Disney At It’s Worst, Gun Crime and Turban Durbin

If you’re thinking of going to see Disney’s new movie, save your money and take the family out to a nice dinner instead. First you know it’s going to be bad by the fact that George Clooney is the star and Looney Clooney is a “save the earth,” fanatic extraodinaire. Disney this is nothing more than a gloom and doom we’re killing the earth and you don’t care. The whole movie centers on the mess we’ve made of the planet, about our governments and their lack of concern for future generations and well, for the planet and all the icebergs, tiny fish and clean air that’s gone and will never return. In other words, according to Disney, we’re facing Armageddon. Well of course we are, but it’s not because of the environment, that’s the least of our worries. All and all it’s a gloom and doom movie that you’ll be spending good money on to be propagandized. Of course if you’ve got gobs of cash and don’t mind throwing it away, be my guest, but don’t take the kids, their to young to be fed this garbage. Besides, they get plenty of this rot at school.

Here’s some statistics on gun crimes.  The violent crime rate has fallen nearly in half from 1992 to 2011 according to the FBI. And it has continued to fall;2013 the last year for which full data is available, saw further declines.

The rate of murder and non-negligent manslaughter (that is, intentional killing of another human) dropped by a full half from 1994-2013. The rate of property crime also dropped dramatically; motor vehicle theft, is down by two thirds and burglary down some 40%. This has all happened during what has been a reversal of gun bans and restrictions that arguable reached its zenith with the Gun Control Act of 1968. So when you hear that gun crime is on the uptake, you now have the facts.


The U.S. allows 70,000 people from all over the world to obtain legal permanent residence through our Refugee Program–the most generous in the world. We also bring in another 40,000 or so through the Asylum program. Then there is the Special Immigrant Visa for people from Iraq and Afghanistan–about 10,000 in FY 2014-and a Cuban/Haitian Entrant program bring in another 20,000 annually. That’s a whooping 140,000. Not counting the illegals crossing the border every day.

Many of these people come from Islamic countries like Somalia, Iraq and Iran, bringing with them at least the potential for terrorism. In many cases a contempt for our country and the almost universal edict among Muslims to dominate. Mega Mosques are being erected all over the country, vigorously supported by Obama’s Justice Dept.

It’s about to get worse. The Syrian civil war has created a refugee crisis with approximately 2.9 million Syrians now living in refugee camps in surrounding Countries. The U.N. wants us to take 130,000 Syrians by the end of 2016. We’ve taken 700 so far, but given the FBI’s warning that it can’t guarantee ISIS are not among them, even that number is too many.

That however hasn’t dissuaded a group of idiot Senators, led by the indefatigable Illinois Senator Dick Turbin. He wants to allow 65,000 Syrians in as refugees. Frank Gaffneys’ Center for Security Policy has given them the moniker, “The Jihad Caucus” mainly because Jihad is what this request will bring. The 14 are, Dick Durbin, Amy Klobuchar, Al Franken, Patrick Leahy, Dianne Feinstein, Patty Murray, Robert Menendez, Sheldon Whitehouse, Jeanne Shaheen, Christopher Coons, Time Kaine, Edward Markey, Sherrod Brown, Maize Hirono.

Well, if these traitors want them, then fine, make sure they all live in their distrists. Say within a few blocks of their house. After all, they’d be sending them to live near us, and I always believe that turn-about is fair play.


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Obama Eats Ice Cream While America and the World Burn

You probably never noticed, but I was away for a few days. My husband and I had to make a quick trip to South Carolina on business. I did have time for a few terrific meals however. Problem was, while my husband was busy with business, I was hanging around the hotel reading the internet and watching FOX. Every time I sat down to supper I couldn’t help thinking about the famous saying, “The condemned prisoner ate a hearty meal.” After reading about the vote on the trade deal, Hillary non-stop, and the spineless weaklings we elected it was just as well the windows in our fifth floor hotel room where sealed shut. If not, yours-truly would be spattered on the top of someones car like a raw egg. But enough about me. Let’s talk about our narcissist in chief.

Yesterday, Barack Obama played golf, on the same day 400 women and children and hundreds of troops were slaughtered in Palmyra. Today he was comedian in chief and yucked it up with the adoring press. Meanwhile, in the real world, a British Lord was calling for action, saying “we can no longer rule out boots on the ground.”

Folks we have a completely delusional, unserious man in the White House and we are in big trouble. Sort of like the second coming of the Roman Emperor Caligula. This man is dangerous and there’s no one trying to stop him.

According to Reuters, opposition activists on social media claimed that hundreds of bodies were in the streets of the city. Almost all were mutilated. State employees were among those massacred. The head nurse of the Palmyra Hospital and all her family were hacked to death.

ISIS has become a very serious threat in Libya, the country if you’ll remember Obama,and Hillary couldn’t wait to destroy, and for which, he received no blame whatsoever. Soon the city of Palmyra, a city that dates back to 4000 BC will be bulldozed into oblivion, and what isn’t destroyed will be sold.

Obama bombed Gaddafi out of existence and wouldn’t even provide training for their military to protect their people. Now ISIS has promised to make Libya its staging ground and gateway into Europe. What I’d like a list of is the 60-so called member coalition nations that is suppose to be fighting these people. Could someone tell me who they are? Perhaps they’re too busy trying to help Obama choose his ice cream flavor.

ice cream

Next up–Obama and those poor illegals.

You know how the big O is always saying how great the illegal aliens are. How they just want a piece of the pie? Come to think about it, so do many of the Republicans, including Marco, “I’ve changed my mind” Rubio, Jeb the “they come because they love their children,” Bush, “I love Mexican guitars,” Huckabee, and “We need a path to amnesty” Boehner and McConnell. Well, those straight A students, those valedictorians, those Dreamers who just want a chance aren’t what they’re made out to be.

Authorities Wed. rounded up 37 MS-13 gang members in Charlotte N.C., on racketeering conspiracy charges, along with the charges of murder, attempted murder and firearms violations. If I’d known this last week we’d have taken the by-pass around the city on our way home.

All these tattoo freaks are here illegally from El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala. Several are round trippers–illegals who broke in once, committed crimes, got deported then came back in through that absolutely impenetrable southern border fence. The Charlotte police discovered the rat’s nest of foreign gangsters after some started shooting up local nightclubs and bars.

The indictment states that much of the money these illegal hoods (thugs for those not politically correct) goes right back to you guessed it, El Salvador to arrange for more of these great people to climb the fence to success. It’s a grab-bag of crimes these maggots are in for, including armed robbery, assaults, and murders, for the benefit of the criminal enterprise.”

Are these lowlifes some of Obama’s DACA illegals, it’s hard to say, but the busts came on the heels of the deferred deportation that O’s Washington syndicate granted to vicious Charlotte gangster Emmanuel Jesus Rangel-Hernandez.

Hernandez, 19 was placed in the removal process in 2012, falling drug charges, but was removed  by the White House syndicate even though they knew he was a gang member. Looking out for their own I guess. This charmer is now charged with the murders of four Charlotte residents, including former “America’s Next Top Model” contestant Mirjana Puhar.

Meanwhile authorities busted another MS-13 gang member wanted for execution-style murders in New York. Police in Atlanta Tues. arrested 22 year old Arnolvin Umanzor Velasquez, charging him with two co-defendents Edwin Marinez, and Sergio Cema–with three murders, four attempted murders and multiple racketeering offenses. All three were MS-13 members.

This group is also terrorizing Los Angeles, Chicago, and Washington D.C., only there they live in the White House. There are more than 6,000 already in U.S. illegally and dozens are coming across the border every minute of every day because ICE has been told to stand down. Arrest of these hot-tamale criminals peaked in 2012, then dropped by 25% and continued to decline in 2014.

Clearly, even violent gang members are not a high priority for enforcement. And they’re certainly not the “butter wouldn’t melt in their mouths” folks that they’re made out to be. They’re building a criminal network all across the country, and all Obama can do is order a two scooper.

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Hanna Does It Again

Since I haven’t been able to find a way to transfer a message from the Richard Hanna news letter in my e-mail, I’ll have to tell you what it says instead. First he brags about passing the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal year 2016. He then goes on to say that there will be no military base realignments or closures in 2016 and there are a number of provisions to assist Upstate’s service members and veterans. He goes on and on about the BRAC commission, the commission that looks at base closures, which he tells us is especially important for Griffiss Air Base, Rome Lab, the Eastern Air Defense Sector and the Rome Defense Finance and Accounting Service.

He now gets into a little more dicey area, but saying that “To support the Southern Tier economy the bill invests in the multi-service F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, components of which are produced in Oswego. That’s great for Oswego, not so great for us as no one in the military really wants this plane, and it cost billions. What they wanted was to upgrade the A-10 Wort-hogs. They can come in low, carry boo-koo weapons and are just what the doctor ordered for desert warfare. I won’t go into the drawbacks of the F-35 but they are many.

Continuing on, He brags how he voted in favor of the NDAA which is necessary to perform some of the most basic and essential responsibilities of Congress–such as funding our Armed Forces, and paying our soldiers and airman. How patriotic. What a guy!

Moving on, he pats himself on the back for looking out for the “folks” (as O’Reilly the condescending would say), in that he’s help maintain jobs for the Mohawk Valley defense installations, sustain jobs in the Southern Tier, and provided continued support for our service members.

This guy is just to good to be true, by voting for NDAA he’s given our troops a well-deserved raise and rejects burdensome fee increases to TRICARE for current and former service members. He’s also, in a military spending bill was able to include amendments that will help Upstate small businesses to grow and compete helping our guardsmen and Reserve personnel.

Well isn’t that wonderful? But did you notice something? There wasn’t a single mention of his having voted against Republican Representative Mo Brooks amendment to stop illegals from enlisting in the military as a way to citizenship. No, not even a whisper.

I wonder why that would be? Perhaps when he’s in town, hiding out in his office, and refusing to have town hall meetings, someone could take the time to ask him. Unfortunately, I’m going to be away next week on business, but when I get back I intend to do just that.

This is why you can’t take what they tell you as the truth. They tell you what they want you to know and hope you don’t find out the rest. Finding out the rest is what an educated voter is suppose to do. Not being educated on the candidates got us Obama, Hanna, etc.


A quick word here about Obama now insisting that the police shouldn’t be having military weaponry and vehicles. I have to agree here in that I don’t feel that the police have the necessary training to handle many of the items they’ve purchased. I’m written about this subject before. I have no problem with riot gear etc, but when you have someone rushing your door dressed as if he’s attacking the ISIS in Iraq, that’s uncalled for.

I know the police are facing new and unheard of threats to their safety, but I could list also the number of civilians that were killed by mistake when they assaulted the wrong house.  The police is a civilian organization. It should stay that way. I noticed Obama said that if the police want these militarized weapons and vehicles, they need to be trained by the gov. to use them. That is a big worry especially when he’s dead set on having a civilian force as strong as the military.

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Rick Warren, A So Called Minister of God

For those of you who have been following me for a number of years now you know that Rick Warren and his Saddleback so called Church have been a torn in my side for a very long time. Yes, that’s right, Rick Warren, the supposed Christian minister who wrote the best selling book “The Purpose Filled Life.” Hannity mentions him often on his radio show, after which I turn him off.

I’m talking about the same Rick Warren that stated that his book, mentioned above, was the best selling book of all time. Remember, he’s a minister or so he says. He should know that the best selling book of all time is the Bible. Warren is also, though he denies it, the co-founder of the Chrislam.  I have to  say that Warren has denied these charges, but Warren has on several occasions met and preached in Calif. Mosques. In his so called sermon, he discusses globalization, how Christians and Muslims need to “lay down their difference” and work together. In his own words, he says that he has no problem with the concept and doctrine of Chrislam, he just doesn’t want his own name attached to it.

Is your church now a campus? If so, your minister has bought into the Purpose Driven Plan to Destroy your church. Church Transitions, an associate organization of Saddleback Church in Calif, explains how it’s to be done. The church membership is not to be informed of the transition until the fourth step. After the sixth step in the process of change, if there are some in the church who voice concerns the following is suggested: 1, Identify those who are resisting the changes, 2, Assess the effectiveness of their opposition, 3, Befriend those who are undecided about the changes, 4. Marginalize more persistent resisters, 5. Vilify those who stay and fight, 6. Establish new rules that will silence all resistance.  He is also in good standing with the Council on Foreign Relations.

Remember now that Warren is suppose to be this great Christian Evangelical Minister.

Well, I doubt that. Warren-John

Supposedly John asked Warren what would happen if they kissed? Warren replied, “It would be the kiss heard round the world.” This is the same Elton John who attacked the Church of England because of their stance on homosexuality and has been pushing to change the Church’s teachings in regards to homosexual marriage. Warren goes so far as to say that Christ accepts homosexuality: “I believe if Jesus Christ were alive today, I cannot see him, as the Christian person that he was and the great person that he was, saying this [homosexual marriage] could not happen.

Now there are several mind blowing sentiments in that statement. Would a real Christian minister ever say “If Christ were alive today”? Would he say “as the Christian person that he was and the great person that he was.” Would he say, “I cannot see him saying that homosexual marriage could not happen?”

No real Christian minister would ever say “If Christ  was alive today, Christian person that he was, would approve homosexual marriage.” First, Christ is alive today. Remember, he rose from the dead. He is not a great person, he is God Almighty Creator  of heaven and earth. And he’d never, whether Warren can see it or not, say that homosexual marriage could happen. To me what Warren said was shear blasphemy. God could never agree to homosexual marriage for doing so would make him a liar. He’d be going against his own inspired word.

Warren continued. “Whatever the intention of Russia’s homosexuality and pedophilia propaganda laws, I’m absolutely clear from my own personal experience that it’s proving deeply dangerous to the LGBT community and deeply divisive to Russian society.” Really? Would a real man of God ever say that? That cracking down on pedophilia was  deeply dangerous to the LGBT community. A real man of God would be condemning it outright.

As a man of God Warren should not be excepting of Elton Johns life style but should be telling him that he is living in sin that in the end will destroy him. Obviously Warren is not the man of God that he claims to be. Instead Warren said that being homosexual will not send one to hell, and that homosexual “Christians” are going to Heaven. What he left out is that yes, a homosexual can go to heaven if he accepts Christ and foregoes the lifestyle of a homosexual. If he fights against the demons that draw him into this lifestyle. This might not be some believe, but I feel that God would save him. If his conversion was real and his lifestyle changed.

In an interview with the Huffington Post, Warren was asked whether or not homosexuals will go to Hell. Warren said no. “No, not because they’re gay,” he said. “We go to Hell because we choose to reject the grace of God.”

When asked on what will happen to “a homosexual that accepts Jesus,” Warren answered enthusiastically: “He’s going to Heaven!…Without a doubt.” He said nothing about them refraining from that lifestyle.

When asked why he regretted supporting Calif. Prop 8, which “sought to enshrine marriage as being between a man and a woman.” Warren expressed his regrets in these words:

I learned that anything I say now privately is now public. And I actually learned from that mistake of going, “Oh, wait a minute, everybody took that like I was pontificating to the whole world…I would not have done it again…I would not have made that statement. I wanted to talk to my own people as a duty, because as a shepherd, I’m responsible for those who put themselves under my care. I’m not responsible for everybody else. I’m responsible for the people who choose to be under my care and ask me a question.”

Why is fighting the homosexual agenda a mistake for a minister of God, unless Warren is trying to please both sides, by touting the conservative talking points while at the same time supporting homosexuals. elton


For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world, but lose his soul? Mark 8:36

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More Good and Bad News–Hanna’s Involved

Once again I must bring you more bad news concerning our Congressional Representative, commonly known as “kill the kid in the womb” Hanna. I recently wrote you about a bill making it’s way through Congress that would allow illegal aliens to enlist and serve in the arm forces. Well, I have good news. Today Rep. Mo Brooks R-Al, with a 100% conservative voting record, saw to it that this obnoxious plank in the current National Defense Authorization Act was removed from the bill. The vote was 221-202 close but not a squeaker.

And now the bad news. Richard Hanna voted in favor of retaining the plank. He voted to allow aliens to take the military slots that young Americans wanted but were kept from taking. Young people wanting to sign up are being turned away in droves to make room for these illegal aliens. We can now put another black star next to his name. Oh, and by the way, Hanna has a 27% conservative voting record. He was one of twenty Republicans that voted to stab our possible enlistee’s in the back. Great job Hanna.

On a brighter note, Last night in Georgia, Ted Cruz spoke to the delegates at the Georgia Republican Convention. For those who don’t know, the Speaker of the House in Georgia, a Rep. collaborates with homosexual rights activist, left-wing Dems and big business, scuttled a state version of the Religious Freedom Restoration Action in exchange for Dems votes on a billion dollar tax increase.

If conservatives wanted RFRA passed in Georgia the Speaker demanded they gut the legislation with “anti-discrimination” language that would actually expand protected classes in Georgia for the left.

Cruz spoke last night and he called B.S. on the antics. He pointed to Indiana, and Arkansas and assailed Reps for hiding from the fight against the Dems-Big Business coalition.

I’m told by my sister who lives in Georgia that it didn’t go over very well with the big wigs of the party but the people loved it. It’s clear that they are expected to endorse exactly what Cruz called for–real religious liberty protections. If only Hanna had that kind of love for his country and his constituents.

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Nanna Votes No, Jobs for Gang-bangers, Levin for Debate Moderator

Once again we are privileged to have only one of four Republican house members to vote against the house passed abortion ban. Yes, I’m speaking of Richard Hanna. Hanna said he opposes late-term abortions generally and supports a ban on federal funding of abortion, but voted against this bill because it doesn’t provide an exception for “the overall health of the mother,” I guess the overall health of the unborn child doesn’t make a difference. He continued, “or in cases where doctors determine the baby is doomed to die before, during or after the birth.” He also opposes the 48 hour waiting period for the rape exception, and recited a Democratic talking point that killing an unborn child is a matter of privacy. “Such decisions about a woman’s  course of care should be made between her and her doctor–not the federal government.”

Note ladies and gentlemen that he called the unborn baby a child. Not a fetus. So if you think it’s a child then it’s a person and has rights just like the mother. Four Democrats were strong enough to vote yes. The other Rep. that voted no are Bob Dold-Ill, Rodney Frelinghuyse-NJ, Charlie Dent-PA.

The bill bns abortions after five months, when the unborn babies are capable of feeling pain, except in cases of rape, incest or to preserve the life of the mother. Women seeking late term abortions under the rape exemption are required to seek medical help or counseling at least 48 hours prior to the abortion. A doctor may perform a late-term abortion under the exceptions only in a manner that provides the unborn baby the “best opportunity” to survive the abortion. If survival outside the womb is possible, a second doctor must be present, and if the baby survives the doctor must give it the same degree of care as a wanted baby born prematurely.

A note, By 8 weeks after fertilization an unborn baby reacts to touch, and after 20 weeks react to stimuli that would be recognized as painful if applied to an adult human, the bill declare on behalf of Congress. And their stress hormones increase significantly  in association with the pain. The U.S. is one of just seven countries that allow abortions after 20 weeks. They are China, North Korea,Vietnam, Singapore, Canada and the Netherlands.

Also remember he voted for Obama’s Amnesty program. What a record!He also voted in May to approve the District of columbia’s Reproductive Health Non-discrimination Act. This act forces pro-life and religious organizations to pay for abortion coverage for their employees, and second to force these same organizations to employ individuals directly opposed to their beliefs. Hanna’s chalking up quite a record and it’s all bad!


Speaking of abortion perhaps exceptions could be made for infants that would grow up as liberals. I’m speaking here of Arne Ducan, he of Education Secretary fame. Duncan is talking to street gangs in Chicago on the subject of employment policy. He’s asking for their guidance. You know like, “You get the best smack you can and then find a busy street corner or ally with getaway possibilities. Then hire yourself some dumb grade schoolers to watch for the police. In no time, word ol’ get out and wham bam thank you ma’m you’re good to go.”

Instead of getting these kids jobs as Education secretary he should be more concerned that they get the kind of education they’ll need to get a job. I mean half these kids can barely speak English. Even kids from middle class families can’t end a sentence without “You know?” Will, no I don’t. Parents are guilty as well. Count how many times your teenagers says that in a conversation. You’ll be surprised.

“I want to help those kids that want to make some money, want to do it in a positive way, but in too many places opportunities don’t exist,” he tells us. Of course he didn’t specify the kind of jobs. Answer–maybe if they’d stop burning down their neighborhoods. But I digress. Maybe they could work for Hillary. If anyone can teach them how to skirt the law for profits and fame it’s the H girl.

Now for some statistics—There are some 600 organized criminal gangs operating in Chicago, not counting those working for the government. Total gang membership in the second City is around 70,000. About 25% of Chicago’s murders in 2011 were gang-related. Probably because with close to seventy thousand gang members it’s hard to find someone to shoot that isn’t a gang member. And do you really think these guys would take jobs at Wal-marts when they can make three timesas much “bling” on the street?

On another subject concerning Mr. Ducan, In Nov. 2013 Arnie stated that “the irrational angst of white suburban moms” was to blame for unrelenting opposition to Common Core. “All of a sudden their child isn’t as brilliant as they thought they were and their school isn’t quite as good as they thought they were, and that’s pretty scary.” he sermonized.

Personally I think he’s sort or right in some ways. To many parents think their kids are much smarter than they actually are. Why, because dumb kids usually have inattentive parents or under trained teachers or both. Of course if the schools would go back to teaching the basic’s of Math, English, Geography, Citizenship and Reading, we’d all be better off. Instead they’re squeezing out the basic’s to teach our kids how to have illicit sex, and study halls on what gender they are. I mean, look down your pants, that should tell you. Not now, when you’re done here.


Lastly, At the end of the last Presidential voting cycle, Sean Spicer, the Communications Director of the Republican National Committee, made a surprising statement: he said that Mark Levin should moderate the GOP debates. Levin formally accepted the offer. Later Doug Ross of the Doug Ross Journal, interviewed Sean. “Sean, a recent statement you made really caught conservatives by surprise–and in a positive way. You said you thought MarkLevin and perhaps other conservative thought leaders should moderate GOP debates. How serious was that statement and did the reaction catch you by surprise?

Spiecer: That was a very serious staement. Obviously, were not at a point yet of picking debate forums or moderators, but we are definitely committed to energizing the conservative base. It’s common sense; anyone’s who listening to Rush, Levin, Hannity…they are addressing the issues that the grassroots are concerned with.

In 2008 Chris Matthews of all people, moderated two GPO debates. Yet why wouldn’t we insist on the converse situation? Now is the time to remind the RNC that we hold them accountable for their statements. You might want to drop them a line or, when you get the letter demanding money, write on it, “only once we know that Levin and Hannity will be moderating the debates and not before!”

Here’s where you can contact them with a suggestion.


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Soldiering, a Job Americans Won’t Do?/ Polling & Trains

This is an article written by Rep. Dave Brat (R-VA) that I thought needed to be shared.

Despite the fact that the U.S. House of Representatives has voted down repeated attempts to encourage recruitment of illegal immigrants into the military, we are seeing yet another attempt recently inserted into a must-pass defense funding bill. Even worse, the push to recruit illegals is happening at a time when U.S. citizens are being downsized from the military or turned away by recruiters.

The House Armed Services Committee recently approved the amendment to the National Defense Authorizations Act (NDAA) that encourages the secretary of defense to declare that illegals categorized under Obama’s first executive amnesty –Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals –are “vital” to America’s national interest and thus eligible to enlist in the U.S Armed Forces. Congressman Ruben Gallego’s D-Ariz., amendment passed the committee with 6 treasonous (my word) Republicans and 27 Dems.

The recruitment is being encouraged at the very same time the Pentagon is laying off tens of thousands of american troops. According to Army Chief of Staff Gen. Ray Odierno, (see my article of May 2, 2015 on Gen. Dempsey and his side-kick Odierno) the active Army will be cut by more the 80,000 uniformed personnel by the end of fiscal year 2017. (Both these men are a disgrace to the uniform they wear.)

Moreover, competition for enlistment is already so challenging that American high school graduates now face “more difficulty qualifying for the armed services than ever in the 40 year history of the all-volunteer force,” according to media reports.

Congress serves as body to check and balance the powers of the executive branch in accordance with the Constitution, not to aid the White House in violating the Constitution. Knowing these statistics, do these members of the Armed Services committee really believe that that military service is one of those “jobs Americans won’t do?”

Once again, it seems that some in Washington are more inclined to promote the interests of illegal at the expense of the American citizens they were elected to represent. Even more alarming is that certain members of Congress are trying to use military funding as a bargaining chip to cement the president’s unconstitutional amnesty actions with the DACA. The house has voted to defund this executive order three times: in 2013-14- and Jan. 15.

An additional concern is that enlistment could lead to amnesty. Retired military leaders wrote last year to the House Armed Services Com. warning that such a recruitment policy “would enable adoption by the Congress of measures that would confer amnesty on millions of immigrants illegally in this country and by failing to secure the borders, ensure that millions more will be headed here in due course.”

Beyond the harm that we do to our own citizens already being let go from military service, why would we encourage another surge of unaccompanied minors to make the life threatening trek across the border in the hopes that they might gain amnesty through enlistment? Minor that don’t speak our language, understand our country, or our constitution, can’t read or write English or in some cases any language, and certainly have never had to face the type of discipline required to be a strong fighting force. Of course that could be a side benefit for our current so called military leaders or those in the WH.

To try and stop that, I’m co-sponsoring an amendment with Cong. Mo Brooks, R-Ala., to remove this language from the National Defense Authorization Act before it’s voted on later this week. Especially in this time of increased terrorism, the funding of our national security should not be threatened by such a controversial measure in the NDAA. …

Just learned that this amendment encourages the Sec. of Def. to find ways to enlist illegal immigrants granted amnesty under the presidents illegal DACA into the services. This would fast track these illegals to citizenship almost immediately.

A note from me–When you have a bunch of folks who are joining the service merely to gain amnesty, you don’t have a force willing to die to defend America like someone born and raised here. Second, would they be loyal to the Constitution or the guy willing to give them amnesty–the President. And if he asked them to turn on the American population would they have any reason not to? After all, he’s the guy giving them amnesty. They don’t owe us anything.

You might want to call your Reps and say no to illegals in the military. Just let them know we are aware of what’s happening. Sadly I can’t find a bill number for this so just say you want them to vote for Rep. Brat’s amendment to keep illegals out of the military.

Now to other less stressful new.

Okay, a lot of you are probably pretty bummed out about all the latest polls showing Bush in the lead. Me too. I had no idea people could be that stupid. But putting that thought aside, lets look at the latest FOX poll that showed Carson and Bush in the led. That simply seemed ridiculous to me so I looked behind the curtain and here’s what I found.

There were 1006 people called randomly on the phone. Only 41% of them said they’d vote in the Republican primary which tells you something. 37% said the Dem. primary. When asked if they found any of a number of people favorable, the most (wait for it ) 54% said Bill Clinton. (I repeat, that tells you something and it isn’t pretty)

Of the 41% that were Republican (which is 413) 13% or 53 people found Bush and Carson tops. With a 4.5% margin of error. That means 35 people for each of these people. So, are we going to get all bent-out-of-shape, because 35 people haven’t a clue? I think not, you’re all much to smart for that. I believe people chose Bush out of name recognition. Carson, because he’s different, has a good story to tell and isn’t from Washington. But if you listen to both you realize that one is dead set on Amnesty or whatever he calls it and the other isn’t really sure on 2nd amendment rights and hasn’t a clue on foreign policy. If either of these things change or if you can prove to me I’m wrong, I’ll change my mind.

Talking about stupid on ice, Senator Schumer came out today and said that there’s no doubt about it, that train ran off the tracks because it knew it was underfunded. Okay, he didn’t quite say it like that but you get the jest of if. He screamed “WE NEED MORE FUNDING” Well, if you were listening to the briefing Amtrak gave today, you’d know they had the funds. In fact they had wanted to install the safety devices in the new engines on that line but the FCC had an issue with the broadband necessary to run the fail safe system required by Congress.  So maybe we should ask the FCC why they were blocking implementation of the safety device. So Senator Smarty-Pants, thanks but no thanks, we’ll keep our money.


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Muslim Somali’s Coming To A Town Near You/Hooray for E. Warren-D

Victorville Calif. is where I met my husband who was stationed at George AFB at the time. It’s about 174 miles from Los Angeles on what is called the high dessert. The low dessert is where Palm Springs is located. To get to Los Angeles from Victorville you have to go down throw the 3,777 ft. high, Cajon Pass on the San Bernardino Freeway to get to LA.

Why am I telling you all this. Because the DHS is bringing in busloads of Somali Muslims into the area. Somalia muslims

Here you’ll see video of a large, touring-bus sized vehicle with covered windows, and featuring the Dept. of Homeland Security emblem on the side. The video was taken by Anita Fuentes on the corner of Route 395 and Bear Valley Rd in Victorville Calif.


These people are being deposited all over the country without anyone’s knowledge. They’re given no background checks, to see if their bringing in disease’s or if they have ISIS leanings. What I want to know is why are they bringing in Muslims when there are thousands upon thousands of Christian Somali’s that would weep tears of joy to be brought here.

On another subject. I say Amen for Elizabeth (pow-wow) Warren for stopping this ridiculous trade bill. In the Washington Post last week she blasted Obama for not releasing the details in the agreement. “If the president is so confident it’s a good deal, he should declassify the text and let people see it before asking Congress to tie its hands on fixing it.”

When asked if it isn’t true that you get 60 days to review it after the deal is finalized, with the  authority to revoke it at that time?

Warrens replies–The president has committed only to letting the public see this deal after Congress votes to authorize fast track. At that point it will be impossible for us to block any part of it without tanking the whole TPP.

Again as I’ve said in previous posts, what’s in this that they don’t, can’t allow us to see?How many more busloads of treaty nation workers will be brought in to replace American workers? And,as I’ve already written could there be massive gun control and ammo control regulations written into the bill. What’s an even greater mystery is why OUR side can’t wait to pass it. Perhaps McConnell is anxious for another hand written note of thanks from Obama.



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More on the Candidates

This hasn’t been a good couple of days for me, first I forgot that Thursday was our 45th wedding anniversary. He didn’t. Lovely card, just fantastic. First time ever and to say I felt like the wicked witch from the North is an understatement. The problem was I’m taking a strong anti-inflamatory for shoulder muscle spasms and to be honest I didn’t even know it was May. That was a big surprise. Of course he’ll never let me live it down so I’m hoping he’ll remember who cooks his meals.

Now perhaps its my medication but I heard some really disturbing statements this weekend from our growing list of candidates and some very good ones. Let’s start with the bad or disappointing statements.

But before I start on the candidates I want to talk about Mitch McConnell. Now I have to say that I alway thought he wasn’t on our side, that he was a Democrat in Republican clothing, but I have to say when I read this, I took extra medication.

According to the Washington Times–“A lot of folks like to joke about the odd couple that was Ted Kennedy and Orrin Hatch,” McConnell said at a Sunday event at the Edward M. Kennedy Institute in Boston. But I think Mitch McConnell and Barack Obama may have them outdone. “I’m even getting handwritten notes from the president these days. He sent one the other day to thank me for supporting the nomination of Loretta Lynch.”

Sorry, I gotta get a barf bag. I mean, that sounds like hero worship to me. Be still my heart!  “Oh, Elvis sent me a handwritten note to thank me for going to his movie.” And do you really believe that if a simple handwritten note from the President will so decidedly turn his head, what will McConnell do to get a hand written letter. Sell us out in the upcoming trade bill perhaps? I mean he’s pushing fast track as hard as the President. It’s the Dems standing in the way. Folks there’s no hope for us when our leaders are so dishonest and buyable. Say, maybe we should all write him a handwritten note with the word Traitor on it. Wonder if his heart would flutter when he got thousands of those? Not onto something a little less nauseating.

First, Ben Carson. He’s in Iowa and we all know what they grown in Iowa. Corn. Lots and lots of corn. And what are they using corn for these days? No, not cereal, Ethanol. That’s right, Ethanol. And ethanol gets a lot of government subsidies. So it was natural that sone would ask him about it. Here’s the question–the person asking about the Renewable Fuel Standard, the federal mandate that fuel refiners blend a certain volume of ethanol and biodiesel into their gasoline and diesel supplies.

Carson’s answer–“I don’t particularly like the idea of government subsidies for anything because it interferes with the natural free market.” (so far so good) But the he added, “Therefore, I would probably be in favor of taking the $4 billion a year we spend on oil subsidies and using that in new fueling stations, for 30 percent ethanol blends,” he added.

How much can you package in one sentence. First of all . . . thirty percent blends? Does he have any idea what that would do to the engine of our cars? I mean we’ve been fighting like made to hold the line against E-15 as it is. You don’t need to be told the reasons why this is an insane idea. So I won’t bore you with that. But lets move on to the other half of that pitch.

He’s suggesting cutting subsidies for domestic energy companies in the oil and gas industry. Not for everyone, mind you, just for them. Then he wants to give that money to ethanol production. Just five seconds before, he was claiming that he didn’t want anyone interfering with the free market, but now he’s saying he wants to cherry pick a specific set of companies in the energy sector, remove a subsidy from them, and then redirect it to benefit the ethanol industry? It’s hard to imagine a more egregious example of the government picking winners and losers, with the winners just happening to be in the first caucus state. Hmmmm.

Second, calling out the “subsidies for Big Oil” is music to the Left’s ears and as usual it’s complete horse hockey. Subsidies received by oil and gas companies are not specific to them. They are precisely the same as subsidies given to almost anyone who sells anything including Apple and Microsoft. If you were to do this, you’d have to rewrite all the rules entirely just to exclude them. That’s a left wing, anti-energy talking point and Carson should be embarrassed to be saying that in front of an ostensibly conservative crowd. Talk about removing subsides across the board, I’m all in. Let’s debate it. But if you start talking about just picking the pockets of oil and gas developers and using it to pay for ethanol, you may as well be running for the Democrat nomination. I am very disappointed. What we should do is slash all ethanol mandates and subsidies to ZERO–then we all can enjoy plentiful, real energy. A side benefit would be that all autos previously using gasohol would immediately get a 15-30% boost in mileage because ethanol cripples pure gasoline’s energy content by that much!

Second point. Carson was on CNBC and the question was asked almost in passing “and what about the minimum wage?” Carson’s response, “I think probably it should be higher than now.” He didn’t elaborate any more on the topic as they quickly moved on. What he should have said as a Conservative is that the minimum wage should be done away with. It’s forcing businesses to pay more than many can afford, to hire fewer workers, and therefore hurts everyone involved. Even I could answer that one.

Moving on to Jeb Bush–yes, I know, but I can’t not include him. Have to let folks know where he’s coming from.

According to Bush, we need a policy that shows respect for some illegal immigrants currently in our country. “There’s got to be a point where we fix this system so that legal immigration is easier than illegal immigration, and show some respect for people, a kid that might have been here 10 years, that might have been valedictorian of their high school, to say “no, no, no you’re not allowed to go to college? I think there’s a point past with we’re over the line.”

Notice how they alway point to the great kid, the valedictorian, the best of the best. They never mention the kid that’s been here ten years and is the local drug dealer, whose been arrested several times, thats committed armed robbery. Should we simply let them stay just because they’ve been here ten years.

And why should we show them any respect? Did they respect us when they broke our laws and entered America illegally? Did they show us respect when their kids crowded into our schools, forcing our schools to spend money they didn’t have to bring these kids up to speed at the cost of our own children? Did they respect us by immediately applying for well fare or for taking jobs because they offered to work for less that a citizen would. I don’t think we owe them any respect.

Then it was pointed out to him that a large segment of his party would find his statements a deal breaker. His answer. “I don’t know that. I’ve been traveling over the last three months, and I get a sense that a lot of people can be persuaded, to be honest with you.” Oh really, you mean the way we can be brought around to except Gay Marriage? I don’t think so and if he gets in, the flood gates will be opened. He’s more Hispanic that American. Listen to how often he talks about hispanic’s and how great they are and how much smarter they are then us and how much harder they work to earn a living, and how family is so much more important to them then it is to Americans and that’s all you need to know about Jeb. In fact the Latin TV station (don’t have the name at the moment voted him as being the first Hispanic candidate.) Whoopee.

A word about Rand Paul here. It seems he’s been holding an awful lot of closed campaign stops. At one, one of his people turned around and licked the camera lens of a tracker from American Bridge 21st Century. I’d show you the video but it’s rather disgusting. This big wet tongue comes out and lick—the guy wasn’t even cute.

Paul and Sharpton

Enough said. I’m going to take my medicine and go to bed.

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Is This Trade Agreement the End of America as We Know It?

As you know the Obama administration is pushing as hard as it can to get this trade agreement signed, sealed and delivered. But do you know why they’re being so secretive? Why there’s a gag order against speaking out about it? Why even members of Congress are being told to keep quite about it. Since not even a Republican has spilled the beans, one can only assume that those attending the meetings are doing so under threat of criminal prosecution or worse if they talk.

This of course, begs the question: What’s so important to Obama that it’s to be kept secret from the American public. What could possibly be so critical to national security that  puportedly the  “most transparent”Presidential administration in history says no one can talk about it.

Well, maybe it’s because if people knew, they’d be out in the streets by the millions. (They’ve  been buying bullets and militarizing the police for a reason.) According to Gun Owners of America, this is exactly what’s happening, and it’s nothing short of shocking.

Gun import bans…Microstamping of firearms…ammunition bans… the full implementation of the anti-gun UN Arms Trade Treaty… Illegal amnesty which locks in millions of new, anti-gun voters.

This anti-gun wish list could be part of the secret trade agreement that Obama is getting ready to spring on Congress. The trade pact is called “fast track,” which means that Obama can write any form of trade agreement–import bans, amnesty, etc. And this agreement, thanks to Corkers bill won’t need two-thirds vote in the Senate as most treaty agreements do. It’s merely subject to a majority vote in both Houses… it can’t be amended, and the GOP can’t refuse to consider it.

Reports have already surfaced that the TOP SECRET draft contains a whole chapter with a European Union-style provision allowing unlimited migration from Mexico into the U.S.Do you know what that would mean?

Of course no one can quote from any language in the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement because the document is TOP SECRET. Obama refuses to reveal it even to most congressmen, until Congress has given it the right to pass under fast track procedures.

On Monday, Politico reported: If you want to hear the details of the TPP you have to be a member of Congress, and you’ve got to go to classified briefings and leave you staff and cellphone at the door. If you want to read the text you’ve got to go to a room in the basement of the Capitol Visitor Center and be handed it one section at a time, watched over as you read and forced to hand over any notes you make before leaving.

Call me crazy folks but something this secret means it’s bad news and they know it. Where the Beatles were staying while in America wasn’t kept this secret. I know cause I tried to find out!

According to Ambassador Faith Whittlesey, Us Delegate to UN Small Arms Conference–Jan. 2012–Moreover, just so we’re clear, the plan to disarm Americans has been in motion for many years. Last year we reported that the UN was operating within the borders of the US already and according to their own job postings at the UN web site, they were actively recruiting Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration Specialist.

According to the UN’s information page on “DDR” operations, the NY post will involve various aspects related to the process by which a governing organization would confiscate firearms, all of which target what the U.N. calls “small arms.”

Disarmament–is the collection, documentation, control and disposal of small arms, ammunition, explosives and light and heavy weapons from combatants and often from the civilian population.

Demobilization--is the formal and controlled discharge of active combatants from armed forces and groups, including a phase of “reinsertion” which provides short-term assistance to ex-combatants.

Reintegration–is the process by which ex-combatants acquire civilian status and gain sustainable employment and income. It is a political, social and economic process with an open time-frame, primarily taking place in communities at the local level.

So, this is what the Republicans can’t wait to get past. And we thought we’d be better off with a republican congress. Now this isn’t certain, just rumored and I really don’t like to pass on info that isn’t provable, but do any of you believe he wouldn’t do this? What better way to stay in office. There are a lot of questions here. Would this really over-ride the Constitution? Supposedly it would and that means not just the federal government but the state and local governments as well would have to abide by it. I’m just not sure on that point so don’t hold me to it. I’ll have to see what I can find out on the subject. If you know let me know so I can share the info.

Would the military just go along with this without a fight? Because part of this is getting rid of combatants and that’s our military. The generals might, but the lower grades, the enlistees? I’m not so sure. It’s something to think about and something we need to at least hold in the back of our minds as a possibility. I’m not saying everything here is provable. I have my doubts about some of this as well. I just wanted to give everyone a heads up and perhaps start e-mailing your reps about the fact you don’t want this signed, Period.  With the way things are going, we can’t say as we use to say with certainty “That could never happen in America.” Because it could. So just keep your eyes peeled and your powder dry. We might need it.

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