If You Think They Can’t Take Your Guns, Read This!

Obama has just published his “Unified Agenda” report. Below is a highlighted version of just some of the “transformation” events that we have left for the next 18 months. It’s staggering. America is gone-at least most parts of America that we are familiar with. Believe me, if this doesn’t make you sick, you’re already dead.

The basic parts of the constitutional protections that make us America will either be gone or compromised so severely we’ll not recognize it. 

THERE IS NO LAME DUCK PRESIDENCY HERE! The rules have changed. A fully compliant and frightened American political party-formerly known as “Republicans’–have so far done everything that Scary Reid would’ve done if he were still leader. The distinction between our parties is nearly gone.

We have one President who has only vetoed Congress FOUR TIMES IN ALMOST SEVEN YEARS!! He doesn’t even have to worry about facing any legislation he doesn’t want to see. Obama should be vetoing new laws EVERY SINGLE DAY when the Republicans control both houses.

The Obama administration intends to unleash a scorched earth campaign over the next 18 months, with a promise to “squeeze every last ounce of progress” and continue “fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”

Following what the media calls his best week ever, Obama was asked how he plans to utilize his newfound political capital. An elated Obama told them, “The list is long,” referring to his 2015 Unified Agenda which identifies the upcoming regulatory actions to be taken by federal bureaucracies. While the Spring 2015 UA is vague concerning it’s 3,415 regulations, clearly its overarching purpose is to enforce American compliance with an ever-expanding body of “international norms” like those required by the TPP and the UN arms trade treaty.

Consequently, the UA contains a number of backdoor gun control measures designed to further restrict the possession, storage, sale and acquistion of firearms and ammunition by law-abiding citizens; yet in contrast, the current administration intends to lessen such restrictions for non-citizens.

Rule 1140-AA44, originally signed by Holder, “would finalize an interim rule published on June 7, 2012 that removes the 90 day state residency requirement for aliens lawfully present in the U.S. to purchase or acquire a firearm.”

Rule 1140-AA05 will “require a firearms purchaser’s affirmative statement of his or her state of residence” although with states like Calif, New York, and even Georgia providing drivers licenses to illegal aliens, a person could enter the country illegally and then purchase a gun on the same day.

Another rule, 1140-AA08, opens the door for nearly unrestricted importation of firearms and ammunition by non-immigrants, i.e., aliens that are in the country temporarily. Generally, the importation of firearms or ammunition by non-immigrant aliens is prohibited by law. Yet the exemptions provided by 1140-AA08 would make sidestepping this prohibition as easy as being “admitted to the U.S. for lawful hunting or sporting purposes,” or by simply filling out a permit application and affirming that one is not in the country on a non-immigrant visa.

Due to Obama’s relaxation of border security and immigration enforcement, the nearly 12 million people who have crossed our borders without any type of visa have now been granted quasi-legal protections. Therefore, under 1140-AA08 this massive population is free to import arms and ammunition without any oversight after entering the country.

These rules are bizarre contradictions for an administration whose effort to deny Americans their birthright to bear arms has been a political hallmark. Even before Obama began fighting gun ownership from the White House, he demonstrated unwavering opposition to an Illinois bill that affirmed a person’s right to protect against home invasion using a firearm. Likewise, Holder famously called for Americans to be “brainwashed” into an anti-gun mindset and led the Justice Depart. as it conspired to kill the Second Amendment by exploiting the inevitable fallout from Operation Fast and Furious.

While resolute in the effort to disarm Americans, the 2015 Unified Agenda is evidence that both Obama and Holder have for years been simultaneously working to grant illegal immigrants and non-citizens unprecedented access to loosely controlled firearms. To understand these otherwise inexplicable rules, they must be put in context with the policies concerning immigration and trade handed down to Obama from previous presidents.

Leading up to last months’ historic vote enabling Obama to move forward with his secret trade negotiations, Senator Sessions fought vigorously in opposition, warning that approval would put the US under the authority of an unaccountable international commission similar to the EU. The deal was described as “NAFTA on Steroids,” harkening back to George H.W. Bush’s trade deal with Canada and Mexico.

However, Obama’s trade and immigration policies were more directly inherited from G.W. Bush, who in 2005 met in Waco Texas, with Mex. president V. Fox and Canadian PM Paul Martin to form the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America. The main purpose was to eliminate barriers to labor and capital flows across the borders.

Predating the UN and the EU, the formation of a unified American megastate became official US policy in 1948 with the creation of the Organization of American States. (OAS) Every president since Truman has appointed an ambassador to the United States Permanent Mission to the OAS whose stated principles include collective security, consolidation of government, fulfillment of obligations to the UN Charter, and effective limitation of conventional weapons. As with the EU a transnational union of the Western Hemisphere will require incredibly draconian and homogeneous gun laws in order to limit conventional weapons in the hands of non-state parties.

The CIFTA treaty, drafted by the OAS and sponsored by Obama, defines “Illicit Manufacturing” as the manufacture or assembly of firearms, ammunition, explosives, and other related material” without a license from a competent governmental authority of the State Party.” This provision would thereby require a federal license for literally every American gun owner who assembles a weapon after breaking it down for cleaning, in addition to requiring separated licenses for those who reload ammunition.

As the unrestricted flow of labor and capital” ultimately mandates that all laws be standardized across the former nations that comprise a transnational union, Second Amendment activist, as well as citizens that are opposed to Obamacare, the threats to private property rights, global taxation without representation and the Texans that have been fighting the Trans-Texas Corridor, would do well to recognize that they all share a common enemy and find ways to coordinate their efforts accordingly.


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