Hopefully, We’re Getting To the End–No, Of the World

We’ve all talked about where we’d go if things got really bad here and the liberals took over. A lot of folks, some in my family I might add, mentioned Australia, as a place they could go to. Well, think again my friends. Here’s why.

Multiculturalism boils down to “Asia for Asians, Africa for Africans, white countries for everybody.” But this is overly optimistic, unless you keep in mind that “everybody” doesn’t include whites.

Like most mothers with young kids, Tara Coverdale enjoys opportunities to socialize with other moms of children the same age while on maternity leave, especially in her neighborhood in inner-city Sydney. So when a Russian-born friend mentioned a playgroup on Thursdays, at the local park, she was enthusiastic.

Two weeks ago, she bundled her eight-month old in the pram and walked her four-year old son the short distance to the community park. When she arrived, her red-haired son raced off to play while she looked for her friend. That’s when a staff member approached and asked if it was her first day. Coverdale thought how nice that she was so attentive. But then the woman stand: “Can I ask what your cultural background is?” Taken aback, Coverdale, who has blonde hair and freckles said: “I’m Australian.” Immediately the woman said: “I’m sorry, you can’t come here. It’s for multicultural families and people who speak languages other than English at home.”

At least they allow Europeans for now, so long as they don’t speak English –although they are challenged for their multicultural credentials, whereas mothers and children with the preferred darker skin are allowed right in. No play groups allowing regular Australian children were available in the immediate area. Assimilation is obviously not on the agenda. As a result of negative publicity, all families will now be allowed to join the playgroups. But I bet you as soon as attention turns elsewhere, the steady encroachment will resume.

I’ve been writing about what is happening in South Africa, and how the country is trying to rid itself of those fiendish and most foul white folks. Well, now they’ve discovered another way of doing it. At least four schools have been incinerated within a month which is a cause for concern. What do they need schools for anyway? After the last white farmers have been murdered or driven out of the country, South Africans can subsist on foreign aid with no need for tedious classrooms. Of course the fact that aid comes from whites, doesn’t seem to upset them.

On another front, we’re told that a person can be whatever gender there heart leads them to, and regardless the destruction this causes to society and to the individual, we must not interfere. The question is, where does Sam Hashimi fit into this scheme:

Sam spent 100,000 pds., on private generals re-assignment surgery in 1997 to transition into Samantha, during which male organs were removed and female genitalia re-fashioned.

He had breast implants, a nose job, tooth veneers and an operation to remove his Adam’s apple and tighten his vocal cords, to feminism Sam’s appearance and voice.

At first he was thrilled. But seven years later, Samantha made the shocking public declaration that life as a woman was disappointing and “shallow” . . .

So, in 2004, Sam spent thousands more to reverse the sex change operation, having decided he had made a terrible mistake and life was better as a man.

Breast implants were removed, male genitalia re-created by surgeons, testosterone gel replaced estrogen patches, and a new male identity — this time as Charles Kane — was born.

But it was far to late to go back to accepting biological reality. That bridge had already been burnt. “With the exception of Victoria his fiancee, ” was rejected both by men and women. The original surgery was effectively irreversible. You can’t turn back into a man because whatever defines the male has been completely removed, so how can you bring it back?”

At last word, he’s changed his name to Sam Kane and identifies as a woman again. Victoria wisely dumped him. Whether there will be further grotesque surgical procedures is unclear. He says he’s happy to be single at 57. Really?

Raves the poor lunatic: “not only am I a real woman; I would go even further to say that a transgender woman has more claim to womanhood than a “biological” woman.” 

Sure, it’s easy to be a woman when you’re not expected to function physically as one.

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