I Saw A Beast Rising

Today we celebrated the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. But this Sunday is historic for another reason, and not a good one. Today the last vestiges of the near century-old Turkish secular republic, that was created in the aftermath of the failed Ottoman Empire ‘who suffered a mortal wound,’ breathes it’s last breath.

This is a day that will live in infamy, for as we Christians celebrate the risen Savior, Erdogan and his people will begin celebrating the resurrection of the Ottoman Empire, the second beast of Revelation 13– which stands against the Cross.

The Crescent vs the Cross

Just to give you a little context of the rhetoric Erdogan has been spewing in the last few weeks in the lead up to this day:

Erdogan called the EU an ‘alliance of crusaders’ recently just because some EU leaders went to visit the Pope at the Vatican last month.

He also proclaimed the the EU had started a ‘clash between the crescent and the cross’ all because a court ruled that two women could be fired for failing to remove their hijab.

Make no mistake, Erdogan sees this day as crucial in this ‘clash between the crescent and the cross’ even telling his own people it they vote ‘no’ against him on Sunday they put at risk their very afterlife. His own cleric wrote yesterday the voting ‘yes’ is their Islamic duty. 

Did he win today? Yes, he did. Many believe, that this day is likely the very reason for the ‘fake coup’ attempt last July and the subsequent purges of thousands of so-called Fethullah coup plotters, to vanquish anyone that might oppose him and to bring the country around him in loyalty so that the people will give him this new poser that he so desires

Here comes the Caliph

What’s at stake in Turkey is more than just the rewriting of the Constitution to implement this so-called ‘new presidential system.’ The rewriting of the constitution will give Erdogan sweeping new powers — including the ability to completely dissolve the parliament if his AKP party loses their majority for some reason.

And he will use these powers to establish his new Ottoman Empire in 2023 of which he will be Caliph, a century after the former Ottoman Empire was dashed to pieces.  Let me remind you that people in his own party have been calling him, their Caliph for years. Remember “the Caliph is Coming?”

If some of what I’ve written here about Bible Prophecy is confusing you, read here for a clearer understanding.



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