldn’t be, that’s were.

I’m quoting from Lincoln here: “We the people are the rightful maters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution. “

It is my belief that anyone, regardless what office they hold, should lose that office when they denigrate the constitution and talk about having to change it to get things done. If my memory serves he took an oath to uphold that document, so obviously if he can’t honor his oath he won’t honor the promises he made.

We could have had a true Constitutionalist, you chose Trump. Welcome to Trump World. If this keeps up I’m thinking of reestablishing our rallies.

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