Part Two–Bathrooms

You may say some of the things I said in my last blog are pure speculations. However, three years ago, the Obama administration sided with a transgender female after Calif., Arcadia Unified School District refused to let her “bunk with [her] buddies” on a seventh grade overnight field trip.

The Obama administration forced a settlement on the school district, which agreed to the teenager’s requests for hotel rooms during “overnight events and extracurricular activities on and off campus, consistent with [her] gender identity.” Obama is now taking this nationwide.

School officials cannot alert the girls’ parents that a biological male will be sleeping in their room because under the guidelines quoted by the Obama administration they can’t even tell the boy’s parents. School personnel should speak with the student first before discussing a student’s gender nonconformity or transgender status with the student’s parent or guardian,” it says.

The Arcadia settlement – again, dictated by the Obama administration, says the child’s birth sex must be “treated as confidential” by school officials and can’t be disclosed without “express written consent.”

So your daughter may not know she will be spending the night with a boy until she gets to her hotel room. Unthinkable as this would be, it hardly scratches the surface. After all, this guidance doesn’t just apply to high schools.

The adm., makes clear, “In this letter, the term schools refers to recipients of federal financial assistance at all educational levels, including school districts, colleges, and universities.”

To drive the point home, SOEd, John B. King Jr. said in a press release accompanying the letter, “No student should ever have to go through the experience of feeling unwelcome at school or on a college campus.” How would a college apply Obama’s demand to furnish a transgender student “housing” that conforms to his “gender identity” so that he does not feel “unwelcome” in its dorm rooms?

It seems they make gender dependent on the student’s assertion and nothing else; it requires students to be housed with members of the sex with which they identify. The letter states that the college can’t tell other students about a transgender student’s biology. “Nonconsensual disclosure of…a student’s birth name or sex assigned at birth, could be harmful to or evade the privacy of transgender students,” and Obama warns it could be against the law in the letter.

Some people would argue that not telling a gifted 16 year-old college freshman that her new roommate is a bearded 51 year-old with male pattern baldness and a taste for young ladies violates her privacy.

According to the booklet, even the potential roommate can’t ask about a transgender person’s biology because “asking personal questions about a person’s body ” is a form of harassment.

So, according to this, a man can declare himself a female and be assigned as the year-long roommate of a nubile, possibly under age, co-ed. If the college tells the young lady her roommate is a biological male without his express consent, they could be sued.

And if the young lady objects, she’s guilty of stigmatizing and possibly “harassing” the poor man and should probably be sent to sensitivity training – which she can schedule between her therapy sessions to deal with her sexual assault.

All of this is being forced on the nation without one legislator voting to authorize it, or even a public debate to consult the views of the benighted American people. According to Obama’s spokesman, “these policies are being implemented to assure that schools and universities are as “respectful and safe as they can possibly be.” And you can get on board or get sued. (Safe for who exactly)

The fact that nothing in Obama’s guidance forecloses the possibility that a biological woman will become the unwitting, unwilling roommate of a heterosexual biological male – overnight or possibly much longer – tells us how far the president is will to go to enforce his radical ideology, and how little concern Obama has for anyone who doesn’t share it.

Of course you need to beg the question–“What if these were his two girls being put in a hotel room with a man of questionable sex.” Oh, that rights, they wouldn’t.

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Bet You Didn’t Know This About Sharing Bathrooms

Just found out some rather shocking news (if it could get more shocking) about the new bathroom mandate. You probably didn’t know that the most outrageous provision of Obama’s bathroom order doesn’t even involve locker rooms, or showers etc.  The most offensive part of the new policy is that under the federal guidance”

  • School districts must allow biological males and females to spend the night together in the same hotel room on field trips;
  • Colleges must let men who say they are transgender be roommates with one or more women;
  • School officials cannot even tell those young women or their parents in advance that their new roommate is a man, without risking a fed. lawsuit.

The plain wording of Obama’s diktat is clear enough, yet it hasn’t been reported, even by conservative news outlets.

Since the Obama Adm. announced the fed. guidance last Friday, several Republican elected officials have said that its definition of a “transgender” person is vague or ill defined. That I’ve discovered is absolutely wrong.

The eight-page letter clearly states that, as far as the DOJ and DOE are concerned, a student becomes a member of the opposite sex the moment he feels like it. The instant he tells school officials about his decision, they must immediately teat him accordingly.

“When a student or the student’s parent or guardian, as appropriate, notifies the school administration that the student will assert a gender identity that differs from previous representations or records, the school will begin treating the student consistent with the student’s gender identity.” the letter says.

That’s it. The student doesn’t have to meet any other conditions to change his sex–in fact, school districts are prohibited from setting any. “Under [the Obama add. unilateral rewriting of ] Title IX, there is no medical diagnosis or treatment requirement that students must meet as a prerequisite to being treated consistent with their genre identity,” the letter states.

The student doesn’t have to have surgery, take hormone therapy, or present himself in any way as a member of the opposite. sex. He can continue looking and acting as a male but say he identifies as a female. Just as there is no minimum threshold required to qualify as transgender, there’s no maximum limit to the number of times a student can change genders.

“For some people, gender is not just about being male or female. In fact how one identifies can change every day or even every few hours.” So theoretically, one could be male during homeroom, female during gym class, then male again while riding home on the bus and the school district is bound to comply every step of the way.

Tucked away in the letter is a section requiring schools to provide transgender students proper “housing.”

  • A school must allow transgender students to access housing consistent with their gender identity, and may not require trans students to sty in single-occupant accommodations or to disclose personal info when not required of other students.”

The administration’s 25 page booklet of proposed policies approvingly cites a local CO., school district, which says teachers must embrace “the goals of maximizing the [trans]student’s social integration and equal opportunity to participate in overnight activity and athletic trips, ensuring the [trans] student’s safety and comfort, and minimizing stigmatization of the [again, trans] student.”

A side not here–Why is it more important to insure a trans safety and comfort and not the straight students. Also, we are being told by the feminist that colleges are a hotbed of rape and sexual crimes, yet here’s the gov., telling everyone that we have to let boys share girls dorm rooms. They can’t have it both ways. Just think about that for a moment. How do you stop rape and assault when you force girls to allow boys to live in their dorm rooms?

The Pres. adopted hometown of Chicago is more insistent: “in no case should a transgender student be denied the right to participate in an overnight field trip because of the student’s trans status.”

So, any individual who says he’s a member of the opposite sex must be allowed to spend the night in the same room as members of the opposite biological sex for his “social integration” and “comfort.”

suppose a teenage boy discovers he’s trans, just in time to spend the night in his girlfriend’s hotel room? Or the room of a girl who is decidedly NOT his girlfriend? He must be allowed to do so without a chaperone, unless there’s an adult in every room. Don’t forget, under civil rights law, there can be no disparate treatment.

Bet Obama wouldn’t like it if a trans wanted to bunk in with his girls.

Continued tomorrow…….

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Coming To An America Near You.

America, though no one will tell you, is on the brink of disaster. No one’s happy, no one’s making what they did five years ago, college has become nothing more than an expensive baby sitter for kids who were never taught that the world doesn’t revolve around them, and the government is totally out of control. Sounds bleak doesn’t it. After all this is America. Not some third world nation. Well, maybe your right. It isn’t yet. But it could be in very short order.

Lets look at Venezuela. If you haven’t been following that story, lets just say you should because it could happen here. Hugo Chavez was the great leader. He drew large crowds and talked about spreading around the wealth. He was at the beginning a man of the people. Now, not so much.

Not long ago, Venezuelans would never have imagines they’d be starving and cooking their pets in order to feed themselves, but that’s what’s happening. Violence is wide spread. Last week a looter was caught and burned alive as a lesson to others. So what happened? The government decided they were the elites. They controlled everything, and cheated the people at every juncture. Chavez said he would make Venezuela great again. He would make work for everyone, he would give the people healthcare and then he got elected.

Now there are massive food shortages. Bread lines go for miles. Every violent crime imaginable is being committed in broad daylight. Chavez was elected, then passed a law that got him named president for life. Then he had the military seize the media. No bad news about him was allowed. Then he took over the businesses, and now there is chaos.

Venezuela has become the Weimar Republic which I wrote about some days ago. The President, Maduro has declared a 60 day state of emergency in a desperate attempt to restore order. But he also seized all businesses. Inflation is out of control. The economy shrunk by 5/7% last year and projected to shrink another 8% in 2016. The inflation rate is now 720% this year. Next year they project it will reach 2,200%.

If a family has any money at all they race to the store and buy what they can find because the money will, within a hour, be worth only half what it is now. Not only are people starving to death, those with medical conditions are dropping like flies. Doctors keep ailing infants alive by pumping air into their lungs by hand because of electrical shortages. By night time the babies were dead.

Most people aren’t working. They’re simply trying to stay alive. Many are scavenging dumpsters and trash cans and eating dogs, cat’s and pigeons to ease their hunger.

The real culprit is charisma, the ruling philosophy named for Chavez and carried forward by Maduro. It’s total mismanagement. Putting government money arbitrarily into foolish investments, institutional destruction, nonsense policy-making, like price and currency controls, and plain thievery.

Sounds like what’s going on here in the US. Obama has incompetently mismanaged our money as well. Our debt has gone up $8 trillion in less that 8 years. Corruption is everywhere and people are stealing America blind in the name of wealth redistribution. Our Constitutional Republic means next to nothing anymore. Obama has all but destroyed it and Clinton or Trump will finish it off.

Our policies and laws mean nothing as well and we are being regulated to death. Thievery and corruption are totally out of control. The elite and special interest groups spend massive amounts of money to get their favorites into office, and in turn those politicians shower their good friends with money and favors. (Trump-“I give them money and they give me what I want.”) Thuggery has become the norm.

The US is a massive consumer, but doesn’t manufacture much anymore. We don’t have the oil fields that Venezuela has, because of environmentalist and government controls, so the potential for us to collapse is even greater than there. We are definitely going to reap what we sow and we’re about to elect one of two people. One a socialist who wants all this destruction and the other is a know nothing rich business man who doesn’t want to pay politicians any more when he can get elected and control the purse strings himself.  It’s coming like a freight train folks and it’s going to run us over if we don’t wake up.

At this point and time, the only ones tied to the railroad tracks is us!

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What’s Good for the Goose Would Get the Gander Arrested

Hello again, yes it’s me. I want to ask you a question. Have you ever had a problem with the IRS. No, you’re lucky, others not so lucky. But tell me, do you think you could get away with this and not wind up in Hoosegow.

Perhaps this is why Trump won’t release his tax records. His companies have been engaged in battles over taxes since the late 1980’s until as recently as this March. At least five Trump companies were issued warrants totaling more that $13,000 for late or unpaid taxes in NY. And that’s just since he declared for office. NY also filed a tax warrant to try to collect $8,578 in unpaid taxes from the Trump-owned Co. that owns the Boeing 757 he flies around in. They have since paid up.

As to his tax disputes: they illustrate a pattern of systematically disputing tax bills, arguing for lower property assessments, and not paying taxes until the Gov. take additional action. At least three dozen time his companies’ unpaid tax bills have forced the NYS Dept. of Taxation to go to local courts (at the tax payers expense) to get liens against his properties to try to collect overdue bills.  The same for the state of NJ. Eventually he wound up paying some amount of taxes, but notthe entire amount owed.

Trump brags that he uses the tax code for his own advantage, well here’s how he does it. In documents rarely seen by the public, he businesses regularly minimize the value of his properties for tax purposes. Publicly, including in his presidential financial disclosure, his team declares many of those same properties are worth tens of millions of dollars more.

He fought tax collectors to lower the assessed values of his luxury golf course in Briarccliff  N.Y., and Jupiter, Fla. Yet on his presidential financial disclosure forms he reported the each are valued at more than $50 million.

He’s hopped around payment of taxes to the point that there are reportedly dozens of tax warrants issued against his businesses.  In addition, to the five tax warrants since his announcement, there are additional NY state tax warrants dating to the years before he became a candidate including $1,580 in unpaid taxes in 2010 for Trump Mortgage his failed mortgage venture, and $1,747 in unpaid taxes in early 2015 against his Trump University.

Among some of his tax troubles:

  • Trump Mortgage owes fed. taxes from 06/07 totaling more than $4,800 according to two tax liens filed by NY.
  • Trump’s businesses have sued the NYC tax Commission 55 times from the mid-1900’s through 2011, disputing the property assessment values on everything from apartment complexes once owned by his father to his core buildings and companies.
  • He also embroiled in disputes over sales taxes owned NYS and NYC. Over the past 27 years, Trump entities owed about $300,000 in back taxes that were eventually paid in a lesser amount than owed.
  • The battles can save Trump millions of dollars. In 06 he won a ruling on his 58 story Trump Tower. It was the sixth time since 1999 that his appeals against the Tax Comm. reached the courtroom. The net result was about a 10% reduction over 10 years on the building — worth about  $3 million to Trump.

If you don’t think he’ll have to explain this stuff once Hillary goes after him you’ve been drinking too much cool-aid.

But look at it this way. He’s a business man, he knows how business works, and he uses it to cheat the state we live in out of money he owes. Could we do that and not wind up in an orange jumpsuit?

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Around the News

First I have to say I’ve been remiss in not thanking people for commenting. I love for you to say whats on your mind, be it in my favor or not. (within reason of course) the foul language can remain on the Trump web sites.

Just a note on Trumps list for the Supreme Court. Remember this is a man who has a habit of forgetting he ever said anything. Also, he’s unhappy with those on the VP list. Would he possibly pick a Dem? He could. And if he did and something happened to him, we would have stealth Dem. President. Remember, nothing is final with this man.

Here’s something that will keep you up at night. Since 2008, the most common language of refugees entering the U.S. is Arabic. Somali is now no. 3, Kayah (Burma) is off the list and Kiswahili (African)replaces it at no. 9. I guess the reason for that is that Obama is moving ahead quickly with his proposed resettlement to your towns of 50,000 from the DR Congo. 

Speaking about your town, did you know that the Gov. has decided that you can’t live next to who you want, or in the neighborhood that you want if there’s not enough rminorities. That’s right. They are in the middle of a giant move to take intercity residence and move them into the suburbs. You’ll have no say about it and neither will you town. All towns over a certain number of residents must summit a plan to allow these people to move in to area’s where they’ve never lived before.

The new rules say that they can not be refused housing even it they intend to pay the rent with welfare money. They will be allowed to live as they want in these area’s and if say there are cars up on blocks in their front yards and their dogs are all chained in the front yard just to scare people, you can’t get them out. You will have to move.

Bernie Sanders wife Jane was hired by Burlington College in 04. The school was facing financial problems but were able to maintain day to day operations. Everything changed in 2010 when Jane led the school to a financial decision that would forever alter the school’s destiny. Under her leadership, the College purchased a lakefront property for $10 million dollars with the goal of expanding the schools campus.

It was expected that this new campus would attract more students or donations to repay its debts but it didn’t happen. Not only didn’t it happen but the Catholic Diocese of Burlington, who sold the school the property announced they wanted her out, and investigated for fraud. You see when the property was purchased the diocese helped secure the loans. They wanted their money and it wasn’t forthcoming. One thing led to another, and Jane was asked to step down with a $500,000.00 parting payment and at the end of this month having lost their accreditation the school will close it’s door. Socialism works till you run out of other peoples money.

It looks like Britain has sort of, maybe just a little, come to it’s senses and is about to vote itself out of the EU. The people never really wanted it in the first place but you know how that goes. This was starting to percolate over their when we lived there and it didn’t sit will. Britian has been on the right side of history regarding Europe since the French Revolution. There’s a deeply ingrained sense in British culture that, when it comes to Europe they are right to be close, but also right to be sufficiently distant so as not to be sucked into all that nonsense.

Finally it’s now going around that Jay Leno, of the Tonight show was “fired” because his jokes about Obama were true. Everyone felt he was saying things that just weren’t jokes. To close, here’s a few.

  • On NSA surveillance: we wanted a president who listened to the people and now we have one.
  • On a new IRS commissioner: The’s called acting commissioner because he has to act like the scandal doesn’t involve the WH.
  • On closing the Guantanamo prison: If he really wants to close it, turn it into a government -funded solar power company, The doors will be shut in a month.
  • Obama said he didn’t know about the IRS scandal:  He was too busy not knowing anything about Benghazi to not know anything about the IRS.
  • The White House has a new slogan about Benghazi: Hope and change the subject.

Well that’s it for this time. And note, barely a mention of Donald Trump.




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History Then and Now

Hello everyone. They say that those who fail to learn from history live to repeat it, so let’s go back in time a ways and see if that true.

We’ll start with the closing days of the Weimar Republic, now Germany. Due to various intrigues in the Weimar government, it was decided that a government should be formed that was above parties, an authoritarian sort of government. They chose a man by the name of Franz von Papen. A man so obscure that even his own Party members weren’t sure exactly who he was.

He called his cabinet the “Cabinet of Barons” because it was filled with bank executives, rich businessmen, some left over nobility, three industrialist and a bank director. Immediately he sent out signals saying he’d do what the earlier government wouldn’t. He’d scrap the welfare system, rise taxes on the rich, bring the monetary system under control and would get rid of parliamentary democracy. Why? Because he said it hadn’t worked. And of course there was the understanding that if they played their cards right, they could get the “Little Corporal” who was making waves in the previous elections, under control and perhaps even influence him into becoming their puppet.

Of course it didn’t work. Hitler simply out maneuvered them using every trick in the book promising the people nirvana if they followed him. He made grand promises and held huge rallies that he arrived at by plane. It had never been done before. It appeared the whole country was in love with him though he never won more that 30% of the popular vote.  

Moving forward,  When Johnson became President, he promised the joint chiefs that he would if it came to it, commit the full power of the U.S. military to the fight in Vietnam. There would be no holding back, we’d get in, win, and get out. But he didn’t keep his word and instead sent in only  50,000 troops with a promise to send more if needed.

Gen. Harold Johnson the Army’s chief of staff when hearing this news was on the brink of resigning but at the last minute changed his mind believing that if he stayed, he could somehow use his experience to make things better. Gen. Johnson is one of what H. R. McMaster, in his book Dereliction of Duty called the “five silent men.” The military chiefs who acquiesced to Pres. Johnson rather than resist on principle. If they hadn’t acquiesced history would have been much different and a lot of good Americans wouldn’t have had to die or come home to an ungrateful nation.

Now, fast forward to today. Because the GOP refused to see what was before their eyes, they sat on the sidelines and let the Trump cancer metastasize. They had a chance to stop it. To organize against him through the state parties, but they didn’t, even though they had no obligation to stay neutral. The only place Trumps a Rep. is on his voter registration card in NY. His values and beliefs are anathema to everything the party said they stand for.

But now the party finds itself in a pickle. They have a presumptive nominee, who charitably is a misogynist, a bigot, a charlatan, narcissus and a nincompoop. When was the last time a presidential nominee challenged anyone, much less the mayor of the capital city of England, a country that’s an ally (or was) to an IQ test cage match.

Now here’s where we tie in Vietnam and WWII. Our current congressional leaders are reluctantly going along with a monumentally bad decision, and they know it’s a bad decision, but in their hubris, are convinced that they will change Donald Trump.

They won’t. The generals didn’t change Pres. Johnson and Papen didn’t change Hitler. As sure as the general and Pres. Papen was co-opted by Pres. Johnson and Hitler, so will Trump co-opt all those who cooperated with him.

Why? Because they defended him, they overlooked his many flaws, and if he wins, through four years of a Trump presidency, they will be totally subsumed by Trump and will have to defend and act like his ideas are anything but cat dirt. Why? Because to deny him would be to deny themselves. They will emerge diminished and the damage done to the GOP will, like the Nixon resignation, take a generation or more to overcome.

Of course, given the level of destruction likely to result from his presidency the nation might not be worth saving. Just like the military chiefs owned the disaster they had acquiesced to and Papen owned the destruction that Hitler brought, the GOP leadership that goes along with Trump in the misguided belief that they can change him will ultimately bear the ignominy of their lack of moral courage and political will.

And the ones that will be hurt the most are the very ones that voted for this man and refused to see him for what he is. A fraud.

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Another Week In The Life

Well, the last week has been quite a ride where politics are concerned. Not a good week, but a week nonetheless. Where to start? Let start with the new bathroom laws. You know the one that allows grubby male predators to enter a woman’s rest room and watch her do whatever it is she wants to do. And remember, they don’t have to prove their trans-gendered they just have to say it, will actually they don’t even have to do that, they can just walk in and we’re not suppose to ask.

Yesterday in Chicago a mother went into a restaurant bathroom to check on her daughter and found her being carried unconscious into one of the stalls. Thankfully the girl was only injured due to the guy trying to strangle her, but sexually she was unharmed the mother got there in time. The girl was  eight years old. You might want to remember this next time you think about shopping at Target. 1,200,000 petitions were delivered to the Pres. of that company and still he refuses to listen to the customers. I guess he doesn’t need our business. And remember, it’s not just bathrooms, it’s dressing rooms as well. You know, the ones that only have curtains and not doors.

Of course it’s fine with Obama, in fact he’s come out and demanded that every school in America open their female facilities to boys. Guess he thinks it’s OK for men to oggle his girls. Oh wait, his kids go to a fancy pants private school.

Then we have Bill Clinton. Remember his wife’s running for President. It’s been discovered that he’s been a frequent flyer on a registered sex offender’s infamous girls around the world pleasure flight. The log shows he didn’t go just once, he took as many as   26 trips aboard the “Lolita Express”  Apparently for several of the trips he had to ditch his secret service detail so they wouldn’t see what he was up to.

Seems he’s a good friend of Jeffrey Epstein. Now I know you Trumpeters won’t believe this but according to the New York magazine, Trump said in 2002 that “He’s a lot of fun to be with. It’s even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it–Jeffrey enjoys his social life.”

When asked about a subpoena served to Trump in 09, his spokesman, I’m assuming it wasn’t his Alter Ego PR guy John Miller, said it never happened. The subpoena called for Trump to give a deposition in a case against Epstein,  brought by Brad Edward one of Virginia Roberts (the girl bringing the suit) attorneys. In 2010 Epstein pled the Fifth when asked by a lawyer representing one of Epstein’s victims about his relationship with Trump. But of course this is all made up to hurt Trump. But then there is that case out in Calif concerning Trump and a very young girl messaging his (his words not mine) well endowed lower extremity.

And of course we also know that the bane Trump said he would put on Muslims wasn’t really a bane. According to Katrina Peirson, Trumps girl in the know, (the one who’s suppose to have slept with Ted Cruz,) that promise was like Obama’s promise that ObamaCare would reduce your rates. So Trumps promise was really like Obama’s promise. “You can keep your own doctor.” Great.

I won’t even go into the fact that Trump pretended to be someone else and called a reporter back under an assumed name to give her the story. WOW. Two for the price of one. According to the reporter the only other person who had a copy of that tape was Trump. So Trump was the one who put it out there. Not the reporter. What fun!

Then we come to what I believe is the biggest betrayal I’ve ever seen and that’s Rush Limbaugh’s telling everyone that Trump is the greatest guy since beer. It appears that the Washington Post has discovered a back bone and have decided to put out the word on Trump Twenty reporters have been assigned. About the same number that went after Bush.  But this isn’t Bush, this is the chosen one Trump.

Now normally Presidential candidates are fair game and after all we need to know all we can about the guy with his tiny fingers on the nuclear button. But again we’re talking Trump here and he’s a lot of peoples scared cow so to speak. He’s going after Bezos who also owns Amazon. According to those in the know, Trump once elected intends to use the Justice Dept on Amazon. This is how Trump works. He is a rent-seeker. A crony capitalist. He uses the power of the government to get what he wants. He’s a white Obama, and if elected he’ll use the IRS and the anti-trust division of the Justice Dept, to get even, or take your land, or destroy you if you speak out against him. Rather like Mussolini.  And we thought Obama was a narcissist. This guy has them all beat.

What hurts is that Rush and Hannity are his biggest boot lickers. What got me with Rush was when this all started he said on the air, ” Well, if conservatism is your bag.” Your bag. We’d been told for more than twenty years that it was his bag as well. Sad how the great fall.

If he was half the conservative he told us he was he’d be saying that Woodward and Co. had every right to write what they wanted about Trump. But no, he and Hannity are out there telling everyone what’s going to happen if the Washington Post dares to write anything about their beloved leader. In other words. He’s inciting people to do just what he said.

Oh, one last thing, all those promises Trump made about the wall, etc. Mere suggestions. Nothing more. Nothing on paper that you can hold him to. And lowering taxes—maybe not so much. He’ll try to lower them but he thinks they’ll probably go up. Sorry, but all I can say is if you vote for him you own him. You own his lies, his sexist statements, destructive behavior, his name calling, everything. If you vote for him you’re saying all that’s fine with you so I hope you’re prepared when it all comes tumbling down.

But you say no, I don’t like all that stuff, I just like what his policies are. Really? What are they. You go to a car lot, you pick out a car, it looks good but you don’t like the small trunk and you don’t like the way it rides. Even so you put your money down and drive it away. People see you in and they say wow, he must really like that car. It must be just what he wanted. Really?

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America, Gone But Not Yet Forgotten

To be honest, I’m not sure where to start with this post. To say I’m broken hearted that the one true, moral constitutional conservative has suspended his race would be putting it mildly. No candidate in this race had more lies directed at him and his family then Ted Cruz and most were directly the result of an amoral man by the name of Donald Trump.

Many of you out there are probably saying, “oh, there she goes again. sore loser.” Well, perhaps I am, but in my seventy years of living I’ve never seen a more dangerous, sociopath who uses xenophobic & racist dog whistles to stoke fear in the masses of uninformed voters, simply so he can increase his ego. This is a man who plays Washington for his own enrichment and that of his powerful friends.

Trump was on a first name basis with all the same politicians that Conservatives were suppose to hate. Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, Nancy Pelosi, all were on our most hated list. We said we were against Planned Abortionhood, big government, an out of control IRS, Wall St., and now we’re about to elect a man who thinks all these things are just fine.

For instance, his tax plan. Everyone loved it. Jeff Sessions helped write it, but guess what, today he came out and said he wasn’t happy with it and that taxes might have to be raised. Remember how everyone said Ted was owned by Goldman Saches. Well, today Trump hired a money man from that same company to raise money for him. A man with close ties to George Soros. You remember him. The guy that destroyed the English economy and can no longer enter that country for fear of being arrested.

Oh, and for all you Trumpsters, did you know that Trump is considering a Demacrat to be his VP. Well, he is. If you didn’t see Trumps Taco Salad ad for CincoDeMayo, (an add so racist that it would make a KKK member proud)  you might have missed that sticking out from under the papers piled on his left is a bikini clad photo of his second wife. Is he getting tired of his third?

And what about Kasich. Remember when I wrote that he was a spoiler for Trump. Staying in just so he could pull enough votes away from Senator Cruz to keep him from winning. It worked like a charm. He keep Ted from winning in four states and throw the election to Trump. Now he’s on Trumps short list for VP. I guess money talks, but isn’t that what we were suppose to want to stop in Washington.

Trump hasn’t won the nomination yet. He could still lose it. There are a lot of races still to be won and it’s possible Ted could get more delegates. Rubio did. Or the delegates could decide that there’s no way this guy should have the codes for our nuclear weapons.

What’s even sadder is how many people have decided to give up their principles to vote for the one person who stands for everything conservatives said they were against.  Rick Perry, Bobby Jindal, Nikki Haley, Rand Paul, have all decided that it’s more important to log GOP unity than it is to save conservatism.

Come on Billie, your saying it’s not that bad. It’s just an election. That is what many of you can’t seem to understand. It’s not just an election. If Trump or Hillary win, America as we know it is over. The court will be gone, along with the first and second amendments. Don’t think Trump will destroy these to amendments? Think again. When has he even mentioned the Constitution in the last six months.

You see how he acts when someone stands against him. He destroys them with slander and lies. (Cruz’s father killed JFK–really) What would he do if he were President and we started our Tea Party rallies again. You think he’d allow that for a minute. Especially if we were talking about him?

If you voted for Trump you voted for the same in spades. But that’s alright, you can say I’m crazy and a poor loser, and anything else you wish to call me. The Trump club is really good at foul language and rude behavior. But when it all starts to fall apart, when the Dems take both houses and your religious freedoms are gone, when your taxes go up, when your hunting rifled are confiscated, when everything you said you were against becomes reality, it won’t be me and people like me that will be asking what happened.

Don’t believe me, thanks to Trump 13 normally red states are now leaning or have become, blue states. Why, because they refuse to vote for Trump. The only states he won were those with cross over voters.

We passed over a really good man, who loves this country more than you know. When people were talking to him in his inter circle about ending his campaign they said he had tears in his eyes and he just kept saying, “but what will happen to the country. What about the country.”  If that were Trump it would have been what about me. Because that’s all he cares about. You are about to elect the most stupid person ever to be nominated. And you, not me, because I won’t be voting for him, deserve whatever horrors are visited upon our once great country.

If this made your toes hurt good. If it made you think, even better, if it made no difference perhaps this isn’t the blog you should be reading.


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Billie Sounds Off

If Senator Cruz doesn’t win tomorrow in Indiana, America as we know it will be on life support. The plug will be pulled when Trump, if he wins the nomination, loses to Hillary in a landslide election. New York’s election is over, and to say I was disappointed in how my fellow Oneida Co., residence voted would be an understatement. After all our years as a Tea Party area, to vote for a man who is morally unsuited to sit in the Oval Office is disheartening to the point that I’ve actually been thinking that I’m wasting my time here.

What bothers me most are the people who told us for years how dedicated they were to the cause. We bought their books, listened to their shows which in turn made them all extremely rich, followed their every word as if spoken by God, and in general made them into icon’s in the industry of politics.

But we have been betrayed. By who you asked, great, I’ll tell you. Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, Gateway Pundit, Laura Ingraham, Michael Savage, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, Sarah Palin, Breitbart News, Matt Drudge, FOX NEWS and scores of others.  All, at one time or another caused me to do a face palm, and think are we the stupid party? It seems so. We are facing one of the easiest targets to take down in the history of American politics and most of us have shot ourselves in both feet by trying to nominate a man that she will destroy before our convention is even underway.

I spent an hour on line last night with a Trumpster and as hard as I tried I couldn’t make him see that a 40% tariff on China will mean everything you buy at Walmart or, if you’re still shopping at Target, (did you know that back gay adoptions?) (and of course the bathroom issue which Trump supports) will cost you 40% more. It was Smoot/Halley that got tariffs past back in the twenties, and it was those tariffs that led to the great depression. And I might add, it will again. Foreign countries are not about to seat back and allow us to do what Trump says he’ll do. They’ll put tariffs on our goods and our workers will lose their jobs.

But never matter, Trump will build the wall, except he told the NYT’s he didn’t mean it. He’ll send illegals home just long enough to say he did, then he’ll let them return. It’s call touch back. After all, he needs those workers to work on his golf courses and in his hotels.

Oh and he’ll protect our gun rights. Except after Newtown, he tweeted out the “President Obama spoke for him and every American in his remarks in Newtown Conn.” So what did he love about it exactly? Was it the threat to use executive power to impose new gun restrictions?

And then there’s the woman vote. 66% of women say they won’t vote for him. You lose if 66% of women vote for someone else and most would vote for Hillary, or as I will, not vote at all on the Presidential line. To prove just how Trumpified FOX has become, for the first time in 14 years, CNN has beaten FOX in the prim-time line up. Why, simply because they’ve sold their souls to Trump. CNN at least tries to be fair. For instance, when was the last time you saw Cruz or Kasich for that matter, on for the full hour the night before an election. But Sean had Trump on tonight. He has him on every Monday night before an election. Odd don’t you think.

I know longer watch FOX or go to the program or web sites listed above because I will no longer be lied to or support them. I will listen to Beck, Levin, Red State, The Right Scoop, Moonbattery, and the Resurgent, to name a few.

If you watched O’Reilly tonight you saw Kelly Riddel take him to task for his boot licking on Donald’s behalf and all he could do was lose his cool and admit that insults are “news worthy? in his mind. Insults? And that’s why an insult spewing, dimwitted moron might win the nomination. It’s greedy self-serving degenerates like Bill that’s selling our country out for the sake of rating. Of course this is the same man whose’s accused of hitting his wife and pushing her down the stairs in their divorce. That’s why he’s been denied his children.

One other things that’s beginning to take shape out there. The Democrats are using Trumps words against those Republicans running for office. In June alone they plan to spend $20million on a blitz against Trump. Oh and guess what? Trump said today that “you can throw free trade out the window. Free trade will be over in America.” Hope all you Trump voters understand what that means. (If not, see my previous paragraphs.)

Here’s the ad I was talking about earlier. Notice that they’re using Trumps words to unseat a Rep. Senator. The Senator is Boozmen of Arkansas, and he’d been a lot better off if he’d just come out for Cruz, because Cruz doesn’t have a closet full of stuff they can use against him. He’s an honest, moral person.

Oh, and if you want to see how a real President handles hecklers, you might want to watch this. There was no, punching in the face, no insults, except from the Trumpsters and no bad language, (except again from the Trumpsters) You Trump voters must be proud.

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General Info, Carly, and Trumps Speech

For those of you who haven’t noticed yet, FOX news has become the Trump network. If you think you will get any news of a positive nature concerning Ted Cruz, you won’t find it there. Other places that have gone over to the dark side in a big way is The Drudge Report, and Breitbart.  There comment sections are overflowing with vulgar, low info writers that can’t write a sentence the doesn’t contain at least six swear words.

Well, Cruz has got Trump and the MSM in an uproar. He had the audacity to name his VP pick. And a great pick it was. If you didn’t get to watch his announcement you should because he explains the why’s and wherefore’s and Carly’s statement at the end shouldn’t be missed. They are a perfect pair.

You hear a great deal from Trump supporters that the race is rigged against them. Taken together Trump got, when rounded off, about 55% of all the votes cast on Tuesday. However he got 72% of the delegates. Now if that were Cruz, Trump would be yelling his head off, but Cruz is saying nothing. On the whole, Trump has earned 28 percent more delegates than his pro rata share of the vote would deem appropriate.

In Delaware, Hillary got 55,950 votes to Trumps 42,472.  In PA, Hillary got 918,689 to Trumps 892,702. Rhode Island–Hillary 68,761, Trump 40,020. Conn. Hillary 170,075, Trump 123,367

In every single state Hillary beat Trump, yet he says he’s the only one who can beat Hillary. Even in NY, Clinton got 1,054,083 to Trumps 524,932.

Whereas in Texas, where there were still 17 Reps in the race, Cruz got 1,239,370 to Hillary’s 935,080 Trump got 757,618. Even then Trump lost to Hillary. Think about that for the general. One more Wis. Hillary 432,767 to Cruz 531,129. Even there Ted won over Hillary and Trump lost to both with 386, 370.

The race regardless what Rush and Hannity and some other sell outs tell you is not over. The real action will take place in the ten states that vote in the coming weeks. Indiana is an especially important state, and a must win for Cruz. If Cruz wins Indiana, he is probably set to do well in remaining contest. In fact if he does well, it could cause Trump to lose up to 8 of the 10 remaining contest.

Speaking of Hannity, he seems to have his knickers in a twist because in PA the parties do their delegate ballots differently. I’m beginning to think that Trump and Hannity should get a room. And I might ask you to note that he always has Trump on the night before an election. On Monday he had Cruz for 15 mins and Trump for the remainder of the show. Cruz got tough questions, Trump got Hannity soft balls. The Dems, state who the delegate is committed to. The Rep. ballot only has the delegates name. Hannity is upset because you won’t know who is supporting who when you vote and Cruz could get more. I guess it never occurred to him that it could work in just the opposite way and Trump could benefit.

Looks like Trump will be having his day in court for his fraudulent University scheme. In fact it’s possible he’ll have to testify and all this will take place at about the same time as the national convention. He wants a jury, but the judge seems not to be obliged.

Here is Cruz announcing Carly as he VP pick. If you just want to listen to her speech it starts just after the 53 min. mark.

You might want to take a listen to CNN’s military analyst and former Lt. General M. Hurtling on his analysis of Trump’s foreign policy speech. As a former military member Trump lost him completely in the first five minutes.

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