Ted Cruz Accuses McConnell of Lying on the Senate Floor–Must Hear

Before we get started I suggest that everyone reading this go to therightscoop.com and listen to Ted Cruz stand up on the floor of the house and call McConnell for want of a better word, a liar. He also said that McConnell is no better than Harry Reid. You have to hear this and share. Unfortunately it’s a C-Span video and they don’t allow it to be used except with their permission. This is something I never thought I’d hear anyone say on the floor of the Senate. It’s absolutely breath taking. If they’ve move the item to a lower spot, you looking for “Ted Cruz Slams MCConnell, Accuses Him of Lying on the Senate Floor, Says He Can’t be Trusted. 


You really need to be dead from the neck up and zombie like from there down not to be appalled by what Planned Parenthood has been up to lately. Sadly, as usual, the left is getting ready to kill the messenger.  The justice department headed by Loretta Lynch, that stiller individual that the Republicans couldn’t wait to confirm has opened a probe not into what PP is doing but whether those getting the information out broke the law.

_Center Executive Director David Daleiden isn’t phased. “They will attack me and my organization all day long, but that doesn’t change the facts about what our investigation has uncomvered and what the people now know –  PP is engaged in an enterprise-wide operation that traffics and sells baby body parts.”

There are three reasons for this. First, the Obama administration is really down with killing babies. It was a deservedly obscure Ill. state senator whose initials are BO who voted against a bill that would make it illegal to kill a baby when the abortion failed and it was born alive. The second is that this scandal has rocked PP to its foundations. The Infanticide Caucus in Congress is trying to protect the organization that is a huge source of Democrat campaign cash and foot soldiers.

The third reason is that this sting was years in the making and there are more videos coming. By launching a federal investigation the DoJ hopes to scare the people behind the operation and deter them from releasing more video’s. And don’t be surprised if DoJ issues a gag order and seize the material CMP has to prevent its release.  Seven years ago I would have said no–that’s crazy talk–but now, we know this type of thing is standard practice.

But wait, there’s more! Our brave and courageous leader of the house. The illustrious John Boehner, WON’T DEFUND PLANNED PARENTHOOD. Why you asked? Because he wants “facts first.” My question, and excuse my language, What the hell more does he need?  They’re pulling infants apart, crushing their bodies and selling their parts.

And they wonder why Trump is doing so well. Republican leaders will not fight and will not lead. They’re scared someone might not vote for them and that the left will write nasty things about them. They don’t want to be disliked by the special people. To hell with the people who sent them there.

I can’t understand it. It’s impossible to gather this many people from such a divergent background. How can 480 Republicans in both houses get every major issue wrong. It’s  IMPOSSIBLE. It is also impossible that so many men and women have so little character, so little self-repsect, so little courage that they fold like a cheap suit EVERY SINGLE TIME.  The only reasonable explanation I can come up with is that they’ve been bought, or compromised in some way. I mean when was the last time the Dems in mass changed their stand on an issue? People only act this way when their afraid, and it doesn’t seem that fear is of us.



Here’s another question. Did Dreamworks give PP permission to use their intellectual property in an official capacity? Does Dreamworks, in fact support baby harvesting, and this is their way of tacitly admitting that.  I for one would like to know the answer to that before the Christmas shopping season.

It seems that PP likes to claim support from mainstream corporate America, for their abortion services, but that support does not actually exist. Coca-Cola, Ford Motors, Xerox, March of Dimes and other have hastily, if not desperately scrambled to explain. So it’s possible that PP is doing something similar here, although, messing with a major studio’s intellectual property is sufficiently dangerous that it makes it hard to believe the image was used without permission. Remember that when you’re looking for a movie to take your KIDS to. Many, thanks to PP will never get to see them. 

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