Lions Are So Much More Important Then the Unborn

So lets see, we now discover that Jeb Bush was one of the directors of a charity that gave tens of millions of dollars to Planned Parenthood, LifeSiteNews first reported.  Named a founding director to the tax-exempt Bloomberg Family foundation in 2010, Bush sat on the board until the end of 2014 when he began to prepare for his presidential run.

Bloomberg Philanthropies announced in March of 2014, while Bush was still on the board, that it was giving $50 million to strengthen “reproductive health rights in Burkina Faso, Nicaragua, Senegal, Tanzania, and Uganda.”  Notice they’re all black nations.  Looks like Margaret Sanger, is still trying to destroy the black race.

According to a Bloomberg Family Foundation statement, the philanthropy teamed up with PP to send abortion activists into these countries to “help augment their capacity for effective advocacy.”

“In 2014, we started supporting local nonprofit org. in these counties to advocate for better policies in their countries that will expand access to comprehensive reproductive health services,”  abortions,” said the foundation.  “These organizations will receive technical assistance from PP Federation of america – Global Division to help augment their capacity for effective advocacy.” In other words they’ll show them how to pull limbs apart and crush heads.

A Jeb Bush spokesman only told Life Site News that Bush would not have voted on all the foundation’s initiatives. Oh Really? If you’re on a board that supports Planned Abortions, why wouldn’t you vote for it? Isn’t that what you’re there for? Oh, I get it, if their black, that’s alright. But he would be very concerned if those being aborted where Hispanics.

Speaking of Hillary, did you hear about her trip to NYC. Yes, that ‘s right, she snuck into Bergdorf Goodman’s, via the back door, up a flight of stairs to avoid the common people and sat down in the chair so John Barrett could give her a standard cut and blow dry, for $600. If she had color added (bet she did) it would have cost her another six hundred. She’s so into the little people.

According to the latest Census Bureau data, the median household income between 09 an 13, was $53,046. That means the average family earns about $4,420.50 monthly and $1, 105.24  per week-nearly $100 less than the cost of the hairdo. Sort of reminds us of the Time Bill shut down an airport for an hour so he could get a hair cut. Say, I wonder what Trump pays to get his cut? Whatever it is, he should sue the barber.

And finally tonight, lets talk about lions. Now I love wild animals as much as the next guy. One of the first places my future husband and I took my two year old son was to the zoo. When in Europe we went to the Wildlife Park in England where a lion actually backed up and wet on our car. Thank God the window was up. Took the paint right off. So I know about the laws of the jungle.

So what am I talking about? Well, I’m talking about Cecil the Lion. Now supposedly everyone knew about Cecil. Good Morning America co-anchor Lara Spencer highlighted the “very disturbing story” with” international outrage” before turning to ABC correspondent David Wright “for the full story on the lion-shooting by an American. “There are no words,” Spencer added at the end of the segment. Again, we’re talking about a lion here. And so it went from one network to the next. They all agreed that “the more you hear about it the more upsetting it is.”

Jimmy Kimmel, broke down and cried on his show, (must be a Boehner relative) saying “I’m honestly curious to know why a human being would feel compelled to do that?”

Well Jimmy, people do much worse and you don’t even cover it. They take babies, real, live, human babies, and crush their heads and pull them limb from limb. These little people have no say in the matter. They’re ripped from the safety of their mothers womb and sold to the highest bidder under the disgusting lie that they were going to be aborted anyway, so why not take advantage and use them to help cure those who made it out of the womb in one piece.

I guess that’s just not that important to those who made it out alive. They have nothing to worry about. Their mothers wanted them. The bigger question here is how could any woman who is given one of the most important jobs in the universe, the ability to bring new life into the world, in the words of Jimmy Kimmel, “feel compelled to do that?”


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Do You Really Want Another Narcissist In the White House?

Excuse me, but are Conservatives going to get hood-winked one more time? It would appear so from my point of view. For the first time in a very long time–I’d say since Reagan, we have an opportunity to chose a true Conservative for President. For the first time we can have someone that we really want to vote for, who really understands what Conservatism is. Who loved the Constitution and wants to restore it to its rightful place as the law of the land. Yet if you look at the polls, if you look at what’s happening out in grass roots country, we’re once again going to blow it.

After seven years of a narcissistic president, the last thing we need is another four. Trump has all the outward egocentric manifestations to which we’ve become accustomed. I’ve said this before and will say it till I’m blue in the face. The problem with politicians imbued with such characteristics, is that everything they do is about them, not those whom they are elected to serve, or the Constitution to which they take an oath of fealty.

We all know that the guy at the top right now is a narcissist. Look at his speeches. Even the way he introduces people, it’s all about him. “I’d like to introduce MY secretary of state.” He refers to ‘MY intelligence community.’ In one speech, I can’t remember what it was about but he called the military ‘MY military.’ For God’s sake, he talks like he’s Napoleon. He has this sense that he’s the only actor on stage, and everybody else is just stage props.

Dr. Sam Vaknin, the author of the “Malignant Self Love,” and an expert on narcissism says this. “Obama’s language, posture and demeanor, and the testimonies of his closest, dearest and nearest suggest that the president is either a narcissist or my have narcissistic personality disorder. NPD Narcissists project a grandiose but false image of themselves. After listing several 20th century examples, he explains how they all “create a personality cult around themselves and with their blazing speeches elevated their admirers.”

“For a narcissist, no subject is as important as his own self. Who would waste his genius writing about insignificant things when he can write about such an august being as himself. Obama had written an autobiography before he’d accomplished anything. Narcissists are often ruthless. As the norm, they lack conscience.”

And now we have the bombastic, egocentric real estate mogul from NY mirroring the self-absorption seemingly endemic with our 44th president. And he’s already setting some records with his self-congratulations.

I’m really rich.” “I’m proud of my net worth.” “Ive done an amazing job.” “I’m really proud of my success, I really am.” “I’m not doing that to brag because you know what? I don’t have to brag.” But he just can’t seem to help himself. And so Trump self-adulated himself 257 times in his 45 minute presidential bid announcement. That even exceeded Obama’s 208 self-laudatory references in his 22 minute, 2007 presidential bid. That’s pretty impressive when you can out-“narcissus.” the Narcissist In Chief!

The problem is, as wide from his egocentrism, the most glaring verity related to Trump’s presidential bid is that he doesn’t belong on the Republican ticket. In fact, it seems he’s clearly not a conservative and couldn’t tell you what that was if his life depended on it. He got more in common with Bernie Sanders that any of us. I know, you’re all ready to burn me at the stake but lets call a spade a spade.

Trump has, over the years been a proponent for single-payer government funded healthcare,  a socialistic step to the left of Obamacare. He’s been a supporter of abortion, has advocated an assault weapons ban, and has even floated the idea of forcing the rich to forfeit 14% of their total wealth to reduce the federal debt. Does that sound conservative?

He’s donated heavily to the Clinton’s campaign and their foundation. When he married for the third time Bill and Hillary were on his guest list. And his financial support for Dem. candidates has far eclipsed what he’s donated on GOP candidates. I know, he’s a business guy and has to give to both sides. Really? Perhaps if he’d given heavily to our side we’d have won. According to public campaign disclosures, 21 of Trump’s 30 political donations have gone to liberal political action committees. Only seven went to Republicans and two went to Charlie Crist; you know the guy that can’t make up his mind about which party he’s in.

In 2008, he sounded just like every other progressive in the nation, bemoaning George W. when he alleged, “He was so incompetent so bad, so evil.” He went on to call Bush “maybe the worst president in the history of this country.” In light of his possible xenophobic comments regarding illegals, it’s ironic what Trump said after the 2012 election. He claimed Republicans would “continue to lose elections if they came across as mean and unwelcoming to people of color.” Sounds like Jeb.

Trumps’ primary function at the moment seems to be one of a lightening rod. Ninety percent of the media coverage is about him. While the other true Conservatives must battle for every moment of air time they can get. And how many of you say “Yeah I like what he’s saying but I doubt I’d vote for him.” Well, you need to think it through. Especially considering that there are several others running who really aren’t in it for themselves, and who really could make us proud again.

So why’s Trump polling so well in these early sweepstakes? It pains me to say, really. But the only logical explanation is that regrettably even a fairly significant minority of conservatives can still be deceived by the grandiloquence and fierce independence of a self-congratulatory narcissist, in spite of the obvious contradictions. A couple of pet issues that resonate on a populist level, and a strident, even blunt, speaking style and we’re ready to follow the Pied Piper off the cliff.

Hopefully there is a twelve step program available that will cure us of the need to cling onto another self deluded, better than the best in his own eyes, candidate. You know we have to live with the man we chose for four years. And as we’ve all learned four years is a long time. It’s like waking up after the wedding night and realizing the jerk lying next to you is going to be yours for a very long time and you spent too much money on the wedding to divorce him.

Even more worrying, what a travesty it would be if someone like Trump became our standard bearer in a year when so many truly qualified conservatives are on the ticket, or worse that he goes third-party and siphoned off enough votes to give the election to the control freak in the gaudy pants suit. Or even more frightening to Bernie Sanders.

Now that’s a thought that keeps me awake at night and it should do the same for you. Two years down the road when Trump decides he really is for single payer, and illegals make good workers, and having to listen to him spout off about how great he is will we be telling each other we could have had Cruz, or Carley, or Jindal, and instead we choose the Pied Piper?

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Carly’s Speech, Jeb’s Viva Mexico, Kerry’s Lie and the Cost of CollegeText Books

We don’t hear from Carly very often due to the fact she’s not in the top ten. I thought you might want to hear what she would do if elected. It’s just under an hour so watch when you have time to really listen. This is the clearest, to the point, list of things she will do that I’ve heard from any of the candidates running. It’s exactly what we should be hearing from Trump if he wants to be President. It’s one thing for him to make statements about the border, Iran etc. But what exactly will he do? And will it be those things that grow his businesses? I do have some problems with some of her stands but will wait till it’s closer to the actual election before listing them. I will be watching her however. And being honest, I have sent money to her campaign as I have for Cruz and Jindal.


Now a few words about Jeb Bush. You know he makes a big deal about his wife being from Mexico. Well, on Telemundo the other day he sat for roughly 25 minutes answering questions from Jose Diaz-Balart, who is also a host on MSNBC.

Speaking in Spanish, Bush said: “We are very Hispanic, in that we speak Spanish in the house. Columba is a good Mexican, proud of her citizenship of this country, of course, but we eat Mexican food in the home. My children are Hispanic in many aspects. We don’t talk about it, but the Hispanic influence is an important part of my life.” Are we sure he’s a citizen?

He also vowed to enact comprehensive immigration reform during his first term as president–a significant priority for a Spanish-speaking audience and a pledge that he noted Obama also made, but failed to achieve.

So there you have it. A promise to enact “comprehensive immigration reform” made on tape. Bush may want to quibble about the specifics and say that doesn’t mean “amnesty” in his world view, but that’s going to be a tough sell.

Now I don’t know about you but it sounds to me like he’d be much happier living in Mexico than in America. Maybe he should run for Pres of Mexico. They speak Spanish at home, they eat Mexican food at home. (Not an occasional taco) His children are Hispanic in many aspects. I don’t know about you but I’d much rather his wife, who he says is a good Mexican, as compared to those who aren’t good Mexicans,spoke English in the home. And then as if he realized what he said,  throws in she’s proud to be an America too. Well thank you very much. But if I’m going to vote for someone to be my President, I’d like them to be all American all the time. Not American when at work and Mexican at home.

Speaking of that, did you know a recent study shows that 20% of El Salvador, and 25% of Mexico are now illegally living inside the U.S.

Say, I finally discovered what we got out of the Iranian rope a dope agreement. Magic Beans! Yep, Magic Beans. You plant them in the ground and in no time at all you have a well equipped bomb shelter! Perhaps we should start teaching our kids how to duck and cover.


On an entirely different subject. If’ you’ve got kids going into college this year you might want to take a look at the cost of textbooks. UMF[1]





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There’s Cruz and Then There’s Bush

So now you’ve all had time to let what happened over the weekend in the Senate sink in and wash around a bit in your brain, or at least what’s left of one. I for one think what was said on the senate floor was long overdue, and necessary. The media only focused on Cruz calling out Mitch McConnell for being a liar. That was great but it wasn’t the big news. I mean, how could it be? We’ve been saying that for years. The big news is that for the first time this “populist conservative” message has been delivered on the floor of the Senate.

“We’ve had a Republican majority in both houses of Congress now for almost six months. What has that majority done? First thing we did, in Dec. is we came back and passed a $1trillion “cromnibus” plan filled with pork and corporate welfare. That’s the very first thing we did. Then this Rep. majority voted to fund Obamacare, voted to fund President Obama’s unconstitutional executive amnesty. And then leadership rammed through the confirmation of Loretta Lynch to be attorney general. Madam President, which of those decisions would be one iota different if Harry Reid were still majority leader? Not a one. Not a one. This Senate operates exactly the sam – the same priorties…”

Folks, that’s an agenda. That’s saying what you mean and meaning what you say.  Yes, Cruz isn’t the flamboyant showmen Trump is, but I fear that over time Trump will wear thin. How many times can we hear him say how great he is before shouting, “So What?” And just who are these people he’s always talking about that are calling to tell him he’s right? Just asking.

And then there’s this–

Behind a garden modeled on Monet’s, Jeb Bush addressed a lawn-full of chief executives and hedge-fund managers at an East Hampton, estate Saturday morning. While the candidate is no stranger to courting wealthy donors, this time was different: about half the attendees were Democrats.

“This guy sells well,” said Kenneth Lipper, the money manger and registered Dem. who hosted the event, after Bush left. “Virtually the only one who left without writing a check, was a buck deer that wandered past the group assembled on the wooded grounds…”

In some ways, the Hamptons are Hillary territory. The Dems candidate and her husband have often rented summer homes here, and it’s popular with movie stars and entertainers who tilt liberal.

But Lipper estimated that the crowd of about 70 at his event was almost evenly split between the parties, and virtually every one of them donated to Bush. Zipper, 74, said he introduced Bush as the candidate who will “bring unity and civility to the process.” He was impressed when Bush started his visit by introducing himself to Lipper’s kitchen staff.”

Of course he would, they were all illegals who snuck across the boarder out of love for their families.  My question—How dim do you have to be to believe that Jeb can win a general election against any Dem.

How’s that Bush brand name doing? Is Common Core suddenly popular? How about illegal immigration in the wake of Kate Steinle’s senseless murder?

Friends this is a course called False Flag 101, and Bush is the subject. As well as the antithesis of an electable candidate for the GOP.


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If You Think They Can’t Take Your Guns, Read This!

Obama has just published his “Unified Agenda” report. Below is a highlighted version of just some of the “transformation” events that we have left for the next 18 months. It’s staggering. America is gone-at least most parts of America that we are familiar with. Believe me, if this doesn’t make you sick, you’re already dead.

The basic parts of the constitutional protections that make us America will either be gone or compromised so severely we’ll not recognize it. 

THERE IS NO LAME DUCK PRESIDENCY HERE! The rules have changed. A fully compliant and frightened American political party-formerly known as “Republicans’–have so far done everything that Scary Reid would’ve done if he were still leader. The distinction between our parties is nearly gone.

We have one President who has only vetoed Congress FOUR TIMES IN ALMOST SEVEN YEARS!! He doesn’t even have to worry about facing any legislation he doesn’t want to see. Obama should be vetoing new laws EVERY SINGLE DAY when the Republicans control both houses.

The Obama administration intends to unleash a scorched earth campaign over the next 18 months, with a promise to “squeeze every last ounce of progress” and continue “fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”

Following what the media calls his best week ever, Obama was asked how he plans to utilize his newfound political capital. An elated Obama told them, “The list is long,” referring to his 2015 Unified Agenda which identifies the upcoming regulatory actions to be taken by federal bureaucracies. While the Spring 2015 UA is vague concerning it’s 3,415 regulations, clearly its overarching purpose is to enforce American compliance with an ever-expanding body of “international norms” like those required by the TPP and the UN arms trade treaty.

Consequently, the UA contains a number of backdoor gun control measures designed to further restrict the possession, storage, sale and acquistion of firearms and ammunition by law-abiding citizens; yet in contrast, the current administration intends to lessen such restrictions for non-citizens.

Rule 1140-AA44, originally signed by Holder, “would finalize an interim rule published on June 7, 2012 that removes the 90 day state residency requirement for aliens lawfully present in the U.S. to purchase or acquire a firearm.”

Rule 1140-AA05 will “require a firearms purchaser’s affirmative statement of his or her state of residence” although with states like Calif, New York, and even Georgia providing drivers licenses to illegal aliens, a person could enter the country illegally and then purchase a gun on the same day.

Another rule, 1140-AA08, opens the door for nearly unrestricted importation of firearms and ammunition by non-immigrants, i.e., aliens that are in the country temporarily. Generally, the importation of firearms or ammunition by non-immigrant aliens is prohibited by law. Yet the exemptions provided by 1140-AA08 would make sidestepping this prohibition as easy as being “admitted to the U.S. for lawful hunting or sporting purposes,” or by simply filling out a permit application and affirming that one is not in the country on a non-immigrant visa.

Due to Obama’s relaxation of border security and immigration enforcement, the nearly 12 million people who have crossed our borders without any type of visa have now been granted quasi-legal protections. Therefore, under 1140-AA08 this massive population is free to import arms and ammunition without any oversight after entering the country.

These rules are bizarre contradictions for an administration whose effort to deny Americans their birthright to bear arms has been a political hallmark. Even before Obama began fighting gun ownership from the White House, he demonstrated unwavering opposition to an Illinois bill that affirmed a person’s right to protect against home invasion using a firearm. Likewise, Holder famously called for Americans to be “brainwashed” into an anti-gun mindset and led the Justice Depart. as it conspired to kill the Second Amendment by exploiting the inevitable fallout from Operation Fast and Furious.

While resolute in the effort to disarm Americans, the 2015 Unified Agenda is evidence that both Obama and Holder have for years been simultaneously working to grant illegal immigrants and non-citizens unprecedented access to loosely controlled firearms. To understand these otherwise inexplicable rules, they must be put in context with the policies concerning immigration and trade handed down to Obama from previous presidents.

Leading up to last months’ historic vote enabling Obama to move forward with his secret trade negotiations, Senator Sessions fought vigorously in opposition, warning that approval would put the US under the authority of an unaccountable international commission similar to the EU. The deal was described as “NAFTA on Steroids,” harkening back to George H.W. Bush’s trade deal with Canada and Mexico.

However, Obama’s trade and immigration policies were more directly inherited from G.W. Bush, who in 2005 met in Waco Texas, with Mex. president V. Fox and Canadian PM Paul Martin to form the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America. The main purpose was to eliminate barriers to labor and capital flows across the borders.

Predating the UN and the EU, the formation of a unified American megastate became official US policy in 1948 with the creation of the Organization of American States. (OAS) Every president since Truman has appointed an ambassador to the United States Permanent Mission to the OAS whose stated principles include collective security, consolidation of government, fulfillment of obligations to the UN Charter, and effective limitation of conventional weapons. As with the EU a transnational union of the Western Hemisphere will require incredibly draconian and homogeneous gun laws in order to limit conventional weapons in the hands of non-state parties.

The CIFTA treaty, drafted by the OAS and sponsored by Obama, defines “Illicit Manufacturing” as the manufacture or assembly of firearms, ammunition, explosives, and other related material” without a license from a competent governmental authority of the State Party.” This provision would thereby require a federal license for literally every American gun owner who assembles a weapon after breaking it down for cleaning, in addition to requiring separated licenses for those who reload ammunition.

As the unrestricted flow of labor and capital” ultimately mandates that all laws be standardized across the former nations that comprise a transnational union, Second Amendment activist, as well as citizens that are opposed to Obamacare, the threats to private property rights, global taxation without representation and the Texans that have been fighting the Trans-Texas Corridor, would do well to recognize that they all share a common enemy and find ways to coordinate their efforts accordingly.


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Cruz Stands His Ground Against Republicrats

If you were out and about today, you probably missed what took place on the Senate floor. As you know on Friday Cruz got up and with right on his side denounced the Senate leader, Mitch McConnell for lying to him and all the other Rep. senators.

Well today in a special session, those pea brains of smarts, Lamar Alexander, Orrin Hatch and Tom Cornyn got up and rebuked Cruz for daring to call the leader a liar. Cruz, not one to take any guff from these reprobates got up and not backing down, told them that if what he was saying was untrue, why didn’t any of his colleagues get up and say it didn’t happen? That McConnell never looked us in the eye and said there wasn’t a backroom deal.

We really need this man in the White House. Trump is good but Cruz knows the law and is a leader to be proud of. Later Sen. McCain weighed in “I think it was outside the realm of Senate behavior.” Now get this, don’t faint–“I would never contemplate going to the floor of the Senate and impugn the integrity of another senator. Just not something we do here. I really think it was a very wrong thing to do.”

Excuse me but isn’t this the same senator that said from the senate floor that conservatives and anyone who agreed with Cruz on wanting to shut the gov. down was a Wacko bird, or Tea Party Hobbits. He also probably doesn’t remember verbally attacking Mike Lee or Rand Paul, either. Sad, that a man that old and senile is allowed out on his own.

So what was accomplished today? Well, big business got their Import Export Bank, even though the lying leader of the senate said he opposed it. We didn’t get Kate’s law, (I’m sure her family and all those killed by aliens, feels good about that,) and we didn’t get them to defund Planned Parenthood. (I’m sure God will thank them for that on judgement day.)  and Obamacare was voted on again with the same expected results.Why because McConnell said it wasn’t germane to the bill they were attempting to pass, the Highway bill. Ooh, he was generous though and promised to fast track both issues in the fall when they come back. Only one problem. A stand alone bill is subject to a filibuster, requiring 60 votes to proceed, while an amendment would only need 50 votes to be included in the Highway Bill. He knows that, we all know that, so giving us a “fast-track” stand-alone bill is worthless, and he knows it. He didn’t seem to have a problem connecting the Import Export Back to the Highway bill. Nothing germane there.

I think we have to realize that if Trump runs third party it’s not a third party, we still only have two. The Republicrats and the Conservatives.  That’s what we should call them from now on. Republicrat’s.  A tiny brain in front and a big ass in the back. Perfect.

I’ve stated this before but I’ll say it again so everyone understands. If the Republican party can’t find the courage to defund Planned Parenthood, they don’t deserve the White House in 2016.

The most basic of rights is the right to life. We tear apart close to 4,000 little lives a year and most of us shrug it off as if it’s nothing at all. Yet everyone of those innocent souls who started the day off safely tucked away in their mothers wombs wound up being torn apart, burned alive, and thrown in the trash because a woman couldn’t keep her legs closed. The best birth control is the word NO!

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Sen. Grassley Proves Ted Was Right!

Well, I would assume by now you’ve all had a chance to either read or watch Ted Cruz’s amazing speech on the Senate floor Friday. What a great Birthday present! The next item I’m going to talk about only reinforces the truth of what Senator Cruz was saying. I would suggest you contact Sen. Grassley and remind him of Cruz’s speech and that you believe that Grassely is the poster boy for Corporate Cronyism. When you do, you might mention the statistics I will give you later in the article.

As you are well aware, science has proven that ethanol is terrible for car engines, or any engine that runs on gasoline. It reduces fuel efficiency, and hurts the poor as more farms sell their corn for ethanol production and not food.

Sen. Grassley of Iowa, is now leading other farm state Senators to require the EOA to actually increase its 2016 Renewable Fuels Standard. (RS) Yes, you read that right. He wants the EPA to increase fuel standards. It’s bad enough he’s begging the EPA to force the destruction of your engine and the environment, but he also wants to use the tax-code to subsidize farmers for growing biofuels. The so-called “Extenders” bill is coming to Congress. That’s the special interest tax provisions added to the tax code every year to benefit favored industries.

Despite an agreement that the wind energy tax credit would never be renewed again this year, Grassley is pushing to restore an expired tax credit for wind and biofuels as part of this year’s bill.

As Sen Cruz said in his speech, “we appear to be a government run and controlled by special lobbyist. If Grassley is successful in adding these provisions into law, lobbyist fro dozens of corporations who have given millions to politicians will be popping champaign bottles.

  1. American Farm Bureau Federation & state organizations–$1,818,392
  2. Archer Daniels Midland–$760,450
  3. Biotechnology Industry Org.–628,249
  4. Cargill Inc. — $686,500
  5. National corn Growers Ass. –$550,666
  6. National Farmers Union — 169,750

And the list goes on for 12 more companies, for a total of $6,153,3313

Nothing mentioned here in the price of the new cars we’ll have to buy because biofuels wrecked our engines.  You can contact Sen. Chuck Grassley at  202-224-3744

And now for other news.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is paving the way to unseat “obstructionist” Republicans in the House who have successfully blocked much of the organization’s agenda. The move is spurred by Chamber frustration after the group poured nearly $70 million into the 2014 election to strengthen the Republican coalition in the Senate, only to have its efforts thwarted in the House.

The Chamber intends to primary sitting House conservatives who have halted many of its legislative priorities, including immigration reform, the Export-Import Bank’s renewal and a long-term highway bill.

Ken Cuccinelli, president of the Senate Conservative Fund, said the group’s strategy to target conservatives verifies that the lobby organization is interested solely in “cronyism.” “The Chamber exists to force taxpayers to line the pockets of large corporations and will do whatever it takes to defeat lawmakers who fight for the American people.” he said.

David Bozell, president of ForAmerica, said “preserving” conservative members will be a priority in the upcoming election cycle for both his organization and the entire conservative community. “If the Chamber wants to pick a fight, then the conservative movement is going to have to be ready, and I’m sure we will be,” he said.

According to Steve Caldeira, a member of the Chamber’s public affairs committee and CEO of the International Franchise Ass. “The fact that there are still members of the Rep. House that are obstructionist, isolationists that would be willing to shut down the government only reinforces that the Chamber and the business community, for that matter, will double down on this winning formula.” (is he talking about the RINO’s)

This will be a battle of the fittest, and it’s one we can’t afford to lose. Later I will be getting a list of all those businesses that are members of the Chamber and we will picket outside their businesses, to let the people know that they prefer cheap foreign labor to America labor and that perhaps we should take our business elsewhere.

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Ted Cruz Accuses McConnell of Lying on the Senate Floor–Must Hear

Before we get started I suggest that everyone reading this go to and listen to Ted Cruz stand up on the floor of the house and call McConnell for want of a better word, a liar. He also said that McConnell is no better than Harry Reid. You have to hear this and share. Unfortunately it’s a C-Span video and they don’t allow it to be used except with their permission. This is something I never thought I’d hear anyone say on the floor of the Senate. It’s absolutely breath taking. If they’ve move the item to a lower spot, you looking for “Ted Cruz Slams MCConnell, Accuses Him of Lying on the Senate Floor, Says He Can’t be Trusted. 


You really need to be dead from the neck up and zombie like from there down not to be appalled by what Planned Parenthood has been up to lately. Sadly, as usual, the left is getting ready to kill the messenger.  The justice department headed by Loretta Lynch, that stiller individual that the Republicans couldn’t wait to confirm has opened a probe not into what PP is doing but whether those getting the information out broke the law.

_Center Executive Director David Daleiden isn’t phased. “They will attack me and my organization all day long, but that doesn’t change the facts about what our investigation has uncomvered and what the people now know –  PP is engaged in an enterprise-wide operation that traffics and sells baby body parts.”

There are three reasons for this. First, the Obama administration is really down with killing babies. It was a deservedly obscure Ill. state senator whose initials are BO who voted against a bill that would make it illegal to kill a baby when the abortion failed and it was born alive. The second is that this scandal has rocked PP to its foundations. The Infanticide Caucus in Congress is trying to protect the organization that is a huge source of Democrat campaign cash and foot soldiers.

The third reason is that this sting was years in the making and there are more videos coming. By launching a federal investigation the DoJ hopes to scare the people behind the operation and deter them from releasing more video’s. And don’t be surprised if DoJ issues a gag order and seize the material CMP has to prevent its release.  Seven years ago I would have said no–that’s crazy talk–but now, we know this type of thing is standard practice.

But wait, there’s more! Our brave and courageous leader of the house. The illustrious John Boehner, WON’T DEFUND PLANNED PARENTHOOD. Why you asked? Because he wants “facts first.” My question, and excuse my language, What the hell more does he need?  They’re pulling infants apart, crushing their bodies and selling their parts.

And they wonder why Trump is doing so well. Republican leaders will not fight and will not lead. They’re scared someone might not vote for them and that the left will write nasty things about them. They don’t want to be disliked by the special people. To hell with the people who sent them there.

I can’t understand it. It’s impossible to gather this many people from such a divergent background. How can 480 Republicans in both houses get every major issue wrong. It’s  IMPOSSIBLE. It is also impossible that so many men and women have so little character, so little self-repsect, so little courage that they fold like a cheap suit EVERY SINGLE TIME.  The only reasonable explanation I can come up with is that they’ve been bought, or compromised in some way. I mean when was the last time the Dems in mass changed their stand on an issue? People only act this way when their afraid, and it doesn’t seem that fear is of us.



Here’s another question. Did Dreamworks give PP permission to use their intellectual property in an official capacity? Does Dreamworks, in fact support baby harvesting, and this is their way of tacitly admitting that.  I for one would like to know the answer to that before the Christmas shopping season.

It seems that PP likes to claim support from mainstream corporate America, for their abortion services, but that support does not actually exist. Coca-Cola, Ford Motors, Xerox, March of Dimes and other have hastily, if not desperately scrambled to explain. So it’s possible that PP is doing something similar here, although, messing with a major studio’s intellectual property is sufficiently dangerous that it makes it hard to believe the image was used without permission. Remember that when you’re looking for a movie to take your KIDS to. Many, thanks to PP will never get to see them. 

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This is Leadership

I wanted very badly to copy a video of Carly Fiorina absolutely wiping Jack Tappers clock on the issue of Planned Parenthood, but was unable to transfer it to the blog. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Sadly, this time it didn’t.  I think this tells you all you need to know to realize there are a few good conservatives running in this race. According to the Washington times, they only candidates running with a message are Trump, Cruz, Fiorina, and Bernie Sanders.




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Can Someone Tell Me Where I Can Find America? It’s Gone Missing

Alright, where did America go? It was here just a minute ago and now it’s gone. How do I know? Well, maybe because we can sell aborted baby tissue over lunch. Maybe because we can lose five marines on American soil to a terrorist attack and it takes the guy pretending to be Pres. almost a week to lower the flag. We have people shouting black lives matter but only when they get shot by colorless guys, not people of their own color. They also matter except if their unwanted and so aborted. But of course that’s my bigotry talking. The President defends every federal law but the one prohibiting sanctuary cities, and will veto the bill to withhold federal funds.

Christians no longer have a right to live their convictions, but the President, just two days after our soldiers where shot, did this—President Obama on Thursday wished Muslims in America and around the world “Eid Mubarak!” or a blessed Eid, praising efforts to recognize the end of Ramadan as a holiday.

The holiday is a reminder to every American of the importance of respecting those of all faiths and beliefs,” he said in a statement.  He also praised looney tune de Blasio for making the end of Ramadan a school holiday. 

Now wait just a minute here. Isn’t Ramadan a RELIGIOUS holiday? And don’t the Mullah’s use Eid, as a call to kill the infidel? So great. Using that as a blueprint, we should be changing Spring Break back to what it was originally–Easter. And what about Christmas? Shouldn’t we now, because we respect everyones religion bring back nativity scenes? If this is all about reminding us of the importance of respecting those of all faiths and beliefs, then shouldn’t  Muslims do the same where Christianity is concerned? And shouldn’t that mean that Christians whose faith and beliefs cause them to withhold their services for homosexual marriages be respected as well, instead of being condemned for them?

Now there’s a gun store owner down in Florida that’s declared his shop a Muslim free zone. CAIR intends to met with him tomorrow and explain the Korean and what it teaches. So, if we’re to respect each others faith, then shouldn’t that Gun store owner be allowed to share the Bible with CAIR?

Moving on, John Kasich declared for the Presidency today and I’d be willing to vote Chris Christie, Jeb Bush, Donald Trump or Joe Blow before I’d vote for Kasich. I would feel the same for any candidate that put him on the ticket as VP. In fact, I will not vote for President in 2016 if God and the Republicans decide to punish us with John Kasich as the nominee.

If Republicans elevate to the national stage the man who said Jesus told him to support Obamacare, I can only say that we do indeed deserve Hillary. They will tell you he’s on the ticket because we need Ohio. I would say if Ohio voted for Kasich, we don’t need those people either. If you need Kasich as your running mate, then don’t waste my time, I’ll be preparing for the second coming of the Clinton administration. Kasich is Jon Huntsman with the smile.

Wait for it, we have a candidate to run against Boehner next year. His name is J.D Winteregg and he’s not just any challenge this will be his second time around and he’ll need our help. It’s a long article but you can read all you need to know about him at

Would someone out there write in the comment section if you’re able to click on and connect with the web addresses I put in the blogs? I’m having a problem with it and it’s useless to add it in if you can’t get to it. Thanks, and that’s it for today, I have to go and start thinking about how I can appreciate the Muslim religion. That is I will after I throw up.  Oh wait, one more thing. Here’s what we’ll need to defeat the Give Away Deal we made with Iran.

We can thank Sen. Corker for this. Lets just say that Obama vetoes the no vote on the Iran deal. To override the veto, we’d need every Republican in both houses. We’ll also need 13 Dem. Senators and 45 House Dems. What’s the odds on getting all our members in both house to vote in unison and that many Dems to vote along with us. It ain’t going to happen. I can think of at least six Senators that would come out and say we need to give the Pres. deal a chance. Can you guess who they are. Prizes will be awarded in 2020 so stand by. I’ll mention here that the big O has already gone to the U.N. So who needs those stinking Congressman? And did you hear of the secret deals he made with the U.N. that he’s not sharing with the rest of his serfs.

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