Hand-Baskets and the CDC

October 16th, 2014

Since everyone in the government wants to share a virus with their fellow citizens, I decided to share this with you.

Are you, like many others wondering how Thomas Eric Duncan was able to enter the U.S. while suffering from Ebola? Well, it turns out he asked for a visa and received one in August.

In fact, the Dept of Homeland Security is proudly advertising its “Ebola Outbreak-related immigration relief meassures to Nationals of Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone currently in the U.S.

If you go to the website U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services you’ll find on their site the following.  Release Date: Aug. 15, 2014  Immigration relief measures that may be available if requested include:

Change or extension of nonimmigrant status for an individual currently in the U.S even if the request is filed after the authorized period of admission has expired:

Extension of certain grants of parole made you USCIS

Expedited adjudication and approval, where possible, of requests for off-campus employment authorization for F-1 students experiencing severe economic hardship

Expedited processing of immigrant petitions for immediate relatives (currently in the U.S. of U.S. citizens

Expedited adjudication of employment authorization applications, where appropriate and

Consideration for waiver of fees associated with USCIS benefit applications.

Now I know what you’re saying. Billie, it’s only fair. These folks shouldn’t be forced out of the country if it means going home to a possible death warrant. And you’re right. I agree whole heartedly. What worries me is there is no cut off date. In other words if I make it to the U.S. today, then I presumably still qualify. It’s like giving them a reason to come. That’s all I’m worried about with this.


While everything seems to be going to hell in a hand-basket, (wish I’d invested in hand baskets when they’re stock was first offered,) anyway, the CDC continues to claim the protocols are in place and they’re ready. What you need to understand is that Ebola takes them away from their real mission which is to build bike lanes, get rid of guns, tell you what to eat, and harass anyone who builds a playground.

According to an article by Gov. Jindal, over the past five years, the CDC received just under $3 billion in transfers from the fund to fight contagious diseases. Yet only 6% $180 million of that 3 billion went toward building epidemiology and laboratory capacity.

Protecting Americans got $180 million while community transformation got $517.3 million. Did you think detecting and fighting infectious diseases was still their business? If so you must still think NASA is about going into space.

What is community transformation you might be asking?  Well, according to their website it’s “increasing access to healthy foods by supporting local farmers and developing neighborhood grocery stores” or “promoting improvements in sidewalks and street lighting to make it safe and easy for people to walk and ride bikes.”

Yesterday, the Washington Post had a great piece out about why the CDC can’t do their job It seems they’re busy trying to pass universal helmet laws. They also have a yen for nationalizing playground equipment. They have developed a “national action plan” on playgrounds and have conducted studies without end on the subject.

The CDC won a $10 million grant according to the WP to study violent video games and media images to assess “existing strategies for preventing gun violence and identifying the most pressing research questions with the greatest potential public-health impact.”

Other things they’re involved in that’s none of their business: anti-smoking propaganda, anti-bullying lessons, gender inequality studies, and unlimited behavior modification programs that treat individual lifestyles choices, as diseases.

The CDC was all in on the Global Wash Your Hands Day last week but that won’t help avoid Ebola. No, not even a little.

But wait, that’s not all. The CDC is green too. They’ve got green jobs and green initiatives and watch for climate change in all they do because “climate change and green infrastructure are the gateway to health communication.”

Good grief!

They conducted very meaningful studies like this one in 06. Reducing the Impact of Green Tobacco Sickness among Latino Farmworkers. (That was sarcasm on my part)

But the Cherry on the Sundae, and this according to both the Washington and NY Post, the CDC misused funds awarded by Congress. A $7.5 million grant slated for research on hantavirus, for instance, went instead to programs of their choosing. The problem is they were supposed to go back to Congress to get the okay but didn’t.

It’s understandable that the CDC was unprepared for a dangerous infectious disease in the US. They are busy taking care of malnutrition in Yemen, polio vaccines in DRC, Ebola in Uganda, field training in Nigeria and Indonesia, Malaria in Malaysia, safe water around the world disease detection in Guatemala, and anything and everything concerning Haiti.  No wonder they can’t fit us into their schedule. They’re another World Health Org. but they’re a bad version.

All that stuff is great, but shouldn’t we have first priority? If they’re working 24/7 to protect Americans from harm (and who asked them) then they’d best get cracking because they haven’t done it yet. Hey, maybe if we were wearing helmets and riding bikes on the way to the playground and got Ebola they’d move us to the front of the line.

Instead the best they seem able to do is force Dr. Frieden on us. Heaven help us. Anyone interested in a hand basket?

By the Numbers

October 15th, 2014

The big story going around right now is that we could’ve had a cure for Ebola if the GOP had given the NIH more money. Well, in fact they did give more last year than what the President requested. However, I decided to take a look at just what the money given to the NIH was used for and I found some amazing things.

First and foremost is that they have a real hangup when it comes to Homosexuality, or anything remotely connected to it. In fact it’s almost like an NIH sexual fetish. Don’t believe me? Well take a look where the money’s been going. Now true, it went other places but not like this place.

They spent 1.5 million on trying to find out why Lesbians are overweight and most male homosexuals aren’t.

They have also spent money on a survey of what bus riders thought of HIV videos.

They spent 2.7 million to study why lesbians have more “vulnerability to hazardous drinking.”

They spent 5 million of a website called Sexpulse that targeted men who use the Internet to seek sex with other men.

Now come on.

How about the gov. spending  $384,949 to study “Sexual Conflict and Social Behavior and the Evolution of Waterfowl Genitalia. Try not to laugh, but much of this research involves examining and measuring the reproductive organs of male ducks.  Sort of gives you shivers.

How about 15 million to help Russian weapons institutes recruit nuclear scientists.

How about 5.25 million spent over the past 15 years on hair care services for the U.S. Senate.

Or if that’s not your cup of tea, how about 27 million to teach Moroccans how to design and make pottery.

Then there’s this. 350,000 to use to help  a study that discovered that if golfers imagine that a hole is bigger it will help them with their putting.

And for you pet lovers, that includes me, how about 505.000 to promote specialty hair care products for dogs and cats, and every penny was worth it!

All that and we still don’t know why Lesbians are fat! Gosh, makes you wonder doesn’t it? Oh well, my husbands only working himself into the grave in order to help pay for it. At least it’s not like he’s working for us or anything.


As long as we’re talking numbers, how about this. Clinton Charged University of Nevada in Las Vegas $225.000 to give a brief speech on the high cost of college tuition. Afterward she’ll motorcade to a fund raiser for her upcoming campaign and then she’ll end at a presidential suite that was required as part of her speaking contract. All this was paid for by the University. Think she’s worth it?

And how about this number. The dow has dropped nearly 5% points in 3 days. But at least gas is cheaper.

Obamacare will raise the deficit by $131 Billion. Cheap at twice the price.

Nearly 7 in 10 want  flight restrictions from Ebola countries.

Of the 16 doctors without borders that went to Africa to treat ebola. Nine have died.

Then there’s this.  Climatologist have just discovered photosynthesis (pronounced-Good grief stupid) They just realized that plants use water to turn carbon dioxide into oxygen and carbohydrates. The impact of rising CO2 libels on plant growth has been underestimated by 16 whooping percent. This of course now cast doubt on the drive for costly anti-pollution measures such as wind farms. (Will shut my mouth) James Hansen famously forecast 26 years ago that within 20 years, highways would be under water and crime would rise. Guess he wasn’t talking about the roads out on the desert. As for crime going up–Sorry–crime has fallen 42% as i said in my article on free range kids.

I’d like to pity those poor scientist, but well, moving on…

And finally here’s something to make you laugh. It really is funny but you need to listen carefully to the words.


Quiz time/let kids be kids

October 14th, 2014

Okay, today we’re going to start with a quiz. Everyone loves a quiz, so here goes.  Now this is a who said quiz, and even though you think it was all said by Obama, you’d be wrong.

1. “We’re going to take things away from you on behalf of the common good.”

A. Karl Marx  B. Adolph Hitler  C. Joseph Stalin  D. Obama  E. None of the above

2. “It’s time for a new beginning, for an end to government of the few, by the few and for the few… And to replace it with shared responsibility for shared prosperity.”

A. Vladimir Lenin  B. Benito Mussolini  C. Idi Amin  D. Obama  E. None of the above

3. “(We)…can’t just let business as usual go on, and that means something has to be taken away from some people.”

A. Nikita Khrushev   B. Che Guevara   C. Evo Morales  D. Obama  E. None of the above

4. “We have to build a political consensus and that requires people to give up a little bit of their own…in order to create this common ground.”

A. Enver Hoxha   B. Hugo Chavez  C. Kim Jong II  D. Obama  E. None of the above.

5. “I certainly think the free-market has failed.”

A. Karl Marx  B. Lenin C. Molotov  D. Obama  E. None of the above.

Answers at the bottom of the piece.


I don’t know about you, but I’m getting rather tired of the campaign e-mails I’m receiving everyday that number in the hundreds. What gets me is that one group in particular, will send out a frantic message in the morning say that if this or that particular candidate doesn’t get a donation from you in the next hour it will all be over for the Rep. come Nov. Then later in the day the same group send out an e-mail saying something like. “good news. Our candidate is now leading in the polls. Please help by sending money to help him make that final push to the finish line. Next day it starts all over again.

Well, I’ve had it. No more money to anyone. Take the money you use to pay the people who write this hair on fire stuff and give it instead to the candidate. But enough already with the doom and gloom and every things coming up roses routine.

I’m also getting tires of Karl Rove telling us his version of how the election will pan out. We wouldn’t be having to worry about getting votes if he had kept his double chin out of it. The Rep. are having trouble because they refused to run with the candidates the people wanted and instead did everything they could to replace them with RINO. I have no sympathy for any of them.


Now here’s a bit of interesting news and guess what, sanity is all over it.  Have you heard of the “Free Range Kids Project?” Well, I hadn’t either until the other day and it sounds like it’s bringing back common sense.

Most school field trips are to places students might never go on their own; a museum, a play, a nature preserve. The idea of this program is to open kids wide to the wonderful world. This spring, one grammar school in Silicon Valley started sending kids to a very different but equally mind-blowing place: there own neighborhood. Yes, they sent them on their own. Without an adult.

The idea was to get children walking around, playing outside, biking to the library–just doing normal kid stuff. Or at least what was normal when we were kids. Today, only 13% of U.S. children walk to school. Only 6% of kids age 9-13 play outside in a given week.

That’s not only sad, it’s a radical new norm: childhood today is spent under constant adult supervision, and often enough, in a car. The results wreak havoc on kids bodies, the environment and any parent with hopes and dreams (or even a paying job) beyond the minivan.

With everyone focused on childhood obesity and “leaning in.” less chaperoning seems like a win-win solution. It increases exercise, and gives more time for moms and dads to focus on something other than how slowly the after-school pick up line is moving.

Yes everyone wants to keep their kids safe, but according to statistics the crime rate today is lower than when we were growing up. It’s back to where it was 40+ years ago. Why shouldn’t kids be doing things on their own” ( At least, kids in neighborhoods not wracked by shootings and drugs:  where going outside unsupervised presents a real danger. And that’s where the “Free-Range Kids project comes in.

Lenore Skenazy wrote a book on the subject and wrote a column in the New York Sentinal entitled “Why I let My 9 year-old Ride the Subway alone.” it went viral. A six grade teacher in the Silicon Valley public school system saw it and invited Skenazy to come and discuss his book.

In the meantime, she gave her class an assignment: Do something like Lenore’s son did. Something on your own that you feel ready to do. Just make sure your parents approve. And so, her students did great things: They took their younger siblings to soccer, made dinner for their families–one kid even got herself out of bed and to the bus stop on her own, no prodding, after years of making her mom beg her to get up and get going.

And after that breakthrough day, she got up on her own every morning. Of course, kids could conceivable propose crazy ideas. One year, a boy made a raft that leaked as he sailed on his local pond. (He lived to write the essay.) But since parental approval is required, parents can and should modify plans that are dangerous or just plain dumb.

My favorite one was the kid who decided he would pick up his younger brother. So when school let out, he hopped on the city bus–for the first time ever on his own–and started to ride. But nothing looked familiar. In fact, things keep looking weirder and weirder. He had no idea where he was going and as he admitted to the class, finally he got so scared, “I was ready to scream at the bus driver!”

But he didn’t.  He held it together and asked the bus driver what was happening. The driver said, “Oh! You meant to go downtown but this is the uptown bus! All you have to do is get off, go one block over, and take the bus going the other direction.”  He gave the boy a transfer.

As he was telling the class this story, the boy said, “Actually, I still have it.” He got out his wallet and showed everyone the slip of paper.  Why do you carry it with you?” the teacher asked. After all, it represented a day of terror and humiliation. (She didn’t put it quite like that) The boy just shrugged.

According to Skenazy the boy kept the ticket because that transfer represented freedom. Independence. Courage. He’d been scared out of his wits, on the verge of a very public tantrum, but he had triumphed.

The transfer was proof. It was his golden ticket! It gave him the confidence to go anywhere from now on, because he knew that even if he screwed up or felt scared, he’d be okay.  “Now imagine if his mom had come with him,” She’d have gotten them on the right bus, no problem. But would that little boy remember that day for the rest of his life? I doubt it.

A school in Oak Knoll’s Calif decided to try the program. They sent 700 parents an email announcing the undertaking along with some materials to explain it more fully. About a third of the parents signed on and according to the principal it was a huge success. With the school’s endorsement even anxious parents were willing to loosen the reins a little. they let their kids ride their bikes to the park, play at the playgrounds unsupervised, take hikes, bake cookies, run errands–for a couple weeks, the highest-tech place on earth was a throwback to 1972.

The most amazing part of this story was not the transformation of the kids, or even the neighborhood. It was the transformation of the parents. “this has really changed our lives!” wrote a mom named Gina on a post-project survey. She’d allowed her 5th grade son to go to the store by himself, and when he came back quickly, as she’d requested, she had proof positive that he was willing to be responsible. ”

Even those parents who didn’t go through the whole program began to ask why they had been so afraid. Was allowing your child to play out of door or run to the store such a scary prospect? They decided it wasn’t after all.

I think the whole point of this is clear to those of us who grew up with parents who trusted us and who thought little about letting us be kids.  Children won’t be afraid if the parents refuse to allow it. In todays world too many parents keep reminding their kids that straying form their side might be harmful. There forced to wear protective gear when doing what we did with complete freedom. Ride bikes, roller skate, play on the jungle gyms, and swing as high as possible without going over. Parents, our parents expected cuts and scrapes, and yes even a broken bone but they never said we couldn’t do it. Surprisingly the rate of child kidnappings is actually lower today than when we were kids.  It seems that way because 24/7 news makes it seem that way. We’re raising kids that are afraid of their own shadows.

Ah, but you say Billie, you don’t know what you’re talking about. Sadly, I do. My son as a fifth grader almost got us thrown off the military base where we were stationed oversea’s, fell off a walk and suffered a fractured skill and confusion, broke his arm and had to have it reset three times, got in a fight with a neighbor kid and got a black eye, and that was just the start of it. I could go on. But not once did it ever occur to me that these weren’t things that happened growing up. He was being a boy. And he was with capital letters.

Just drive through any housing area’s and tell me how many kids you see playing out of doors? How many kids riding their bikes, swinging on their backyard swings, just out playing ball, and if they’re out there, how many parents are standing there watching them?


And now for the answers to the quiz—-

1. E. None of the above. Statement was made by Hillary Clinton 6/29/04

2. E. None of the above. Statement was made by Hillary Clinton 5/29/07

3. E. None of the above. Statement was made by Hillary Clinton 6/4/07

5. E. None of the above. Statement was made by Hillary Clinton 6/4/07

6. E. None of the above. Statement was made by Hillary Clinton 9/2/05







Weekend Round-up

October 11th, 2014

Hi everyone, did you know that in Los Angeles they’re really getting into the swing of things for the upcoming election. On the bumper of a DeLorean of all cars is a bumper sticker that has on the left the letters EB than the Obama sign and then LA. Guess not everyone in Calif loves him.


And how about this. For many of us, Aunt Jemima Syrup has been a staple on our shelves and covered our  hot cakes, waffles, french toast, you name it. But according to TIME on Oct. 7th, the descendants of Anna Short Harrington, claim that their great-grandmother was involved in the recipe-refining process for the company’s pancake mix.

They say she worked alongside Nancy Green who is supposed to be the original inspiration for the first depiction of Aunt Jemima, who sported a bandana and was depicted as a servant.(Hope this doesn’t cause riots in Missouri)  Anyway, her descendants as well as the descendants of several other black women who appeared as Aunt Jemima are all saying they deserve a cut of the profits the company has enjoyed offer the years.

But it doesn’t end there. You knew it wouldn’t. Two great-grandsons filed a lawsuit against the company in August. They say their long dead relative is owed $2 billion and a portion of the revenue earned from future sales. According to these money grabbing relatives, “Aunt Jemima has become known as one of the most exploited and abused women in american history.

Naturally Quaker Oats, doesn’t see it that way. They claim that Aunt Jemima was never a real person and was never intended to depict anyone. They state that the image “symbolizes a sense of caring, warmth, hospitality and comfort…”

To back up their claim the money grabbers say that contracts existed between the two parities at the time. But, PepsiCo, owner of Quaker Oats, says they have never existed. To their merit, the way they’re  desperately looking for any sign of the contracts existing is remarkable, but haven’t turned them up so far. Of course you’re not really in a rush to find something that could cost you $2 billion. I mean get a life. This ain’t going to happen. Way to much water under the bridge, but since Pepsi gives huge amounts of money to the Dems, and the Dems believe in spreading the wealth around, it all makes sense to me.


Did you read on FOX news about the family that discovered they were living in a $450,000  home that was overrun with brown recluse spiders! They were falling out of the ceiling and pouring out of the walls. The top specialist on this particular spider estimated that between 4 to 6 thousand spiders were in the walls and that was a low ball estimate. The couple sued the family they bought the home from for not disclosing the problem but they immediately filed for bankruptcy and All State Insurance that insured the house, has failed to pay their claim. They eventually had to walk away leaving the house and the spiders behind for the gov. to sort out.


I’m going to leave you with two video’s. The first just makes me happy all over. Why, because recently my husband decided we were going to get solar panels. Now, how does the head of the tea party live with that? I mean, I drive a Prius what more does the guy want? Anyway, they came out, checked the house for electrical outlets, checked the power sort in the cellar, checked to see if the roof would hold the weight and when that was all done, the said they doubted it would work because of the shade the trees threw onto the roof. (Oh happy day) Then not willing to give up they said they had second thoughts that it would work but they needed to check out the beams holding up the roof and sadly they decided that we would need to reinforce all the beams and the load bearing wall. (Hooray) Well, after this and constant nagging from me, my husband threw in the towel and said no thanks, it just wasn’t worth it. One good thing came of it though, they sent me a really nifty pair of orange sun glasses. For that and other reasons you need to watch these idiots pushing solar and wind and see how it turns out.


Lastly, with all that’s going on you need to hear the speech Walid Shoebat gave at Six Flags. I really love this guy. He’s not afraid of anyone. And he really loves the Lord. Take some time and watch. It was done some time ago but very relevant to today.


So that’s it for now. Take care.

Japan, enemy or friend–you decide

October 9th, 2014

Continuing from Part 3′s post,

Lets see how these “Showa martyrs” are perceived through the lens of Japanese Buddhism. The Soto Zen master, Reirin Yamada, who thrived as a spiritual teacher during and after WWII and who was a great supporter of the tyrannical Japanese expansion in Asia, wrote a book in which he described the souls of those who died fighting for the emperor: The true form of the heroic spirits of the dead is the good karmic power that has resulted from their loyalty, bravery, and nobility of character. This will never perish…The body and mind produced by this karmic power cannot be other than what has existed up to the present.  The loyal, brave, noble, and heroic spirits of those officers and men who have died shouting, “May the emperor live for ten thousand years!” we be reborn right here in this country. It is only natural that this should occur.

Sugimoto Goro, a Japanese army officer and Buddhist scholar, whose book, Great Duty sold 1,200,000 copies from 1938 to 1945 and who was known for his Zen Buddhist fanaticism and tenacity in battle explained the deification of the martyrs:  Warriors who sacrifice their lives for the emperor will not die. They will live forever. Truly, they should be called gods and Buddhas for whom there is no life or death. Where there is absolute loyalty there is no death.

This is how the souls of those killed in battle were viewed during the war and is it realistic to think that Abe thinks any differently? The Prime Minister has explicitly denied that Japan forced women to become sex slaves, just as the Turks deny the rapes that were done in the Armenian Genocide.

The women raped by the Japanese were called “comfort women” and Abe rejects the historical fact that they were coerced to have intercourse with imperial soldiers. He also deems the Kono Statement, which was an official declaration on the part of the Japanese government repenting for having comfort women, as dishonorable to the glory of Japan.

In 2007, 100 Japanese lawmakers affirmed that there was no massacre in the Chinese city of Nanking, in which 300,000 Chinese were horrifically butchered. One of the lawmakers, Toru Toid, affirmed: We are absolutely positive that there was no massacre in Nanking.

ttThis year a film was produced in Japan romanticizing the kamikazes, and Abe praised the movie and spent part of New Year’s eve watching it. Abe told the newspaper he was “moved” by the drama.

Abe and his administration are working hard to change the Japanese education system, in order to alter textbooks as a means to praising imperial Japan, and instilling a denial of past atrocities. In Nov. the Education Ministry advocated a rule that would require all new history books to include imperialist views of Japan that were trumpeted and preached during the war.

Abe has written several papers talking about how he wishes to revive the glory days of Imperial Japan and as time goes by we are going to be seeing the attempt to make this a reality. Japanese Buddhist teaching teaches that the Japanese are a chosen people. That the sword that kills also gives life. All of the people of this country should do Zen. They should all awake to the Great Way of the Gods.

So fixated is Abe on recreating a new Imperial Japan, that he has said that he agrees with Sugimoto Goro, who wrote that the wars of Imperial Japan were Buddhist holy wars, just as Muslims see their wars as holy Jihad. The acts of violence against their enemies while at war are too gruesome to go into here, but if you are interested and have the stomach for it I suggest you read the book, “The Rape of Nanking,” by Irish Chang, that documents the brutalities of the Japanese when they invaded and occupied that city. It is horrific and will give you nightmares.

In conclusion, the brutality of both the Muslims and Buddhist seem to spring from their religions. They are not a religion of peace. The problem for America is we have no long term memory. A couple days go by and we’re on to the next situation. The Eastern mind, does not think in terms of days, weeks, months or even years. They think in terms of decades, centuries, and millennia.

We overlooked all the signs coming out of the middle east for years before war actually broke out. We were at war during the Reagan administration but just didn’t realize it till 9/11. What will have to happen and when, before we take the growth of imperialism inside Japan seriously. There has recently been a lot written concerning the Japanese and their long memory concerning what was done to their country to end the war. I know you think I’m paranoid, but in todays world, nothing is too unbelievable to be capable of transpiring. What I wanted to do here is to show you that not all our enemies make it easy for us to see who they are. I refer you to the big bad wolf.

Part 3–Japan and the Perfect Day

October 8th, 2014

Something happened last April that went unreported by Western News Agencies. The Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe sent a message to the Koyasan Okuno-a Buddhist temple. In this temple there is a shrine which is believed to be a house that holds the souls of 1000 “Showa martyrs.”

Showa is the name given to Emperor  Hirohito, who led Japan against us in WWII, and for whom thousands of Japanese soldiers killed, fought, and died for. Hirohito, or Showa, was worshipped as a literal god, and the souls of those who died for him–the Showa martyrs–are revered as “kami” or gods who live in the the shrine. A number of these “martyrs” were actually convicted of war crimes.

In other words, Shinzo Abe sent a message to commend the souls of those who fought and killed Americans and who he adulates as literal gods or divine beings. The religious fanaticism behind this ritual should most definitely seize our concerns, but is’t not.

Muslims were revering their jihadist martyrs, and very few cared before 9/11. If we focused more on the demonic religions that make terrorist, rather than terrorist attacks themselves, then we’d not be shocked when the attacks actually happen.

Very few media outlets are reporting the story listed above. The AP reported: “China and South Korea yesterday urged Japan to stick to history and reflect on its wartime aggression after Tokyo confirmed that PM Abe sent a note earlier this year to a ceremony honoring more than 1,000 WWII war criminals, praising their contributions.

Abe,” it states, “sent the note in his capacity as head of the ruling party, not as prime minister Chief Cabinet Sec. Yoshihide Suga said.  In Beijing, the Foreign Ministry said Japan should reflect on its wartime aggression and make a ‘clean break with militarism’ to rebuild relations with Asian neighbors. We urge Japan to adhere to its commitment to reflect on the invasion and take solid action to win the trust of Asian neighbors and the international community, spokesman Qin Gang said.”

We have forgotten that it was only 70 years ago that Japan attacked the US at Pearl Harbor where the slaughtered 2,403 Americans wounded another 1,178 and destroyed 188 aircraft.  We have become despicably indifferent toward this horrendous massacre, and this is evidenced by how we are now helping Japan grow more militarily independent.

We have also grown careless toward 9/11 by electing politicians who would send weapons and support to train Muslim jihadists. America appears to be helping two enemies, both of whom executed the two worst attacks on America in our history. Pearl Harbor and 9/11

We have forgotten that Japan is the only country in the world that America nuked, (and the only nation that was ever nuked) and the sheer severity of the attack indicates how dangerous the Japanese were and are, and how much they needed to be subdued because of the intensity of the threat they posed.

Now 70 years later, we are allowing them to conduct collective self defense, work on creating a new and original fighter jet, and become nuclear (which could lead to the production of nuclear weapons of which Japan is very capable.)

A focus and investigation on Japanese Buddhism is just as essential as a knowledge of Islam was before 9/11. With the absence of prudence, we only focus on dangerous religions once their followers begin doing massacres.


Is Japan a hidden enemy? Part 2 of “The Perfect Day.”

October 7th, 2014

What I’m about to share has been sitting on my desk for over two weeks while I tried as best I could to research what the article was saying. Because of what I was able to uncover I feel it’s pretty accurate and so I will tell you about it. And please comment if you feel differently or if you feel there is something to this. It also ties in with the blog I wrote on the “Perfect Day.”

Turkey, for some time now has been in talks with Japan which would make them allies. I can hear you saying, “So what? Big deal.” Well it is a big deal once you look into what’s happening in Japan today that is mostly going unreported by the MSM. In the West, brutality such as what takes place in war etc, is usually done within a developed and diplomatic code of ethics, and finished with treaties, compromises and alliances.

In the East, brutality is hidden under a facade of elegance; cruelty is intertwined with an oriental style, and sadism is made into an art, and it is all finished with heartless massacres and slavery. Such is the nature of the relations between America and Japan. The war ended with a treaty, alliances were made, and now there is a seemingly steady relationship, with America perceiving Japan as a trustworthy ally against China and a balancer in Far East that will keep in cheek both the Chinese and the Russians.

Japan on the other hand, deems America as both a means to their goal–the revival of a Japanese empire–and a hinderance to that goal, because of all of the policies imposed on Japan after WWII. Japan is now working to become militarily independent of the US and will be working on the creation of its own fighter jet in the near future. Japan is also on its way to having nuclear weapons, with enough plutonium to create more than 5000 nuclear bombs, and with production efficient enough to produce these very weapons within a six months time frame. Most people don’t know about Japan’s alliance with Turkey.

The Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe, agreed that Japan would be providing Turkey with its second nuclear power plant. The pact also adds that Turkey will be allowed to enrich uranium and extract plutonium. This has provoked criticism in that it goes contrary to Japans official stance against nuclear weapons.  The pact will not be carried out until 2023 unless the Japanese parliament approves of it. Japan’s foreign ministry is pushing for them to agree to the pact, stating:  The agreement will not be in time for the first reactor scheduled to start operations in 2023 unless it’s approved by the Diet within the next year.

While Japan is give the facade of friendliness and amiability, and while everyone in the West accepts the Japanese as our trustworthy ally an aspiring brutality lies underneath the body of the nation, and is tightly lodged within its soul, hidden and waiting to be unleashed. Many Americans always say that they have Buddhist Japanese friends, or Muslim friends, who are very friendly, and say that they can never imagine them being dangerous. What they need to understand is the Eastern spirit.  (the second largest religious group in the Western United States is buddhist. )

In the Eastern sprit, there are two contradictory natures; cruelty and elegance and with both of them intertwined like two serpents, the outcome is a horrendous savagery underneath the shell of beauty and sophistication. The Turks conducted massacres of ineffable brutality and indescribable sadism, but they at the same time had their poets, their rhythmic music, their gentle manners, their animated paintings and ornamental arts pleasing to the eyes.

The same can be said for Japan: while there is cruelty and maliciousness, it is hidden behind an appearance of peace. Westerners did not understand the contradicting nature within Islamic culture, until Sept. 11. It wasn’t until the Twin Towers and the Pentagon were attacked, that we began to realize what Jihad and taqqiya (the religious form of religious dissimulation) were. I believe the same nonchalant attitude that existed toward Islam before 9/11 is today the same degree toward Buddhism, specifically Zen Buddhism, which is what permeates the spiritual state of Japan.

We must stop simply focusing on the current appearance of friendliness that Japan is presenting, and look underneath, into the ver soul of Japan.

To be continued.  Tomorrow—The return of the worship of the emperor.


Obama and Ebola

October 6th, 2014

Before I begin tonight I’m wondering if any of you watched Ben Affleck and Bill Maher battle over Islam? Probably many of you did, but did you notice what Affleck said at about the 2:16 mark.  Affleck, who obviously thinks he’s a very smart man, quoted from the Declaration. He said “We hold these truths to be self-evident…that all men are endowed by their —and here is where he starts to say Creator, but before he gets the word out changes it to forefathers. So we aren’t endowed by our creator according to Affleck, we are endowed by our forefathers. Could someone send that idiot a copy of our founding documents? Gees you’d think with all his money. Did anyone else catch that? Just wondering.

Now onto tonights subject–I was going to do part two of last nights blog “The Perfect Day” but will hold off and do that tomorrow. I decided I wanted to do this instead.

What does it tell you when Britain and France stop flights to and from the nations in Africa where Ebloa has become a threat and the U.S. has not. And have you thought about this. The Pres. is sending 3,000 of our troops over there on a humanitarian mission. Have you considered what will happen if any of those men return  infected? Does anyone care that he’s sending men and woman who aren’t allowed to say they’d prefer not to put themselves where they could carry a deadly virus back to their families. I mean it takes several weeks for symptoms to show up. They have no choice. They have to obey.  Yes, there are people over there helping and that’s wonderful, but they volunteered to put themselves in that position.

As always history has lessons that can’t be ignored. In 1918 and 1919 there was a pandemic of the Spanish influenza that caught nations by surprise. It infected an estimated 500 million people and killed between 50 and 100 million of them in three waves.

It began in the U.S. in March 1918 at a crowded army camp, Fort Riley, Kansas.  These troops were living in close proximity to one another, and were transported between camps. Naturally the disease spread quickly even before they were assembled on the East Coast to be sent to France. They in turn brought it to the trenches of Europe.

The second wave struck in 1918 at a naval facility in Boston and at the Camp Devens military base in Mass. Oct. 1918 was the most deadly month in which 195,000 Americans died. The supply of health care workers, morticians and grave diggers dwindled and mass graves were often dug to bury the dead. There were subsequent outbreaks in 1957 and 1968.

My Uncle died of the Spanish flu in 1918. He and my Aunt had only been married less that two years. She told me that coffins would be placed on the street corners for family members to come and get them when needed. She was living in Phila. at the time.

Now remember, at some point 3,000 troops will be returning from West Africa to military facilities here at home.  Thus far we have been fortunate to have identified the case of Ebloa shortly after the carrier entered our nation, but there are few guarantees that more will not be found.

Since July, hospitals around the country have reported more than 100 cases involving Ebola-like symptoms to the CDC and Prevention.

Largely unknown is that 90,000 Americans die annually from preventable infections they acquire while in hospitals. The fear of illnesses entering the U.S. is particularly worrisome when you consider our open border to the South. We have God only knows how many young people scattered throughout the U.S. with no idea where they are, or what their health might or might not be.

Our President has made it clear that he intends to extend amnesty by executive order to an estimated eleven million illegals after Nov.’s election. The U.S. has a healthcare system that use to be the envy of the world, then ObamaCare came and that grew healthcare system is falling apart. Think of all the Americans who no longer have insurance because of his policies and will if we have an epidemic find it almost impossible to pay for their treatment.

Also, as I mentioned in another blog, it is under reported that “the administration of President Obama moved with virtually no fanfare to abandon a comprehensive set of regulations which the CDC had called essential to preventing international travelers from spreading deadly diseases inside the U.S. Among those diseases was Ebola.

I’d like to have confidence in the CDC but how I when we are witnessing the collapse of one government agency after another. Even the Secret Service is no long trustworthy.

I wish I could say that Obama will take the necessary steps to protect those he swore to serve, but somehow I think he looks at this and says, great, just what the doctor ordered.


I want to share a video I watched about Civil Forfeiture. It’s done comically but it’s no laughing matter. It’s happening in almost every police precinct in America and it’s robbing us blind. The police have turned into highwaymen out to rob us of everything we have. As I said, it’s done in a joking manner, but don’t be fooled. It’s really happening.


The “Perfect Day,” not what you think!

October 5th, 2014

I read two absolutely enthralling articles over this past weekend and both made me really stand back and think. I had never thought about the two subjects, that surprisingly, though they were written by separate people on different web sights, were actually tied together. They are both long articles, but I was so taken by them I wanted to share them with you and get your feed-back. I’ll combine words and thoughts as best I can to help with the length but for the most part I’ll be copying his words. This comes from Rhinoden blog

So where to begin. The tittle of the first article was “The Perfect Day,” and it was written by LTC Dave Grossman, USA, ret. He’s also the author of On Killing, and On Combat.

According to those conducting interviews with captured enemy combatants, when asked “What’s coming next?” the prisoners sometimes refer to the “Perfect Day.” Without understanding the historical reference, you can’t understand what they’re saying.

The Sepoy Mutiny in India, in 1857, is an example of a Perfect Day. This was a spontaneous uprising by Muslims and Hindus, with everyone giving the British their “best shot.” Nannies killed the kids, cooks poisoned the food, and store owners murdered the British ladies as they came into the shop. Soldiers, sometimes complete units, killed their British officers and then used their weapons to attack the British.

The current politically correct term for the Sepoy Mutiny is “The First Indian Rebellion.” Look it up in Wikipedia to find out how the event has been completely PC filtered and revised.  The First Indian Rebellion is, to them, George Washington, Abe Lincoln, and the Alamo all rolled into one. 99% of Westerners have never heard about it.

In their dreams and fond imaginations, this is what will happen across all of the “Crusader nations” that fought in Afghanistan. Here’s how it will work. They’ll pick a day, and everyone gives it their best shot. If just one in 1,000 of the Islamic people in our country answers the call to Jihad, it will still be thousands of attackers. Some will opt for a “John Muhammad/Malvo” whacking people from the trunks of cars, others for a Virginia Tech lone gunman in the school. Others will attack school buses, nannies will kill the kids, clerks will kill customers, cooks (in elementary school?) will poison the food being served. etc. etc.

The enemy thinks big, and we (with wishful thinking compounded by ignorance of history) keep thinking small. The goal of this Perfect Day,  in addition to terror, is to make us imprison (intern) our Islamic populations (as we did with the Japanese in WWII) thus making this a “war against Islam” instead of the current war against terrorist groups and Islamist fundamentalists.

The idea of the Perfect Day goes way back in their culture. Look at the Book of Ester. It takes place in Iran (ancient Persia) where the Jews are in captivity. Haman gets permission to kill all the Jews on a certain day. The who book is about how they turned that around and killed all of Haman’s people on that day.

The enemy, according to Lt. Col Grossman, can be deterred. They fear one thing: They fear failure! They are not afraid to die; some of them want to die. But they desperately do not want to die for nothing! Our goal is to win a battle in the minds of these millions of potential terrorists in our nation, who are asking the key question: Can I succeed? Can I get a body count?

The key question should be, Why don’t they do this to Israel? Because Israel is prepared. Until we reach the level of armed citizenry represented by Israel (and the sooner the better!) we are all vulnerable to this sort of attack. In particular, in states like Illinois, the only state with absolutely no concealed carry for anyone, anyhow, ever, or Calif., Mass., Hawaii and others they have made themselves sitting ducks.

The time may come when, like Israel we’ll need to have armed guards on every school bus. In every school and day-care center. The only way this can be done is to depend on armed citizens and armed teachers to protect our children. The millions of Americans who are buying guns aren’t foolish. I would suggest that they’re doing the one thing individual citizens can do, and that’s to arm themselves.

This comes with one caveat. When face with a threat, we don’t take away rights; we give you more rights! But with those rights come responsibilities. If you’re going to carry a weapon it’s your responsibility to know how to use it. Practice makes perfect.

******* Our forefathers knew that it’s not enough to just have a weapon, it’s vital to be trained in the proper use of that weapon. In 1349 King Edward III of England told the citizens of London that their “skill of shooting” was being neglected, and he proclaimed that “everyone of the said city, strong in body, at leisure times on holidays, use in their recreation Bow and arrows, or pellets or bolts, and learn and exercise the art of shooting…that they do not, after any manner apply themselves to throwing of handball, football, cam buck, or cockfighting, nor such like vain plays which have nor profit therm.”

******* In 1457 Kings James II of Scotland banned the game of golf from the hills on which it was created. He argued that golf was a danger to national security as it distracted his soldiers from practicing their archery. His grandson, James IV, a relative of Obama, (just kidding) and a keen golfer lifted the ban in 1502. Eleven years later in the battle of Flodden against the English, Scotland suffered its worst every military defeat.  Wall St. Journal–18 aug. ’09

********In 1636 a frustrated General Court of Mass. Bay Colony unanimously passed an ordinance that said:  Whereas many complaints have been made of the greatest neglect of all sorts of people of using the lawful and necessary means for their safety, especially in this time of so a great danger from Indians, it’s therefore ordered that no person shall travel above one mile from his dwelling without arms; upon pain of twelve pence for every default.  Being unarmed was considered negligent! Self protection was not just a personal responsibility it was a duty to the community! A century and a half later, those people  were the leaders of the armed rebellion that rested the United States.

******* A strong body makes the mind strong. As to the species of exercise, I advise the gun. While this gives moderate exercise to the body, it gives boldness, enterprise and independence to the mind. Games played with the ball and others of that nature are too violent for the body and stamp no character on the mind. Let your gun therefore be the constant companion of your walks.   Thomas Jefferson to his nephew Peter Carr, Aug. 19, 1785

***************Teddy Roosevelt while President–We should establish shooting galleries in all the large public and military schools, should maintain national target ranges in different parts of the country and should in every way encourage the formation of shooting clubs throughout all parts of the land. It is unfortunately true that the great body of our citizens shoot less and less as time goes on.

To meet this challenge we should encourage…practice…by every means in our power. Thus and not otherwise, we may be able to assist in preserving the peace of the world. Unprepared and therefore unfit, we must sit dumb and helpless to defend ourselves, protect others, or preserve peace. The first step–to avert war if possible, and to be fit for war if it should come–is to teach our men to shoot.

*****************Today we need a nation of minute men; citizens who are not only prepared to take up arms, but citizens who regard the preservation of freedom as a basic purpose of their daily life and who are willing to consciously work and sacrifice for that freedom. The cause of liberty, the cause of America, connote succeed with any lesser effort. Pres. John F. Kennedy, 1961


Pancho Obama and Oh that Ebola!

October 4th, 2014

Since it’s raining out and there aren’t any soccer games on till noon, I thought I’d let you in on some of the articles I thought about adding  but didn’t. I mean, you can only spread so much doom and gloom before people start to think there are better things to read than my blog. Of course none of you would think that, but……

Did you know that Obama told the Congressional Hispanic Caucus that “No force on Earth Can stop US.” emphasis mine. According to that great man of the world, “Each of us is called on to stand proudly for the values we believe in, and the future we seek. All of us have a chance to reach out and pull this country that we call home a little closer to its founding ideas. That’s the spirit that’s alive in this room. That’s the spirit I saw in Luis and Victor and all the young people here tonight.” Well, isn’t that sweet.  I didn’t realize Obama had any values that we believe in. I didn’t even know that he called America home. I didn’t think the illegals called America home. If so, why are they celebrating Hispanic month. We don’t celebrate Irish month, or Italian month or American month. Why is almost everything you buy now explained in both English and Spanish?Why is just about every street in Los Angeles a spanish name? Have you noticed how many new restaurants we have in Utica–how many are Mexican? If these folks want to be American they sure have a funny way of showing it.

Moving on, O claimed that Cesar Chavez was an inspiration, bragging about hosting the recent eponymous film at the White House. (well, at least he’s off the golf course) What he left out was Chavez’s fierce opposition to illegal immigration and “wetbacks” (his term), which makes the Minutemen seem like wimps. But what does all this matter? Who cares? Violating the law, rewriting history, or acting like a lunatic college protester instead of a President–if it means making Americans a minority in their own country, anything is permitted.

And then we have Big Momma Michelle, who is refusing to campaign for certain Democrats. (I hear them breathing a sigh of relief.) And guess why she won’t. Talk about grudge city. It seems that a dozen Dems. from states where potatoes are a commercial crop joined Rep. lawmakers in opposing a decision by the O administration to ban–wait for it–plan white potatoes from the list of foods which recipients of the WIC program can purchase with federal funds. What is this woman thinking. I know your starving but don’t touch that potato. Good grief!

If you think we’re ready for EBOLA please think again. I just took a look at several pictures that proves this point. The first was of two workers checking a school in Texas. They’re wheeling a trash can down the hall and one has a sprayer with him. The one who turns to look at the camera has her sleeves rolled up. Now if that isn’t taking safety precautions, I don’t know what is. And remember, they’re both in Haz-Met suits. The second pictures shows a gentleman jet-washing the puke from the pavement outside the Texas Ebloa victim’s apartment building. The victim had vomited on the spot. Have you ever hosed something off that you didn’t get a little spray back on you? There’s a car sitting where the water was being flushed to. Wonder how many places that car went with those germs on the tires. How many parking lots? But not to worry. It’s under control.

I’m not one to brag, well, not often, but it looks like I was spot on about the Khorasan Group. Turns out it’s just another arm of Al-Qaeda, used by the Pres. to make himself look on top of things.

If you watched the hearing last week that featured Montel Williams, you missed a very inspiring hearing. For those of you who don’t know, Montel is a 22 year veteran of the Navy and Marine Corp. He was there to talk about the horrendously bad treatment the vets are getting through the VA, and to speak on Sergeant Tahmooressi’s behalf. But it’s what he said at the end, something I’ve been saying for months. I quote ” To me, this is an abomination. He didn’t hesitate to say, ‘Aye, aye, sire, to go off and serve. How dare we! How dare we, as a nation, hesitate to get that you man back?”  My thoughts exactly–How dare we indeed.

Finally, if you haven’t seen this take a look. As usual it’s enlightening.


That’s it for the weekend unless war breaks out or Obama resigns. I’d bet on the first rather than the second.