Short But Important.

Some updates before I go into the hospital tomorrow. First, lets talk about who talked to the Russian and Chinese Diplomats about the Iran deal in 2015. For a start, we have 30 Senate Dems. Leading among them is Kirsten Gillibrand our own Dem. Senator from NY. Then there’s Al Franken and Amy Klobuchar, Michael Bennet, Chris Coons, and Tammy Baldwin. All Dems in the Congress. Oh, and you know in the hearing on Sessions today. Guess who else spoke to the Rusnicks and Chinman–you guested it. The one and only Senator McCaskill. Joe Manchin on CNN also added his name to the list. Was there anyone who didn’t speak to the Russians and Chinese? This is just another fabricated crisis from the left.

On another important front. We should all be with Rand Paul on this one. It seems the house Rep. are about to give us Obamacare under another name. They are keeping everything tightly under wraps and when Paul ask to see the legislation he was told that its was a take it or leave it proposition. Paul is absolute right. We need to see what the house is doing and not doing. Are they just moving the chairs around or what? I think it’s very likely that they aren’t about to get rid of it and we need to start making noise about it.

We need to contact Paul and Rubio and Cruz and let them know we’re depending on them to stop this.

Well, I’ll be away for a few days but wanted to get this out.


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White Genocide Coming to South Africa and Why Would the Pope Do This?

I won’t be talking about the speech because just about everything that could be said about it has been said. I will say however on the whole I liked everything but the big money spending he seems to want to do. But what I liked the most was getting under the lefts skins. (Horrible thought) One thing though I will tell you. Did you notice all the women on the far side wearing white, at first I thought they were trying to pretend they were all virgins but then I saw who they were and changed my mind. But then again. . . who would marry those nags?

Now on to other news. I’ve been talking a lot lately about South Africa, and there’s a reason. South Africa was once a thriving nation. Now it’s on the brink of collapse but it also about to commit genocide. Nelson Mandela’s African National Congress successor Jacob Zuma has decided that “2017 is the year of “taking land back to the people. Ans for this reason government will seek to change legislation to allow for land expropriation without compensation.”

In other words, it doesn’t matter if it’s yours and you worked hard to make it what it is, too bad. It ain’t yours anymore. “The country needs to take bold steps that will transform South Africa’s economy, including land ownership, swiftly. To achieve these goals the government is busy amending all the laws and policies to enable faster land reform, or in plan English, “we’re taking it and don’t expect us to pay your for it.” 

Now the current law says the government is supposed to try and buy white people’s property, if they can’t they steal it outright. According to Zuma, “the economy will be overhauled radically to allow for meaningful black participation.” In other words if you’re white and you have a business, we’re taking it to allow for meaningful black participation. This is what happened in Rhodesia, the former Breadbasket of Africa, now known as Zimbabwe. Another word for tyranny, hyperinflation, and starvation.

South Africa has been part of Western Civilization for 365 years. Within a generation it will be indistinguishable from any other desperate and despotic African hellhole, subsisting on international handouts. That’s what progressives mean by “progress.” If I lived there I’d be packing my bags.

Do you know who Paul Ehrlich is? Well the Pope does and has given him a forum to speak out about his radical views. He was invited to rant at a Biological Extinction conference held at the Vatican this week, sponsored by the Pontifical Academy of Sciences and the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences.

So what does he believe? For a start that we are destroying the world at a record breaking pace. He wants the world population reduced from 7.4 billion to 1 billion, and is a radical proponent of birth control on a massive scale. He insisted that 65 million Americans would die of starvation between 1980 and 89. More recently he’s been ghoulishly predicting that we will soon have to eat human flesh because we won’t stop “breeding.” To my knowledge the only people breeding like rats are Muslims as a means of taking over the world. His enthusiasm for abortion and scorn for its opponents would be difficult to exceed. By providing Ehrlich a soapbox at the Vatican, Pope Francis places the Catholic Church’s stamp of acceptability on these views. I’m not Catholic, so I ask you, why would a leader of the Catholic Church do this?





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Some Video’s You Need to Share

I have a few video to share. The first is about Sweden. You know the left went mad when Trump commented on what was going on over there. Well, this is sort of from the horses mouth. You won’t believe it. There is a bit of bad language, but not a lot. Is this coming here? That’s why the second amendment must be protected.

A message from Latin America

On a lighter note this might be helpful if you want to learn to be offended. It certainly made being offended a lot easier for me!

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Witches and Pendulum’s

Well, I’m not sure if this was started by Hillary or not, but starting at midnight tonight (Friday Feb 23) witches from around the country are calling for a mass spell to be cast on Donald Trump every night of a waning crescent moon until he’s driven from office. (Isn’t the crescent moon a sign of Islam?) Anyway, The spell was publicized by Michael M. Hughes, who said it was tweaked from multiple spells he saw going around private witch sites. Yes, witch sites. Michael published the spell on Extra News Feed because he felt “it would be very welcome to a lot of people.” Now I could send you to the sight that explains how it’s done and what to say, but as a Christian I can’t do that. the Bible has a lot to say about this sort of thing and none of it ends well.

You won’t be surprised to learn that the Socialist Party of America, (currently know as the Democrats) have not learned anything in the aftermath of our recent elections. To judge by the lefts flagship publication, liberals plan to escalate their extreme lunacy and intend to write off whites as largely irrelevant. That’s us they’re talking about by the way. They are clearly deciding that they want to be the party that takes from the whites to give to non-whites.

In a recent NYT’s op-ed it stated,

The DNC will choose its next leader on Sat. (see blog “The Danger Within”) When it does it should chose a leader who will resist the pressure to pursue the wrong white people. (That’s us) Hundreds of articles have been written about the imperative of attracting more support from white working-class voters who supported Obama in 2012, but then bolted back to Trump.

The far more important — and largely untold — story of the election is that more Obama voters defected to third – and fourth – party candidates than the number who supported Trump. That is the white flight that should most concern the next DNC chairman, because those voters make up a more promising way to reclaim the White House. The way to win them back is by being more progressive, not less.

What they just said is to hell with white working class voters. Whites who voted for Obama and Trump are sneeringly dismissed as “conservative whites.” Now I hate to burst their bubble, (no I don’t, not really) but come on. They’re looking at moving south and west to win, but tell me, if voters in Arizona and Georgia didn’t go for Hillary, do you think they’re going to go for an even further-left party guided by this Nation of Islam alumnus with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood? The NYT’s thinks so, so maybe they should try to cast some spells as well.

What bothers me is that I know as well as you, that though the pendulum is swinging in our direction at the moment, eventually it will swing back and when it does, we will follow Venezuela down the tubes.

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The Danger Within

It’s long been said, that if America is to be destroyed, it will come from within rather than without. That is becoming ever more evident as the left and those who take their side, destroy the rule of law. Now we all know that America has enemies, many in the Democratic Party, but the destroyer I’m talking about is the Nation of Islam.

They had their annual gathering in Detroit over the weekend and thousands of attendees chanted “Allahu Akbar” as Louis (the mothership) Farrakan made his way onto the stage. This of course is the same thing Muslims chant after murdering infidels in their characteristic terror attacks. Muslims of the Nation of Islam variety are more hostile than most, due to their festering obsession with race:

[Farrakhan] blamed the world’s ills on white people. “For 6,000 years, the people of the earth have suffered under a mischief-making rule. Blodshed and war, hatred and strife, all because a man with a new color –or lack thereof — thought the he was better than all of those who inhabited the earth before he was even a thought,” Farrakhan said.

“America will never be made great again,” Farrakhan said. “Her days of greatness are over. The God of justice has come. And America now has to pay for what she has done.”

Sadly, the only thing I’ve seen America do that is in danger of being paid for is not only tolerating but nurturing enemies with no thought but to destroy it.

Speaking of which, Keith Ellison, who is first choice to be DNC head, use to be an active member and local leader of the Nation of Islam, and currently still has ties to Islamic extremists devoted to America’s downfall. There’s a very good chance that tomorrow the will chose him for their leader.

It always amazes me that as much as these people hate the very earth they stand on, they never seem willing to leave it. Gosh, they could go back to South Africa, as I’ve recently written that they are cleansing themselves of the white race and soon South Africa will once again be a poor starving nation of socialist dictators. But hey, the gravy train is here. And besides, as long as there are white people willing to work and pay taxes to support us, we’d be crazy to leave–right!

Just so you know he lies—-

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Murder, Starvation, and Feminine Hygiene

I wrote some time ago that South Africa is destroying itself from within. What started with Nelson Mandela has now grown to the point where the country is eating itself alive. The Transvaal Agricultural Union of South Africa has released the 2017 totals on farm attacks in that country through Feb. 21:

Attacks: 56  Murders: 18

Social justice warriors who find this pace of fundamental transformation to be disappointingly sluggish should take heart; the rate is picking up sharply. Here are the numbers for this month alone — i.e., the past 3 weeks:

Attacks: 30. Murders: 14

Before you know it, farms will grow little more than weeds, as South Africa shrugs off the last vestiges of colonialism and catches up to Zimbabwe on the path to social justice. Remember, European civilization has flourished in South Africa since the Dutch Cape Colony was established in 1652, You can’t expect to eradicate it completely overnight.

And yet for all this, we hear a constant drumbeat of how the white race is holding others back. If they destroy the farms, who will produce the food?

Then we have Venezuela. It’s not in the news very often anymore. Yet it should be. The press doesn’t cover it because they don’t want people to know what socialism does to a country. They’d like it to come here. Venezuela, regardless the wealth of oil a few feet under the ground is now the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.

It use to be the richest country in Latin America. Then came socialist into power.

In 2016 Venezuela became the poorest nation int eat Western Hemisphere, sinking below Haiti and Cuba, according to new statistics released by la Encuesta Nacional de Condiciones de Vida.  According to these statistics, 82% of Venezuelan households are poor.

If Hugo Chavez and Nicolas Maduro could do this to Venezuela, Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren and whoever comes next could do it to the USA by applying the same devastating ideology.

I can remember when these are the types of things that would get college students out into the street. Remember apartheid? How horrible it was. Funny, reverse apartheid seems just fine. But todays students have more important things to complain about. Like safe spaces and having someone say something that might frighten them, or worse, remembering our history. That’s pretty scary. I think however Congresswoman Grace Meng (D-NY) naturally, has outdone them all.

She is proposing the Menstrual Equity for All Act of 2017. Yes, you read that right. Of course thinking about it I’m all for it. I, and I bet a lot of you ladies out there have often wondered while suffering in silence, why it was that if we had to go through this every month the men should get away scott free. I’ve often said, if it’s good enough for us it should be good enough for them, but alas, I digress. Among other things, it will achieve the following:

To direct the Secretary of Labor to require employers with 100 or more employees to provide menstrual hygiene products to their employees free of charge.

How the LGBT community will take this is anyone’s guess. I mean what about the fact that these freebies are being given out on a basis that excludes “women” who don’t have periods because they’re actually men in drag? It’s a conundrum is it not? People are being murdered and killed and the Dems are worried about who will paid for their hygiene products. What is it about a persons crotch that Dems simply can’t stop thinking about it?

This is what the dumbing down of America looks like my friends and it’s sick.

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Book Censorship Is Just Around the Corner

I am in the process of having my first novel, “Fear No Evil,” published. It’s a paranormal fiction set in England, so when I heard about what’s happening in the book publishing industry I began to worry. It seems that the idea of publishers having what they call”sensitivity readers” is catching on. The Chicago Tribune approvingly defines a sensitivity reader as “a person who, for a nominal fee, will scan the book for racist, sexist or otherwise offensive content.”

The industry recognizes this is a real concern, said a children’s and young adult book editor and author of “The Magic Words: Writing Great Books for Children and Young Adults.” Klein, who works at the publisher Lee & Low, said that she has seen the casual use of specialized readers for many years but that the process has become more standardized and more of a priority, especially in books for young readers.

Rigid control of what young people read is a higher priority, because their opinions are more malleable, still being in the process of forming.

Sensitivity readers have emerged in a climate — fueled in part by social media — in which writers are under increased scrutiny for their portrayals of people from marginalized [i.e., politically favored] groups, especially when the author is not a part of that group.

Dhonielle Clayton of NY works as a censor sensitivity reader.

Clayton reviews two manuscripts per month, going line by line to look at diction, dialogue and plot. Clayton says she analyzes the authenticity [i.e., political obsequiousness] of the characters and scenes, then points writers to where they can do more research to improve their work.

Clayton, who is black, sees her role as a vital one. “Books for me are supposed to be vehicles for pleasure they’re supposed to be escapist and fun,” she says. They’re not supposed to be a place where readers “encounter harmful versions” and stereotypes of people like them.

Like college campuses, fiction must be a safe space, where political correctness cannot be challenged in any way. Not even letting her dictate how blacks must be portrayed satisfies Dhonielle;

Clayton said she’s unsettled by the idea that she’s being paid for her expertise, but also is helping white authors write black characters for books from which they reap profit and praise. “It feels like I’m supplying the seeds and the gems and the jewels from our culture, and it creates cultural thievery,” Clayton said.

If you portray characters in any light that could possibly be construed as reflecting negatively on a politically preferred group like blacks, you are a racist thought criminal, good luck getting published. Avoiding this problem by ignoring blacks is exclusionary and therefore also racist. The only course of action that is not racist is to crowd your work with cartoonishly correct black characters who have been explicitly approved by the thought police. If you do that you’re not racist; you’re a cultural expropriator.

Since author’s can’t win, what do the likes of Ms. Clayton want of them? To grovel and crawl as they subordinate their art to race-based leftist ideology.

This illustrates why societies under the thumb of totalitarian ideologies like communism, Islam, and cultural Marxism are creatively stagnant, and produce little if any art of any value.

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CPAC Has Lost Me.

I,  like many of you out there, have been long time supporters of CPAC as an important part of the Conservative movement. I began watching way back when Reagan was speaking there, but over the past few years have become increasingly disappointed in the direction they seem to be going. Though they have many pro-life, traditional marriage leaning speakers, they have for the last several years somehow found it impossible to have forums on these topics. Last year they had only one panel discussing these issues. Now I’m not saying that the two subjects mentioned above are the only ones we should be interested in but they are the Most important because as the morals of a country go, so goes the country.

Now, however I believe they’ve gone too far. Milo Yiannopoulos, the man who the students of Berkeley though it was worth burning down their campus over has been invited to be one of the prime speakers at CPAC. We learn this fact not through National Review, or The Weekly Standard, but from the Hollywood Reporter, which is all about show business.

He probably choose this outlet because the others would have thought it some sort of joke. Instead he went to where his heart is, self-promotion and fame. In a way this doesn’t surprise me as it seems now that Trump is in the WH the alt-right believes theirs is the path to the future.

It’s true that CPAC has a bit of history throwing up some crazy speaking announcements in order to set the world on fire in the week leading up to the event, but Milo Yiannopoulos? Old folks would says he’s “Objectionable” better words would be inappropriate, loud, controversial, outrageous, ludicrous, vile inexplicable etc, etc, etc.

Milo is the senior editor of and pretends to be part of the conservative movement, and though he says he isn’t, he’s an anti-Semite, and he encourages sites like “American Renaissance” a clearly racist site. He has recently said some rather controversial things about older men having sexual relationships with boys as young as 13. I read the entire conversation which is rather long and he does seem to keep this in the context of the homosexual community, but that certainly doesn’t make it less disturbing.

An example of his hatred. Last year, Ben Shapiro and his wife had a baby. Ben sent out a tweet that said, “With infinite gratitude to God, we’re overjoyed to welcome to the world our new baby boy, who arrived at 10:30 this morning.” He received back tweets wishing his new baby and the rest of his Jewish family a trip to the gas chamber. There were tweets showing his family as lampshades, and so on. Milo wrote one of his own. It said, “Prayers to Ben who had to see his kid come out half-black. And already taller that he is!” Accompanying this tweet was a comical picture of a black baby.

Milo was an instigator and figurehead for that mess of political and apolitical ideas that made up the earliest supporters of Trump for Pres. The ones who (we seem to forget) wanted to destroy the Rep party utterly and permanently, who called actual conservatives (sorry) “cuckservatives,” including Rush Limbaugh. They only adopted Rush and other conservatives later after an adequate amount of sucking up to Trump. (and rush did plenty of that last year.)

Milo is a hero to this brand of pseudo right winger. These are the real nasty ones, the holocaust joke ones, who spent big chunks of their time calling themselves the Trump “army” and swarming on anyone on social media from the right that didn’t embrace their hero.

But getting back to CPAC. How are we as Conservatives to uphold our beliefs if we start cheering people like Milo? Being shouted down by the left doesn’t make you a Conservative. In fact, what does Conservative even mean anymore. It seems that over the past few years it’s slowly changed from being a force for political change or philosophical leadership to simply being raw entertainment. I have never seen Milo without thinking to myself that he’s a great entertainer who says whatever is necessary to cause controversy. Rather like our President.

Now many people love to go out and stir the pot. To get people riled up. Our President is one of those. Ann Coulter is another. And I wonder at times if they really believe what they’re saying or is it just a means of making money. For Ann, who knows. She has long since gone off the deep end. But CPAC, that bastion of Conservative thought? No, this time CPAC had lost me. Having Milo speak flies in the face of all we believe in. Of course he has a right to speak, the first amendment still applies as of this writing, but it doesn’t mean we have to invite him. We still have the right of association. And who you associate with tells others a lot about who you are. We are not Milo Yiannopoulos.

So what will the press report this week about CPAC and the Conservative movement. I know and so do you. All the headlines will be about Trump appearing on the same stage with Jew hater Milo. They’ll talk endlessly about what Conservatism has become and how Trump is now the leader of this growing Party of hate. And it will be carried every night on the prime time news channels. Perhaps for us, when asked, it’s safer to say we just don’t know anymore what Conservatism is, or what it stands for in the new Trump age if it stands for anything. It’s shameful, and frustrating, and it angers me. It will as I’ve said get tons of attention. So maybe that’s what C stands for. Cameras.

This is how organizations commit suicide. Sadly I can no longer support them. I know if Milo is conservative, then I’m not.

PS–new polls show that Trump is the first President since Eisenhower to start with approval below 50%. Trump is current at 40%. This puts hi, 21 points below average. He’s 11 points below the lowest previous mid-Feb. ratings.




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Uncovered News

There’s a lot going on out there and much of it isn’t being covered because well. . . You know why. Anyway, for those who want to know what’s going on elsewhere, here your are. First South Africa. At one time South Africa was a civilized country — not politically correct, but civilized. Now it’s politically correct and uncivilized. What you see below is a fight breaking out when MPs temporarily prevent Pres. Jacob Zuma from giving a State of the Nation address.

The goons in red are Julius Male and members of his “Economic Freedom Fighters” party. Their platform: accelerate the process Nelson Mandela set in motion of looting whites and driving them out of the country so that it’s completed in weeks instead of decades. If Malema ends up in charge –and it looks more and more likely that he will — South Africa will make Zimbabwe look like Switzerland. A lot of people are likely to die, but it won’t make the front page like Apartheid used to do. In fact there have been reports that white farmers are being killed and driven off their land in increasing numbers and the perpetrators are not being held responsible.

The Methodist-affiliated McMurry University dedicated space in one of the school’s residential dorms for its Muslim students’ daily prayers.  McMurry’s chaplain, Jeff Lust, and Dr. Mark Waters, professor of religion and director of international education, reportedly helped to establish the Muslim prayer room. Lust explains that it’s “a step in the right direction.” Really? And what direction would that be Mr. Lust.

You should remember that Christianity once dominated the Middle East. It was forcibly driven out by Muslims. When the Islamic State crucifies children for having Christian parents, these are mop-up operations, concluding a campaign that took centuries. The same is true of the violence that characterized Lebanon during the 1980’s.

After the fall of Rome, the capital city of Christendom for many hundreds of years was Constantinople. Now we know that city as Istanbul. As the Crusaders figured out some time ago Western Civilization has got to stop giving ground. What are the odds of finding a Christian prayer room in a mosque?

What Christian schools may look like in the future.

I hate to admit it, but every time I see a Muslim with their backside sticking up in the air, I want to take a big stick and give each one a a great big wack.

In light of what I wrote above, there’s this. In just two seasons, Muslim designer Anniesa Hasibuan has made the hijab her trademark — and dazzled New York fashion week’s catwalk this week by styling it with flowing, iridescent gowns fit for a princess. The models were not chosen at random –the designer held citing calls specifically seeking first and second-generation immigrants, seeking to show that “fashion is for everybody.” Yeah, everybody. Like the women that are publicly beaten because they dared to show a bare wrist. Or refused to be raped. These fashions would look great on the woman buried up to their waist and stoned to death. Yeah, fashion is for everybody, and all are fit for a princess, unless you’re a Christian woman sold into slavery. Why any woman would want to wear the clothes of subjugation is beyond me.

Any time  now we’ll see a NYC fashion show featuring girls in cutoffs, cowboy boots, and Confederate flag halter tops. The models will be imported from Alabama. She unveiled her second NY collection amid the Trump immigration controversy.

I can only imagine that other people would like their style of clothing featured as well. Perhaps Eskimos should hijack a pair of airliners and fly them into a Manhattan office tower full of innocent Americans. Within a few years, sealskin and polar bear fur would appear on the runway.

And finally,

thatThere’s a lot of talk out there that what’s happening on the left is similar to what happened with the Tea Party. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Tea Party wasn’t established to take down a President or throw tantrums because our side hadn’t won. We marched for specific reasons. For lower taxes, for property rights, for the right to carry a weapon for self defense. We marched against what Clinton was doing to the country,  not against Clinton himself. No, we didn’t like him and we certainly didn’t like his morals but to demand he be replaced simply because he wasn’t our guy, never. Impeached for what he did while serving, yes, impeached because he was elected, never.

I led many rallies over the years both at the fort in Rome and the park in Holland Patent. We left the grounds at both sites cleaner than when we got there. We befriended the police and never once even considered breaking anything. I’m sure you all know this already, but there is no way that the left could ever be what the tea party was because for one, their rallies aren’t about making the country better, they march to destroy. Destroy the home, destroy morals, destroy life, destroy Christianity, and to destroy the rule of law. We knew what we were about. No one was paid to march, or make signs or smash windows. We were there for the love of country. We were there to save America, not destroy it.

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All This In One Weekend

If you’re an NFL fan don’t you think it’s time that Robert Goodell fad into the sunset and leave his liberal views in his pocket. I mean really. Who does this guy think he is, God? Its bad enough that he allows Kaepernick to continue his anti-American antics but now he’s decided to go all out and kick us while we’re down.

The NFL has warned Texas on Friday about a “bathroom bill” targeting transgender people, suggesting for the first time that the football-crazed state could miss out on hosting another Super Bowl if the proposal is enacted. 

“If a proposal that is discriminatory or inconsistent with our values were to become law there, that would certainly be a factor considered when thinking about awarding future events,” league spokesman Brian McCarthy said in response to an email question about the Texas bill. 

Excuse me, but what about our values? Are his the only ones that matter? It seems so. Also what about his use of the word “Discriminatory” Oh, I see. discriminatory if it doesn’t suit the radical left’s agenda. Is this guy  Goodell really that arrogant? What right does the NFL have to tell a state what they can and can’t do?

The supposedly controversial bill simply requires people to use the facilities consistent with the sex on their birth certificate. Only in some sleazy and departed version of the Twilight Zone could such a bill be necessary, but that’s where we find ourselves, thanks to liberal hegemony.

I meant to post this early but it also has to do with the NFL and the lefts decision to preach to the rest of us. I wrote about this before but want to bring you up to speed. If you saw the 84 Lumber ad, you know what I’m talking about. A mother and her daughter making the dangerous trip across the desert only to find Trumps big bad wall blocking her way. Well Red Ice TV offers a nationalist take on this shamelessly manipulative 84 Lumber ad. Take a look and tell me if you don’t agree.

I’m beginning to feel like an endangered species. According to Yusra Khogali, a Social Justice Warrior, and co-founder of the Toronto Black Lives Matter org. we whites are sub humxn. “whiteness is not humxnness” she began. “In fact, white skin is sub-humxn.” She also tells us that (I used her spelling.)

  • white ppl are a genetic defect of blackness
  • white ppl have a higher concentration os enzyme inhibitors that surprise melanin production
  • melanin is directly linked to fertility and the human reproductive system.
  • is is directly linked to the strength of euro systems affecting capacities like intelligence, memory and creativity
  • melanin enables black skin to capture light and hold it in its memory mode which reveals that blackness converts light into knowledge
  • melanin directly communicates with cosmic energy
  • this is why the indigeniety of all humanity comes from blackness
  • we are the first and strongest of all humxns and our genetics are the foundation of all humxnity
  • melanin is essential for the efficient performance of all the body natural functions


  • white ppl are recessive genetic defects. this is factual
  • white ppl need white supremacy as a mechanism to protect their survival as a people because all they can do is produce themselves. black ppl simply through their dominant genes can literally wipe out the white race if we had the power to.
  • it is why white supremacy as an imperial system thrives. it tries to control, surprises and destroys our existence in blackness because we are a threat to the genetic annihilation of white ppl.
  • do you ever wonder how black ppl after centuries of colonial violence, genocide and destruction – matter what systems created to make us extinct–how we keep coming back?
  • it is because we are superhumxns.

If you think this mentality is appalling, consider the depravity of Caucasians who buy into it by walking around in Black Lives Matter shirts.

thanks to David Fischer.





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