Sexual Disease Skyrocket–Gov., Hasn’t A Clue Why

Hi everyone, sorry I’ve not been writing for the last few days but I’m in Indiana watching my son’s soccer team play the last two games before the play off’s. So far one down and one to go. The game was scoreless to overtime and then in the first 45sec., of the first overtime they scored on a corner kick that went directly into the goal. This year their 12/1. My son’s head woman’s soccer coach of Taylor University, a Christian school in Upland Indiana. So now only one to go till the playoffs that will determine who goes to the nationals. OK, I’m done bragging.

There’s been a lot going on in the world of deviant sex lately and it’s not go. And no, I have no first hand knowledge. I’m like the candidates and the president. I didn’t know it till I read it in the papers. We all know that for some the more depraved the act is, the more it titillates. And that explains the next two stories.

  1. Experts have warned about a new craze in which men are secretly seeking and spreading HIV. The reckless practice, known as bug chasing, started in the US as a bizarre means of getting a sexual high from risk-taking.

Now, according to one man whose willingly caught the virus, hundreds of men in the UK are introducing themselves on online forums, Facebook groups and Twitter. Many then meet up and try to transmit the potentially life-threatening virus, which attacks the immune system weakening the body’s ability to fight disease.

This can result in full-blown AIDS. a lethal and horrific disease. However,

Some bug-chasers actually claim the virus gives them a better quality of life because of the medication they subsequently have to take.

…and that others have to pay for, either through higher insurance rates or higher taxes.

Nick, 30, said” “I feel fit as a fiddle. I feel full of energy and healthier as a result of being on my medication. I get my liver function tests every three months, my cholesterol tested regularly and I get loads of general health checks so if there are any underlying conditions I know straight away. Even better, I get it all on the NHS.”

Isn’t socialized medicine marvelous? Meanwhile, normal people drink the water out of flower vases so as not to die of thirst in understaffed British hospitals. (True story)

According to Nick he’s had unprotected sex with over 1,000 men before acquiring the virus, and 20 men since. I thought the whole idea behind gay sex was they only wanted a chance to marry like other people. Who has sex with a thousand people that isn’t named Clinton?

“I have faced a lot of vitriol on my blog,” Nick said. “But I just think that as it’s between two consenting adults, it’s no one else’s business.”

The people who have to pay for it aren’t consenting. In fact his treatment comes out to be on average $12,228 per year. That’s other peoples money. I say let him die.

2. The federal government’s most brilliant minds are stumped. They can’t understand why the following is happening.

Infections from three sexually spread diseases have hit another record high. Chlamydia was the most common. More that 1.5 million cases were reported in the U.S. last year, up 6% from the year before.

Nearly 400,000 gonorrhea cases were reported, up 13 percent. And there were about 24,000 cases of the most contagious forms of syphillis, up 19%. Officials at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say part of the growth may be due to better testing and diagnosis, but much of it’s a real increase. They’re not sure why.  (I am)

Could it be because this same government and liberal media is bending over backward to promote sexual degeneracy in general and homosexuality in particular. In case that doesn’t clear things up, here’s another clue:


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What Does the Pentagon and Target Have In Common? Guess!

If you think America is sane, think again. The Pentagon has produced a handbook outlining the new official policy regarding the promotion of sexual freakishness in the armed forces.

Under the new policies, military commanders are now responsible for approving or denying sex changes for troops who self-identify as the opposite sex, according to the 72 page handbook, “Transgender Service in the U.S. Military: An Implementation Handbook, published Sept 30. 

Close your mouth, you read that right. According to the handbook, transexuals must not be stigmatized, and they must be referred to by their preferred pronoun, regardless of biological reality. Pronouns may vary by time of day.

“Social transition, in the military context, will generally encompass living in the preferred gender after duty hours,” the handbook stated. “You may encounter a situation where you know a service member by one name during duty hours and another after duty hours; this all depends on the individual’s transition.” 

No, your not crazy. This is our military. Forcing servicemen to indulge lunatics in their creepy delusions is unlikely to enhance morale or cohesion. It isn’t intended to. Under its current Commander in Chief and probably the next one as well, the military is not a fighting force but a social engineering laboratory.

Just imagine. If you were Trump, that means you could tell locker room crude jokes with your “male” buddy during the day, maybe even fight a war, then come nightfall you could take that same buddy, now a “she” out to dinner and dancing. What a treat.

And they wonder why enlistment is down. I’m sorry but whoever the generals are that decided to agree with this rather than stand down and say no way, are probably the ones dressing up at night. And think of the poor commander. The first time he agrees to one soldiers sex change and not the other, he’s looking at a lawsuit at best, at losing his commission and pension on the other. How many commanders do you think will decide to retire?

And then there’s this.

Remember Target? That store we use to shop at till they decided to make their bathrooms into little more than a peep show. Well, I’m here to tell you that they want us all to know how concerned they are about our welfare. Yep, they are. In fact, so concerned are they, that they are removing all clown masks, whether scary or not off the shelves. Yes that rights ladies and gentlemen.

Now I have to be honest here and say that I’ve never liked clowns. There’s something unnatural about them. I’ve never thought them funny and preferred to keep my distance when visiting a carnival or circus.

But now, people in clown mask have been luring children into the woods in recent months. Supposedly there have been multiple reported incidents. However, Target had no reports on whether there had been an increase or decrease in the number of clown masks that have been sold since reports started of clown sightings. According to Target, this decision was made out of “sensitivity to the issue at hand,” the rep said.

I should mention here that Target won’t report on whether the quantity of clown masks sold has changed in any way. They just want to be sensitive. Rather like the Washington Post questioning whether dog costumes are sexist, (no just stupid and degrading to the animal) and a University of Florida memo warning students of offensive Halloween costumes and offering counseling if they become a “victim.” Really? Seriously? A victim of a Halloween custom. Parents are you paying for this nonsense?

It wouldn’t be so bad if these were worthwhile causes, like marching for blacks to have the right to integrate–no, I’m sorry, that’s no longer viable. Now they don’t want to integrate. They want separate dooms because living that close to WHITE PEOPLE is scary and demeaning. But getting back to Target.

Target seems more concerned with clowns then the ones who go into girls bathrooms and try to sexually assault the real women and girls who use them. No, I don’t believe people who actually identify as transgender will attack others. Instead, I believe predators will latch on to society’s increasingly lax attitudes toward deviant sexuality and harm others. But that’ just me, and remember I’m afraid of clowns. Both at Target and in the Pentagon.

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Could This Be a Hail Mary Election?

it’s only happened two times in the history of our republic. First, in 1801 the House of Representatives chose Thomas Jefferson over Aaron Burr to break 73 to 73 electoral vote deadlock. Second, fittingly with the populist plain – speaker of his day, Andrew Jackson in a four-man race against John Quincy Adams, William Crawford, and the Speaker of the House Henry Clay (who was widely hated). The House chose Adams, who had 14 less electoral votes than Jackson.

Every election cycle, some in the media and pundit class fantasize about a deadlock, or an election where no one wins an outright majority of electoral votes. In 1980 the Atlantic succumbed to this brand of fantasy with Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter, with Mondale named Acting President boy the Senate. “This is not idle fantasy,” liberal scholars intoned with gravitas.

In this particular election, the candidates are both just awful enough to go back to the well one more time for the Hail Mary of all elections. Could Evan McMullin throw the race into the House?

Benjamin Morris at FiveThirtyEight seems to think there’s a better than zero chance. McMullinn is doing very well in Utah, which makes sense since he’s a Mormon. If Mitt Romney, whose Mormon blood runs GOP red and has so far resisted all attempts to get him to turn on his party and formally endorse McMullin, it may give the independent enough oomph to take the state and its six electoral votes.

Then it gets hairy. Trump has to win Ohio, North Carolina, New Hampshire, and split Maine to have a chance at stopping Clinton short of 270. So then what? We go back to the “nobody wins” scenario. We end up with the House trying to decide between Clinton, Trump and McMullin, while the Senate chooses Pence or Kaine to serve as Acting President should the House take too long.

And note that the 20th Amendment specifies that the incoming Congress, not the outgoing, decides the results. This means it’s more likely Kaine will end up selected by the Senate. It also means some Republicans might be persuadable to Clinton’s side (or McMullin’s) versus throwing themselves at Trump’s feet.

If the election is thrown into the House, it’s very likely that Trump will lose, even with a Republican majority. How’s that for party solidarity? It also somewhat validates Trump’s claim that the election is rigged.

It was rigged by our founders to keep despotic ignoramuses like himself out. It was further rigged in 1803 when Congress passed the 12th Amendment (effective when New Hampshire ratified it on June 15, 1804 — those New Hampshirites tend to do that a lot.) It was even further rigged in 1932 when Congress set forth the inauguration date as Jan. 20th. It’s all rigged.

Congress is the ultimate backstop for deciding who governs this citizen – sovereign country. That’s as it should be.

The best solution here is to keep both Clinton and Trump out. If that means McMullin, a relative nobody, with a great resume (BYU graduate, CIA, counterterrorism, Goldman Sachs, senior adviser on the Hill, chief policy director for the House Republican Conference) ends up in the Oval Office, that’s the best possible outcome.

It’s also a Hail Mary. But McMullin is either an authorized write-in or is on the ballot in at least 45 states. I for one, will be writing his name in on my ballot. You hold your nose Trump supporters might consider doing the same.

When Trump was headed for the nomination, I declared that he should lose in the most embarrassing landslide since Jimmy Carter.

Were Trump to lose all 50 states – a landslide of such profound proportions that the question of blame becomes moot – the overwhelming rejection would shock the Republican Party to its foundations. Many consultants would lose their jobs immediately. Quislings and profiteers would shake in their boots. The talk would be practically never – ending as each shard of the broken GOP is carefully examined. 

In short, none of Trump boosters would get away with blaming anyone but themselves. The message to those who participated in the putsch: Repent or be exiled. The Samson Contingency goes beyond simple “I’ll stay home” #NeverTrump-ism. It’s a call to actively destroy the pillars and collapse the temple on top of us, while trying to preserve what remains. 

Better than this is putting McMullin in office through a House-decided election. There are 21 days until Election Day. There’s still time to make it happen. It’s a much better outcome than letting Hillary win, which is almost a conceded point right now.

I’m voting for McMullin and let democracy (small “d”) do its thing.

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Evangelicals Have Given Up the Moral High Ground to Support an Immoral Low Life

After the “Grabby” tapes came out Utah’s Mormon Republican delegation to Congress was quick to denounce Trump and withdraw their endorsements. I expected many evangelical Christians to do the same. I was wrong.

According to Christianity Today, only one Christian leader repudiated Trump. Instead, many have rallied to defend him. Dr. James Dobson denounced Trump’s comments then quickly pivoted to attack Clinton on abortion and religious liberty, as did Ralph Reed. Franklin Graham said Trump’s comments “cannot be defended” and does not endorse any candidate, but said that “the most important issue of this election is the Supreme Court.” Sam Rodriguez, head of the National Hispanic Leadership Conference said that God uses “broken people to accomplish great things.”

The problem as I see it is that too many Christians emphasize God’s forgiveness. What they forget in their rush to forgive Trump is that forgiveness requires repentance (Luke 17:3) “If your brother or sister sins against you, rebuke them; and if they repent, forgive them.” Has Trump repented? There’s no sign of it. Last year, he was unclear on whether he had ever asked for forgiveness and said that he tried “not to make mistakes where I have to ask for forgiveness” according to the Christian Post. The Bible says that all, including Trump, have sinned (Romans 3:23) “For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God.” When asked about repentance, he said, “I think repenting is terrific.”

Why I’m surprised by all this I have no idea. Christians have been excusing his behavior for the past year. Most of the discussions about Trump’s “Grab Me” tapes discuss it in a vacuum, as if it’s the only blemish on an otherwise spotless record. In reality, Trump’s career has been one long history of corruption and lies. He bragged about cheating on his wife. He allegedly committed fraud with Trump U. He boasted of paying elected officials for favors. Trump was vulgar, insulting and a fountain of false statements and Christians loved him.

Franklin Graham reportedly compared Trump to Moses, and David and said that he was better than the alternative. Falwell, Jr. endorsed Trump over all other Republican candidates last January. Christians compared Trump to the Biblical king, Nebuchadnezzar and pointed out that God used ungodly men to accomplish his will. Eric Metals, the author of a biography of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a German Christian martyr who died resisting Hitler, said in the Christian Post that “sometime you have to hold your nose and vote for the person who is going to do the least damage or who is going to pull you back from the brink.”

To be fair, not all Christians love Trump. There were a few who stood on principle and told the truth about the “truth-teller.” Russell Moore and Albert Mohler, were among the few who spoke out against Trump early on. The Religion News Service lists more, such as Max Lucado and Erick Erickson. Rep. Reid Ribble (R-Wisc) penned “The Evangelical Case Against Donald Trump” last Feb.

Most of my Christian friends who support Trump seem to do so for three reasons. First, the Supreme Court. Never mind he backed away from the list of conservative jurists that he promised to use to fill court vacancies. Second, his purported -pro-life platform. Never mind that he was the only Rep. candidate who supported PP throughout most of the primary, and only changed his mind last month. Third, religious liberty. Never mind he refused to support the First Amendment Defense Act and seems to disagree with Christians on gay rights. His commitment to religious liberty extends no further than allowing churches to be politically active. And finally the big one—Trump is “not Hillary.”

In fact, he’s so “not Hillary” that his supporters seem willing to excuse any sin on that basis. I have many friends who’ve jumped on the Trump train and it’s like the “invasion of the Body Snatchers.” Once they commit to Trump, all moral concerns fail. No matter what he does, defeating Hillary is more important.

The problem is they quickly fall into the moral equivalence trap. They criticize Hillary’s lies, but never Trump’s. They condemn Bill’s behavior but make excuses for Trump’s. They argue against Hillary’s liberalism, but dismiss Trump’s. Any criticism of Trump leads to the accusation that I must be a closet Hillary supporter and a liberal.

According to Buzzfeed, Trump needed prepping to know how to answer questions about Christianity and social conservatism. An early tipoff of his insincerity was his “Two Corinthians” flub. Of course he blamed the two Timothy’s for that.

If Trump is biblically illiterate so are most Americans. A recent survey by Lifeway found that most Americans believe the Bible, they just don’t know what it says. It found that evangelical Christians actually knew less about Christian beliefs than Americans at large. 

If Christians were reading their bibles, they might know that Paul commanded them “not to associate with sexually immoral people” (1Corinthians 5:9) and that “bad company corrupts good character” (1Corinthians 15:33) As Trump bellowed, “I alone can fix it” at the Rep. convention, they might have thought about Jesus’ warning that “false prophets will appear and perform great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect.” (Matthew 24:24)

Christian woman are waking up. Julie Roys, a host for Moody Radio Network, says, “I honestly don’t know what makes me more sick. Listening to Trump brag about groping women or listening to my fellow evangelicals defend him.”  She also said and I agree, “Trump may do less damage than Hillary, but he’s done far worse damage to the evangelical church than anyone in recent history.

“Let’s remember that the church — not politics –is the only real hope of reforming the character of the nation and saving it from destruction. That’s why the witness of the church is simply not worth trading for a political victory.”  Roy is right. Trump has revealed many Christians to be moral hypocrites. This has hurt their standing in their communities.

Roys acknowledges the difference between a reluctant vote for Trump and actively making excuses for him. “if you feel you must vote for him to prevent a Clinton presidency, then do so, “But please, don’t argue like Ralph Reed of the Faith and Freedom Coalition that ‘a 10- year-old tape of a private conversation’ should ‘rank low’ on our “hierarchy of concerns.”

After the election, when the smoke clears and Trump supporters wake up to the hangover of four years of Clinton, elected because of their unfaltering support for an extremely flawed, dishonest candidate, maybe Christian Trumpers will realize what the have wrought. Their defense of Trump’s moral behavior had degraded the whole culture and done serious damage to American Christianity. The church has become hot for politics and “lukewarm” on Jesus and morality. It may be time for a rebuke.

How in the future can Christian’s ever look a sinner in the face and declare him a sinner. When they’ll simply say it didn’t bother you when Trump sins. You overlooked that.

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Stupidity on Campus Just Get’s Worse

If you’re paying a high tuition fee to send your kids to college and they’re pushing this sort of stupidity, perhaps rather than provide free tuition as the Dems are suggesting, we should simply shut down these universities and start over. Listen to this pampered college student tell us how wonderful she feels. According to her, wearing a Hijab is liberating.


One reason there have been severe problems assimilating Islamic immigrants is the massive numbers involved. Another is vehement resistance to assimilation. A third is that Muslim culture is not compatible with Western Civilization. This story is illustrative:

A muslim man in Norway has been detained for raping his daughter as a punishment after she became ‘too Western.’ The man, in his 40’s has been charged with rape and incest after he attacked his daughter in their family home in the city of Fredrikstad. Police prosecutors have said the daughter told officers she was raped by her father as a punishment for living a Western lifestyle. Both father and daughter are of a non-European background.

Evidently, the objective was to punish her by shaming her. For every story like this that makes the news, there are a thousand sordid tales we never hear of girls bullied and if necessary beaten into abject submission to the Islamic way, which entails the rejection of Western culture and values.

Perhaps the girl in the above video, should talk to the girl in the picture below.


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Mr. Peabody’s Way Back Machine

Let me tell you a story. No, not a fairy tale, a real honest to goodness story. It’s about the end of WWI. Yep, we’re going back in time. Let’s use Mr. Peabody’s “Way Back” machine.

Near the end of WWI the Germans were getting slaughtered. The nation was running out of food due to ships being blockaded, the farmers were forced into the army, their equipment confiscated for the war effort, and even their animals taken to pull the weapons of war or eaten. Most small businesses were gone, and the people were in a very bad situation. Many were starving to death. But it didn’t matter.

Nope, none of that mattered. The German’s were winning the war. They were winning all the important battles so the sacrifices made were seen by the populous to be worth the cost. They’d get all that back when they won. The French, the English, would be made to pay. The newspapers continued to tell the people how great everything was. How it was only a matter of time and the Germans would be victorious. Only they weren’t.

Their government had lied big time to the people. When news came that they had lost, the people couldn’t believe it. How could this be? We were told we were winning. We sacrificed everything we had for the cause and now you tell us never mind? Our country is in ruin, our farms devastated, the men needed to work them gone, and all because you refused to tell us the truth.

There were riots in the street, the people revolted, government officials were murdered, the place was a total mess. All of this in the end led to the Germans choosing a new leader. One that could fix it. Make it work. Get even for all the heartache the German people had suffered. They choose Hitler.

But wait. Hitler lied as well. Hitler was a nationalist. He hated anyone who wasn’t of Germanic decent. He longed to “make Germany great again,” to regain it’s glory, to be the Savior of the Nation. You know what happened.

Now, Mr. Peabody, bring us back to the present. Yes, here we are. Now, we’re told by the Trump campaign that our side is winning. That the polls are all wrong, that it’s just a matter of time and “Mr. Grabby” will take his rightful place in the oval office. No wait, he wants his office to remain at Trump Towers. So forget the oval office. Rush and Hannity and O’ Reilly tell us we’re on an upward trajectory. They tell us “Don’t believe what our lying eyes are telling us.” Don’t listen to the polls, look at the number of people at the rallies. (Hitler had huge rallies) Look at the number of people on his tweeter account and that follow him on Facebook.

Ladies and gentleman, the war is almost over and like the Germans, those who followed Trump into Fantasyland are going to be just as upset. Trump has essentially abandoned his campaign and turned his guns on his follow Republicans. He’s in free fall in the polls, he’s just given up in Virginia without spending a dime on advertising that could make a difference and he losing to Evan MacMullin in Utah. Given that early voting has already begun, my sister, voted for Evan in S.C. yesterday, with my blessing.

Like the Government and military of Germany, the Trump campaign has been lying through their teeth, and our gullible citizens, have believed everything but what their ears and eyes have told them.

When the fall out begins it won’t be pretty. Like the citizens of Germany, those who believed in Trump won’t believe he lied. He’ll tell them he was cheated out of a win by the Republican party and they’ll, in their god like worship of him believe it. He’s already sitting the stage to blame everyone but himself.

Unlike Trump, Hitler had actually fought in the war. He served as a carrier going from one point of battle to the next carrying directives to the fighters. It was the most dangerous job imaginable. He was wounded and gassed. He won a medal for his service, one reserved for officers. He was enlisted. He hated immorality and refused to join his fellows when having their nightly drunken ruts with France ladies of the night.

Looks like even Hitler had higher morals than Trump did. When Trump loses, it will come as a total surprise to his faithful followers. The disorienting collision between propaganda and reality made the Germans vulnerable to stab-in-the-back conspiracy theories and other inflammatory rhetoric, (which Hitler took advantage of)  resulting in further catastrophe a few years down the road.

Trump’s true believers will provide another rich opportunity for demagogues and conspiracy mongers. Hillary will give them ammunition, and in the not to distant future, history will play itself out.




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Beth Moore defends God, Laura Ingraham defends Trump.

Folks I think you know that I have never delibrately misled you. When I find I’ve told you something I later find to be false, I tell you. I have tried to make sure that everything I wrote, though not always spelt correctly or punctuated properly, was well researched and as near the truth as I could make it. What I tell you now you know in your heart is true. This election was foreordained the moment Trump won the nomination.

You are being lied to, but not by me. The Trump propaganda arm has ruthlessly blotted out news that hurts Trump. From talk radio to websites that are pro-Trump, the Trumpian horde has been in a bubble. They do not realize that in the real world Trump is crashing down in a defeat of his own making. They are being lied to and others are being blamed for Trumps fall.

Today, one of the most influential women in America, a woman who never engages in politics, just spoke out against him.

You may not know who Beth Moore is, but millions upon millions of evangelical women in America do. They go to bible studies based on her books. They watch her YouTube clips. They follow her on Twitter. They attend conferences where they know she is speaking. She is highly, highly influential with a key segment of the population that might have once leaned in for Trump — evangelical women. But Beth Moore has had enough.

Those of you who don’t know the demographic can be dismissive of it all you want, but Moore’s rejection of Trump gives license to many millions of women to reject him as well. She has reminded people that Biblical authority and standards must trump politics. She has reminded people that endorsing those who revel in sin ends badly.

Trump was always going to lose but the margins of defeat are growing.

Now lets talk about another woman. I’m talking here about Laura Ingraham. I call this a contrast of two women. Laura always talks about her catholic beliefs, how she visited the pope and how her church is so important to her. But now she has Trump. It seems Trump has come out, and as I’ve written earlier, threatened our down ballot candidates, but telling his followers to vote against them if they don’t stand with him.

Ryan it seems has a conscience and has decided that he can no longer support Trump. He canceled a joint appearance with Trump and announced he’d not appear with the GOP nominee at all between now and election day. Ryan told his fellow Rep., candidates to focus on their own races and work to get re-elected in an increasingly difficult climate for Republicans.

That doesn’t sit well with Laura because she is all in for her favorite and is now saying that anyone who stands against Trump deserves to lose their seats. One thing about Laura is that she’s a quick learner. She seems to be able to mirror Trump before his words are even tweeted. For a group who say their sole purpose in voting for Trump is to keep the courts, telling people to vote down ballot for Dems, or not at all is defeating their supposed purpose.

If they fail to vote down ballot, or not vote at all they’re handing the House to Pelosi, and there is no way in hell she’ll ever do anything remotely conservative. If by not voting down ballot they give the Senate to Chucky Schumer, the court is gone not to mention the Constitution. So all this talk about why you’re voting for this foul mouthed loon, is just so much talk. Trumps people could care less about the courts. It’s all about Trump. And remember, Trump is at heart a Dem. He’ll have no trouble at all working with that party in the

Obviously Laura’s faith is taking a back set to her belief in Trump. I would think that anyone who espouses their Catholic beliefs as she does would find Trumps language and morals impossible to support. Rather like Beth Moore has. But not so.

What Trump and his supporters, like Ingraham, have not apparently learned is that if a candidate is going to demand unflinching loyalty, he or she needs to demonstrate unflinching loyalty, and throughout this election cycle Trumps only loyalty has been to himself. That makes for a very short list of people to call when it comes time to get some help.

Trump and Laura simply don’t want to understand that by demonizing our congressional leaders she is making it easier for people to vote for the Dems. So then the question becomes, “does voting against our candidates for the house and senate hand the congress over to the Dems. And isn’t that what they’re accusing those of us who won’t vote Trump as doing?

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The Apocalypse is Upon Us

I’m sitting here this morning drinking my cup of tea and wondering if it would be less painful to take sleeping pills or arsenic. I’m leaning toward sleeping pills as I can lay myself out to at least look decent when someone finds me, and not all hunched up in my own agonizing last screams.

And why am I so morbid? Well, it could be because the NBC/Wall Street Journal poll is showing Trump is now collapsing: he’s 32 percent to Hillary’s 52 percent in a two way race. In a four way race its 46/35. On the generic Congressional ballot, Dems outstrip Reps, by 49/42. Trump is not merely losing, he’s dragging the entire party down with him, just in time to hand our government in it’s entirety to the Socialist.

This is what happens when you nominate a combination of Todd Akin and Mark Foley to the presidency.

In late Aug. 2012, Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin made comments on a local radio show about rape and abortion. His comments made him a national laughing stock. Reps., across the nation immediately cut ties, sacrificing his Senate seat in an attempt to prevent the electoral infection from spreading. In the end we lost just two Senate seats and eight house seats.

In Sept. 06, Mark Foley (R-FL) was caught in a scandal involving sexual liaisons with Congressional pages. This time we lost 30 seats in the House and control of the chamber to Nancy Pelosi.

Imagine if Akin and Foley had been the presidential candidate. And imagine if the Reps., had then insisted on tying themselves to him.

That’s 2016.

Let’s admit it, the election is over. The only people who don’t know it are the demented editorialist at Breitbart, Hannity and Rush. They’re clinging to an alternative reality–one that says Trump could still win but only if everybody stays loyal to him. Trump’s debate performance gives just enough credibility to this fiction that Reps., will stay in line. Trump tossed red meat at Rep., and they’re eating it up – Republican officials who continue to defect will be punished by those who think they’re doing so because they’re too weak-kneed to attack the Clintons. That’s why Paul Ryan got booed after refusing to invite Trump to an event on Sat. The day the “grab and go” tape broke.

Here’s Robert Costa of the Washington Post, reporting just that:

In calls this morning, many R’s privately want to defect from Trump. But they say the debate gave them pause since he roused their base.

The hemorrhaging of Republicans away from Trump has stopped for the moment, even if some like Speaker Ryan are gradually attempting to edge away quietly.

In theory, that’s fine. In practice, it’s the equivalent of a Viking funeral: The Viking dies, and the community insists that his widow climb on the funeral pyre with him.

Trump’s pride demands that if his candidacy is dead, everyone burns with him, like the heathen kings of old. And burn they shall. Trump informed his voters on Sunday that anyone who wouldn’t support him should be punished at the polls, raising the ugly specter of people voting for Trump at the top of the ballot and then leaving the rest blank. So Trump will go down and take the rest down with him — and chortle while doing so:

More from Costa–

Meanwhile, Trump circle gloating. Privately mocking elected Rs who are agonizing. One laughed and said, “We don’t care.”

Trump isn’t a Republican or a conservative, and probably doesn’t think things will be bad if Hillary and the Dems., are elected. That’s the sick joke of this cycle. His supporters think it’s the end of the world, and they’re close to right – but Trump is perfectly happy to watch the Reps., and conservatives go down in fiery ruins just so he can feel good about the size of his hands.

And Hillary know it. For months, she’s tried to separate Trump off from normal Republicans, thinking that she can draw them to her side by creating an option to escape Trump. Now that she knows she’s going to win big, she’s going for the kill: linking all Republicans to Trump, hoping to win the House.

This is a full-scale disaster. Hillary’s looking to exploit it. And Republicans are too short-sighted to stop it.

But it’s not just about losing the presidency and the Congress. Trump has done something else, too: by forcing Republicans to lash themselves to the Trumpian Titanic as it takes on water, he’s forced them to destroy their own arguments and their own cause. Republicans have spent decades fighting the leftist false narrative of a broad American war on women – and now they’re spending all their time writing off talk of sexual assault as “locker room talk.” They spent decades telling voters that character matters – then when their candidate brags about attempting to sleep with married women, they shrug it off by citing King David in Biblically illiterate fashion. Republicans have said that they’re not racist and neither is America – and then brushed off a guy who went easy on the KKK and used “textbook racism” against a judge of Mexican descent.

They’re giving Dems., all the fodder they’ll need for decades more of false arguments about the evils of Reps., and the American people.

None of this means you can’t vote for Trump. You can, it’s possible to condemn in the strongest terms all of Trump’s evils, and still make a lesser-of-two-evils choice. But many Republican leaders aren’t capable of the cognitive dissonance, so instead they make excuses for Trump, make light of his disgusting rhetoric and actions, and lose women, minorities, and an entire generation of young voters in the process. Not to mention their souls.

The Trump advocates wanted to see everything burn. They’re going to get their wish. But Hillary’s going to be the one holding the match and laughing hysterically while Trump sits off to the side, secure in the knowledge that at least he demonstrated what a tough guy he is.

So what will we lose when Schumer is Leader of the Senate. Forget any rights under the 1st and 2nd amendments, forget the illegal problem, there won’t be one because everyone will be legal. Forget all the babies that will be aborted and their bodies used for reseach. Forget letting men in women bathrooms, they’ll be welcome with open arms, forget sending your kid to a christian college, there won’t be any they’ll lose their accreditation, forget any rights christians might have, oh, and guns, they’ll be gone. But at least we’ll still be in America, maybe—-

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Some Evangelical Preachers are Finally Seeing the Light

Any Preacher or Christian worth his salt knows that John’s First Epistle contains both multiple assurances to true believers in Christ as well as stark indicators of those who are not. From the moment Trump insisted that he was an evangelical (and I’ll bet he can’t define the root term) Christian while repeatedly boasting of never having asked God for forgiveness, John’s triple indictment should’ve been obvious to everyone:

1:6  If we say we have fellowship with him while we walk in darkness, we lie and do not practice the truth.

1:8 If we say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us.

1:10 If we say we have not sinned, we make him a liar, and his word is not in us.

What is an “Executive Advisory Board” to a man who calls God a liar? A question I’ve asked many times.

Now it seems member of Trumps Evangelical Executive Advisory Board are having second thoughts. Not all mind you, but some. Ed Stetzer published in his blog at Christianity Today, emails sent to the board from member James MacDonald, senior pastor at Harvest Bible Chapel. Pastor MacDonald states that Trump’s comments should not be dismissed as merely off color but as a revelation that Trump is “lecherous and worthless.” He continued, “Trump’s comments are not just sophomoric or locker room banter, they are truly the kind of misogynistic trash that reveals a mans soul.” He continued that he had a wife of 33 years, a daughter and 2 daughter-in-laws. “I’m not able to offer my time any further without and obvious “change of heart and direction” that true believers call repentance.

He and others in the group are concerned that this pattern didn’t end ten years ago but continues today. It is reported that James’ words are being discussed. He also feels that some on the council are circling wagons rather than advising the candidate. Which makes sense. These men stepped into the lions den and are about to be eaten alive. Who would want to admit to a mistake that big?

Well, I’m afraid Ralph Reed is doubling down in his support of Trump. A fact I find very sad. I always respected Reed in those early years but he seems to have gone off the track somewhere.

He called Trump’s remarks “offensive and inappropriate” than quickly pivots to Clinton’s deleted emails and references Luke 16:10.

“Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much, and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much.”

His point being that Clinton could be trusted with very little as secretary of state. But let’s stop for a minute and look more closely at that verse. First lets review the record.

  • Cheating on wives” Trump did that.
  • Trying to seduce a woman he knew was married? Trump did that.
  • Trying to have said married woman fired when she refused? Trump did that.
  • Bragging about being able to grab women by their genitals? Trump did that.
  • Lied repeatedly about what he had and had not said? Trump did that.

Trump can’t be trusted with little. He can’t be trusted with marriage. He can’t be trusted with fidelity. He can’t even be trusted with money.  There are plenty of stories to prove that in addition to the bankruptcies.

Reed described American Christians as “dual citizens” of both the kingdom of heaven and the United States. And he described the responsibilities that come with citizenship in each–including paying taxes. “In this election, that includes voting for a candidate with a chance to win the election.”

He’s right about one thing, Christians do have dual citizenship, but like duel citizens we have one place we consider more a home than the other. For Christians that home is their father’s house and they are to use that citizenship to shape their earthly abode.

It sends a more powerful signal that Christians will not sacrifice their morals to vote for anyone who revels in sin so that both parties realize Christians can’t be bought with the idle promises of those who would buy out the church and turn it into a parliament of whores.

Christians, if you go down Reed’s path, do not expect a more moral person in the next election. Reed would tell you Satan is just a retired angel if someone wrote him a big enough check. Next time, the even more immoral candidate will tell you again you have to save the Supreme Court.

If you give in now, those who revel in sin know you can be had. Hold your ground and next time they’ll know they must honor your values to obtain your vote. Remember they know you by your deeds.


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Clinton/Soros/Black Lives Matter–A Dangerous Combination

One of the problems with an election is that it blinds us to what is happening in the real world, that is if there is a real world anymore. Did you know that leaked emails from the Clinton campaigns manager John Podestra’s personal email reveals the Clinton campaign is coordinating with George Soros’s Open Society Foundation on the subject of police reform.

Soros, who has given almost $10 million to Clinton super PAC Priorities, USA is a major funder of Black Lives Matter. That amount has sky-rocketed to $33 million according to the Washington Times. Both OSF and Clinton have called the crack down on police officers’ “implicit bias.”

The pseudo-sophisticated term “implicit bias” is intended to make a charge of racism sound more credible.

A December 2015 email exchange between Podesta and OSF president Chris Stone was included in the batch of emails released by WikiLeaks on Friday. Stone attached to the email an article he wrote that advocated putting federally-funded bureaucrats in charge of police oversight. 

This is alarming for at least three reason:

  1. Coordination between campaigns and super PACs is Illegal. demonstrates the contempt for the law that characterizes all things Hillary, and also that campaign finance regulations serve mainly to hamstring people likely to be held to account under a regime of liberal journalists, liberal bureaucrats, and liberal courts; Democrats blithely ignore them.
  2. The Black Lives Matter rubbish that malefactors like Soros push is putting police officers at risk, not only be encouraging maniacs to assassinate them in Dallas and just this week Palm Springs, but to make them afraid to defend themselves. is also making certain parts of the country unpoliceable. Homicide rates have been rising accordingly.
  3. The end game, as indicated in the leaked email, is federal control of local police. This is a prerequisite for the transition from soft to hard tyranny.

But this story is unlikely to attract much attention. This sideshow of an election is like a flash bang grenade, blinding and deafening us with brightness and noise so that we are not even aware of the forces deployed against us moving in.



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