Late Night Pondering’s

Let’s talk politics for a moment. Why? Because I’m trying to work myself off my pain meds and so, I can’t sleep. Sorry, you’ll just have to put up with me. Well, the debates over. According to the MSM it was a rousing success for Trump and didn’t Bush and Kasich do well? Why bless their hearts, yes they did. Oh, and didn’t Cruz look awful trying to prove he didn’t lie about Carson not having enough pairs of pants in his closet. And what about Rubio. He repeated the same line four times. Okay, yes he did. Of course, and I’m not a Rubio fan, I think he was right in what he was saying. Obama knows exactly what he’s doing because no one could mess up a country as badly as he has without having a blue print to follow. His, is a deliberate attack on the country that gave him everything he has today.

But back to Rubio. Electing Rubio, after killing the Gang of 8 bill, would be like marching against the Vietnam War in the 60’s and winding up with Nixon running things. Let’s admit it, Rubio has now effectively wormed his way into a position where championing mass immigration and amnesty would involve breaking what seems to be an explicit policy pledge. Of course anyone whose followed Rubio knows that’s exactly what he’ll do. a) because he’s done it before, having opposed amnesty when seeking his Senate seat only to become its front man on arriving in DC. b) He dissembled when necessary to push the GO8B so why not disable now? c) The GOP establishment thinks that’s exactly what he’ll do; d) His retreat from the GO8 has been grudging and weaselly, always giving as little ground as he thinks he can get away with until he discovers he has to give a little more; e)He still hasn’t repudiated the bill, let alone apologized for it; and most important, f) actually achieving an Enforcement First solution would mean standing up to the Dems who will demand quick legalization, and the bulk of the GOP Congressional caucus, who will be happy to settle for a fig-leaf of enforcement they can try to sell their voters (not unlike the fig-leaf that was added to the GO8 bill by the for-show-only Corker-Hoeven “double the border patrol” amendment). The current flash mob of GOP representatives streaming into Rubio’s camp suggest they recognize him as someone who won’t make their lives difficult — when that’s exactly what’s required.

Rubio’s not going to drive Jeff Sessions from the capital. But you can count on the combination of Rubio and Speaker Ryan to quickly pass an amnesty bill that like the GO8 contains only the most chimerical guarantees of new enforcement measures. You can also expect them to promote and defend trade, including “trade in services” that involves foreign workers performing those services on American soil. As for lowering immigration levels? We have a better chance of discovering time travel than getting Rubio-Ryan to take up immigration-reduction bills,” one Senate immigration advisor said. Corporate lobbyists will be in the saddle, and the promising Sessions movement will have effectively been defeated–probably permanently, given how mass immigration creates ethnic lobbies for more mass immigration. Historians will get tenure trying to explain how this happened so suddenly.

In short, for the Sessions movement-and a particular vision of America, in which even unskilled, non-bright citizens can work a full day and earn a respectable living–Marco Rubio is a state-of-the-art K-Street kill shot, a sudden existential threat, and we may have only a few days to recognize this.

For a complete run-down of what Rubio is all about Ed Martin, at Eagle Forum has written an unbelievably in depth analysis of what a Rubio presidency would do to America and the deliberate lies he’s used to get him into a position to finish what Obama started. It’s far too long for me to detail, I couldn’t do it justice but it’s a must read as it is a mind-boggling assessment of what Rubio is hoping to do. That boyish grin hides a very devious heart. Even if you can’t read the entire article browse through it and you’ll pick up the salient points.

So now, after all this discouraging news, I’m going to  attempt to go to sleep. Wish me luck.

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Rubio Says Identity Thief No Problem

While we wait for Trump to return to NH with his supply of snow shovels, and while Carson goes home for a fresh set of cloths lets move on to more important things.

Fact Checks’ Robert Farley looked into Cruz’s claim that Rubio’s immigration bill would have granted legal status to criminal aliens. Farley’s piece “Cruz Distorts Rubio’s Immigration Stance,” was picked up by all the dubious distributors of misinformation.

Farly concluded that “one could argue that Rubio’s plan would allow those convicted of misdemeanor crimes to obtain legal residency, but Cruz’s blanket claim that Rubio advocates amnesty for criminals who are here illegally omits the criminal exceptions that Rubio has outlined.

So lets look at what a misdemeanor is. it includes all crimes punishable for not more than one year.

S. 744 provided legalization for aliens convicted of multiple misdemeanors–so long as the alien was convicted of them on the same day. A single act resulting in three misdemeanors wouldn’t count as three separate misdemeanors under S. 744. In one instance, you could commit 10 misdemeanors, serve 10 years in jail, and yet not be a “criminal” as long as you were convicted at the same time for all of them.

Domestic violence and assault and battery are considered only class 1 misdemeanors in some states. A single conviction in these cases wouldn’t render the alien ineligible for the amnesty in Rubio’s bill. Farly points to Rubio’s vote for an amendment that would have withheld legal status (and work permits) to aliens convicted of domestic violence. The amendment failed and the Senate, with Rubio’s endorsement and vote, passed the original misdemeanor exemptions.

S. 744 also provided legal status and work permits to aliens engaged in identity theft (a felony crime) In fact, the bill took measures to protect the perpetrators. Rubio’s bill included fines up to $10,000 for any government employee who reported instances of identity theft while reviewing applications for the amnesty.

Rubio’s co-author, Chuck Schemer, helped defeat an amendment offered in committee that would have at least notified victims of identity theft when instances were discovered. “Are we going to delay (legalization?) Schemer asked. (that’s our Senator folks and he could care less if we have our identity stolen.)

So next time you see Rubio smiling brightly and saying all those great patriotic things he’s memorized that have women swooning, remember, he cares so little about you, and so much about getting illegals made legal that he would punish anyone who would mention the fact that your identity had been stolen if it meant keeping illegals from being sent back or better, sent to prison.


Just keep this picture in mind while watching the debt.  And remember the tale of a sheep in wolves clothing.

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Frank Luntz Is Not An Honest Broker!

Hi everyone, sorry I haven’t been around for awhile but I just had surgery on Tues. and I’m still a little bit woozy from the pain medication. Regardless, politics march on and there’s been a lot of bad things happening since Iowa. If you watch FOX you are well aware that they use Frank Luntz as their go to guru for focus group analysis. Well, I’ve found out a few things about Mr. Luntz other than he’s a terrible dresser.

Frank Luntz has a close relationship with Rubio, starting years ago when Rubio was running for a Florida House seat. Oh yes, he did. Rubio paid Luntz’s firm a third of a million dollars to produce and promote a book that Rubio used to improve his statewide name recognition in Florida a decade ago.

It’s not clear whether FOX knew about this when it broadcast Luntz quizzing focus-group members following the debate, eliciting responses such as “confident,” “eloquent,” “electable,” and “Presidential.” (But not following up with one dissident who called Rubio an “attractive opportunist.”)

National Journal asked FOX about this but got no response. Nor did Luntz, a popular consultant in Republican circles whose clients, according to the FEC records, have included Paul Ryan, Tom Price of Georgia, and the American Crossroads super PAC in recent years.

Between May 05 and August 07, when Rubio was first speaker-designate and then speaker of the House, the Rep. Party of Florida paid Luntz’s consulting companies a total of $345,451 according to the Fla. Div. of Elections. That was during the period when Luntz helped Rubio produce his “100 Innovative Ideas” project, which included a book of policy proposals that Rubio pushed during his two years in charge of the state House.

(Ironically, on of the ideas that Rubio successfully implemented was moving the Florida presidential primary into late Jan. in 2008, which forced Iowa, New Hampshire and S. Carolina to move their contest even earlier. Lunt defended the proposal in a 2006 St. Petersburg Times article: “You can potentially have someone who bypasses Iowa and New Hampshire and focuses on Floria.”

In 07, Luntz praised Rubio’s 100 ideas project in a Washington Post op-ed, writing that it brought forward “the principles of good government and political accountability.” That article also failed to mention his role in the book’s production and promotion–a project that boosted Rubio’s name around the state, laying the groundwork for his successful U.S. Senate run.

Mike Fasano, a Republican who served with Rubio in the state legislature, said he was aware that the party had paid for Luntz’s work, but had not known how much. “Oh, my Lord. I’m in the wrong business,” said Fasano, now the elected tax collector of Pasco Co. “When you have a guy like Frank who collects a pro-Marco group, of course they’re going to say he won.”

I have to say that I was totally taken back when the group seemed so inclined to agree that Rubio had won. Even Krauthammer said he’d done poorly that night. Plus I noticed he never asked anyone who they were voting for and if they’d changed their minds. I though several looked upset by what was happening.

Lunt’z praise began not long after the debate began last Thursday. Just 12 mis in, Luntz declared in a tweet: “Excellent start for him tonight.” Halfway through, at 9:51 Luntz tweeted: “This is @Marco Rubio’s best debate so far. He’s making people switch over to him.”

Of Luntz’s 29 tweets during the debate, eight complimented Rubio. A ninth offered Rubio some advice: SLOW DOWN! You’ve got great words, but you’re saying them too fast.”

Lantz’s glowing assessment did not square with many there who watched the debate as I mentioned earlier. Charles K said “His rockiest night” of all the debate thus far.

In addition to the millions of Fox viewers who saw Luntz and his group immediately after the debate, Rubio’s winning impression with the group was widely reported by other media, including CNN, Business Insider, and the Dallas Morning News.

So next time you see Frank Luntz and he’s talking up Rubio take it with a grain of salt.

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I Once Knew A Man With A Tiny Little Hand

In the words of King Solomon, “This to shall pass.” I’m referring to the Iowa caucus. If you are as tired of it as I am then we’re all very tired indeed. This will be the end of the road for some of the candidates, but I believe several who should see the writing on the wall will refuse to take the hint. Several things have happened in Iowa today that you should know about.

First, Rubio has began downplaying tomorrows results. I think he will still do well, but will be unable to make up the distance between himself and Cruz. Carson is still in the race but I’ve not been able to get any information on how he’s doing and if his rallies are still drawing as they were. I’d really like to know more on that subject but there simply isn’t any news out there. In fact, there’s hardly any news about any of the candidates outside the top three. Unfair really even though I’m a Cruz fan.

To be perfectly honest I think the whole process is in need of drastic change. I don’t know about you folks but just once I’d like to have a say on who the candidate is. By the time it gets to us and those out west, it’s over, done, finished and we’re stuck with whats already been picked. I don’t care who you’re backing, it would be nice to be able to have a chance to voice your preference. I mean we’re the only country who actually picks their candidate. All the rest have to take what their party offers. Oh well, perhaps in the future.

Back to the caucus. An Iowan by the name of Liam Donovan wrote a terrific piece about how he was one of the victims of Trump University. Refer to earlier postings.  Unlike the others, he only lost eleven thousand. Here’s part of what he wrote. “Many of us are old enough to remember those late night informercials promising to make you rich buy purchasing a program showing how to make a ton of money either selling “tiny little ads” (Don Lapre) or buying foreclosed real estate (William McCorkle). People purchased programs that would do nothing but encourage the purchase of more materials to truly “unlock” those secrets. Trump University was no different. It’s like Scientology and Trump is his very own L.Ron Hubbard. Hubbard reportedly told fellow science fiction writer, Isaac Asimov (among others) “if you want real money you have to start a religion.” 

“Trump has started the Church of Trump. His ego is writing checks his body cannot cash. And he’s convinced a whole bunch of people he’s looking out for their interests. Trump only cares about himself. Sadly his supporters have yet to realize that.”

One of the questions I have which no one has answered is this. What happens to all of Trump’s billions of dollars he has taken out in business loans, with all the major banks if he becomes Pres. According to what he said on the FB debate he’d turn the management over to his three kids. Trump is currently the CIO of the Trump Organization LLC, his kids are the Executive Vice Presidents. He implied he’d step down, but the Trump Organization is just a holding company that manages over 500 entities, mostly LLC’s but also some 75 to 100 C. Corps. To truly make a break he’d have to transfer all 400 plus LLC’s to his kids (which he won’t do) and convince the boards on the C crops to replace him with his kids, ( which he also won’t do.)So it would be another shell game. It would be purely show to make one of his kids the CEO of the holding company if he still controls all it’s entities.

Remember, Romney put all his assets in a blind trust when he ran. That means no family members, or close business associates can be a part of the trust which means his kids couldn’t control his assets. The conflicts of interest are everywhere, and the idea that Trump would every let go of his control over it is ridiculous in the extreme.

So, with that, I’ll see you after the Caucus. Oh, just one more thing.


This just in. According to a reporter in Iowa, the Trump campaign canceled a 15,000 seat area for a 500 seat Middle School gym in Council Bluffs. Trump tried to down play it by telling the crowd he wished they had bigger arenas here. We’ll have to build some.” (There goes eminent domain again.)  Hillary filled up the High School. While Trump still had room at the middle school. So the question is–What’s with that?

I think he’s mad because people have finely discovered his stubby figures syndrome. Oh yes. He has stubby fingers. And from what I’ve heard it really bothers him when someone mentions it. Several people have written about it. Thats why when he speaks he always puts his thumb and forefinger together. It makes them look bigger. Amazingly soopermexican at Rightscoop, pointed this out about Trumps fingers almost 25 years ago and Trump is still holding a grudge against him for saying it.

  • Don’t think of Trump’s fingers as being pudgy. It’s more like they’re dainty little digits with abnormal girth.
  • Here’s the church, here’s the steeple, open the door and OMG TINY SAUSAGES.
  • The real reason behind Trumps hatred of the Chinese: his fingers are so stubby he’s never been able to make a chicnesses finger trap work.
  • Others are saying it was his stubby fingers that kept him out of the draft. Those little pudgy digits couldn’t reach the trigger.
  • There like Legos taped to a potato.
  • It’s been said that once he tried to flip off someone but his fingers were so stubby, they thought he was waiving hello.
  • Someone said the reason his belly button is full of lint is because his fingers are so short they can’t reach all the way to the bottom.
  • I’ve been told people are wondering if he still prefers a rotary phone with those baby carrots affixed to his hand.

Now I don’t like to brag, but I mentioned way back when about Trumps tiny little mouth. I didn’t know at the time about his tiny stubby fingers, but it fits, doesn’t it. I’m told he also has tiny stubby feet and you know what that means. He has tiny little socks!

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Just For Laughs

Just thought we could all use a little laughter.

Also, you’ll probably hear all about this on tomorrows Sunday shows if you haven’t heard it already. I’m sure it will be spun in Ted’s favor. (Not) The Cruz team sent out a report card of sorts, hoping to get them out to the polls. It list the name of those people in your neighborhood and whether they’ve attended caucus’s or not.  A spokesperson for the Cruz campaign confirmed Sat. that they did indeed send the mailers.

Former Iowa Sec. of State Matt Schultz, who is serving as chairman of Cruz’s Iowa campaign said the Cruz mailers are similar to ones sent by the Republican Party of Iowa in previous elections. “Our mailer was modeled after the very successful 2014 mailers that the Rep. Party of Iowa distributed to motivate Reps. to vote, and which helped elect numerous Rep. candidates during that cycle.”

“I will apologize to nobody for using every tool we can to encourage Iowa voters to come out and vote…Iowa, as the first in the nation, has an incredibly important role in deciding who the next commander-in-chief of this country will be. We’re going to continue to use every tool we can to encourage the people of Iowa to come out.”

S.C. Congressmen Jeff Duncan came out for Cruz today. Duncan was one of the Congressman who lost their committee seat for voting the wrong way. He endorses a Convention of States Convention and is strongly pro-second amendment.

That’s it for tonight. Have a great weekend.

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Beware of What You Ask For

Well, I finely discovered where Trump got the word GREAT from. In the German elections of 1932 that brought Hitler to power, they were trying to beat Hindenburg, a dearly loved leader. Hindenburg was a conservative certainly, an old military man certainly, but he was also someone who, unlike politicians today, took his office of the Presidency seriously. Though he was more of a figure head he had the final word on what the Chancellor, who was the real power head could do.

The times were so troubled that Hindenburg was forced to grant the Chancellor the emergency decree powers. He didn’t want to do this but had reached a point where he couldn’t do anything else. Immediately Brunning decided to make all the wrong choices. He dissolved the Parliament, a catastrophic mistake. Doing that put the Nazis party in the ideal position to win power in the next election. The Nazi’s reached out to everyone, the only party that did. Their message had national appeal across the entire social spire and attracted Catholics as well as Protestants.

Meanwhile Brunning, instead of changing his policies, doubled down and demanded Hindenburg give him the full powers stated in Article 48 of their constitution. He used this emergency decree 99 times in four years. At this time Hindenburg was coming up for reelection. Burning, still Chancellor, decided it was much to dangerous for an 80 year old Hindenburg to run. He would have the Reichstag declare Hindenburg Pres. for life.

Since Hindenburg seemed to stand above the fray, it made perfect sense to Brunning who felt he owed Hindenburg who allowed him to use Article 48. He got what he wanted. Hitler to everyones surprise agreed. But, and there is always a but, he had conditions. First that Brunning resign as Chancellor. Brunning refused. Hitler said great, lets have an election. This would put Hitlers new found popularity on the line. So how to do id.

Both Hitler and Goebbels were fearful of alienating the conservative voters that they disparately needed. Conservatives knew the Nazis weren’t conservatives, they were radicals, revolutionaries. Nevertheless he went ahead with challenging Hindenburg. They launched a massive media blitz unparalleled in German history. They held huge rallies. They tried to and did intimidate anyone who stood against them.

It was also in 32 that they began what they called kirchengang–in other words they all went to church together in hopes that it would allay the fears of Catholic voters. It was also done to show that it was possible to be a Christian and a Nazi at the same time. In one of the campaigns most dramatic strokes, Hitler took to the skies, flying from city to city in an airplane. This had never been done before. It was called Dleutschlandflug.

Hitler was considered a manvonvolk, or a man of the people. So off he’d fly to Koenigburg in the morning, then Munich in the afternoon and maybe Cologne in the evening. No one had ever seen the likes. It radiated the image of an all-powerful man who could be in all places at all times.

So, how did these campaign stops work? First they’d put out the word, and then hire rooms slightly smaller than needed so that the overflow would indicate how massive the crowds were. Audiences would arrive curious to hear what would be said. To help build suspense the show never started on time. His people would march up and down handing out brochures etc. Leading the crowds in shouts for the candidate. When it seemed they couldn’t hold the people any longer, someone would run in and say thee was a problem and Hitler would be a little late.

Then they’d stir the pot. Someone would start shouting “Hitler,” “Hitler.” Then someone would run in and say the Fuhrer’s motorcade had just arrived out front. More hysteria, then finally he’d make his appearance.

He’d begin each speech in low, hesitate tones, gradually raising the pitch and volume of his voice then exploding in a climax of frenzied indignation. He’d use carefully rehearsed hand gestures for maximum effect. Constantly playing on the peoples emotions.

One German after the war said he thought Hitler a comical fellow with a scratch voice and a strange appearance. He wasn’t quite normal. spooky. Hopping to win, the Nazis tried associating Hindenburg with Brunning ill-fated policies– and this is where the GREAT comes in. They’d use phrases like “if you’re happy with Brunning then vote Hindenburg” never attacking the man himself,  a GREAT man, a GRATE German, a GREAT field marshal who served his country. But now they argued, it was time for a new generation, with all it’s emphasis on youth. Most of the top Nazi leaders were younger than German politicians –Hitler was only 42–so this emphasis was what they tried.

Now I’m not saying Trump is Hitler, so don’t write me about that. What I’m saying is that the government had made many terrible mistakes, so many that destroyed the economy, and all that went with it. Even though they knew there was something seriously wrong with the man, they were willing to follow him into the abyss. An abyss they are still living with. That is why they are giving their country away to the Muslims. They don’t want to appear to be racist. However they are now going back because of this to anti-samitic.

So what does this boil down to? People can be led for many different reasons. Either for the good or the bad. When you’re followers are telling people they are following you not because of what you believe but rather because they know you can tear down the government, be very wary. What will this destruction b replaced it with? What will he demand of his followers and how loyal will he be once he gets the shinny object he’s reaching for. Will he push you aside like he seems to do with everyone who is no longer needed, will he do away with your freedoms for his own benefit? Will he even do what he promised? Not one dictator came to power on his own. People put him there and then people in huge numbers died.  Beware what you ask for.

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The Disappearing Fearless Donald-

Well, this has been an exciting 12 hours or so. But before we get into that I’d like to say a word about the Hispanic veterans who served this country and are now being sent back to Mexico due to their getting into a bar fight or possessing marijuana. This really bothers me. How many American soldiers come home with PTSD etc? More than I care to say. Each and everyone of them, be they foreign born or American born deserve to be treated with respect and dignity.

Why, after serving our country, are these men treated worse than the criminals that Obama feels should be left to roam the streets of our cities. These men served with the promise of earning citizenship. They carried out their promise, yet it’s the rapist, drug dealers, robbers, gang members and worst that get a free pass. It’s wrong and if we allow it to happen it is a shame on us.

And now to the political news. Trump is out of the debate. Seems he couldn’t hold his own against Megyn Kelly. To save face, if you think that face is worth saving, he’s going to hold a rally on his own and is using the veterans as shield for his no show. “Oh, I’m going to raise money for the vets.” It’s always about money with him.  Would someone please explain to me how this thin skinned narcissist is ever going to face world leaders. Can you imagine what would happen if one of his cabinet says something he doesn’t like. All hell will break lose. He’ll be replacing them faster than he replaced his wives.

Well Jerry Falwell Jr. jumped the shark by backing Trump. Supposedly several Liberty U board members pleaded with him not to do it. Instead he listened not to his better angels but to his worst demons.

Do you remember Dr. Piper of Oklahoma Wesleyan University? He was in the news recently for telling his little snowflake students that “This Is Not A Daycare.”  In other words he told them to grow up or go elsewhere. Obviously an expert in this area and as an expert tells the Donald to grow up.

So here’s what happened: In light of Falwell, Jr’s., newly-found man-crush on Trump, Dr. Piper responded to those who asked him if Oklahoma Wesleyan would likewise be inviting Trump to their campus. Here’s his entire letter, written in response.

Anyone who is pro-abortion is not on my side. Anyone who calls women “pigs,” “ugly,” “fat” and “pieces of a–” is not on my side. Anyone who mocks the handicapped is not on my side. Anyone who has argued the merits of government takeover of banks, student loans, the auto industry and healthcare is not on my side. Anyone who has been on the cover of Playboy and proud of it, who brags of his sexual history with multiple women and who owns strip clubs in his casinos is not on my side. Anyone who believes the government can wrest control of the definition of marriage from the church is not on my side. Anyone who ignores the separation of powers and boast of making the executive branch even more imperial is to on my side. 

I’m a conservative. I believe in conserving the dignity of life. I believe in conserving respect for women. I believe in conserving the Constitution. I believe in conserving private property, religious liberty and human freedom. I believe in morality more than I do in money. I hold to principles more than I yearn for power. I trust my Creator more than I do human character. I’d like to think that all this, and more, makes me an informed and thoughtful citizen and voter. I’ve read, I’ve listened and I’ve studied and there is NOTHING, absolutely nothing in this man’s track record that makes Donald Trump “on my side.”

I refuse to let my desire to win “trump”my moral compass. I will not sell my soul or my university’s to a political process that values victory more than virtue. 

No, Donald Trump will not be speaking at Oklahoma Wesleyan University.

Perhaps Dr. Piper is the one who should be on the GOP ballot rather than Trump.

Perhaps that’s why Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council gave his personal endorsement of Ted Cruz tonight. Looks like the good guys are on our side.

Here’s a little fun item.

Good night everyone

UPDATE—Jerry Falwell, endorses Trump by saying he’s a wonderful father. This after Trump appeared on the View and told them that if Ivanka wasn’t his daughter he’d be dating her. After attacking Carly Fiorina, in Rolling Stone, he made in the next paragraph a rather creepy sex joke about his daughter. He was yanked out of prep school for his sexual escapades and put into a military academy. He quotes,”Yeah, she’s really something, and what a beauty, that one. If I weren’t happily married and, ya know, her father…” He was later asked what he and his daughter had in common, he replied “Sex.” On the Howard Stern Show, Trump bragged about his daughter’s hot body: “You know who’s one of the great beauties of the world according to everybody? And I helped create her. Ivanka. She’s 6 ft. tall, she’s got the best body. She made a lot of money as a model–a tremendous amount.” (Money again) And Falwell thinks this makes him a good father. I doubt Cruz, or Rubio or Christy or any of them would take about how sexy their daughters body is.

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Big Mouths and Bad Deals Part 2

Donald Trump is not shy in telling us what a great businessman he is. In fact he’s probably the greatest businessman in the history of business and probably beyond. I mean everyone knows that. I had some good friends, great people, call me the other day and they said that. “They said I was the greatest businessman ever.”

Well, so lets see how good he really is with the way he uses his daddy’s money.

  • Trump Mortgage (announced in 06–closed 07.) Trump launched his own mortgage company, and his son predicted that it would be the No. 1 home-loan lender in the US. Donald said, “Trump Mortgage is going to take better care of people than anyone in the mortgage industry ever has.” Trouble was he got took. The guy he tapped to head the company, who’d claimed to be a top executive at one of Wall Street’s most prestigious investment banks, had only meager banking credentials (albeit solid experience in nutritional supplement business.) closed 07. Is that guy the same sort of great people Trump says he’ll surround himself with once he’s in the white house?
  • Trump Super Premium Vodka–was destined to make the T&T (Trump & Tonic) the most-ordered drink in the country. Sadly the brand went kaput in 2010 having “failed to meet the threshold requirements.”
  • Go–a Travelocity-powered search engine billed as customers’ ticket to “travel Trump style,” It featured private jets, tickets to exclusive events, and (supposedly) personal recommendations and travel tips from the man himself, as well as a 120 percent price guarantee on certain hotel deals. The Washington Post called it a “vanity site” that wouldn’t make much money and he was right. Shut down in 07
  • Trump Magazine–his third shot at a luxury magazine (after two failed attempts) sounds like his marriages. Launched in late 07, and got off to a good start, leading the Luxist, a luxury lifestyle website to wonder, ” could this, once again, but the year of Trump”? Well, no. It went down in 09.
  • Trump Shuttle–In Oct. 1988, Trump bought a fleet of 17 no-frills Boeing 727’s and gussied them up with “maple-wood veneer from the ceiling to the floor, chrome seatbelt latches and gold-colored bathroom fixtures.” But the new airline never (ahem) took off with customers. He ended up defaulting on his loans, and the company was turned over to creditors. Shut down 1992.
  • Trump Towers Tampa–a 52 story luxury apartment building that was going to redefine Tampa’s skyline. The project went bust in fairly shout order. It later emerged that Trump wasn’t even the developer of the tower. He recently told MSNBC: It was just a licensing deal. I licensed the name “Trump” to those buildings. Investors are suing Trump to recoup some of the money they lost in the doomed project.
  • Trump University, (see part one for details.)
  • Trump Entertainment Resorts–It runs Trump Plaza, Trump Marina, and Trump Taj Mahal hotels and casinos in Atlantic City. But though his name is plastered all over the town, Trump exited the company in 09, shortly before it declared bankruptcy for the third time. (sounds like the magazine fiasco.) By that time, the Donald had gained a rep for honoring his debts late, when he honored them at all. “There are plenty of bankers you could find that wouldn’t do business with Trump again,” says Roger Gros, publisher of Global Gaming Business Magazine.”
  • Trump Ice–Trump ice, or Trump’s bottled water,  has been available at Trump’s casinos for some time, “it was so good that people wanted to buy cases of it.” Shut down in 2010.
  • The New Jersey Generals-1983-1985)  Trump originally owned the New Jersey Generals–a USFL team–but sold them to focus on construction of the Trump Tower. Later he changed his mind, reacquiring the team in 84. The team folded one year later, in 85, along with the entire USFL. People blamed Trump for the demise of not only the team, but the entire league. Allegedly, he was trying to pull the Generals into the NFL–and made poor investment decisions in the process.  In May of 2014 he expressed interest in buying the Buffalo Bills. –What Trump said, (sounds very familiar) Without me, the USFL would’ve been dead immediately. It was a league that was failing badly…I did something I rarely do with the USFL. I went into something that was not good, not established. And it was failing. I knew that but I also went for the cheap. I bought something for peanuts.” He also called the USFL a “second-rate operation.” Sounds like he went into a lot of things that weren’t good, and most of them he started.

Going back to his failed University, Trump compared his ideas to Einstein’s in the “Trump University Entrepreneurship 101″ official book: Einstein believed that a ‘Theory of Everything’ in physics united the four primal forces of nature: gravity, strong nuclear force, weak nuclear force, and electromagnetic force. Our unifying theory if sustainable success in business is so much simpler. … The Customer is Everything!”

What Trump said about the University: “I went to the Wharton School of Finance…I have a great feeling for education and for knowledge and learning…I love the idea of helping people, because I’ve had a lot of experience with real estate, to put it mildly.” (failed real estate that is.)

And this is the guy people want running the biggest business in the world. The United States Government? Are you kidding me? The man fails at everything and the only ones who suffer are the ones foolish enough to believe what he’s selling. The ones that invested in his grand scheme and got taken to the cleaners. It sounds very much like what he’s doing to his current cult following. When he reverts back to his Dems ways, when he sides with big government and he well because there’s money in it, when he doesn’t build the wall cause he needs people to work on his properties, and when he raises taxes, goes all out for gun laws, and takes their property in eminent domain, they’ll be screaming why weren’t they told. Or, like those who voted for Obama, they’ll deny everything while we pay for the mess they created.

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Big Mouths and Bad Deals Part one

Hello everyone and thanks for coming to the site. It’s been a hectic ride the last few days what with the storm that past us by, politics, and the struggle against getting older it’s been a nervy time.

Did you get to see Beck at the Cruz rally? If you didn’t you missed one of the most inspiring couple hours I’ve had in a long time. Beck was absolutely on fire and his points were right on target. The crowd was over the 2,500 mark and many had to stand in the rear. Say, if you subscribe to ‘The Blaze’ or go there frequently would you please inform me as to why the commenters over there seem to hate the guy? I mean it’s his site, they should love him, or at least like him. It’s worse than the crazy’s over at Breitbart.

Just heard that Rubio has pulled all his ads in Iowa and New Hampshire and is putting it all into S.Carolina. The Des Moins Register endorsed Rubio and Clinton today which is a big deal for those two candidates. You might want to know that the Register did not interview either Trump or Cruz.

On the new FOX poll that show Trump way up, don’t panic Cruz followers. According to Nate Silver’s over at FiveThirtyEight, the poll implies that more than 300,000 voters will cast ballots at the Iowa caucus. Last election cycle, the number was less than half that. 121,503. This is important because higher voter turnout generally boosts the numbers for Trump and Sanders. Both candidates poll higher than their top opponents among voters who might vote in the caucus but tend to trail among those who have committed to going.

I was talking to Two Corinthians today and they agreed with the Two Thessalonians that this is big trouble for the Donald. Oh, by the way, did you see the Donald went to church today. Didn’t look to happen when he left, supposedly the sermon was on humility and allowing immigrants to come into the country. Perhaps that’s why he was frowning when he came out the door. He actually went thinking that God would ask him for forgiveness. His mind works that way. After this he’ll probably become a Unitarian.

But back to the Two Corinthians. They were telling me that on Friday, a judge handed down a potentially crushing ruling against Trump in a racketeering lawsuit. Yes, that’s right, a Racketeering Lawsuit. 

A civil racketeering lawsuit can proceed as a class action, a federal judge has ruled, in a major incremental victory for a former student accusing him of running a bogus investment university. The ruling by Judge Gonzalo Curiel means that a Calif. businessman named Art Cohen can sue Trump on behalf of anybody who bought seminars from Trump U. after Jan. 07. (A bad year for Trump)

The lawsuit accuses Trump and his university of violating federal racketeering law by scheming to defraud students into paying thousands of dollars for useless real estate investing classes.

Muriel’s ruling a a big deal because it’s generally not worth a lawyer’s time to pursue a case like this on behalf of one person. Now, Cohen is representing thousands of people who were allegedly duped by TU according to court documents.

Trump’s lawyers emailed to Business Insider: “We are taking action to appeal the Court’s decision to certify a class action in this case. We are confident Mr. Trump will ultimately prevail on the merits of the evidence. Trump U, stopped operation in 2011 but has been the subject of continuous litigation. NYAG Eric Schneiderman sued TU last year for allegedly failing to deliver on promises to teach real estate investment techniques and defrauding students of $40 million.

Cohen also filed his suit last year after he allegedly spent $34,996 on TU “Gold Elite” program. Trump misled students into believe they’d learn investment secrets from both him and his “handpicked professors,” the lawsuit claims. Instead Trump had no real role in choosing instructors and didn’t give students any of his real estate investing secrets.

“The misleading nature of the enterprise is embodied by its very name” the complaint said. “That is because, though Defendant promised “Trump University,” he derived neither Trump not a university.”

Well, well, well, maybe Trump should heed his own words and get this sorted out before he thinks about running for President. After all, the Dems will use it against him. Yes, maybe he should step aside.

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Cruz Isn’t the Only One Who Owes Big Banks

If this is what happens when my computer goes down, then (wash my mouth out with soap) I hope it keeps happening. I got plugged back in just in time for this….

I know Trump thinks Putin is the cats meow, but when you’re talking about American vets, it would be nice to show some instead of the Russian soldiers he used in the video. Remember the Nazi soldiers in one of his ads? Also at the end he’s says he’ll make our vets proud again. Our vets are proud, and they’d be prouder if a guy who wants to be commander in chief would identify correctly which solders he’s talking about. I can’t load the video here but you can see it here.

Oops!! Trump puts out video praising U.S. veterans… but has image of RUSSIAN soldiers instead!!

And then theres this.

Do you understand what he’s doing here. He’s taunting his supporters to see if there’s anything he can say that will make them stop supporting him. He really is. He’s trying to see if there’s any 180 degree turn he can pull off that’s so completely different from what he’s been saying that you’ll turn around and say, “holy cow, this guy is no different from the rest of them and in fact he’s worse.”

You Trump supporters have been had big time but the guy who wants to be a contestant on “Lets Make A Deal.”

Now think if he was already in the Trump House. He’s been telling everyone he’s going to build a wall with a great gate, and well, you know what he’s been promising these poor misguided fools, and suddenly he says, nah, I’m not for that any more. I’m now for all the things I said I wasn’t for last week but was for the week before. Then what?

Finely, did you know this. Goldman Sachs once gave Ted Cruz’s campaign a $1.43 million loan. His campaign also got a loan of less than $500,000 from Citibank. Trump claims that means they own him. He does’t mention that part or all of those loans have been repaid. Did you know that at various times Trump has had hundreds of millions of dollars in loans from Citibank and Goldman, some of which have been repaid, some of which were discharged in bankruptcy when Trump’s Atlantic City casino went belly up. Does that means he owned by them? According to his most recent financial disclosures, he has hundreds of millions of dollars in loans from virtually every bank on Wall St. Here is a copy of the form.


It’s a little hard to read by you can enlarge if you can. As you can see, he’s in hock to a veritable who’s who of Wall Street banks. The bare minimum amount displayed here is at least $265,350,011 million in loans, but it’s much much more. The full amount is OVER $450,750,000(!!!!)

No one knows how much he’s actually worth but as you can see much of his wealth is tied up as collateral for these loans.

If Ted Cruz is owned by Goldman Sachs and Citibank because they loaned him $1 million, the Trump isn’t only owned by the two listed above but by every name on this list. If America can’t trust Cruz to protect them from Goldman and Citibank, (although I’m not sure why we’d need protecting ) then how can anyone in America trust Trump to protect them from literally every bank?

IMPORTANT–I just found out some interesting news about the house in Cruz’s add. It wasn’t just that one old lady. The building was a historic building that housed 15-20 elderly families. The entire city joined to petition against Trump’s attempt to destroy that building, but the media only told one side of the story. Trump saying that eminent domain is necessary to build roads etc is correct, but this wasn’t about building something that would improve the city. He wanted it for a private parking lot. Along with other issues, Trump defaulted on many contracts which resulted in small businesses going bankrupt. He also wanted to hire people like Carl Ichan. Carl Ichan just broke a contract with local unions and refused to pay their health and wellness benefits.

Just wanted to share.


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