Women Use To Respect Themselves

Hello everyone, well the last two days have been unusual to say the least. America’s left have been out in force and it’s makes me wonder if maybe we’d all be better off if we sent them back to the countries of their origin instead of those coming illegally. I have to say that I was never so embarrassed for my gender as I was today watching those woman in their pink hats screaming to promote women’s rights, immigration reform, and LGBTQIA rights, and to address racial inequities, worker’s issues, and environmental issues. Didn’t they get the message? Obama fixed all that. He said so right before he left office. What this entire farce was about, was giving a bunch of women who think their victims the right to show the world they hold themselves in low esteem.

The problem as I see it is that here we have a bunch of women who think killing their own sex is no big deal. That it’s their bodies and everyone else be damned. I don’t think that there’s a single woman out there that doesn’t begrudgingly believe in their heart of hearts, during the darkest hours of the night that killing your unborn child is wrong.  They keep shouting that the future is female. Really? How can that be when they’re killing off females at an incredible rate. What happens when there aren’t enough young girls to rule this new brave world. Or, young men to get them to the point of having more girls.

Are they waiting for the Big Bang theory to repopulate the planet. One day while walking down the street the atoms just explode and all of a sudden there are millions of girls where none were before? And everyone complete and sure of their gender?

The other thing I have a problem with is this. If they want to make their point, you know about them being strong, and defiant, and intelligent in all ways, why to they have to go into the gutter to tell us so. I remember a time when foul language was the domain of men. Woman were above such language. In fact, woman were above getting drunk in public, having unmarried sex, abortions, dressing like sluts, getting tattoos. Real women didn’t need to do that because they didn’t have to. They were women and they demanded respect and for the most part got it. They were the leveling factor for men. These were the woman who keep men from becoming predators.

But then the woman’s movement came along. And like everything socialism touches it has to lower the good to the level of the bad. Never in the other direction, and so woman are no longer the bedrock of the country. We’re no longer looked up to by the men who work around us. No longer do they watch their language when in our company, or open a door out of respect, or wait till they marry us to have sex. No, we’ve moved ourselves right down to their level and now to prove we’re better than they are we march, and show the world we’re actually worse than the men are because we did this to ourselves.

One question. A great many of those women had their children with them. Did they, while those children were in their wombs, call them babies or fetuses? I beat everyone of them the moment they knew, started calling them babies. The difference. One is wanted, one is not.


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What’s Going On In Washington?

So, Donald Trump is now the President and guess what? The sun didn’t rise in the West, the polar ice caps remained in place, and California is still as crazy as it was yesterday. The only thing that’s changed is the level of insanity that has taken over the Democratic Party and their minions. I’d like to say that the riots, and lawlessness will end, but I’m afraid what we are seeing is only the beginning of what is to come.

I didn’t vote for Trump, you all know that, but he is our president and I will except that as being what it is. I’m disappointed my guy didn’t do better, but all that’s in the past. Now I’m sure you’re all saying to yourselves that what I just wrote is a reasonable response. After all, America is not a third world country. Or is it?

From what I’ve read, most of the rioters were paid professionals. In fact, if you read what those who were there have to say, you’d realize that the riots didn’t start till the camera’s were set up and ready to go. The media knew were the trouble would be and the rioters knew to wait for the press. Only when everything was in place did the trouble begin. It was all well orchestrated for maximum effect.

If this sort of thing is not dealt with, someone in the end is going to get hurt and our country is going to suffer. You can’t have radicals controlling the streets and not expect America to be torn apart.

But enough of that for now. Lets talk about the positive things that happened. At 11:59 the official White House web site had a lengthy information page about the threat of climate change and the steps the feds had taken to fight it. At 12:01 the page was gone. Along with any mention of climate change or global warming. The second site to beat the dust was the LGBTQRST or whatever web site. Gone. Those can only be positive things.

All good so far but then there’s this. There were supposed to be seven cabinet nominees confirmed on Inauguration Day. Schumer however made a stink about the number and agreed to only four. Mattis, Kelly, Chao, and Pompeo. Oh, and so you NY folks will know, Gillibrand was the only no vote on Mattis. Schumer however wasn’t happy. He was upset about Pompeo. So guess who put off the confirmation till Monday? Come on guess. We’re talking about the Senate here.

Yep, our old friend and spineless Senate Majority leader, M. McConnell. Why that man is still in charge I have no idea. You’d think he’d realize we are in charge now, but it seems that once again he will allow Schumer to walk all over him and smile while he’s doing it.

Yes it’s true they can’t filibuster executive branch nominations, but they can force debate for up to 30 hrs on each nominee, so get ready.

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Could This Happen In Your Childs School?

Have you ever wondered why the sales of “hand baskets” have skyrocketed of late? I did as well, but now I have to answer. Ponographic materials are now being made available to middle school students in the Cherry Creek School District in suburban Denver, CO. The students are being given access to extremely graphic sexual and homosexual pornography, material encouraging them to become sexually and homosexually active, descriptions of “sex toys,” and much more.

I realize this is a very ugly subject, and I’m sorry to have to talk about it, but ignorance of what’s happening is no excuse.

Moreover, parents at the Fox Ridge Middle School that complained and protested have been rebuked, intimidated, and threatened by school officials. Below is how they attempt to hide what they’re doing.

The children are given access to this depraved material through special Internet portals set up for the district’s middle schools. These ostensibly include regular library material and legitimate health knowledge, science and similar topics. However, children are given one password, and their parents another. The material is omitted from the parents’ accounts and is only available through the children’s accounts. 

Mixed in with the pornography is a range of extremely left-wing political articles. What they are attempting is a process used in communist countries, where they mix the two messages.. They are trying to associate leftism with the dopamine release set off by porn — a sort of Clockwork Orange experiment in reversed.

To view the depravity these kids are given you can follow the links from Mass Resistance. http://www.massresistance.org/docs/gen3/17a/CO-middle-school-x-rated/index.html

Remember this is very hard core stuff so if you are easily shocked don’t click the pictures. You should however go to the site and see what they are doing to fight against the darkness. Also I would suggest praying for the parents that are trying to do something about this. Pray that God will give them the wisdom to stand against the evil this school district is forcing on the students.

You say but Billie, that’s out in Colorado, not New York. And that’s true, but it doesn’t mean it won’t happen here, or can’t happen here. The problem with people saying” it doesn’t concern me,” is that in time, it always does. “Oh, if Obama get’s in it won’t affect me.” We found out that wasn’t true. So be warned.

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Terrorist Pardoned By Obama

If you aren’t familiar with this name you should be, as our forever leaving President just pardoned this scumbag. His name is Oscar Lopez-Rivera. He’s an unrepentant Marxist Terrorist and he’s been in jail since 1981.

Lopez was a leader of FALN, the Spanish acronym for the Armed Forces of National Liberation. He was convicted in the U.S. District Court in Chicago of weapons, explosives and seditious conspiracy charges, and sentenced to 55 years. He received an additional 15 years in 1988 after he was convicted of plotting to escape from federal prison.

Like other sociopathic maniacs who have gone out of their way to deserve the death penalty, Lopez is a cause celeb among the left-wing extremists. Former President Jimmy Carter, Pope Francis and U.S. Rep. Luis Gutierrez of Illinois’ 4th district supported his release as did African Archbishop Desmond Tutu. 

Lopez’s goal was to free Puerto Rico from America and turn it into a socialist state. The group was primarily active in New York and Chicago and claimed responsibility for more that 140 bombings since 1974. Authorities connected five deaths to the bomb blasts. Another 100 people were maimed by the bombings.

Bradley Manning had to grovel for forgiveness and declare himself a transsexual wanting a sex change to get his commutation. But not being white and hating America was all it took for Lopez to get out. In 1981 a federal judge called him an “unrehabilitated  revolutionary.”

Among the recipients of the infamously egregious pardons issued by Bill Clinton before he left office were many FALN terrorists, apparently let loose in hopes that they’s help Hillary in NY’s Puerto Rican area’s. However, Lopez in 99 rejected the offer for a reduced sentence.

Supposedly the condition under which this would happen was his renouncing terrorism. He told a reporter, “The whole thing of contrition, atonement, I have problems with that.”

Obama didn’t seem to have a problem with it and was more than happy to release someone responsible for the killing of American civilians who died for no other reason than that they were Americans.

This is why we need to execute these terrorist. Otherwise people like Obama, liberal fellow travelers will set them free out of sheer vileness.

Not even the NY Daily News could stomach this.

“I’m an enemy of the U.S. government,” he told federal judge Thomas McMillien in 83.

During the 70’s and 80’s Lopez’s FALN placed more than 130 bombs in American cities. Their goal was to destabilize what they called the “Yanks capitalist monopoly” and achieve Puerto Rican Independence.

In Jan. 75, a 10 pd., dynamite bomb killed four people and injured dozens in Fraunces Tavern. The blast was felt blocks away. In an eerie foreshadowing of 9/11, dust covered victims staggered through the downtown streets. FALN took responsibility. When he was arrested the FBI found six pds., of dynamite and four blasting caps in his apartment along with numerous fake ID’s.

Lopez is looked up to by many in the terrorist community. Obama’s mentor, another unrepentant communist terrorist has every reason to be proud: in a tweet Bill Ayers wrote,

Oscar Lopez freed! Chelsea Manning out!!! Great news! Joy an Justice!, Free Leonard! Pardon Ethel! Keep rolling!

Thank God Obama will be out of the office on Friday. He’s clearly shown in these last days exactly what we on the right have been saying all along. The man is a traitor to this country and deserves to be shunned by all true patriots.


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If I’d Been At the Hearings . . .

Would someone please explain to me what Trump’s pick to head the Interior is doing?  In today’s confirmation hearing, he told the committee that the debate on global warming is over. That “man is an influence.” “I do not believe it’s a hoax.” He even went on to tell Sanders that he’d push for more wind and solar on federal lands.

Well, I can tell you that solar has all but destroyed the beauty of the Joshua Tree National Park on the Mojave Desert. As a child my family use to spend hour after hour exploring that beautiful area and now acres and acres are covered with solar panels.

On the other hand, Zinke said he recalled that he could see a glacier receding over lunch with his family while they were visiting Glacier National Park. (and they made fun of Palin when she said she could see Russia) Anyone who watches ice melt over a lunch break on a warm day and presumes that he’s observing climate change is not someone I’d trust to defrost my frig, much less make decisions requiring at least a passing acquaintance with grade school science.

I though Trump said climate change was a hoax? Just asking.

If you watched the DeVos hearings as I tried to do, you probably wound up wanting to slap the pants off Bernie Sanders and numerous other senator’s with a D in front of their name. Each question began with “and do you believe as I do.” If that had been me, I would’ve smiled and said “No, I don’t. I believe most of you here are under the paid influence of the teachers union and therefore your questions are biased in their favor.”

If you watched her hearing, I’d have to ask, “and do you believe as I do,” that 90% of the people on that committee haven’t a clue what their talking about and most have long since passed their sell by date. Most could hardly get their statements out without falling asleep in the middle of it. This is why we need term limits. Alexander and Hatch, looked like they’d already been embalmed.

It would have been nice if they had allowed her to finish her responses but the Dems, don’t seem to like being corrected. I like her very much and think she’s going to do a good job, but I wish she’d been more forceful in her answers. When Sanders was talking to her about her wealth, I would’ve mentioned the 60 million dollar house he bought after he left the campaign.  I would have then questioned how someone on a fixed income as the Senators are, accumulate so much wealth in such a short period of time when they were sent there not to get rich but to serve the people who paid them.

When he talked about college being free, I would have said the reason colleges cost so much is that most professors are overpaid and under educated. I would have said that 50 percent of the kids attending college leave in the first year because they are unprepared to learn. I would have said that there is no sense sending children to college if they’re told their to delicate to learn. I would also have told them that the cost of college is high because colleges are more like summer camps, that colleges, and that it’s no longer what a child can learn that draws them to a particular school but the extra curriculum opportunities available.

When they were talking about the fact that their is a rape epidemic on most campuses I would have said then perhaps we should have separate schools for girls and boys like we use to have, so that both sexes can concentrate more on their studies than getting laid. I would have said that many of the cases of assault on campus have been unfairly prejudiced against the male students. And I would have said that perhaps dress codes would be appropriate so that the natural inclinations of both sexes will be less likely to be aroused.

Of course I was there so I wasn’t ask. But if I had been. . .

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God the Father Is Not Gender Neutral

1 Timothy 4:1 –KJB, Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils.  

2 Timothy 4:4 KJB, For the time will come when men will not tolerate sound doctrine, but with itching ears they will gather around themselves teachers to suit their own desires. 

So what is all this about you might be saying. Well, it seems that “Father” God is now seen as a threat to equality at the so called top divinity schools. Things like this just grate on me in way’s I can’t even say.

Let’s try some more verses. How about,

  • Psalm 68:5 NIV “A father to the fatherless, a defender of widows, is God in his holy dwelling.”
  • Matthew 23:9 AMP “Do not call anyone on earth [who guides you spiritually] your father; for One is your Father, He who is in heaven.” 
  • John 14:10 NASB “Do you not believe that I am in the Father, and the Father is in Me? The words that I say to you I do not speak on My own initiative, but the Father abiding in Me does His works.”

I could go on but you get the point. What all this means is a way of showing earth bound fathers how to parent. He’s loving but willing to forgive his wayward, unruly children. At the same time He disciplines those He loves, because he knows that when they go astray, it could lead to their harm. He has provided every good thing for His children and He is present, ready, and able to hear them when they cry out.

With all that said, how petty is it that some schools–Vanderbilt and Duke Universities have decided that using the term Father, is not inclusive. The wave of anti-male hysteria is seeping into centers for Christian learning to the point that referring to God with male pronouns is now discouraged.

According to Katerine Timpf, with National Review,

This year’s divinity course catalogue at the Vanderbilt tells professors to give “consistent attention to the use of inclusive language, especially in relation to the Divine,” because the school “commits continuously and explicit to include gender as an analyzed category and to mitigate sexism.”

I’m sorry folks but that’s a bunch of you know what.

If these are legitimate divinity schools, and if inclusiveness is their goal, shouldn’t they be teaching that a Father God loves all and is there for all who turn to HIM?

Trimf continues,

According to Heat Street, Duke’s particular divinity school is “geared toward people already working in the Methodist church, taking supplemental weekend or summer classes.” Yes, “Methodist,” as in the Christian religion that has already completely, officially, 100 percent decided that their God is a man. And yet, Duke’s guidelines suggest avoiding gender specific pronouns when discussing Him and suggest using “God” and “Godself” instead.

According to the Duke guidelines it states,

  • Metaphors showing God’s personal relationship with humans should be used, but need not be gendered: o God is parent to us all
  • The exclusive use of either masculine or feminine pronouns for God should be avoided.
  • God and Godself can be used as substitutes for he/she and him-/herself: o After God created the world, God rested o God knew Godself to be great.
  • A variety of gender-specific metaphors can be used: o God is the father who welcomes his son, but she is also the woman for search for the lost coin

None of this is necessary and diminishes God the Father. Divinity schools should be focused on remaining faithful to the source material, rather than inserting worldly nonsense and PC gender correctness, if there is such a thing.

What this is all about is the raising up of a generation of faith leaders who don’t lead, but conform to a world that’s already rejected the Christian God. How then can they lead anyone to redemption when they themselves are being misled?

As Christians we do not take our marching orders from the world. We also don’t diminish the authority of God by “toning down” words that are frightening to liberals, such as “Father.”

What these schools are doing is weakening the power of God by weakening His Holy name. Only one person would be glad for this to happen and he’s known by several names, starting with Satan. I refer you back to the verses at the beginning of this piece. Memorize them so you can use them when necessary. And remember, God will not be mocked. That is the reason we are in the fix we are today. Remember that the duty to smash the “patriarchy” is among the commandments of liberalism, which is the only religion taught at universities these days.

Please be aware of what your church teaches. Be aware of the slight changes in message and how it’s delivered. The devil works quietly behind the scenes to destroy believers and inside the church is his favorite location. You might also want to be very careful when buying a new Bible. Many newer additions are changing words, most to do with gender and sin. Don’t think just because it’s a Bible that it hasn’t been tampered with. A word to the wise is sufficient.



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What Wasn’t Reported

So, the weekends over and gosh and golly there was a lot of unreported news. Mostly because Trump decided to have a tweet war with just about everybody. So what am I talking about you ask? Well–thanks to some rather ridiculous comments by John Lewis “I don’t consider Trump to be a legitimate President,” Trump in typical little boy style, savaged Lewis for the failures in his congressional district and the media went nuts. In fact that was the message of the weekend.

What was barely covered were the confirmation hearings, including the Marco Rubio barrage against Rex Tillerson which I thought was well stated and was answered poorly as I’ve stated elsewhere. Nothing was mentioned about the congressman Tom Price’s stock purchases. They didn’t mention the left’s objections to Betsy DeVos, or Paul Ryan’s plans to defund Planned Parenthood. It all went under the radar. You heard none of this on the Sunday shows. You did hear about the Trump Lewis fight.

The problem as I see it going forward is that Trump has a way of forcing everyone into distractions, negating the press and his critics’ ability to focus. It’s rally a pretty smart strategy and I’m sorry but I believe it is a strategy. Get people talking about the left hand while the right hand is doing all the stuff it shouldn’t be.

I know it’s all to late, the mans been elected, but did you guys really vote for socialized medicine? No, I didn’t think so. Or maybe you did. The question is will anyone put up resistance when it’s the GOP pushing the runaway statism? Trump said in a weekend interview that he’s nearing completion of a plan to replace ObamaCare with the goal of “Insurance for Everyone.”

“There was a philosophy in some circles that if you can’t pay for it, you don’t get it. That’s not going to happen with us.”

Healthcare is a commodity. It can be provided on a free market basis to those willing to pay for it or it can be provided on a coercive basis. As with all other commodities, the former works and is moral, the latter doesn’t and is not.

Trump’s affection for nationalized healthcare has been known all along. He has praised Canada’s dysfunctional system, among the many times he extolled socialized medicine. He told 60 Minutes, “I’m going to take care of everybody.  . . . The government’s gonna pay for it.” (folks, that means us.)

People who talked about this before the primaries were shouted down. Now it’s too late. Unless conservatives in Congress miraculously develop principles and spines, ObamaCare will turn into exactly what the left wanted. Socialized medicine.

I guess time will tell.

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You Need To Do This Now.

This article was obtained from “The Resurgent.” by Steve Berman

Go to http://www.familytreenow.com/optout And opt out of this thinly-veiled free “doxx” site right now. Really. Stop reading this, go and do it, then come back. I’ll wait.

The term “doxx” (or “dox”) means, “search for and publish private or identifying information about (a particular individual) on the Internet, typically with malicious intent.” The site in question was written up by The Washington Post, otherwise it would be blessedly consigned to Internet anonymity.

Yet, for no apparent reason other than to spill some ink, they chose to headline an article, “You’ve probably never heard of this creepy genealogy site. But it knows a lot about you!” Well, duh, now everyone’s heard of it.

Believe me, I do genealogy and this is a bogus site. If you want genealogy go to Ancestry.com. They are on the up and up. The site FamilyTreeNow.com is simply a mashup of publicly available databases, cross referenced for maximum exposure.

If you want to get someone’s address, history, and family member names, the site delivers, along with a convenient link (called a “Permalink”) you can cut and paste to let everyone else know what you’ve found. It’s nothing more than an invitation to harassment.

Try signing up for FedEx Delivery Manager and watch the questions it comes up with to verify that you are you. Stuff only you would know, and how in blue blazes did they get it? Public databases have lots of mojo when the right reaches are made. If you really want to be creeped out, ask an insurance agent what they can find about you (or don’t). Or ask someone with a Lexis-Nexis account.

WaPo tried to reach the site’s founder (who is conveniently not listed in his own site) using LinkedIn and California public records for the company, but, lo and behold, he didn’t respond to their requests. The domain is registered through a Toronto-based privacy company.

But Weirich, or any rep of the site, did not respond to an emailed request for comment to multiple addresses associated with FamilyTreeNow or other listed businesses. One listed phone number for a business associated with Weirich went to a generic Google Voice voice mail; additional phone numbers listed for him appeared to be disconnected. His LinkedIn page and FamilyTreeNow profiles also became inaccessible to the public. 

I’m not going to go so far as to suggest that the gov. needs to shut down every site that relies on public databases. These are useful for various purposes. But having free and unfettered access to search again and again through literally anyone’s records is a public danger.

For example. Information on campaign contributions, coupled with a doxxing site could yield terrible results of personal harassment. Sites like this, set up and left for years ( as apparently Weirich did) to simply run and allow people to find other people’s private info, are a public danger. Whether lawmakers decide to act on it is a matter of public policy. But since the site allows an opt-out which according to WaPo, appears to work, I recommend that you do it right now. Safe is better than sorry.

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Soros, The Hearings, and Paul Ryan’s Town Hall

There are times in this life when even in a snow covered back yard you expect to see daisies popping up through the snow. Yes ladies and gentlemen, this is one of those times. As you are probably aware, George, the jerk, Soros is the money behind black lives matter. But did you know that something happened on his way to the bank?

It seems that our boy George lost nearly $1 Billion as a result of the stock-market rally after Trumps win. Yes, you read that right. That’s billion with a B. According to Dragon’s Lair, Soros was cautious about the market going into Nov. and became more bearish immediately after Trump got elected, according to people who matter. The stance proved a mistake–the stock market rallied on expectations Trump would boost corporate earnihg and the overall economy.

But wait! It get’s better. He also threw $20 million at Democratic candidates during this cycle. I doubt very seriously that he’ll see much return on that investment. Cue the violin music.

It seems that Bradley Manning, the soldier who leaked hundreds of thousands of restricted documents, is now on the Presidents shortlist for a pardon. Of course the ACLU that organization of integrity is all for it. The lawyer for the ACLU is called Chase Strangio. No, I’m not making that up. Perhaps that’s why he took the case. I mean perhaps that’s what he’s doing. Especially seeing how Bradley is now Chelsea. Maybe the lawyer likes to chase strangio’s.

If you were listening to the hearing today on Capital Hill you might have been surprised to hear that the CIA’s biggest concern should be global warming. Yes, global warming. Well, at least that’s what Senator Harris said, and she’s a Senator and knows everything. Of course she didn’t know that the NASA report about the 97% was debunked years ago.

Of course that was the same Senator who questioned Pompeo on his position on gay marriage. Now, come on folks. What is someone that dumb doing—oh never mind. I forgot that she hails from Calif. Enough said. And may I remind you that Calif. that bastion of Liberal orthodoxy is $778 Billion dollars in debt. Pretty soon the border we’ll have to worry about isn’t the one between Mexico and the U.S.  but between Calif. and the rest of the states.

Finally, if you thought Cory Booker’s testimony against Jeff Sessions would be all about grandstanding for 2020, collect your winnings.

What you saw with the Booker testimony was an out and out jump the shark moment in his maneuvering to be the next candidate on the Dem. side to run for President. Take everything he says with a grain of salt.

Finally tonight Paul Ryan had a Town Hall meeting on CNN. One of the questioners was a woman who lost her son to an illegal. He gave the standard answer that we must find these people and deport them. He then told a dreamer not to worry that she wouldn’t be deported if she didn’t break the law.

That is completely contrary to what Trump promised. When Jake Tapper pressed him on that he gave everyone a lesson on separation of powers. To bad he didn’t think about that doing the Obama administration.

Ryan’s whole argument that they haven’t done anything wrong is bogus. They crossed the border illegally. That means they broke the law. If your baby is deathly ill and you haven’t the money to pay for the needed medicine, no matter why you broke into the store, the fact that you did makes it a crime. The reason you broke the law doesn’t matter. What matters is that you did so knowing full well you did something illegal.

So if you are one of the millions who think we’ll be sending people back simply because they broke the law to get here, forget it. Ryan has wanted the Dream Act since the bill was first written and now he see’s a path to get it. If they suddenly realize there’s suppose to be a separation between the WH and the Congress, it’s been a long time coming, and I believe they think they’ll simply pull the wool over Trumps eyes because, let’s admit it, he hasn’t a clue about how Congress works. . .

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To Be Or Not To Be–Lets Hope For The Not

As the title of my post implies, Nepotism has no place in the White House. The reason for that can’t be overstated. Personal (family) loyalty to a man cannot override loyalty to our country.

I want to remind everyone of what Trump said the night he won. “I pledge to every citizen of our land that I will be president for all Americans and this is so important to me. For those who have chosen not to support me in the past, of which there were a few people. . .(there were more than a few)

. . . I’m reaching out to you for your guidance and help so that we can work together and unify our great country.

From what I and every other person with eyes and ears in America have seen, none of this is to be taken seriously. Trump’s presidency will be all about Trump. Allegiance will be demanded. Not to the country, but to him personally.

In America, we do not pledge allegiance to a man. When Obama was sworn in to the swooning of the press, conservatives complained that he would be unrestrained in his zeal for “Hope and change.” Now Trump has come, and these same people act worse than the leftist media they condemned.

Though some will get mad, let’s admit it, Trump is no more presidential a mere 11 days before his inauguration than he was 15 months ago. Nothing has changed; Trump is still fighting everyone that merely looks sideways at him, or brings up his past transgressions, which he seems incapable of getting over.  He’s still tweeting that he wasn’t making fun of a handicapped man when we all know he was. Now he’s tweeting about Mexico paying for the wall. Someone in the media said that our paying the cost and then billing Mexico is crazy, because Mexico won’t pay. But right away Trump tweets that of course they’ll pay, they’ll just pay after its built and they know the actual cost. Right away he blames the media for putting out false information. Which of course isn’t false, it’s true.

His pounding the press is a highly dangerous game even if you see it as payback. It erodes the foundation of the Fourth Estates press protections enshrined in the First Amendment. Regardless what you think, the press has a constitutional right to be biased, and to be wrong about public figures, especially the POTUS. Trump doesn’t believe in this.

But that’s not even the most troubling part of Trump’s cult of personality. His insistence on personal loyalty above all, even when he’s completely wrong, is the stuff of despotism. And now Trump wants to install son-in-law Jared Kushner as part of his administration (and possibly daughter Ivanka, unofficially at least).

“Lawyers have etched out a plan for President-elect Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner, to serve in the new administration. Mike Allen said in an e-letter early Monday that Kushner will serve as senior adviser. Kushner is reportedly now searching for staff members. 

It’s not that I have a problem with Kushner, I understand he’s smart, analytical, and a great friend of Israel. His opinions are much more balanced than many of Trump’s “alt-right” leaning advisors. I don’t care that he’s a liberal. I also think Ivanka has good instincts and is a moderating influence on her father. But that doesn’t change the fact that they’ve had little effect on the elder Trump’s antics during the campaign, and since the election.

During the coming confirmation hearings, Republicans as well as Democrats should at least privately ask all the nominees to state unequivocally that their loyalty will be to us, and not to the man, Trump. It’s not just for show. A man who is willing to surround himself with those who place their relationship with him above their country deserves to have his senior cabinet picks grilled on their own motivations.

Every single member of Trump’s cabinet should be willing to be fired rather than forced to agree with the boss. Honestly, I believed they’ll all pass with flying colors. Rex Tillerson has no loyalty to Trump. I can’t imagine Gen. Mattis, Sessions, or Gen. Flynn place Trump above America.

However, I don’t think Kushner or Ivanka could claim that and be truthful. He’s their kids grandpa. I’m not even sure Kellyanne Conway or Steve Bannon could say that their personal loyalty to Trump is separable from, their allegiance to our country. From what I see on twitter every day, his acolytes continue to act like a school of moonfish. Not one swims against the group. I would add Hannity here as well.

The slightest criticism of their Dear Leader sets off a paroxysm of denouncement and denigration. The Trump cult would rather nobody be left to hold their god accountable. Do they see how dangerous that is when we’re talking about the President?

I wish I could say I have nothing to worry about, but I can’t, and if you’re not seeing him through rose colored glasses you have to be worried as well. Just like Obama, you will see that for the next four years  the credit for everything good happening in this country will be because of Trump. Trump’s ego will be writ large on everything that happens whether he had a hand in it or not and everything bad, will be someone else’s fault.

His ego is simply to encompassing for him to do anything else, and that’s a terrible shame.

UPDATE—As an example of his ego.  In the Hollywood Reporter, published in Aug. of 2015, Donald praised Meryl Streep, saying she was an excellent, fine person. But this morning after he heard what she said at the rewards, he tweeted, “Meryl Streep, one of the most over-rated actresses in Hollywood, doesn’t know me but attacked last night at the Golden Globes.”

Only a child responds this way. Praise him and he loves you no matter how evil. Insult him or even speak against him and he’ll call you stupid even if yesterday he said you were brilliant. Ugly even if yesterday you are were gorgeous.

If foreign leaders (like say, the truly evil Vladimir Putin) is able to see through Trump this easily, and believe me, he does, we’re in big trouble. But of course I told you all this before he was elected. We went from having a spoiled brat in the White House to a spoiled brat that’s –bully and ego maniac.

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