Socialist and Godless California

You’ve probably heard that for a short time a few weeks ago, California was threatening to become it’s own country. Of course I don’t see that as a threat. A threat of something that makes you afraid. Calif. leaving the union would certainly not make me afraid. I would be there for their send off.

You’ve also probably heard about all the insane things that go on in Calif., most of which soon or later become laws. Well, they’ve done it again. And by the way, have you noticed that when anything really weird is suggested or demanded, there’s usually a woman or women group behind it? Such is the case here.

A new Calif., bill could prevent faith-based organizations from enforcing their own ethical standards and codes. Many religious organizations ask new employees to sign a code of conduct that aligns with what the Bible says about abortion, contraception and sex outside marriage. However, this new bill called AB 569 calls these provisions discriminatory and says they should be banned. 

Here’s where the woman comes in. The bill’s author, Assemblywoman Lorena Gozales Fletcher, says religious organizations are “invading the privacy and personal lives of women” when they prohibit their “reproductive choices,” including abortion or extramarital sex. As I said in an earlier blog, the only thing liberal woman care about is what’s between their legs. Perhaps that’s because their brains have long since left the station.

Also under attack is a right so fundamental that until the Civil Rights Act, we were hardly aware of it — the right to free association. Calif. Family Council President Jonathan Keller notes that at risk is our “ability to freely associate around shared beliefs and practices.” This is raw tyranny, taken to the extreme. My question is this. Why, if you have the ability to leave, would, if you were a conservative or Christian, chose to stay in Calif?

I grew up there and nothing, nothing, would entice me to go back, and that’s saying something because I have niece’s and nephews living there and I ask them the same thing. You know what they tell me? They stay because the can’t afford to move. To which I reply, “the question I think is can you afford not to move?”

Speaking of Calif. Venezuela has just taken the power away from their governing body and given it to their Supreme Court. This move almost solidifies the assessment that Venezuela is now a dictatorship. Brazil however is trying to remain Capitalist. Take a listen and share this with the younger member of your family that believes socialism is the bomb.

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