Sen. Grassley Proves Ted Was Right!

Well, I would assume by now you’ve all had a chance to either read or watch Ted Cruz’s amazing speech on the Senate floor Friday. What a great Birthday present! The next item I’m going to talk about only reinforces the truth of what Senator Cruz was saying. I would suggest you contact Sen. Grassley and remind him of Cruz’s speech and that you believe that Grassely is the poster boy for Corporate Cronyism. When you do, you might mention the statistics I will give you later in the article.

As you are well aware, science has proven that ethanol is terrible for car engines, or any engine that runs on gasoline. It reduces fuel efficiency, and hurts the poor as more farms sell their corn for ethanol production and not food.

Sen. Grassley of Iowa, is now leading other farm state Senators to require the EOA to actually increase its 2016 Renewable Fuels Standard. (RS) Yes, you read that right. He wants the EPA to increase fuel standards. It’s bad enough he’s begging the EPA to force the destruction of your engine and the environment, but he also wants to use the tax-code to subsidize farmers for growing biofuels. The so-called “Extenders” bill is coming to Congress. That’s the special interest tax provisions added to the tax code every year to benefit favored industries.

Despite an agreement that the wind energy tax credit would never be renewed again this year, Grassley is pushing to restore an expired tax credit for wind and biofuels as part of this year’s bill.

As Sen Cruz said in his speech, “we appear to be a government run and controlled by special lobbyist. If Grassley is successful in adding these provisions into law, lobbyist fro dozens of corporations who have given millions to politicians will be popping champaign bottles.

  1. American Farm Bureau Federation & state organizations–$1,818,392
  2. Archer Daniels Midland–$760,450
  3. Biotechnology Industry Org.–628,249
  4. Cargill Inc. — $686,500
  5. National corn Growers Ass. –$550,666
  6. National Farmers Union — 169,750

And the list goes on for 12 more companies, for a total of $6,153,3313

Nothing mentioned here in the price of the new cars we’ll have to buy because biofuels wrecked our engines.  You can contact Sen. Chuck Grassley at  202-224-3744

And now for other news.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is paving the way to unseat “obstructionist” Republicans in the House who have successfully blocked much of the organization’s agenda. The move is spurred by Chamber frustration after the group poured nearly $70 million into the 2014 election to strengthen the Republican coalition in the Senate, only to have its efforts thwarted in the House.

The Chamber intends to primary sitting House conservatives who have halted many of its legislative priorities, including immigration reform, the Export-Import Bank’s renewal and a long-term highway bill.

Ken Cuccinelli, president of the Senate Conservative Fund, said the group’s strategy to target conservatives verifies that the lobby organization is interested solely in “cronyism.” “The Chamber exists to force taxpayers to line the pockets of large corporations and will do whatever it takes to defeat lawmakers who fight for the American people.” he said.

David Bozell, president of ForAmerica, said “preserving” conservative members will be a priority in the upcoming election cycle for both his organization and the entire conservative community. “If the Chamber wants to pick a fight, then the conservative movement is going to have to be ready, and I’m sure we will be,” he said.

According to Steve Caldeira, a member of the Chamber’s public affairs committee and CEO of the International Franchise Ass. “The fact that there are still members of the Rep. House that are obstructionist, isolationists that would be willing to shut down the government only reinforces that the Chamber and the business community, for that matter, will double down on this winning formula.” (is he talking about the RINO’s)

This will be a battle of the fittest, and it’s one we can’t afford to lose. Later I will be getting a list of all those businesses that are members of the Chamber and we will picket outside their businesses, to let the people know that they prefer cheap foreign labor to America labor and that perhaps we should take our business elsewhere.

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