Why You Should Delete Your Twitter Account

“If we must have an enemy at the head of Government, let it be one whom we can oppose, and for whom we are not responsible, who will not involve our party in the disgrace of his foolish and bad measures. ”  Alexander Hamilton

In 2004 the Russians passed the “blogger law” that requires “any person whose online presence draws more than 3,000 daily readers to register, disclose personal information and submit to the same regulations as mass media.” Now Three thousand daily readers is nothing in Internet scale, I have over two thousand. YouTube celebrities unknown outside of cyberspace garner 10 million views in a week. Some of them even met with President Obama.

Twitter, which has of late moved frighteningly into Orwellian censorship and Soviet-era “I denounce you” territory, just announced a process to allow anyone who doesn’t use a yellow egg icon to apply for “verified” status. That puts a nice little checkmark by your name and supplies Twitter with all kinds of tidbits about you, known as “personally identifiable information.” Like you driver’s license, your birthday, and your phone number.

Beyond making Twitter the world’s biggest hacker honeypot, trusting the social media service that caters to legions of anonymous Russian trolls (run by the Kremlin) and thousands of ISIS-related accounts with your personal data might just be too terrifying for the average Joe.

Besides, what’s the point of Twitter anyway? Anyone can get fake followers. Political figures like Trump have millions of followers. Of those 8.5 million only 70% of them are considered “real” (that means 2,530,617 fake followers as of May.) Having that little checkmark by your name, meaning you’ve received the imprimatur of authenticity by the Twitter Powers-that-be, does noting to decrease the level of trolling and tweet-bot accounts permeating the service.

Facebook is much more secure, honestly, because nobody can “friend” you without your approval. Sure, you can set up Twitter as private (many celebrities do) but per the “rules” for verified status, you have to be public. You also have to have a profile photo (sorry, no yellow eggs or clipart) And once Twitter has your credentials, they can revoke them.

Milo Yiannopoulos, Breitbart’s flamboyant British gay tech editor, who calls Trump “daddy” was once verified. Then he was stripped of his verified status. Then he was suspended, then reinstated. And as of Tuesday, @nero is no–more permanently banned from Twitter. All over a flame war with a B-list celebrity, who ran to @jack (Jack Dorsey, CEO) her safe-space protector.

But it’s even more Soviet-esque. “The decision to unperson Yiannopoulos was done in secret in some hidden Twitter office, no doubt one with cheerful Twitter blue birds on every wall. His “suspension” was retroactive: His past post –virtually all of which were once regarded as acceptable–have been vanished just as much as any problematic ones.

Right down the memory hole. Flushed into “unpersonhood,” names scrubbed from existence, never to be see again or remembered. this is like Trump banning the Washington Post because he doest’ like what they write. It’s unworthy of a free society.

So remember when you’re on Twitter: It’s perfectly okay to have 2.5 million fake accounts, populated by Russian troll farms and tweetbots following you and inciting all kinds of mayhem, starting and spreading false rumors, retweeting hate speech, and bullying african americans, Juew, Cubans, you-name-it. But it’s bad to be a conservative–whether you support Trump or Cruz.

Twitter is a toy, friends. A dangerous toy used by real bad actors, but snubbed clean on the outside to make it look safe. Don’t give them your personal information. REALLY, JUST DON’T!

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And What Does It Benefit A Man To Gain the Whole World and Lose His Soul?

I have no idea where to start this blog, but start it I must. Some will hate it and others, who knows but these things have to be said. After all we’re all grown ups here or at least we’re suppose to be.

The first thing I want to discuss is the e-mails I got saying Cruz should have honored his pledge. Really? Let’s see. Say you’re going to marry this beautiful woman and you get engaged and they you find out she’s a serial cheater. Do you honor you pledge and marry her? What if you’re soon to be husband decides you need a good smack up the side of the head cause you didn’t wear the dress he liked? Would you honor your pledge and marry him? If you were building a house and the builder pledged to have it done in three months but a years gone by and he hasn’t even started. When he came demanding you pay him would you honor your pledge and pay him anyway?

Yet Ted Cruz is being crucified because he didn’t honor his pledge to a man who insulted his wife, defamed his father, caused him to fight numerous law suits about his citizenship, called him lying Ted over and over and accused him for ruining the race for Ben Carson. And you want this man to honor his pledge? A pledge that Trump had said back in March he wasn’t going to honor? Give me a break. And no it’s not about politics, it’s about being true to those you love and to God.

Then we see standing on the convention stage a preacher praying  for us to acceptance gay marriage and suggest all gods are the same, while marginal Christians bowed their head in agreement rather than walk out or burst into flames. Really? the God of Abraham and Isaac is the same God that tells Muslims to kill the infidels? Where is that in Scripture. But all those people prayed for it, except on pastor I saw in the crowd that didn’t bow his head.

We saw the co-founder of PayPal – the organization that set about to ruin the state of North Carolina, economically because of a law the Republican governor signed to keep men out of women’s bathrooms — step up and declare that he was a proud, gay man, and that it was time to end the culture wars. Really? You folks want your little girls going into restrooms or dressing rooms were men could be stalking them or worst. Yeah, that’s what we stand for. Or at least we do now. For social conservatives that call the Republican party home that was like giving you a big, middle finger right in your face.

Then you have the lovely Ivanka, talking about free child care and other gimmies, straight from the tax payers pockets, and the crowds cheered. Then it all came together with the big Poohba himself. Shouting out to the world that only he could make it better. Did he mention the people other than to say he’d take care of all their needs. Did he say he’d get government out of the way so people could be free to live their lives. No I don’t think so. He said he’d punish big business. You know, the people who create the jobs you want.

His speech was full of promises that after tonight will be forgotten except by those small, barely above the poverty line countries that depend on us to protect them. Trump just threw them and NATO under the bus and the party applauded. It would all be laughable if not for the fact that this man is angling to get at our nation’s nuclear codes and people are trying to help him!

In fact, his speech was so full of fear and loathing, heavily tinged calls to Nationalist pride and the demonization of “other,” it was like a history lesson in action. If you ever questioned how authoritarian fascists begin their reign, last night was a prime example.

Here’s a tweet someone sent me. I don’t tweet so they share. “Ive heard this sort of speech a lot in the last 15 years and trust me, it doesn’t sound any better in Russian.” Garry Kasparov.

Then I got this one. “Great Trump speech, America first! stop wars! defeat the corrupt elites! protect our border! Fair Trade! Couldn’t have said it better myself.” David Duke

I will be looking for a new Conservative home because I believe that all things conservative died last night to the thunderous applause and approval of those who claim to fight for it. They probably didn’t know what Conservatism is, in the first place. I would have been ashamed to be there. Imagine in ten years having to explain this to your kids.

“AND  WHAT DO YOU BENEFIT IF YOU GAIN THE WHOLE WORLD BUT LOSE YOUR SOUL?” I can’t help think that some church goers would protest “But what about the Supreme Court? What about Hillary?” Again the devil took Him to a very high mountain and showed Him all the kingdoms of the world and their glory. “All this I will give you,” he said “if you will bow down and worship me.”  Christ answered “NO, not if that’s the cost. Not if my soul is what’s required of me. Not if I must violate my conscience in order to please others.” When Cruz said that at the convention, he was booed. would they also have booed Jesus Christ? I wonder.

I’m asked why I won’t vote Trump, well I’ll tell you. My conscience is my own. If voting for Trump doesn’t bother your conscience fine, but it bothers mine because I’m the one that has to live with it. Not just now but in the future when I see the damage he brings to America. If you can live with it, fine. I can not. I will not sell my soul to a man who has none. I like Ted Cruz won’t sell what isn’t mine to sell because I’ve already given it to God. To many Christians have forgotten that it’s to God they must answer, not man. Trump will pass but what he’s persuaded you to give up can’t be reclaimed and that your dignity.

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And You Thought The Rules Committee Was About Trump—

If you thought that the fight over the rules were to keep Trump as the nominee you’d be very wrong. The D.C. delegates where one of the groups that the Trump and RNC thugs strong armed to change their vote for a voice vote. Here is what the party bosses told them.

“A vote for a rules reset would open the door to Ted Cruz becoming the GOP’s nominee four years from now.” Did you get that. Gives you some idea of how much they hate him and fear him. As you know Cruz is already laying the groundwork for another run for President. The RNC official said that they expect him to run even if Trump is the president. That would represent the first major challenge of an incumbent president from inside his own party since Teddy Kennedy ran against Jimmy Carter in 1980.

“If Trump wins, you better bet your ass Cruz is going to primary him,” the official told Yahoo News.

And so the RNC officials told the D.C. delegates that a rules reset would open the door to an effort by key Cruz ally, former Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, to close primary contests in several states to independent and Democratic voters. Cuccinelli and Mike Lee of Utah, pushed for the closed primary in the convention rules meeting last week.

Closed primaries would exclude independents and limit the nomination process to registered Republicans, a more conservative voting group overall, which would favor Cruz. So does that mean the Trump isn’t conservative?

So for all you people who think this was about Trump it wasn’t. The RNC actually wants independents and Democrats voting in certain Republican primaries in order to thwart the true conservatives from winning! And since they believe Cruz will run in 2020, they want to make sure he can’t win!

That’s what this is all about. Rigging the system against conservatives. Looks like your guy Trump mustn’t be the conservative he lets on to be. Sorry–Not. and how many times did some of you ask  me why they allowed open primaries. Now you know. They don’t want Conservatives because SOME conservatives actually have moral fortitude and stand for the Constitution, they don’t shift ideals simply because some guy says he’s a Conservative that will “make America HIS Great again.

AN UNDATE ON PAUL RYAN–As reported by CNN on Dec. 16, 2013 the proposed Obama federal budget deal was cut by the former former presidential candidate Ryan) and a prominent ultra-liberal Senate Democrat. This deal will be cut from the flesh of uniformed retirees. Not from civilian federal retirees, or ex-members of Congress but specifically in the form of a pay cut to those who saved in uniform. Ryan brokered his deal with Patty Murray which insured a mere handful of years worth of governmental spending could at the expense of the annual COLA increases.

Reportedly the revelation that military retirees would bear the brunt of the increase wasn’t made public until AFTER the House voted. Remember this when you’re looking for real conservatives to support. Right now Ryan’s opponent could use your support. Check out “Things You Didn’t Know About Paul Ryan for Paul Nehlen’s address.

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The Corruption Continues

Well, another day another downer. It’s almost getting to the point were I have to asked myself every morning if we’re still in America. Then I realize we are and I feel even more miserable.

Getting back to the coronation, convention, I have to say that Trump must not have known about the fact that the meeting would be closed by a Muslim cleric praying to Allah. I was under the impression that he didn’t want Muslims roaming around our country. Was all the hostile rhetoric Trump was spewing only words? Did you believe him? Sorry, he didn’t mean it.

This so called cleric is the front man for a group known as “American Muslims for Trump,” Sajid Tarar, and he prayed to Allah, the same god invoked by Islamic terrorist shouting “Allah Akbar” Trump now says we have to let them in because as he said “they are living in hell.” Really?  If it’s Hell, it’s of their own making. Oh, and as a Christian Trump should know that Hell will be far worse. Trump says all that talk about keeping them out was “merely a suggestion.” Did you know that? Sorry.

By November, Trump will be distinguishable from other liber Dems only by his trademark cheesy obnoxiousness — and of course his openly stated intention to torture, murder, and use unlawful orders. Sorry.

Former Republican Senator Gordon Humphrey had something to say about the tactics of the so called leaders of the convention.

A new Rasmussen poll, the most pre-Trump pollster out there right now, asked Republicans if the right to open carry should be suspended in Ohio for the RNC. The result: 54-21 against suspension. Looks the civil rights come before Trump, when it comes to Republicans. When asked, Donal Trump supporters get very angry very fast if you suggest that people should carry weapons in self-defense, against threats and intimidation from Trump supporters.

Leon Wolf of Red State interviewed Minnesota Delegate Andy Aplikowski about the Roll Call Vote. Note that he said some of the bullying was done by Jeff Sessions people. You know, the guy we all though a meek and mild warrior for the Constitution. Looks like we were wrong.

Finely it looks like one thing we can all come together on is Mitch McConnell. He got roundly Booooed as he came on stage last night. Wonder if he noticed. He doesn’t ever seem to hear the grass roots.

And Now I’m waiting for Cruz–he’ll be speaking tonight. More on that in the next blog. Out this afternoon.

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Things You Didn’t Know About Paul Ryan

What actually happened inside the rules committee? It’s a story they’re trying hard to keep under wraps but its leaking out. It seems that it was Paul Ryan that was making phone calls to delegations trying to get them to rescind their request for a Roll Call vote on the Rules. A move that would all but institutionalize fellow Wisconsinite Rience Priebus as Chairman and guarantee that his corrupt cronies control the RNC indefinitely.

What the establishment media didn’t report is that there are parallel battles going on that will decide whether the Party is a grassroots-driven Party, or little more than a money machine to be looted by cronies of the RNC Chairman and Speaker Ryan.

In a process that can only be described as deceitful and corrupt — two hallmarks of the Priebus tenure–Rules Committee Chairman Enid Mickelson and the staff of the RNC ( paid for with our money) lied to keep the Committee in abeyance for over four hours so that they could whip votes against a package of Rule changes advocated by Morton Blackwell and Ken Cuccinelli designed to give the grassroots more power.

As the meeting got underway any rule that would’ve placed limits on the Chair was soundly defeated. These included allowing committees to elect their own chairmen, requiring the presence of a parliamentary professional at all RNC meetings, lessening the grip of the chair on the budget committee and others. Every attempt was characterized as an attack on Priebus.

I’ve written about the details of how Blackwell was constantly denied a vote, and how Mike Lee took to the floor to condemn the proceeding. Not only did the establishment crush the grassroots yesterday. It voted to make it harder for the grassroots to voice their displeasure.

The rigging of the game smells of the same corrupt tactics John Boehner and Paul Ryan use in the House to stile conservative opposition to their corrupt margins with Obama and the business as usual lobbyist and professional political class. This is exactly the kind of heavy handed anti-grassroots behavior that fueled the rebellion that got us Trump.

But Wait, here’s were we can have a say. Paul Ryan is having trouble in his district. He’s gone from 70% approval to well below 50% and is now sending out mailers explaining how he wants to keep American jobs safe (though he for amnesty) Protect Our Homeland (though he’s all for bring in more Muslims).

This as they say in the royal navy is a lie. It’s reported that immediately following his primary election, he intends to bring up legislation that could release thousands of criminal illegal aliens from prison and into our communities. This will be brought up in Sept.

According to Chris Crane, ICE Council President, this will mean that countless preventable crimes against children, rapes, robberies and murders will likely occur as a result of this proposed mass release. It will definitely hamper our ability to stop these people from committing crimes.

Interestedly, Ryan’s mailer doesn’t list a single action Ryan has actually taken–in his seventeen years in Congress — to “secure our border” or stop the threat of radical Islam from “reaching our shores.” He’s spent two decades helping to pass policies that would fling the border gates wide open.

Ryan’s voted to fund Obama’s still running 2012 amnesty for illegal aliens who come as minors. It also rewards sanctuary cities. His spending bill also funded an expansion of Muslim migration, bringing the total number of visas for Muslim migrants this year to 300,000.

Ryan’s primary challenger, is Wisconsin businessman Paul Nehlen. “The only thing more disturbing than Pauls refusal to secure the border is the extent to which he’s comfortable lying about it.” Nehlen said. “As long as Ryan’s in Congress immigration will never be reduced, borders will not be secured and radical Islam won’t be kept off shore. Our children will never be safe.”

He has also now become good friends with Luis Gutierrez a huge member of the open border crowd and house member. Gutierrez said you feel like you can’t tell people. That you have to sneak around when having dinner with Ryan and others. “We want to put a group of bills together one of which is legalization and that’s the one we join him on. The legalization is good enough that I can go and say we need to get in bed.”

If you would like to stop Ryan from doing more damage to his country, you might want to support Paul Nehlen. His campaign web site is at the following address. He needs help and the House needs more conservatives if we’re to keep Hillary or Trump from getting the upper hand on the Constitution.  Since conservatives have all but been marginalized in the party, the only way we have to fight is with our local congressman. We need as many good strong conservatives as possible in those bodies and that takes money. You’ spend $20.00 at Burger King or a movie. Skip that and help save the country.


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A Day That Will Live in Infamy

UPDATE –for all you Trumpsters that thought he’d end the deal Obama made with Iran, think again. Giuliani confirms Trump lans to keep the deal intact. And you think he’s better than Hillary. There the same.

For those of you who know me, you know I’m seldom at a lose for words, but words escape me at the moment. I’m sure by now most of you know what happened. The Republican Party and the Trump thugs for thugs they are have finally sent me out of the party. My first Republican vote was for Nixon. I was eighteen and voting was like the greatest thing I ever did. I’ve never missed a vote even when we were stationed oversea’s. But what happened today on the floor of the convention has destroyed any loyalty I felt for the party or those in it.

Colorado, Washington, Utah, Minnesota, Wyoming, Maine, Iowa, Virginia Alaska, North Dakota and Washington D.C. all submitted the signatures needed to require a vote on the rules. First the secretary hid out behind closed doors with armed guards in front of it, and then, once they had the names Trumps brown shirts and the Republican goons went out of the floor and practically threatened bodily harm to anyone who wouldn’t change their vote. When the vote came, they said two states backed out so they didn’t have the numbers needed to vote. They needed nine.Even before Ken or Mike could even get to a microphone they party declared that the yeahs had it and then left the stage.

If you were listening to CNN two different reporters said they were on the floor and the nays definitely had the win and should have gotten a role call vote. While all this was going on, some delegates who were there to support Cruz and Rubio etc, where forced from the floor and replaced with Trump delegates. They weren’t the only ones. A good many press people were also told to leave the floor. Can’t have them talking to the delegates now can we.

And for those of you who watched this power play reality show, you might have heard one speaker after another screaming for unity. Yet on O’Reilly tonight Trump was having none of it. His little boy bully side came out and he tore into Kasich. “Look, I beat him very badly. I won 38 states. I won the highest number of votes in the history of the Republican party. (Thank you crossovers) And you have to understand, this was a contentious, some people say the most contentious primary they’ve ever seen. (Could it be because of Trumps deciding to call people liars and murders.) If I were him and got beaten that bad I probably wouldn’t show up either. He has a problem though, he signed a pledge. And from the standpoint of honor, (what would he know about honor) I think he should show up.” Well isn’t that sweet. And the Trump campaign smacked Katich earlier today. Guess unity doesn’t mean what we think it means.

Just think, we could have four years of the sociopath and narcissist insisting everyone bow their knee to him or else. I hope you guys voting for him are ready to get in line because with him in the WH things are going to get very dark indeed. In fact, they already are. Oh, and if you think things will be better next time, forget it. One of the rules were changed to keep open primaries and to bind the delegates so they HAVE to vote the way the vote says they must. So it looks like we’ll be having the Dems decide our elections for the foreseeable future. But never mind when the legalize all those aliens there will be fifty million more Dems.

Trump has now changed his mind and thanks to his campaign chairman Paul Manafort, who worked as a lobbyist for the Russian backed former Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych for more than a decade, and who has close ties to the Russian mob and Putin, has decided to gut the GOP’s anti-Russia stance on Ukraine. What that means is he’s hanging them out to dry just like Obama. Way to go Trumpeters.

And if that’s not enough he now has decided that Syrian Christians won’t get into the U.S. any faster than anyone else. They will all be vetted. That is if there still alive. Boy that Trump is some Believer in Christ. “Let my people die,” I guess is his motto.

So that’s it for now.  I hope all this is worth it because as far as I can see, The RNC and the Trump Thugs look an awful lot like those who thought Hitler was the answer to a bad economy and the rich getting rich at the expense of the poor. and who would know better than Trump how to rob from the poor to enrich the Donald.

Sweet dreams. At least I have a clear conscience.


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DAY ONE — And So It Begins.

Quote of the Day  “When [GOP US Sen] Jeff Flake needs something for Arizona, he ain’t gong to get it…if Donald Trump wins for president.” Mike Huckabee.

I guess that tells you all you need to know about what’s going to happen if the man of the people gets into the White House. One of the things that people thought they saw in Trump was his outsider stance. He was against the establishment we were told. Well not so fast. If you were watching the rules committee you saw that they had to postpone the meeting due to a printer failure. That was a LIE. They were buying time to make a deal. No not with Conservatives. The Trump campaign joined forces with the establishment to undermine even the most harmless amendments our side would offer.

Trumps campaign joined together to stop reforms to the Republican party that have been years in the making and date back way past the 2016 primary election. Orders were sent via text message from RNC staff to committee member to do whatever their whips said to do. “Trump team and RNC team are one team”

As I watched I saw people with signs  standing on the sidelines, and whenever a conservative amendment was offered the sign said, Trump said vote no. According to one member of the committee, “The strategy for the remainder of the meeting was to attempt to vote as a majority against any remaining rules amendments and to stay the course and complete the meeting, however long that took. This tactic worked  for two reasons. First, the constant defeat of every rules amendment had a demoralizing effort on the oppositions, (thats us) and second, by staying to complete the work late last night, it wore down the opposition and didn’t give them any opportunity to regroup. The conscience Clause was defeated. There will be no unbinding of the delegates. We adjourned just before midnight. ” These rules apply to the next election, not this one.

As you can see the Trump people and the RNC worked to grind the Conservatives into the ground. In return the establishment got anti-establishment Trump supporters to side with them against rules changes that kept the power in the hands of the Chairman of the Party.

Three men were in control on our side, and the party was told that no matter what amendment these men brought to the floor it was to be voted down. They even voted down the amendment to close the primaries to only Republican voters. Guess they like Dems choosing our candidates. And Trump was there at every step in the process. So much for a man of the people.

Please be aware that the current effort is not all — or even majority — never-Trump efforts. It’s a combined effort of never-trumpets, skeptics and even Trump supporters who are sick and tired of establishment efforts to silence dissent and demand allegiance to their “pragmatic-lesser-than-two-evils” approach to governing.

At the moment–there is an effort to build support to vote against the majority report that will be sent to the floor. This involves the following.

  1. Getting momentum among the 2,473 delegates to get a majority to vote down the rules when brought to the floor;
  2. Getting the signatures of a majority of 7 states to demand a roll call vote. This effort IS OCCURRING now.
  3. Having procedures in places to force the RNC to actually acknowledge those signatures and carry out a roll call vote.
  4. Having a plan for what occurs after that to ensure good rules are in place to give confidence among Party members that their voice can be heard.

The impact of taking down the rules would be several fold–and it should be widely supported, REGARDLESS OF WHETHER YOU SUPPORT TRUMP OR DON’T. Why?

  1. It would punch the RNC in the nose for disregarding the Party faithful’
  2. It could cause a concession in compromise to get better rules before a vote on the rules;
  3. if the rules were voted down, it would immediately kick out most of the rules (1-25) and leave in place only the remaining rules (26-42) and therefore the Rules Committee would have to meet again and pass better rules..
  4. To the extent one accepts that delegates are bound at all…it would partially or fully unbind the delegates (under Rule 16) to free up delegates to vote their conscience (for or against Trump)
  5. Should Trump still get the necessary votes – it would result in a stronger candidate after the convention, having been accepted not by force but rather through the will of the delegates.

Is there a chance? Well, YES. And it has the benefit of being the right thing to do. Voting down the rules package gives a chance for the Republican Party to truly survive…

But the Party will do everything it can to stop it. The Party will 1) whip in favor of supporting the rules 2) act to shut down any effort for delegates to get microphones to voice dissent, 3)threaten anyone who takes steps to dissent, (remember Paladino) 4) work to disregard the list of signatures received from 7 states should those states choose to submit said signatures, and 5) then should the rules be voted down — work to immediately re-adopt the rules in committee with tweaks and jam this through again.

The grassroots have their chance to demonstrate the THEY control the party and not the other way round. Remember without the delegates there is no convention.

Voting down the rules gives us the best chance to have confidence in the Party to either 1) unify behind Trump, or 2) unify behind someone else if Trump fails to win their hearts. If he can’t win a majority of these delegates — then we should pick someone else. If he can, good for him. #Not Compicated.

The Republican Party has won precisely ONE popular vote since 1988 and NO change-of-party popular vote since Reagan in 1980. The party simply doesn’t care to represent the grassroots as part of a broad coalition. The best path to ensuring NeverHillary is to vote down the rules.

We’ll see shortly whether we succeed or not.

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And So It Begins

Paraphrasing a Christian saying, “This is a day the RINO’s have made. What you’ll be witnessing is the end of the Republican Party but their too stupid to realize it yet. Donald Trump is the main attraction which suits him as he’s all about showmanship.

To begin, The Donald wanted Don King to speak at the convention. After all it’s all about show business. But sadly they said no, NO! When he didn’t take NO! for an answer Priebus sat him down and explained that you couldn’t have a guy who once stomped a man to death and was convicted of a felony. Like a spoiled child Trump responded with “well, all right, but I still don’t know why he can’t come.” He then stomped his feet.

If you didn’t watch any of the Sunday morning talking heads your better off than those that did. I can’t remember which show it was as I forgot to write that down, but here’s what happened. Our almost nominee told the moderator that “the fact that I won the Evangelicals proves I’m a Christian.” Now Pence was sitting right next to him and as difficult as it was, he kept a straight face.

This is just shamefully stupid. We all know that the Evangelicals made a deal with the Devil, (and we all know how great Trumps deals are,) by denying Cruz and swallowing Trump’s lies, and now he’s demanding they swallow bigger, harder lies.  The fact that Pence said nothing proves that power is more important to a politician than principles. I could use a stiff drink, to bad I don’t partake.

Ted Cruz will be speaking, I believe Wednesday night to the convention. He’ll be holding an event for supporters in Cleveland on the same day. It seems appropriate seeing how he got the most Republican votes during the primaries. It was said that the Trump Train was going to insist on reading his convention speech and if they didn’t like it would make changes. I haven’t heard wither that actually happened.

It appears that the “NeverTrump” and “Free the Delegate” folks have found someone they can unite behind. Tom Coburn said that he would run if they could get him on the nomination ballet. This should be interesting. It’s not my first option, that would be Trump imploding before the nomination with the delegate rules intact so Cruz could be nominated, but times running out for that option. This is the best second option that’s come available.

This isn’t pie in the sky. Coburn told veteran journalist Quin Hillyer that he would accept a draft from the convention floor if delegates petition successfully to put his name in nomination. An effort to allow delegates to vote their consciences on the first ballot was defeated in the rules committee when Trumps people strong handed those in charge. Still, delegates on the floor of the convention may yet have an opportunity to reject that package of rules on Monday. We live in hope.

Remember this. Without the delegates, there is no convention. It’s the delegates that you see on the floor, not us common folks. They’re there to do the business of nominating a candidate. No where does it say that candidate has to be the one that won the primary. This isn’t a Democracy. It’s a Republic. There’s a big difference.

There’s also rumors that if Trump becomes the nominee there will be a move to form a new party and I understand that a lot of the big money donors would be willing to leave the Republicans to their fate.

I know I’ve said that Evangelicals are all on the Trump Train but actually, that is not true. I’ve discovered that only about 55 per cent of evangelicals support Trump a good 20 points below the backing recent Republican nominees received.

So there you have it. Up to date and as correct as I can make it. The fireworks will start in a matter of hours. I can hardly wait.

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National News Before the Convention

This will be the last national world news blog I’ll be writing till after the convention. I’ll try to write two a day over the next week to keep you informed of the back stories and rumors etc. But for now lets look at our  world  falling apart.

Let’s start with France. As you know they’ve been having a pretty rough time of it trying to appease the radical Muslims they welcomed into their country. But the French Prime Minister has the answer. According to the BBC, French PM Manuel Valls said of the Nice attack, “France must learn to “live with terrorism.” Yes, suck it up and get over it. So what if you’re one of the ones that die or lose a loved one. You’re just the rabble after all. Of course it seems to me that living with terrorism isn’t like living with a bratty kid or a sloppy husband. It’s living with death, not natural death but violent death. Of course the PM won’t have that problem. He’s surrounded with guards with guns. Sorry French citizens.

On the other hand we have Germany where, due to the influx of Muslims that can’t keep their pants up, rape is becoming a common everyday occurrence. They have an answer though. They’ve published comic books and coloring books to explain to these neanderthals that you don’t randomly rape people. I understand that people are now raising Goats at a prodigious rate.

And the we move on to South Africa. There picking up where BLM here in America as left off. They don’t want to just kill police, they want all the white people dead. To that end they seem to be putting that phrase into action. Latest statistics show that over a thousand white farmers in SA where killed last year and no one has been arrested, I guess they prefer living in poverty to having a job, even if it’s just farm labor.

Moving on to Venezuela, remember when back in the sixties the slogans were “War is not healthy for children and other living things,” well, we have to change that. We can now change the word war to Socialism is not healthy for children, and if the socialist get in here we have this to look forward too.

Lets move on to Britain. Two things happening there. First, and this is a good start. They’ve abolishes the pernicious Dept. of Energy and Climate change. The new government is riding the country of it global warming bureaucracy. Meanwhile Obama wants to make it a crime to believe as the British now do that Climate change is a bunch of bullocks. Britain has also now made it a crime to whistle at a woman as she walks by.

Finally we return home to find that things are not all cop-aseptic at the Republican Convention. First, Pence, if he made a splash it was a very small one. The same evangelicals who applaud the orange haired wonder still feel rather put out with him for throwing them under the bus when he blocked the Religious freedom bill in his state. But they’ll forgive him because Trump wants him. But does he. Oh and in an interview, Pence tells CNN that he wasn’t always a Republican. No, he wasn’t. Just like the Donald he became a Republican and wow, now their both of these turn coats are running at the top of the tickets. So lets see. We have two would be Democrats running against a would be Socialist. And you wonder why 78 percent of the people want someone else?


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The Late Great America–Gone But Not Forgotten.

If you didn’t get to watch the RNC rules committee meeting today you missed nothing that you probably didn’t already know would happen. Every single rule brought forward by a conservative was shot down almost immediately and they weren’t even polite about it.

The most egregious snub however came when the Conscience clause was brought forward. The Rules committee member addressed the issue, and immediately without any debate another member got up and asked to move the question. There was no debate allowed and when one of our people protested, they were told that the vote had already been taken and the committee was moving to the next amendment. It was a power play that proved without doubt that the party actually does want to destroy itself.

When Romney’s people ran the show they created rule 12. This rule made it possible for the chairman of the RNC to change any rules he wanted when necessary, without having to go to the entire membership. It was modeled on a rule in the Dem. party to give complete power over the proceedings to one person. The chairman.

The Conservatives wanted to do away with this rule. They believed all that power in the hands of one man was dangerous and contrary to what the party believed in. When the member from Wisconsin brought the motion forward, it took him longer than the two minutes allowed to state his amendment being that he had difficulty speaking. He asked for an additional two minutes to finish. Immediately his request was shot down.

It was done so obviously that even Mike Lee got up and commented on how quickly the man was silenced. He stated that it was obvious to him and others that the powers that be had made it clear nothing would change.

Every amendment that was remotely conservative was shot down. It was a clown show extrodinaire. What got to me was the share smugness of those who knew exactly what they were doing and why. It’s time the Republican party is thrown into the trash can of history. And if Trump is elected, that will happen.

Now we see that Cruz’s convention speech will have to be approved by the Trump brigade and if it’s not sufficiently humble to the soon to be king, they will change it. If I were Cruz I’d get up and announce at the convention that this was not the speech I wanted to give it was the speech they told me to give and since I can’t be bought, I’m leaving.

Also Tim Tebow was one of the speakers the Trump train said they lined up but guess what? Tim said no way was he going to speak for the Donald. In fact it’s hard to find anyone with a moral compass who wants to get anywhere near the guy.

Then we learn that Pence will be the one to take the leap and be the Emperors VP. Of course Pence knew that he wasn’t going to win reelection because of his total back down on the freedom of religion and same sex marriage bill that was in the news so much last year. But wait, Trumps kiddies say not so fast. That the VP is still up in the air. But that’s like Trump. Say something and then say maybe not.

And if all that isn’t enough, the RNC is so hard up for money they’ve gone begging to the six billion dollar Adelsons, in Vegas to give them 6 million to cover convention cost. They needed 64 million, but only raised 58. I have to tell you my heart bleeds for them. Let Donald use some of his own money. He’s got it.

This was necessary because they’ve lost just about all their big donors. How they’ll pay off  the convention cost and support Trump is a question. At the moment it looks like they’ll take the money from down ticket and give it to the Trumpster. After all, he did say he could care less about those running down ballet for the Senate and House.

And what will that mean? I’ll tell you ladies and gentlemen. It means we’ll lose the house and the senate. We’ll lose the Supreme Court and most judgeships. And what will that mean? It means that American will be a totally socialist country where the rule of law applies only to those at the top. Our rights will mean nothing,  we’ll be taxed out of existence and our military will be no match for any country that wishes us harm. It means the killing of babies in the womb will continue non-stop, that men using girls bathrooms will increase, that  Christian values will be punished and that anyone who doesn’t believe as they do will be targeted.

If you think I’m crazy, mark this blog and reread it in a years time. Then write me and say you apologize for doubting me. Oh, and it could mean we’ll be in a war with China or Russia or both. And all we’ll have to fight with is gays and transgenders.

This election will see America in her final decline. If you are a Trumpster, congratulations you’re about to get what you thought you wanted. For the rest of us, I have no idea. For those who voted for Trump but belonged to the Tea Party and said you believed in the Constitution and small government and right to life and lower taxes—well, looks like you didn’t really mean it. Why? Because Trumps not for any of that.

I’ll leave you with this — According to the latest polls, the vast majority of Americans say they are afraid of at least one of the two major candidates winning the White house. Eighty-one percent of Americans say they would feel afraid following the election of one of the two polarizing politicians, according to the Associated Press-GgK poll. That includes a quarter who say ti doesn’t matter who wins: they’re scared of both. 

Three-quarters of voters say their pick for president is motivated by a desire to cast their ballot against Clinton or Trump more than those who say they’re voting for a candidate who shares their positions on the issues or is the most qualified. 

Think about that folks. We are running two people both of which the American people are scared to death of. How in all that’s holly did we get like this and why are the parties who are suppose to look out for our interest allowing this to happen?

Three quarters of America will be voting to stop the most wretched collection of misfits and maladroit to ever run against one another for any elective office in the history of the republic. And both if elected will soon make it a criminal offense to say anything against them. Trump is already doing this.

I don’t believe in time travel but this sure feels like we’re entering the twilight zone.

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