Madness, Utter Madness

What in all that’s holy are these people doing? If you read my blog on Health Care you know that five Senators are going against it. As Mike Lee and others have stated, the bills an unmitigated disaster. It retains Obamacare’s core regulatory scheme, while tossing the individual mandate and extra taxes that support the scheme, re-enshrines subsidies to insurance companies, provides new entitlements to middle-income Americans, and only defunds PP for one year and promises to alter Medicaid some time in the distant future.

Despite the bill’s dumpster fire status, and the fact that five Senators are saying no so far, a pro-Trump political org. called America First Policies has just announced their intention to “launch a seven-figure ad campaign against Hellor on Friday night,” reports Fox News. The campaign “will be ramped up next week.”

Heller is up for re-election in 18 and is considered one of the most vulnerable GOP senators.  According to this group,

“Obamacare is collapsing. This is a crisis for the American people. There is no excuse for any Rep. or Dem., to oppose the Senate health care bill outright . . .Senator Heller appears to be heading down a path with Nancy Pelosi, Schumer and the radical left.” 

Allegedly, the org. is targeting Heller because the other four seem poised to “negotiate.”

This is a grotesque example of political tribalism. A tribalistic attitude leads to bad policy because it eschews logical thought processes in favor of singe-minded devotion to a supreme leader. In this case, the ayatollah is President Trump.

The financials of the bill aren’t feasible? Doesn’t matter. It doesn’t actually repeal Obamacare? Doesn’t matter. Conservative philosophy is nowhere to be found in the text? Doesn’t matter. What does matter is that the bill is an extension of President Trump, and as such, it must be good. This behavior is illogical and puerile and America First Policies needs to be called out on it.

It’s this sort of thinking that got the Germans in trouble in WWII. If you think ObamaCare is bad, you ain’t seen nothing yet, and you’ll be the ones that have to pay for it.

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Mike Lee Explains His No Vote on the New Health Care Bill

As you know, the Republican Senate is trying to trick us into believing that their version of ObamaCare called of all things “Best Care Reconciliation Act or BCRA is out and about and looking for a little love. Don’t be fooled. Fall in love and you’ll wish you never knew her.

The bill faces a tough climb as there are now five Republican Senators who say they’ll vote no. One of them is Ted Cruz who got a personal phone call from the deal maker, in order to get Ted to go along. So far, it’s a no go and it better stay that way if he wants any more money out of me. But I digress. The five so you’ll know are Cruz, Paul, Heller, Johnson and Lee.

Now Heller, is not a conservative and he’s against it because well, it cuts medicaid.  But with Heller being on the side of wanting more money for Medicaid, it’s likely more of the more liberal side of the party might be will to come out as well. And trust me, this will carry us to single payer, a death warrant for good health care. Also remember Trump’s pushing single payer.

On Friday, Senator Lee wrote a very informative op-ed on why he and the other three, can’t vote yes. I’m including the op-ed here because you need to read it. You can’t know what’s best on this subject if you’re not informed. Yes it’s long but full of information.

No, the Senate healthcare bill released yesterday does not repeal Obamacare. It doesn’t even significantly reform American healthcare.

It cuts taxes. It bails out insurance companies. It props up Obamacare through the next election. It lays out plans to slow Medicaid spending beginning in 2025, but that probably won’t happen. And it leaves in place the ham-fisted federal regulations that have driven up family health insurance premiums by 140 percent since Obamacare was implemented.

As the bill is currently drafted, I won’t vote for it.

On the other hand, I understand the opportunity Republicans have right now to help Americans get better, more affordable coverage.

That’s why I joined the Senate working group on healthcare reform with an open mind. I knew then, as I know now, that as one of the most conservative Republican Senators, I would have to compromise with the least conservative Republican Senators to get something done. And compromise I have!

At the beginning of this process, I wanted a full repeal of Obamacare. Despite campaigning on that very thing for eight years, my Republican colleagues disagreed.

So then I called for a partial repeal, like we passed in 2015 – and which conservatives were promised by our leaders in January. A partial repeal would at least force Congress to start over on a new system that could work better.

Again, no.

So then I advocated repealing Obamacare’s regulations, which have been the primary drivers of spiking premiums. I repeated this suggestion at every single meeting of the working group, and at every members lunch for several weeks. Yet when the Better Care Reconciliation Act was unveiled yesterday, the core Obamacare regulations were largely untouched.

Far short of “repeal,” the Senate bill keeps the Democrats’ broken system intact, just with less spending on the poor to pay for corporate bailouts and tax cuts. A cynic might say that the BCRA is less a Republican health care bill than a caricature of a Republican health care bill.

Yet, for all that, I have not closed the door on voting for some version of it in the end.

Conservatives have compromised on not repealing, on spending levels, tax credits, subsidies, corporate bailouts, Medicaid, and the Obamacare regulations. That is, on every substantive question in the bill.

Having conceded to my moderate colleagues on all of the above, I now ask only that the bill be amended to include an opt-out provision, for states or even just for individuals.

The reason Americans are divided about health care (like so many issues today) is that we don’t know exactly how to fix it. Politicians hate to admit it, and partisans like to pretend otherwise. But it’s true.

And history teaches us that when we don’t know how to solve a problem, the best thing to do is to experiment. We should test different ideas through a cooperative, bottom-up, trial-and-error process rather than imposing top-down, partisan power-plays that disrupt the lives of hundreds of millions of people at a time.

Eight years ago Democrats created a one-size-fits-all national health care system… and it’s collapsing around us. They couldn’t even make the darn website work!

Why do Republicans – who are supposedly skeptical of government miracle-working – expect our one-size-fits-all scheme to work any better?

The only hope for actually solving the deep, challenging problems in our health care system is to let people try out approaches other than the ones a few dozen politicians thought up inside the D.C. bubble.

And so, for all my frustrations about the process and my disagreements with the substance of BCRA, I would still be willing to vote for it if it allowed states and/or individuals to opt-out of the Obamacare system free-and-clear to experiment with different forms of insurance, benefits packages, and care provision options. Liberal states might try single-payer systems, while conservatives might emphasize health savings accounts. Some people embrace association health plans or so-called “medishare” ministry models. My guess is different approaches will work for different people in different places – like everything else in life.

The only way to find out what does work is to find out what doesn’t. We know the pre-Obamacare system was breaking down. Now we know Obamacare is failing too. I doubt the BCRA system would fare much better, or that the next Pelosi-Sanders-Warren scheme Democrats cook up wouldn’t be even worse.

At some point Washington elites might at least entertain the possibility that we may not have all the answers. I think right now – with President Trump’s shocking upset of the establishment still fresh in our minds – would be a good time for Congress to add a new ingredient to its legislative sausage: a dash of humility.

To win my vote, the Republican health care bill must create a little space for states and individuals to sidestep Washington’s arrogant incompetence, and see if they can do better.

Recent history suggests they couldn’t possibly do worse.

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Looks Like Bernie and Wife Are Knee Deep In Trouble with the FBI

I wrote almost a year ago about Jane Sanders, wife of Bernie Sanders and one time President of Burlington College. At that time the news was that she had bankrupted the school which thanks to her is now defunct. Well, it seems that unlike most news reporters, Kyle Midura of Burlington TV station WCAX had a rare opportunity to put old Bernie on the spot. He wanted to know about the many stories out there concerning a federal investigation into allegations that the senator’s wife, had committed fraud in obtaining bank loans for the college, and that Sanders’ Senate office had weighed in.

Sanders and his wife have been trying to ignore the federal investigation since reporters for VTDigger, an online publication, confirmed the FBI’s involvement in April. The original request for an investigation into the fraud charges came from Brady Toensing, an attorney who chaired Trump’s Vermont campaign, and whose Jan. 2016 letter to the U.S. attorney for Vermont put the feds on the trail.

Originally, it seemed only Mrs. Sanders was headed for the orange jumpsuit crowd but now hubby seems to be involved as well. It appears his office applied pressure to the bank to accept the loan, which is a big ethical no-no.

The Burlington allegations didn’t generate much buzz on the trail. After all, no one thought he was going anywhere fast, and he didn’t in the end.

Politico has done a good job laying this out. For those who don’t memorize all my blogs I’ll refresh your memory. Jane Sanders had the college buy $10 million parcel of land, even though the college was damn near broke and couldn’t make its loan payments. It’s alleged she lied to obtain the loan and lied about pledged donation to the school.

Naturally Sanders and wife, say it’s a partisan investigation because it was initiated after a letter from a Rep. operative. However, the FBI is treating it incredibly seriously, given that they’ve been very busy collecting information and talking to former school officials. Clearly this ain’t partisan. And who knows where it will lead.

To show you how serious Sanders thinks it is he’s secured Scooter Libby’s and convicted felon/former U.S. Congressman William Jefferson’s (money in the freeze) lawyer. I think I would’ve looked for a lawyer who didn’t have a jailbird as a client.

Gosh, they might have to sell one of their three homes to pay the lawyer. Don’t you just love it!

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Great News For Pro-Life Defenders — and Babies

Great news for all who are fighting the pro-life cause.  David Daleiden and Sandra Marritt are the two hero’s who went undercover and discovered the evil behind Planned Parenthood. They’ve been in a bit of bother since Calif. Attorney Central Xavier Becerra filed 15 felony charges against them. Why, because he could and because he’s a longtime abortin advocate with financial connections to PP.

At the time, pro-life advocates said Becerra charges were bogus and meant to belittle the expose’ campaign and to cast aspersions on Daleiden and the organization behind the videos. They said the attempt was about drawing attention away from PP’s sale of baby body parts.

Now here’s the amazing part. The San Francisco Superior Court on WEd., dismissed 10 of 15 criminal counts but the pair are still charged with one count of conspiracy to invade privacy. The bad part is that the judge dismissed the charges with leave to amend — meaning Becerra could refile the charges with additional supposed evidence against the pair.

These to warriors for life did a huge service to the country and they should absolutely be applauded. So this is a huge win.

The second pro-life story is also a win for our side. Earlier this week, pro-life activist Stephanie Gray spoke at Google headquarters, challenging pro-choice listeners to think of the issue in a different way. And I think this is brilliant. It also puts the other side on the spot because they have to defend why they view one thing as good and the other as bad.

She also spoke of others being considered heroes for putting the lives of others ahead of their own in other circumstances, such as pilot Sully Sullenberger in the “miracle on the Hudson.”

“If you agree that it was correct for the pilot to put the passengers ahead of himself, to prioritize the needs of his dependents,” she said, “then wouldn’t it follow, that when it comes to the topic of abortion and an unplanned pregnancy, that a pregnant woman out to prioritize the needs of her dependent?”

I’ll let her explain in her own words. Overall Gray encouraged those in the audience to ask questions to seek to understand the pro-life position. The message must have resonated, because the video was uploaded to video, awn Google talks are, and is doing very well. As of this publication of the piece three days after the speech was given, the video has nearly four times the views of a talk given by Cecile Richards (PP) at Google in March.

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New York Beware This Could Happen to You. Vote Republican and Save Yourselves

Now we all know a failed state when we see one. Venezuela, South Africa, the Middle East. But I’m talking about something closer to home. Something most have to drive threw if they want to get to Wisconsin. I’m talking Illinois. Yes that epitome of a socialist utopia. Well, not so fast!

Illinois has not had a state budget since Hector was a pup. And we all know how long ago that was! And like all liberal states, even when the money runs out they spend more on credit. At the moment, the state’s credit ratings have dropped, increasing the cost of borrowing, which of course is necessary to keep the whole rotten shebang going.

Let’s admit it. Bills pile up; Moody’s Investor Service says taxpayers are on the hook for $251 billion with a ‘B’ in unfunded public union pension liabilities. Which if I might be so bold is why government employees shouldn’t be allowed to join unions. We pay for it.

Boss Mike Madigan, king of the Democrats who control things, — wait for it– wants tax increases but no real structural reform to the Venezuela of the Midwest. And whispers of bankruptcy won’t help the average (remaining) taxpaying chumbolones like Illinois taxpayers who don’t want to leave there homes but who’ll get stuck with the bills.

John Kass of the Chicago Tribune has a great solution. No, not voting these jerks out of office. That won’t work. Here the next best thing he thinks might work. Kass suggest giving Chicago to Wisconsin and renaming it “South Milwaukee,” but who in Wisc. would want it, I dare ask? Now he gets down to the nitty gritty of the problem.

He proposes carving out 40 acres around the mayor’s home so (we’re talking R, Emanuel here) might be prince of  his own country: Rahmonia!

For Cook Country Board President. Toni “Taxwinkle” Preckwinkle, A grant of land as large as a case of the soda pop she taxes, so that she might stand on it and proclaim herself Queen of Taxwinkletopia.

As for the rest of Chicago,

If there are portions of Illinois that the other states don’t want, they may be left as a federal territory, a wilderness where only the strong survive and peasants and friendly propagandists knell and beg for crumbs. You already know the name of this wasteland: Madiganistan.

The sovereign of Madiganistan would presumably be Michael Madigan, speaker of the Ill. House of Reps., and longest-serving leader of any state legislature. (He’s the real gov.)

The Windy City moon battery that’s pulling a whole state into insolvency would be divided among three tiny nations where the damage might be easier to contain. Since they would be totally dysfunction, the UN could make itself useful for once by stepping in to administrate them.

Until a cure for this insanity is discovered, it would be hard to imagine a better solution.



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We Won GA. 6 –But lost on Transgender Bathrooms

Happy Days, yes Karen Handel won GA’s 6th district tonight in a huge upset. It was neck and neck for the last week but she pulled it off. The Dems will say tomorrow, it was no big deal, but believe you me folks it was. This was their fourth straight lost this year and it’s becoming a habit. (A good one I mean) This means that in 2018 they will have to take 24 GOP seats to retake control of the House. Now I could say they intend to do so by shooting all their opponents but that would be in bad taste. This year we won two other races, one in Kansas and one in Montana. S. C. should hold for us as well.

The stat’s for Ga. are these. First a great deal of money was spent. Only 3.5 percent of the Dems donations came from Ga. residents, the rest came from special interest and NY and Calif. More than 40,000 people voted early, including 36,000 who didn’t vote in April’s run off contest. Trump won the district by a mere 1.5 percent to McCain’s 18.9 percent.

To be honest I don’t know if that means the district is turning blue or that people simply didn’t want to vote for Trump.

Speaking of Trump let me ask you Trumpsters a question. When you elected ‘the Donald,’ did you do so believing he’d do away with all this homosexual, transgender nonsense? Well, get out the Kleenex cause it ain’t happening. The Civil Rights division of the Dept. of Education released a memo earlier this month, stating that if a school fails to use a transgender student’s “preferred name or pronoun” that could potentially be seen as gender-based harassment.

Om a June 6 memo obtained by the Washington Post, Candice Jackson — acting assistant secretary for civil rights noted that the agency may open investigations if schools fail to properly assess whether such instances of gender-based harassment created a “hostile environment.”

Sounds like the social justice warriors are still slopping at the trough. The topic of bathrooms also came up. Now pay close attention here. — Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Education Sec. Betsy DeVos reversed Obama’s directive on school bathrooms and locker rooms and that was the right move. BUT! and there’s alway a BUT! The memo is actually a “green light” to move forward with discrimination complaints from transgender students concerning bathroom access.

“The presumption here should be it’s business as usual” the civil rights official told the Post. “and not the OCR is abdicating its role as a protector of civil rights for transgender students.”

The important thing to remember here is that it’s not an Obama holdover pushing through what amounts to the same harmful liberal policies. They are part of Betsy DeVos’ chosen staff. Then ask yourself why President Politically Incorrect is allowing this to continue?

Come on Trumpsters, think of a better reason than “He’s not Hillary.” Is there a difference?

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Weird and Weirder –The New America

Hi folks, wanted to share this with you, but because it’s on FaceBook and I don’t have an account I can’t move the video to this sight. Sooo. That means you have to click the link to watch and please do.

If you’ve ever argued about socialism with lets say, a friend, co-worker, brother, sister, mother, father, son, daughter–well you get where I’m going, then you need to watch this and share it when the argument starts. It’s clear, precise, and informative. And remember if we don’t stop this, we’ll be living it in the future. When 4 out of 10 think socialism is better than capitalism, we’ve got a problem. Take a seat and watch. I’ll bring the popcorn.

I’m not sure what to say about the next two items, except to say “God Help Us.” To which I respond to myself by saying “Why Should He?” What have we done for him lately? Moving on. — The company behind Barbie has announced its most diverse line of Ken dolls yet. They feature three body types, wimpish, wimp, and triple wimp. They have seven skin tones and nine hairstyles, including the new and growing in popularity, man bun. Yes, Ken’s got the bun. I doubt this skinny example of fading manhood will get much else unless he surrounds himself with liberal woman.

So, is the military a fighting force to be reckoned with, or a bunch of persons of nondescript identities? At the moment the latter seems to be the going trend. The Army has begun mandatory transgender sensitivity training for solders. The training covers everything from “transfemale” soldiers to transgender shower etiquette to dealing with a male soldier who becomes pregnant. Yes, you read that right. My question–How does a man become pregnant? I’d love to watch the delivery! Does a woman get him drunk and than has her way with him?

But I digress. The matter of male soldier with child is tucked away inside the Army’s “Policy on the Military Service of Transgender Soldiers Training Manul, Tier 2: Commanders and Leaders.”

“The training module specifically outlines key roles and responsibilities of commanders, transgender soldiers, military medical providers and administrative management organizations,” Lt. Col. Jennifer Johnson told USA Today. “This training is mandatory for all uniformed members, as well as Department of the Army civilians.” (Ever notice that there’s always a women in the mix with these things? I blame the apple!)

You can blame Obama for this but also Trump for not putting a stop to it. Next thing our military will be wearing a onesy with teddy bears on them.

Public reverence for degeneracy and depravity must be inescapable, so as to erode the spirit of anyone with enough inner decency to resist what our country is becoming. That’s why, when LGBT militants issue outrageous demands that crosswalks be painted with rainbow stripes to signify approval of their Sodom and Gomorrah lifestyle, they’ve been getting their way.

And if you haven’t noticed, they seem to be the only ones that are. Washington has already displayed temporary rainbow crosswalks, but this is no longer deemed sufficient. San Francisco is unsurprisingly among the cities that already have permanent crosswalks, along with Philadelphia, Toronto, and Seattle. Atlanta will soon follow.

A petition has been gathered with over 6,000 supporters to make Chicago next. Petitions are also going around in New York, Milwaukee, and Fort Lauderdale.

The garish displays not only firmly establish homosexuals near the top of the caste system, but also provide opportunities for generating phony oppression that is the basis of political power in our country. Every time someone leaves a tire track on a rainbow crosswalk, this will be presented with teary eyes and handwringing as evidence that gays are oppressed, and therefore deserve still more special privileges, hiring preferences, public reverence, et cetera.


If you’re traveling to Canada this summer you might want to be aware that it’s now illegal to refer to people by the biologically appropriate pronoun if they prefer some other pronoun.

The bill adds “gender expression” and gender identity” to Canada’s Human rights Code and to the Criminal Code’s hate crime section. With the Senate clearing the bill with no amendments, it requires only royal assent in the House of Commons to become law.

Critics warn that under Bill C-16, Canadians who deny gender theory could be charged with hate crimes, fined, jailed, and compelled to undergo anti-bias training. Prime Minister Trudeau praised the bill’s passage as “great news.”

He would. A more authoritarian lefty would be difficult to imagine. As the liberal war on objective reality, escalates, we’ll continue to experience bizarre and tyrannical attempts at mind control ahat would have made slaves of the Soviet system gasp in horror. The likes of Trudeau do not hesitate to use brute coercion to compel their victims to explicitly deny that 2 + 2 = 4

Tip from Moonbattery


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A Gun By Any Other Name–Is Not An Assault Rifle

It’s appropriate that a fanatical supporter of Bernie Sanders would use an SKS for his shooting spree. At the height of the Cold War, Sanders was the Mayor of Burlington, and decorated his office with the flag of the Soviet Union. He aggressively sided with the Soviet clients in Central America, and spent his honeymoon in the drab and miserable USSR. Designed in 1943, the SKS was used by the Soviet Red Army before it was rendered obsolete by the AK-47.

Contrary to media reports, it’s not an assault rifle. Unlike the AR-15 the SKS doesn’t even look like one. It’s a semiautomatic of dated design that holds 10 rounds in a fixed magazine (although modified versions can hold a detachable magazine.) You might call it the communist answer to the M1 Garand. The SKS was not covered under Bill Clinton’s assault weapon ban. After BLM crazy  Micah Johnson used an SKS to murder five Dallas police officers, CBS News described the gun as a “curio or relic.”

Even so, the media, eager for a pretext to go after the AR-15 (a.k.a. America’s Rifle) keeps reporting that Hodgkinson used an assault rifle to shoot the Congressmen. The Chicago Tribune called the gun “an SKS assault rifle.” That’s like calling someone’s sedan “A Toyota Camry truck.” ABC News barks that he used a “legally purchased assault rifle.” It may have been legally purchased, but it ain’t no assault rifle. CBS News confirmed (confirmed mind you) that the gun used was an M4 carbine, which does not even vaguely resemble an SKS.

Keep all this in mind the next time you are tempted to take anything the media says at face value. It they are this clueless, and/or deceptive about guns, chances are good the same is true on other topics.



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How Low Can They Go

Only a few years ago, any decent person would regard this as child abuse and an intolerable abomination. Now, you must think it’s healthy and normal or keep your mouth shut. And there lies the problem–

Aspiring drag queen Lactacia has taken the world by storm at only EIGHT YEARS of age after getting brought on stage in full drag at Bianca Del Rio’s show. Now the pint-sized queen is everywhere, giving drag performances and offering guidance to other aspiring queens everywhere, as evidenced in this new interview with LGBT in the City.

“I think that anyone can do what they want in life,” Lactacia said in the interview. “It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. If you wanna be a drag queen and your parents don’t let you, you need new parents!”

Behold the consequences of allowing liberals to win the Culture War:


As if that’s not bad enough how about this. It will be very bad news for non-whites if this gets traction:

A group of Native American and indigenous activists are lobbying the United Nations to outlaw “cultural appropriation” across the globe. Critics of  “cultural appropriation” believe that people should not adopt ideas, are, food, clothing or other elements of cultures they do not belong to. Most recently, pop start Katy Perry apologized for appropriating African-American culture by wearing cornrows and eating watermelon in a music video.

Now lets think about this– if we put an end to cultural appropriation than only whites will be allowed to wear glasses, use forks, operate machinery, have glass windows, travel by any vehicle more sophisticated than a horse-drawn cart, or utilize plumbing, modern medicine, modern agriculture, most fruits and vegetables, central heart, air conditioning, refrigeration, radio, television telephones, record music, air travel, communications satellites, computers, the Internet, electricity, the constitutional republican for of government, et cetera, et etcetera, et cetera.

None-whites will be forced to live in the world as it would be without whites; a wretched, tyrannical, backwards world. For once they really would be as oppressed as liberals say. Oh, and Christmas would be a no-no, and Thanksgiving, no fireworks on the fourth. No holidays celebrating white people like George Washington’s Birthday etc. No hamburgers, hot dogs, no pizza, you get the idea.

On Monday, University of Colorado Law School Dean James Anaya told the committee that the U.N. should “obligate states to create effective criminal and civil enforcement procedures to recognize and prevent the non-consensual taking and illegitimate possession, sale and export of traditional cultural expressions.”

Now from what I can see by his picture he’s a person of indigenousness. So he’d better hope his recommendations don’t go beyond the moronic posturing stage, or he could face criminal charges for speaking English and working at a university. Both are products of European culture. Oh, and he wears glasses, they’ll have to go as well. One more thing, his name is James–can’t use that.



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Somethings Happening Here–What It Is Ain’t Exactly Clear

“There’s a man with a gun over there, telling me I’ve got to beware!”

It time we stopped children what’s that sound, everybody look what’s going down.”

I don’t believe I need to tell anyone who reads my blog that violence only begets violence. But yesterday something changed. It’s been coming for a long time but yesterday the sore broke open and oozed out over all of us because in some ways we’re all guilty. Yes, me to.

Now don’t get me wrong, yesterdays shooting of Steve Scalise and others rest squarely on the shoulders of the man who pulled the trigger. He went there looking for pry and he found it. Thank God he wasn’t a very good shot or things could have been a lot worse and deadly.

I believe that this could be the beginning of a very violent period in our history. Floyd Lee Corkins walked into the offices of the Family Research Council intending to kill as many people in that office as possible. Why? Because the Southern Poverty Law Center’s website listed the Family Research Council as a pro-Christian, pro- family org. which makes it hated by the left. Thankfully the guard stopped him

James Hodgkinson, yesterdays shooter was also a fan of the Southern Poverty Law Center and stewed in leftwing rhetoric. Hearing the left spew claims that Republicans want people to die, want to destroy the planet and actually did help the Russians take over our republic, he decided to act.

How many of us, myself included, has asked why don’t we do something. Hodgkinson and Corkin’s did. Now as I said earlier the only one responsible for these and other tragedies is the person who committed them. But these organizations aren’t blameless. the SPLC, put out a constant stream of rhetoric meant and designed to incite and mobilize. It’s how they get people to donate.

Pundits on MSNBC and Democrat congressional leaders say constantly how our side wants to destroy everything we get out hands on. They say it to keep their base riled up. Trump did the same during the election when he didn’t condemn people for knocking around people who thought differently than they did. I said at the time that what was happening wasn’t going to get better but worse. A Republican congressmen punched a reporter and people on our side cheered and elected him to office. What message does that send?

Eric Trump saying of Democrats, “they’re not even people,” after being one all his life, is no more a call to condone violence than Obama telling supporters to take guns to knife fights. Nasty political rhetoric has taken place since the beginning of this nation. But now there’s a difference.

America is becoming tribal. Large segments of the left and growing segments of the right no longer have church communities calling them to their better angels. Pastors on a large scale no longer preach salvation but social justice. People are less likely to know their neighbors. When was the last time you saw a bunch of kids out playing together in the street like we did as kids. Running to each others house for snacks or to see if Bobby could play.

Out kids for the most part play with our friends children. The ones we pick for them to play with. Don’t want them associated with the wrong kind. It’s now possible for a person to go an entire day and never knowingly encounter someone who thinks at all differently. We self-select websites to read, TV channels to watch, radio stations and podcasts to listen to.

We never have to be troubled trying to share our point of view with anyone who thinks differently. That’s why it’s so hard for many people when pressed to make a cogent argument. They never have to defend their views.

After the shooting, I read some of the tweets that were sent out by the left and they were dripping with pride that one of their own took out a Republican, and hatred that only one was seriously wounded. Then they made excuses, saying perhaps the shooter was shooting in self defense because he was losing his health care. Another said, he lost his job and the Republicans were bring in foreign workers, others as I said before were angry he didn’t kill more.

When you create your own world were every statement is, in your mind, aimed at hurting you, you are living in a world you created not God. Soon you’ll begin to believe the worst about others when those you have allowed into your world agree. The only way to save ourselves is to realize that both sides and the media need to acknowledge that the other side really doesn’t want to see us die. But at the moment there is too much invested in think it will stop. More will have to die for that to happen and then it will be too late.

A final word about Bernie–remember I said he just bought a half million dollar lake house to go with the two other homes he has? Well, next time he talks about equality ask him why then he only pays 13% income tax while people who earn far less than Bernie, and have far less than Bernie pay between 25-35%

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