Imaginary children/Christmas wishes

December 22nd, 2014

Since the holidays are upon us and folks out there have happy thoughts on their minds, like how long are the in-laws intending to stay? Would our visiting siblings think it rude if we suggested they keep their out of control spoiled kids in a crate while visiting and is their any way we could pretend to have died so they won’t show up?

If you have an answer to any of these holiday problems please share with the group. We all need a little help once in a while. And so, in the spirit of Christmas and because some have mentioned to me that what I write at times depress them,(you know who you are) here’s a sort of fun blog for the holiday.

We all know that Obama has this imaginary son. You know, “If I had a son he’d look like.” Well I’ve decided to fill in the blanks and shed a little light on what that kids been up to. After there interview for People magazine, the Obama’s wanted everyone to know what they had to go through just for being black.

Obama said, “The small irritations or indignities that we experience are nothing compared to what a previous generation experienced. It’s one thing for me to be mistaken for a waiter at a gala. It’s another thing for my son to be mistaken for a robber and to be handcuffed, or worse, if he happens to be walking down the street dressed the way teenagers dress.”

Goodness me, once again his imaginary son has found himself unfairly in trouble with the law. If you’ll think back his imaginary son was also shot by an imaginary neighborhood watch guard in the same style as Trayvon Martin. Thank God that this imaginary son is plucky and resilient and can keep bouncing back.

In his life, Obama’s imaginary son has been shot at, concussed out of football, and racially profiled. Yet he keeps picking himself up and carrying on. This son of Obama’s should be an example to us all. No matter what kind of imaginary circumstances we find ourselves in, we can continue on with our imaginary lives.

One day we can hopefully move on from racism experience by imaginary people — and, lets face it, the country doesn’t have the best record for its treatment of imaginary people. We have, however, made progress in the civil rights of these people and for that we, as a country should be proud. We shouldn’t ignore, however, the real truth that racism toward imaginary sons is still a real problem, as our President constantly reminds us. We can’t be afraid to have the conversation, no matter how painful it might be, about continuing the crucial healing needed by imaginary people.

On the other hand I have to say I see a problem in all this. Why does the Presidents imaginary son constantly put himself in these situations? Could it be Obama’s own failings as an imaginary parent? Maybe his imaginary son is trying to rebel against the pressures of being the first imaginary son of the United States. Or, it could be that the President needs to see that he has better fitting clothes and be told to stay in school instead of constantly getting in trouble with the police.

Come to think of it, this is rather a sad tale. I mean the man himself has been racially profiled so often that he has to cite an imaginary person out of thin air to prove his story. Obviously this mans story isn’t about overcoming an absent father, being raised by loving grandparents, attending Columbia and Harvard, and becoming the main man of America.

His story as he constantly tells us is being mistaken for a waiter, something his closest adviser also did to a four-start general.

And we can’t leave the first muscle bound lady out of the story. She informs us that Barack was a black man that lived on the South Side of Chicago, who had his share of troubles catching cabs.” Gosh, it just makes you want to cry!

Not to be outdone she’s had her share of bad times as well. Why there she was incognito just doing what we all do, shopping at Target. Near tears she tells us that though she was not highly disguised, the only person to come up to her in the store was a woman who asked for her help to get something off the top shelf. Why, gosh, she didn’t see me as the first lady she saw me as someone who could help her.

Can you imagine the gull of that woman. I do think that the problem lies in the sentence, “though I was not highly disguised this woman was the only person who came up to her.”Sounds to me like she was mad because she wasn’t recognized. Like she wanted to be so she could say she was doing what all we peasants do.

Think about this however, here’s a family that has everything they could possibly want except a crown, yet all they do is complain about their imaginary son. Come to think about it that imaginary trouble maker would probably have attended private schools in Chicago and Sidwell Private School in DC, just like his two real sisters do. His imaginary son would get his pick of any college in the world, like O’s real daughters. He’d go on to any career he chose, but for all that, mainly because it doesn’t fit the template  all they can do is complain about how bad they have it.

I have only one solution to this whole problem. In order to fix it and get our imaginations tuned in to what’s racially correct, we need as quickly as possible to get rid of our imaginary President. I know that’s all I want for Christmas.

If you think about it this is blatant discrimination to the vertically enhanced. How dare we short people ask anyone for help to reach something high? Haven’t the tall had to endure enough. Ceiling fans, airplane leg room, doorway lintels or having to be asked “hey, how’s the weather up there?” on a constant basis. Perhaps we need a national conversation about heightism.

As a short person, just five foot, I find asking someone for help rather liberating.

Sung to” Help” by the Beatles.   When I was younger, so much younger than today, I didn’t need anybody’s help in any way. But now I’m shorter than I was some time ago, I changed my mind, and now I find, I’m climbing up the shelves. . .  Help me if you can to get it down—and I do appreciate you being round–help me keep both feet upon the ground–oh please, please lift me, oh please oh please oh——

Finally have a wonderful Christmas and remember that without Christ, there would be no Christmas. How anyone can look at a newborn, listen to Chick-a-dee call out on a winters day, watch a brilliant sunset on a frosty winters eve, be amazed at the endless shades of green when spring arrives, and not realized there is a God, is to me unfathomable. God is everywhere and is in everything. He’s that still small voice that give hope in sorrow, joy in accomplishment, love in a relationship, strength to overcome weakness,  tomorrow when today is over, and peace when all around you is chaos. He came because he loved, even knowing what the end would be, if only we could be that selfless. Love to all and have a Blessed Christmas.

Will no one rid us of this troublesome Speaker?

December 18th, 2014

Mr. Speaker, just a few short weeks ago millions of Americans rose up and voted to put the checks and balances they’d been missing back in Washington. We gave your party the largest majority in the house since 1929. We wrongly believed that you were an honorable man that understood that the nation neither wanted or was willing to go along with the Presidents Health Care Plan or his Executive Amnesty. Sadly we now see how wrong we were and how misplaced was our trust in you.   We failed to take President Reagan’s words to heart when he said “trust, but verify.” In less than forty days you shredded the last remnants of trust we had left.

We all know what you promised. What you swore you would do once the elections were over. We just didn’t realize you weren’t talking to us. You were talking about the promises you made to your friends on K Street and the Chamber of Commerce.

What I find hard to understand is why you would squander this enormous amount of political capital? What did you have to gain by passing this trillion dollar monstrosity? You weren’t elected to side with the enemy, you were elected and took an oath to represent those that voted for you. All you proved by your lawless disregard for the rights of the people is that you are a cold, calculating self aggrandizer that has lost any sense of morality.

How does it feel to know that you sold out the American people? I think a better name for you would be Judas. If you would fight the Democrats with the same tenacity and vigor that you use to fight against the Conservatives in your own party, the President would not have been able to do half  of the destructive things he’s done while in office. You have been derelict in your duty to your country.

But it wasn’t just the American people you lied to. Your team lied to Rep. Marlin Stutzman (r-IN) to get his vote on the all-important procedural ‘rule’ setting up the debate on the Cromnibus. Your team member told Mr. Stutzman that if he voted yes on the procedural rule, you would pull the Cromnibus bill from the floor as none passable. Your team member lied to that mans face. Statesman gave his vote and you went back on your word.

Since there is no way we can ever believe another word you utter, we believe there is only one thing to be done. Vote you out of office. I intend to write every Conservative Congressman now serving and demand that when the vote is cast in January for the Speakership, they stand against you.


A discussed and angry American citizen


Here’s how this can be done. There are 30 House Conservatives whose vote against Boehner, along with the united front of Dems. voting for Pelosi could deny him election. These 30 would be exercising a veto. There would be no chance of a Dem becoming Speaker because an actual majority of the whole House of Reps., is required. Rep’s would simply go back and re-nominate someone else who would not be subsequently vetoed. ‘

Think of it as a Supreme court nomination that needs to be confirmed by the Senate. When the Senate reject a nominee, it forces the Pres to go back to the drawing board and find someone else. If that person is not excepted the process continues till someone can and will be approvaled. The Rep. conference would just have to keep going till they found someone who wouldn’t be vetoed.

This is also why the 30 would not need to be unified on who they wanted to replace Boehner. This is why our side can never seem to get the job done. But, if you veto Boehner and throw it back to the conference, with a willingness to stand firm on future bad options, House Reps will eventually gravitate to the conservative who is well liked by many Reps. It could take some time but it’s worth it.

What we need is to call and write our congressman and those in other districts and asked them if they are going to be complicit in the ongoing speakership of the current speaker by giving him their vote? Are the going to waste the best years of their time in Congress being “managed” with distractions and dishonesty? Or will they fight back?

The question then is this. Are there 30 Reps. who are fed up with being lied to by leadership. Who are sick of Boehner’s secret deals with lobbyist, Dems, and the media? Who care more about their constituents than getting invited to the right parties?

Should 30 such men stand up, you’ll see the transformation of the Beltway like you’ve never seen it before.



Welcome to the World of the Uniparty

December 15th, 2014

After last weeks vote on the budget, I will no longer call our parities Republican and Democrat. I will be calling them the Uniparty. Why? Can you tell me the difference between them? Sadly once again they are blaming Cruz-Lee for what went wrong. Actually they’re just mad because they had to work on Sat and Sun.

A chorus of voices, ranging from McConnell’s press agent Jennifer Rubin to the GOP Establishment’s favorite progressives at Politico, gleefully pointed to the failure of Cruz’s amendment on the Constitutionality of Obama’s Amnesty Order.

As Erick Erickson explained last night, the Cruz-Lee strategy had no impact–none–on the confirmation of Obama’s nominees despite the whining from GOP leadership. Cruz explained the strategy to which, to my mind shows he’s a far more strategic thinker than the preposterous Uniparty hacks cloistered inside the Beltway:

Forcing a vote on the constitutionality of Obama’s amnesty is important for two reasons. First, since Obama enacted his unilateral amnesty after the elections, Dems, have never been made to answer for it. Tonight, they will and they will show America whether they stand with a lawless Pres. who is defying the will of the others or the millions of Americans who want a safe and legal immigration system. 

Second, it allows Republicans to also show they’re committed to ending Obama’s amnesty once and for all in the next congress. If we agree it is indeed unconstitutional, we have no business funding it when the GOP controls Congress next year. The Constitution matters, and we must defend it. That is why we have fought for this vote.

Stunningly, and despite the overwhelming midterm repudiation of Obama’s policies, there were 20 Rep. who voted in support of Obama’s assault on the Constitution, and it will come back to haunt many of they. Cruz was looking ahead to the 2016 Senate races and he won.

He highlighted, for all the world to see, that the GOP supported Obama’s Order. Instead of passing a short-term CR, say for two months, the hacks in the GOP gave Obama everything he wanted. They funded essentially all of the fed. government until October of 2015 hamstringing the new majority that will take the reins in Jan.

The American people are disgusted with this activity. God Bless Ted Cruz and Mike Lee. Hopefully Conservatives will save up their money so that the Uniparty hacks running on our side in 2016 will be faced with strong opponents. And since the RNC will now get several hundred thousand more than currently to spend against us, the Conservatives will need every penny to hold their own.

Were they alive today our founders would be enjoying beers tonight with these two fine gentleman while ridiculing the pathetic, cowardly and bought-off Establishment elites.

_Republicans that backed Cruz’s immigration point of order:  Blunt, Boozman, Crapo, Cruz, Fisher, Grassley, Hoeven, Isakson, Johanns, Lee, Moran, Paul. Portman, Risch, Roberts, Rubio, Scott, Sessions, Shelby, Thune, Vitter. All the rest voted to destroy America. (In the House Hanna voted for the bill. You might want to ask him why he turned his back on the American worker in favor of cheap labor from lawless illegals?)

On a similar note I want to prepare you for what I and several others I’ve read this weekend believe is going to happen in the next few months.

First, when the time arrives to ‘defund’ homeland security it will FAIL. The socialists will all scream in unison about national security and suddenly be worried about terrorism and disease entering the country (and anything bad that does happen will be blamed on the GOP naturally). They will be everywhere talking about there new found appreciation for Homeland Security and it will be funded and thus Obama’s Illegal Amnesty will be set in stone.

This will take place as millions of illegal invaders flood over the border causing all kinds of “serious crises” that will have to be addressed with, you guessed it–more government.

BTW, did you know that upwards of 150 million adults worldwide would like to migrate the the US?

And so that part of the budget will be funded as well, and by the time the next opportunity arrives  to defund this mess it will be too late. By then millions of illegal invaders will have crossed the border. Many from the middle east.

Once this happens get ready for the cry that it’s only fair that these criminals have the right to vote. You can bet your life that by the next ‘election’ millions of new minted citizens will be all ready to vote themselves more of our money. And perhaps a third term as I stated before for Obama.  And with millions of new looter brethren on their side the quote from Alexis de Tocqueville will apply:

“The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public’s money”

Once this is done there will be an explosion of new Dems, and Rep’s. will be a thing of the past and they will have done it to themselves. That is just a rough outline of events. Somewhere in there the economy will have another downturn, necessitating another huge expansion of the government. The new ‘majorities’ in the Southwest will begin calling for  a ‘restoration’ of that region back to Old Mexico or to be independent nations. Hey, but some selfish buzzards will get their cheap labor, so who cares what happens to the country.

Wolves in Washington-is it too late?

December 14th, 2014

“The truth is that the State is a conspiracy designed not only to exploit, but above all to corrupt its citizens. ” –Leo Tolstoy.

As you might have guessed after reading my last post, I’m not happy. Mainly because I feel like Charlie  Brown and the football. How many times are the RINO’s going to move the football after promising they won’t this time. Folks we’ve all know for some time the game is rigged. It’s just that after what happened in the House and now the Senate, (dem, aid–”they gave us everything we wanted.”) in the last few days, there’s no way they can make us believe they won’t move it again next time. One Congressman, sorry, don’t remember his name, said he wasn’t going to vote for the rule but was convinced by leadership that once the rule vote was over the bill was going to be pulled from the floor and not taken up again till the new congress came in.

The leadership said that to his face and after he switched and voted for the rule, they brought the bill to the floor and voted on it. The guy was stunned. “They outright lied to me” he said. So my question is will he vote for Boehner for Speaker? Will anyone even try to beat him? or will there be smiles all around and slaps on the back when he’s voted back in by voice vote.

Right now they’re all blaming Cruz. If he hadn’t tried to stop this thing the Dems wouldn’t have gotten Obama’s appointees into office. Don’t believe it. Do you really think you can believe Harry Reid when he says it wouldn’t have happened if they’d been able to go home this week? I wouldn’t believe that schmuck if he was my father and my mother was dead.

So  now we all have had the curtain drawn back and the voice behind it exposed. We’ve discovered what some have known since infancy. They’re not on our side, our vote and what we wanted means nothing, January will come and they’ll move the football again. We all know that Amnesty and Obamacare, unless God rains down a plague of locus on Washington is a done deal. We also know that they don’t care that we know. They’re in charge, and they’ve raised the amount big business can contribute to campaigns from $37,000 to 373,000. How do the Tea Party groups begin to compete with that? Of course if you have a good candidate money isn’t so important.

What really bothers and disturbs me is that no matter how many times we see these scenarios played out in Washington, Americans continue to naively buy into the idea that it’s our politics that divid the nation. Come on, we’ve know for years that theres not a dimes worth of difference between them. Are the polices of G.W. any different in actuality than those of Obama?

We’re in trouble folks and changing the party in charge isn’t going to help us.

We have relinquished control of our government to overlords who care nothing for our rights, or dignity or our humanity, and we’ve now allowed these wolves in sheep clothing to become an authoritarian regime. They are deaf to our cries, dumb to our troubles, and blind to our needs and accountable to no one.

Just think about it. Look at all the wrongs being done by the EPA, IRS, etc. Even after all this has been exposed has anything been done about it?

For example. After six years of investigation, 6,000 written pages and $40 million to write a report that will not be released to the public in it’s entirety, the Senate concluded that the CIA lied, (and they’d be able to spot that because they’re so good at it) and did very bad things to middle eastern animals that shouldn’t be allowed to live in the first place.

As one CIA observer on FOX put it, “they told us to do whatever it took when they felt in danger, but now that they feel safe, they’re blaming us for making them feel that way.”

Under the pretense of keeping us safe while we were all in a huff over people protesting in Ferguson and NY city and elsewhere, the Foreign Intelligence and Surveillance Court quietly reauthorized the NSA’s surveillance of phone records. This was in response to the Obama administration’s request to keep the program alive.

Then we have Police misconduct and brutality. with Obama’s blessing police departments (as I’ve written about many times here on this blog)  are continuing to make themselves battle ready with weapons that only belong in the middle of a war zone. (Makes you wonder doesn’t it?) Police shootings of unarmed citizens continue unabated yet we are getting all these stories about how the police are simply trying to keep everyone safe when all they really care about is keeping themselves safe. Just this week a guy was killed in his home when the cops broke in looking for drugs. None were found but the guy was killed. It seems seventeen shots were fired in about the first two minutes of the home envision. Of course we won’t protest or break things, or have White House meetings while avoiding having to pay back taxes, but that’s alright. We’ll just sit back and feel privileged that God made us white.

For those colleges teaching course on White Privilege I’d like to ask if they think it’s really a privilege to have to pay for the lazy underclasses that refuse to work but demand someone give them an Obama phones, housing, child care, tax credits, unearned income tax rebates, health care, and then pay to clean up the messes they make when they don’t get what they want. Yeah, that’s privilege alright.

Now Holder wants to federalize the police. Great. Here comes the  mini-Gestapo’s.

And Grand Juries? Does anyone know how many ham sandwiches have been sent to prison, because it seems the prosecutors when in a grand jury situation can make an angel straight from heave look like the Devil. Once again the jury meets secretly, hears secret testimony, and is exposed to only what a prosecutor deems appropriate. It’s a sorry lesson in how a well-intentioned law or program can be perverted, corrupted and used to advance the desires of the state.

Think about how the war on terror has bemuse a convenient ruse to justify surveillance of all Americans, to create a suspect society, and to allow the Pres. to expand the power of the Executive Branch to imperial levels.

Asset forfeiture schemes, engineered as a way to strip organized crime syndicates have become corrupt systems aimed at fleecing the citizen while padding the pockets of the police. In an article I read lately it quoted a sheriff that said forfeiture money keep their department afloat and made it possible for them to buy new equipment, which he listed as TV’s, video’s, fancy dinners, and birthday extravaganzas for the officers.

Traffic safety schemes such as automated red light and speed cameras, ostensibly aimed at making our roads safe, is just a thinly disguised road tax, levying hefty fines on drivers, most of which would never have been pulled over, let alone ticketed, by an actual police officer.

Zero tolerance policies in the public schools have become exercises in folly and daily we read horror stories of four year olds being dragged off to jail or expelled for simply being kids. Yet as stupid as we think these administrators are and as fearful as our teachers seem to be of a little boy pointing his finger at them we continue to vote these people back onto the school boards and those people hire the idiots.

As you can see, we’re long past the point of simple fixes. The system has grown too large, too corrupt, and too unaccountable. We have to start over at the local level where we still have a chance to make our voices heard. We must stop buying into Washington’s lies. Into the schemes of the elite, stop being distracted by their slight-of-hand-legislating. When they say they’ll do something, laugh and walk away. Don’t believe them and stop giving them money.  Also we have to stop thinking elections will change anything.

I would not be surprised to hear in the coming months that Obama has decided to stay in office. He has to have time to finish what he started. It wouldn’t be unfair for him to leave the job half done. After all as he is want to say, “That isn’t how America works.” And I would be at all surprised if the Congress agreed with him.

As you can see, 1984 is quickly approaching. If you don’t know what it says in that book, get a copy and read it.


Betrayed by those who live off our earnings

December 11th, 2014

Tonight I’m sure, that all of us who hoped against hope that our side would for once do the right thing and support those who sent them to Washington can’t help but feel betrayed. We watched our own party sell us down the river in order to make it possible for untold numbers of illegal aliens to come to this country, take our jobs, crowd out our classrooms, and emergency room, destroy whats left of social security, and transform our beloved country into a third word state. Once they can vote, ours, will be meaningless, for they will vote for whoever offers them the most for nothing on the backs of those who struggle for the dignity of supporting themselves and their families.

To say I’m not surprised yet sorely disappointed would be an understatement. Yes, I dared to hope that somehow right and justice would overcome evil, but in order for that to happen, you need honest, upright, and just people working on your behalf. Sadly there are very few of those now serving in government.

To be honest the writing was on the walls when we saw how the Republicans worked against anyone who thought they could unseat a sitting member of the Republican Liberals. Carl Rove, and his ilk did all they could to keep hold of power and nothing else mattered. In the bill that just passed they have tripled the amount of money that can go into the Republican House and Senate re-election committees. That will make it even harder for Conservative candidates to get traction or to raise money. Perhaps they can get there new Hispanic soul mates to vote for them because I won’t. The next thing well see is another Romney or Christie, or Bush being pushed into running.

So where do we go from here? I wish I had an answer for you but I don’t. One thing for sure I intend to demand to know why Hanna voted for this monstrosity when he keeps talking about balancing the budget and how hard he’s fighting for the middle class. Well, all those that voted for him can now write him a big thank you note when all these illegals come into Utica looking for work. Of course he won’t have to worry, he’s got that big government retirement check to keep him going. You know, the one we paid for.

What I wonder is this. All these people come into the country. They all get green cards and the rights of citizens. Do you really think they’ll be content with poverty wages. Do you really think all these companies that are wanting these people because they’ll work for nothing will be able to continue doing so when the new American’s get a taste of what the unions can do for them? That all they need do is go on strike and the companies will up there salaries?  Just wait a while and you’ll be seeing all sorts of problems and I wish it on every company that hires one of these illegals over an American citizen. Do your really believe that a whole lot of Americans are going to just sit back and see their livelihoods disappear.

I would like to be able to be uplifting. I’d like to say all will be well, we just need to keep fighting. That we’ve weathered worse times, that once we can get Cruz into the Oval office he’ll fix it, but I can’t because I don’t think he’ll be able to. I don’t think anyone will be able to. Not after another two years. I think what’s going to happen is that people will simply stop caring. They’ll put their heads down, do what needs to be done to keep food on the table and a roof over their heads and they’ll curse the day they ever heard of the names of Obama, Boehner, etc. And here’s something even more disturbing, they gave the EPA even more money that Obama asked for. Now there’s a kick in the teeth for you. If only they’d go after the homes and land that Congressmen own. Sorry Senator, you can’t build there, it’s a wetland. What you need that trail through the woods to get to your homes? To bad. Yeah that would might change some minds. The problem is that none of the these sorts of things ever happen to them because of who they are.

Of course for those of us who can’t turn away, for those of us who shed real tears for our country, for those of us who aren’t blind to what’s taking place, we’ll keep trying. We’ll keep getting our hearts broken. We’ll keep looking for someone who cares enough to stand up. In the end I believe we will see one of two scenarios play out. The government will become a dictatorship or, there will be another revolution. People will simply stop obeying the laws. They’ll stop caring what washington says, what they demand we do, what money they demand we pay to keep them in luxury, and then we’ll have a civil war. After all, they can’t put us all in jail, they need someone to earn money to pay taxes to pay their salaries. The only other thing that can happen is that God finally decided he’s reached his limits and returns to take us home.

Whatever happens, it’s not going to be pretty. I’ll feel better in a couple of days, at least I hope so.

Citizens use to be important to the governing class–not any more!

December 10th, 2014

I want to thank of you that took my pleadings to heart and called your Representatives. If you haven’t, there’s still time. Call in the morning or e-mail. Perhaps this will incentivize you to do so when I tell you that on page 958 and 959 of the 1,603 page bill, Boehner includes a provision that gives SS benefits to illegal aliens under the executive amnesty. Yes, you read that right. The WH confirmed to the W.Post that illegal aliens who get amnesty –paid for by Boehner, and any Rep. that votes for the bill will get SS benefits.

By not including language saying illegals can’t benefit financially, nor any language going after funding, the Republicans are completely surrendering, ensuring that millions of illegal aliens will get SS payments. According to one GOP aide, “I can’t say I’m surprised by this, given the apparent lack of will to protect American citizens against Obama’s illegal actions..”

I can only say that if the new members vote for Boehner to remain speaker, they will in my eyes be no better than the mobsters we have serving now.

I get the feeling that the Oligarchs in Washington can be segmented not as Democrats and Republicans but as “Traitors” and “Quislings,” respectively.  And yeah, you can quote me on that!

Quisling–A traitor who collaborates with an enemy force occupying their country. The origin of the word is from WWII when Maj. Vidkun Quisling (1887-1945) the Norwegian officer and diplomat who ruled Norway on behalf of the German occupying forces 1940-45. End  of history listen.

Here’s something to keep you awake at night. Thanks to Judicial Watch, we now know that illegal border crossings have “skyrocketed.”  the FBI’s most wanted Al Qaeda terrorist crossed back and forth between the US and Mexico for years.

And then theres this. DHS Sec. Jeh Johnson testified that he thinks it’s a bad idea for Congress to consider a short-term funding bill in lieu of full funding. Well Dah, like we didn’t know that, but I bet you didn’t know this.

One of the 10 memos Obama signed announced an end to Secure Communities. This program uses electronics matching of fingerprints to identify alien criminals in her-real-time among the people arrested by police nationwide. This is being replace with a new “Priority Enforcement Program (PEP–don’t you just love it?) The wording is so similar I won’t waste space writing it out, but you’d be wrong to think this was merely a re-branding.

To really understand the damage this will cause, you need to read the memo Johnson sent out that must be read in conjunction with another he issued, directing changes to enforcement priorities. The long and short of it is this.

Agents well now be forced to walk away from aliens who have:

Been convicted of crimes not covered by the new “priorities,”

Repeatedly crossed the border illegally–even though reentry after deportation is a federal felony—when they are encountered and arrested by state and local police ( how that enhances border security is anyones guess) and

Been ordered deported by an immigration judge, but led in lieu of complying.

The most damaging aspect of this new rule is that, henceforth, immigration agents will be forbidden to file detainers to hold aliens arrested by police until they can arrive to take custody of them.  It’s pretty clear that the Pres. his politically minded cabinet, and anyone who goes along with this are actively working to undercut the detainer authority because they don’t want to antagonize their base and now, in a classic example of disingenuous circularity, have used the court decisions, which in turn were relying on their baseless interpretation of voluntariness, to justify scrapping detainers in their entirety. In other words we won’t detain these folks well depend on them volunteering to leave the country.

In 2013 ICE ages and officers filed 212,455 detainers with various police and correctional agencies. But according to a recent report from the Syracuse University Transactional Action Clearinghouse, ICE detainers have dropped 39 percent since 2012.

I don’t have to remind you of the 36,000 hardened criminals Obama recently had released, but just in case you’ve forgotten, tomorrow the Rep. are going to vote (I pray I’m wrong here) to fund the program that will destroy our country, our jobs, and maybe loved ones that are killed or worse by these people. There is no reason for Congress to be so blindly foolish as to give the president an open purse with which to destroy our country and our Constitution.

You might want to call again tomorrow morning. Check MVP’s e-mails for phone no’s.

What’s in the spending bill and other things

December 10th, 2014

If you hadn’t noticed over the course of the last few weeks, I’ve been rather heated about what is going on in Washington. Perhaps it’s simply the feeling of betrayal that overwhelms me each time I read something about our governments refusal to respond to those that sent them there. Over the past few days it’s occurred to me that maybe we are beating a dead horse.

Did you listen to Gruber today in Congress? What a total waste of time. Did anyone really believe that he wouldn’t fall on his sword? The man was a disgrace. His political bent was so obvious I could see it without my glasses. And yet, for all that the Dems tried to cover for him.

The most moving part of the whole hearing was when R. Rep. Cynthia Lummis  talked about her husbands death. They thought they were on Ocare then were told they weren’t and then told they were and while this dance was going on her husband began having chest pains. He went to his doc, but finding out he supposedly wasn’t covered decided not to get the last test the doc recommended. The man died shortly afterward of a massive heart attack.

Her last angry comment to Gruber was “Get over your damn glibness.” Folks that needs to be put on tee shirts and worn in mass to Washington by every person in this country.

If the hearing weren’t enough, we now have a 1600 page 1.1 trillion dollar spending bill. Yes there are some good things in it. Here are a few.

1. Funds most of gov’t thru Sept 30.2015. But only funds DHS thru Feb. 27th 2015. This of course ties our hands on many of the issues we conservatives were after.

2. No fight over Obamacare funding but no “new” Obamacare $ in the bill. If you think they’ll get rid of it, here’s your answer.

3. Restricts Clean Water Act in farm areas & curbs Fish/Wildlife Svs, from putting sage-grouse on Endangers Species List. Putting that animal on the endangered list would have destroyed all ranching, etc., plus development in eight western states. And would have made fracking in these states on covered areas almost impossible.

4. Bill bans Obama Admin’s “light bulb” standard.

5. Bans transfer or release of Guantanamo detainees into U.S.

6. Doesn’t fund high-speed rail, cuts some IRS $ and puts pay freeze for political appointees.

7. Does not fund UNESCO. No $ for IMF. THANK GOD

8. Bans DOJ/DEA from using money to undermine local medical marijuana laws. (Dems must have added that)

Boehner in order to pass this mess will have to find Dems to back it but Pelose says she can’t make a determination about having enough of her guys to pass it. Right now it stands at 234 R’s and 201 d.s That means that he can only lose 17 R’s before they need D’s to help pass the bill.

We still have one more day to make calls. Have you? Why not?

I guess I was hoping that our leadership, after being handed a huge victory would at least for a time anyway if only for appearance sake do the right thing for the right reasons. I was wrong. I just wish they’d get over the damn glibness. Guess they won’t till it affects them personally.








Facts on Holder/Is this what it’s come too?

December 9th, 2014

A little background on Eric Holder–”In 1969, he graduated from Stuyvesant High School in Manhattan and attended Columbia University, where he played freshman basketball. He earned a B.A. degree in American History (obviously he slept through the class) in 1973. Holder received his J.D. from Columbia Law School, graduating in 1976. We worked for the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund during his first summer and the United States Attorney during his second summer.

While at Columbia, Holder was a member of the Student Afr-American Society, which staged a non-confrontational occupation of the ROTC lounge and demanded that it be renamed the Malcolm X Lounge.” (Now there’s something to get hot and bothered about. Already his pro-black anti-white sentiments where coming to the fore.)

Who is Eric Holder? Like Obama, his parentage was foreign: he was born in Barbados from which his parents immigrated to U.S. Neither Obama nor Holder had the African American historical experience. Therefore, Holder, like Obama, may as well be a Bill Ayers, a pretender to the ‘hood’ always trying to make up for their privilege, education and professional advancement, even those they legitimately earned.

If racism were so institutionalized as Holder claims, he would have to admit that his success was only a result of bowing down to “the (implied to be white) man.” Well, now Holder and Obama are “the Man” and to paraphrase the Pres. the 60′s called and wanted their stolen reality back. Obama and Holder try to portray that they have been down with the cause, despite their wealth, power, and privilege.

The Mafiosa style with which they force cities to comply with practices solely for the purpose to pad their own race resumes is proof that they are just what they seem to be; pretenders to the ‘hood’ whose work product is an expensively constructed straw man.

Now you know.


I was going to write on a different subject tonight but I watched Megan Kelly talking to Judge Napolitano and once again I’m so angry I ccan can hardly speak. And for me that’s nearly an impossibility. The fact that Senator Di Fi of Calif. thinks there is nothing wrong with releasing a report that will get our people in the field killed is just more evidence that the Dems are welling to do whatever it takes to destroy this country and its means of defending itself.

What’s appalling is that Napolitano agrees with Feinstein. That is why a Libertarians cannot be trusted to sit in the Oval Office. They have absolutely no concept of foreign policy, a danger in dangerous times.

In a perfect world every secret could be made public. Every country would know what the other is doing simply by asking. No one would be attempting to destroy someone else or gain information they shouldn’t have. It would be a lollipop world. But it isn’t.

We live in a world filled with death, deceit, lies, betrayals, (something America is becoming very good at, sadly) ignorance and blood lust. It’s everywhere you look. You can’t get away from it. You have to protect yourself from however you can and if that means putting a cloth over a mans face and pouring water on it to make him think he’s drowning, so be it. If it keeps my kids, nieces and nephews, aunts and uncles etc from having their heads hacked off, so be it.

Sadly, we have people in Washington who refuse to see how really stupid they are. On 9/11 they were all running for their lives. Hiding out of harms way. Oh yes, they all stood on the steps of the Capital shortly afterward and sang patriotic songs and held hands. They’re great at photo-opts. It made me cry, really.

“Never again will let our country be attacked in this manner,” they shouted from the rooftops. “We’ll do whatever it takes.” And then President Bush did it. All that it took. The CIA and others spy guys were sent out to see that it never did. That with good intelligence, history would not repeat itself.

Oh, but how soon the Dems forget. Now they want to tell the world how we got the info we needed to keep their worthless hides safe. Remember,  they all have secret service. They’re well protected, but we aren’t. Those out in the field have to use their wits and any means necessary to do what Congress demanded they do and now they will pay the price. Why, because a power player, one of the so called intelligencia who thank they know what’s best for everyone else says the world must know.

Gasp, we water boarded a couple of guys who would, if they could, slowly cut off the head of this Calif Congresswoman. How in all that’s holly are the people we send out to protect us suppose to do so when all there methods are being writ large in every newspaper between here and hell? And what happens when these folks decide it just ain’t worth getting killed for a bunch of back stabbers?

So yes, I’m mad. I’m mad, angry, discussed, and demoralized by what is going on in Washington these day. The total disregard for anyone else’s life but there own is infuriating.And it’s always couched in terms like, “we’re going to allow our agents in the field to by murdered because the public deserves to know.” To which I asked, then why weren’t we told about Obamacare? Why weren’t we told about the IRS. Why aren’t we being told about the thousand no enforcers who will spread out and look for businesses that are breaking the minimum wage laws? Why weren’t we told about Obama’s phone and pen before the election?  I could go on but it looks like we really don’t have a right to be told.

We worry about ISIS and all those neanderthals in the middle east that can’t seem to make it out of the middle ages, but I tell you this from my heart. The people we need to fear and fight hardest against are not in the middle east, but in America. In a place called Washington, where common sense, patriotism and honor, go to die.

Fear is a Powerful thing

December 7th, 2014

Well, I hate to say it, but our country is heading toward a dictatorship and Americans are sitting back and letting it happen. Oh, I know, we don’t like what’s going on, we complain, we argue, we talk to friends about how bad things are but come on. It’s all hot air. None of this matters. Why, because we refuse as a nation to stand up and fight back. Our churches are allowing atheist to destroy religion in our country. When one person can be insulted by a nativity scene, or a cross in a cemetery or christmas carols being played in a mall. When school kids are told they can’t pray before games because someone was offended, folks that’s Dictatorship by the few against the many. And what do we do? Nothing! Why aren’t we out there protesting, voting out of office the school boards that allowed this to happen. Why aren’t we demanding that the principles that calls the police because a child draws a gun, or aims his figure at someone, be fired?

Do you understand what Holder and Obama are trying to do to the police? Yes, I know, I’ve written about the militarization of the police and I still believe it’s a bad idea, but do you understand it’s not about camera’s on cops. Its creating a situation where there is a call to federalize the police. All the police. State, local, highway patrol, county, you name it. They want to create a situation were things get so bad people start demanding (they’re beginning to do so now) that the feds take over the police forces. Can you see where that leads. Can you see how that puts a whole new spin on what police can do. Not what they can’t do, but what they can do. Remember, Obama said that the Constitution had too many “Can nots, and not enough Cans.” Well he’s changing that isn’t he.

Do you realize what Ferguson was really all about? It wasn’t about a shooting. It wasn’t about race as such. It was showing America what would happen if the Republicans attempted to Impeach the President. (The first black president.) It’s about instilling fear in the American people and it’s working. The Congress knows he’s usurping their power. They know he’s breaking laws and by-passing the Constitution. They’re not stupid. They’re afraid. Afraid that Ferguson’s will break out all over the country and they’ll be held responsible. If they hadn’t tried to impeach the President… Do you think they would hesitate if the Pres. was white. Do you think they’d be worried that whites would riot in the streets to get what they want? Of course not. The only whites that riot are the whites that proclaim themselves as progressives or rich white kids.

So Congress sits back and growls and grumbles and demands and make speeches and threatens to withhold funding, and they won’t do any of it. They sit there and let it happen. Be honest. Aren’t they doing that already? We just elected a large majority of Reps to both the house and senate, and the first thing Boehner does is say he’ll pass a continuing resolution on the budget that funds Obama’s immigration scheme even if he has to get the Dems to make up for the Reps. we just elected, voting no. And yet, when they, as a body had a chance to vote in a new leader, old teary eyes won the day. How? Position thy name is power.

I don’t really listen to talk radio anymore. These people talk and talk. I’ve listened to Rush for over 25 years–since the first day he was on the air here in Utica. What does he do? He talks. Does he go to rallies. Does he have Conservative legislators on to talk with them and share our views. Does he speak up and back candidates? No, he doesn’t. Oh he gives speeches, but not for free, and not with advanced notice so the rabble that listen to him can show up. The only person who does anything is Mark Levin. And I’m even getting a little tired of his tirades.

I’m not even sure you can count on the military anymore. They are being decimated of good officers and field officers and those in the Pentagon are too afraid of losing their pensions to speak out. Wish Patton was still around. Wish anyone with a backbone was still living. I mean when you can’t call the enemy the enemy and when we’re told we should emphasize, give me a break.

Folks, do you see what happening? I spoke in the last blog about the energy situation. Do you understand that by making energy hard to get and even harder to pay for they can hold the country for ransom. And what free speech will survive if we have a federal police force.

In Nazi Germany Hitler was allowed to do what he did because people were afraid. Dachau was the first concentration camp in Germany. It wasn’t built for the Jew’s, it was built for German political prisoners. Can’t happen here? Really? Why not? You said that when Obama created his Czars, when he secretly made plans to destroy our healthcare, when he signed immigration reform. You think he wouldn’t do this if he could?

Do you really think that if Obama was white he’d still be in office. He’s in office because people are afraid of his color. They are so filled with white guilt that they’re willing to let this country fall apart and be reborn in the image that Obama would choose. Admit it. Fear is a powerful weapon and the Progressives have been subtlety moving it into the mainstream of American whites thinking processes since the 60′s.

So what’s to be done? Well, I don’t know.  I know what needs to be done, but I can’t see anyone on the horizon willing to do it. First we need to stop being afraid. We need to stand as one and say no, more often. Say it with force, say it with conviction and then act on it. Stop allowing the other side to get what they want without a fight. The key is to fight. Sure, people will call you names. They’ll try to wear you down with insults. They’ll even try to take you to court. Who knows. But I know this, if we don’t soon stand up the only thing well be standing up for is when the emperor enters the room and we all salute and shout “Hail the Emperor, Hail Obama.”

Electricity, it lights up my life!

December 7th, 2014

Have you ever wondered what it was like to live in the 1800′s? Most see it as a rather romantic time in history. Of course we always see ourselves as the lords and lady’s of the manor, when in fact most of us would’ve been servants, field hands, or worse, the extreme poor. I teach a class on Victorian England. I’ve done so for four years now and at the end of every eight week session, almost to the man, everyone says they’ll never see the Victorian age the same way again. Now, they tell me, they see Pride and Prejudice, Downton Abby etc.  in a whole new and much less glamorous light. So lets talk about light for a few moments.

Electric light that is. We tend to take it for granted. Flip a switch, it’s there. Flip the switch again its gone. Amazing. Think of everything we depend on electricity to give us. Let’s start with the kitchen. Refrig, stove, washer/dryer, dish washer, and a myriad of small, can’t do without appliances. Then we have hot water, electric pumps to pump water into our toilets, our showers, our sinks to brush our teeth, (if you have any). We won’t have transportation because gas pumps work off electricity. Many use electric mowers, electric air pumps put air in their tires, run the windshield wipers, turn on the headlights. We have out door lighting, and electric to warm our swimming pools.

Without electric you wouldn’t be reading this and many of you wish you weren’t but you’re hooked and can’t stop. So why am I giving you this run-down of the miracles of electricity. Oh, I forgot the TV, Radio, Computers, etc.

I’m telling you all this because the EPA’s “Carbon Pollution Standards for New Power Plants–are in the middle of being implemented, and when they are fully in force will close down hundreds of coal-burning power plants and those plants represent about 40 percent of the nation’s electricity. Well, you say, what does that mean to me? Well, I’ll tell you. Those plants represent the amount of electricity it takes to light every home west of the Mississippi River. You remove that 40% and that’s a lot of home with no electricity to turn on their lights, warm their homes, cook there food or you name it. In the summer there won’t be electric to cool the house, keep food fresh, or pump the water for a shower.

If that’s not enough, it’s believed these new rules will double the average electric bill. This will happen because utilities would have to pass the cost onto ratepayers of replacing the violating coal burning power plants or modernizing them to comply.

Remember, when Obama was running for office he promised that “Under my plan of a cap-and-trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket.” He continued, “So if somebody wants to build a coal-powered plant, they can; it’s just that it will bankrupt them, because they’re going to be charged a huge sum for all that greenhouse gas that’s being emitted.”

According to Reuters, plants capable of generating 15,000 megawatts of electric have shut down since Obama took office. They estimate that power plants that generate around 37,000 megawatts of power will close in the next 10 years. To bring this down to basic’s, one megawatt of electricity can provide power for 1,000 homes.

These new plant closings will happen at a time when demand for electricity is increasing. That will force utilities to build plants that burn other fuels such as natural gas. That will raise the price we pay dramatically. In some instances it could double or triple depending on demand.

But that’s only half the story. Another Obama administration plan to reduce greenhouse emissions, or CSS technology could raise prices even more. Daniel Simmons of the Institute for Energy Research said that an experimental CSS power plant in the US will cost an estimated $4.3 billion to build and the EPA doesn’t know if the technology would work.

CSS involves the use of filters to divert carbon emissions from the air-and every taxpaying American will pay. The CSS plants under construction will require $300 million in taxpayer subsidies.  According to Sen. Manchin of West Virginia,”the Obama administration is trying to hold the coal industry to impossible standards. Never before has the federal government forced an industry to do something that is technologically impossible. Forcing coal to meet nearly the same emission standards as gas when experts know that the required technology is not operational on a commercial scale makes absolutely no sense and will have devastating impact to the coal industry and our economy.”

There are a couple other things to consider in this conversation. First, what happens when it gets to 110 degrees in the western states, the power grids fail because of lack of fuel and people by the hundreds, mostly the young, elderly, and ill, begin to die from the heat. Or turn that around. What about another Polar Vortex. New Jersey closed one of their coal burning electric plants and actually ran out of power last winter and had to buy excess from the plant in NY state on the Hudson. So what happens if NY runs low? They’ve shut down at least three  plants in NY already. And what about the jobs associated with this industry. Who cares? Certainly not the Pres. or the environmentalist.

There is one other problem I seen looming. Lately there have been numerous articles in the news concerning municipalities refusing to allow fracking in there cities and the surrounding area. To dangerous for the environment they’re saying. Never mind we need the fuel, never mind we need the jobs, but if this goes national in a big way, the fracking industry will wind up just like the coal industry and we’ll all be living in log cabins, and killing our own food, if they don’t take our guns away.

So what’s to be done. My suggestion is write your Congressman and Senators. Let them know this is not what you voted them into office to support. While they are defunding Illegal immigration, suggest, no demand, they defund the EPA. That is a rogue agency that has taken on more than it legally has the right to do. It doesn’t seem like it but they listen if our voice is loud enough. We need to do this and do it over and over and over. Call and asked when they’re going to start working for the people instead of the big moneyed interest and the wacko environmentalist.

Since they think it’s fine to cost us double and triple just to be able to live, then they should feel the pinch as well. Let them do without and see what it’s like. And don’t say well we’ve only two more year of the Obama reign left. Two years is a hell-of-a-long-time, when someones working 24/7 to destroy our country. Let me tell you a dirty little secret. If the Congress does not force Obama to live within the laws of the Constitution, for fear of causing a so called government shutdown, what’s to say he won’t decide that he should run for a third term to finish the work he started? He broke one law without consequence why not this one?

So in closing again, please, contact your Congressmen, let them know you’re watching, you know what they’re doing and it’s not what we sent them there to do. They were blamed for a gov. shutdown two years ago and they won in a landslide. They need to be reminded of that. Shut down the EPA, Shut down Obamacare, and shut down Homeland Security. If they have no money, they have no way to pay their workers. And believe me, union workers won’t work for free.

If not, well then, buy all the blankets and warm clothes you can get hold of, and also purchase as many summer things as you can afford, and sit back and await the stone age. It’s what the king wishes for his subjects.