Stupidity Thy Name Is Liberal

The District of Columbia will require child care workers to have a college degree. Since this can’t be attributed to malice, it must be a streaming, stinking pile of stupidity. Here’s why.

First, It’s terribly punitive to non-college educated workers, who may have years of experience in child care, but now have to obtain an expensive degree by 2020 in order to keep their job. Child care is important work, and it’s not easy, but it has also been a place where less affluent people, with less formal education, could find work. Washington is running them out of a job.

Second, it’s going to create incredibly high prices for child care. For single moms who have no other options, shrinking the labor pool for child care and burdening those workers who stay with expensive student loans, is making an already painful expense much worse. Monthly child care costs in the District average $1,800/month, and this will only further inflate prices.

As stated in the WaPo, “early-child-care teachers that go on to earn diplomas often leave their jobs to work in public schools, where they earn more.

Now there’s a couple of things here that aren’t mentioned that seems to have been overlooked. First, only welfare moms will have kids; those who work won’t be able to afford them, and second, if people can’t afford day care what better way to force them into government run childĀ care? Get them when their young and indoctrinate.

And now I’ll say something controversial–unless your divorced with children you shouldn’t be a single mom. And if you are divorced with children why isn’t their father paying for their care. There, I’ve said it now lets hear the screams.

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