The Great Memory Loss

“I’m the king of debt. I’m great with debt, nobody knows debt better than me. I made a fortune by using debt. And if things don’t work out I renegotiate the debt, I mean that’s a smart thing not a stupid thing. And I made a fortune.

” So say’s Donald Trump.

Now I don’t know about you but making a fortune off debt means you had to cheat someone out of the money you owed them. And Donald’s right. That’s exactly what he does with everyone he works with. That’s why banks in NY lock their doors when they see him coming.

But never mind. When asked by Noral O’Donnell on CBS Donald said that he would handle America’s crushing debt, by using the same methods he used in business. He’ll “renegotiate the debt.” In other words, walk America through a form of national bankruptcy. When pressed by O’Donnell he did what he always does and changed his statement saying, “I wouldn’t renegotiate the debt.”

O’Donnell then pressed him for an answer. “The current plan that you’ve put forward, would according to independent economic analysts add 30 trillion to the deficit, because you’re going to reduce taxes, cut entitlements, and sell property.”

His answer–“I’m going to bring back jobs. I’m going to bring back businesses. We’re going to have people come into our country.” How he plans to do that remains a mystery. Well, not the part about bring people to come into the country. We know how that works.

Janet Yellen, Chairman of the federal Reserve, blasted you saying that there would be very sever consequences if an elected president tried to renegotiate the nation’s debt.

Trump looked directly at O’Donnell and said, “I wouldn’t renegotiate the debt.”

Now I’ve discovered the reason for this flip flop. It’s his memory. Yes, he and his surrogates have said on just about every network in the world that Trump has one of the greatest memories in the world. Odd thing though. During his deposition in the Trump U case, he was asked by the lawyer for the plaintiff if he hadn’t said not once but several times that he has one of the all-time great memories in the world. “Yes, I said that,” said Donald. The Lawyer–And do you believe that’s true? that you have one of the all-time great memories?” Trump–That I can’t tell you. I can’t tell for other people, but I have a good memory. Lawyer–You’ve stated, though, that you have one of the best memories in the world.  Trump–I don’t know. Did I use that expression?

Well, when the dust settled Charlie Gile for NBC research counted 59 times that Trump claimed to not recall something. Now how can that be. This sworn testimony was given just three weeks after he told us about his amazing memory.

And guess what else he can’t remember. He can’t remember where he found evidence for Clinton’s server hack claim.  You see, when he makes a claim but can’t produce the evidence, he cites his awesome memory as proof that it happened. When he’s evading a claim made by someone else, he can’t even remember how awesome he is at remembering. Isn’t that great?

But wait, there was something else I wanted to tell you but I can’t remember what it is! Oh I remember. I heard one time he thought he was wrong, but it turned out he was wrong about that.

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More On Religion and It’s Demise In America

As I mentioned yesterday the so called religious leaders went to see Donald at Trump Towers and  towers if you know your Bible didn’t really fair well in scripture. Let me share a conversation with you. It involves Donald Trump and his interview with the magazine pictured in yesterdays blog–Playboy.

PB: How large a role does pure ego play in your deal making and enjoyment of publicity?                                                                                                                                      DT: Every successful person has a very large ego.                                                                                           PB: Every successful person? Mother Teresa? Jesus Christ?                                                        DT: far greater egos than you will ever understand (emphasis mine)

Just about everything that a Christian learns about Jesus, teaches the opposite of what Trump is claiming intimate knowledge of. Trump wouldn’t know a humble man if he tripped over him in front of Trump towers. What he’s doing is using his panel of spiritual advisors to try and convince the public he’s a devoted Christian.

Oh, but he said all that back in 1990. Really, lets look at what he said in January on CNN when ask about wanting forgiveness.

“I’m not sure I have. I just go on and try to do a better job from there. I don’t think so, I think if I do something wrong, I think, I just try and make it right. I don’t bring God into that picture. I don’t.”

No I can’t see his heart, but I can hear his words, I can see his actions, I can watch who joins his circle. I have eyes to see and ears to hear. By his fruit I will know him. And the only fruit that Trump has shown me is his devotion to who Trump believes is the most important influential person in his universe: himself.

So how do our so called religious leaders not see this? All though the meeting with evangelicals was a closed meeting, Christian minister and broadcaster E.W. Jackson said our leaders are “selling Christianity down the tubes.”

I’m sorry folks but there’s a troubling trend underway in America when our so called Christian leaders could agree to pray for and support someone who uses disturbing language to mock women, and people with disabilities. He uses language and threatens violence to those who disagree with him. He has a wall of magazine photos (note picture in last post) all of which feature him.

What’s sad is that we looked up to these people. We listened when they talked about the Lord, when they talked about living a life for Christ. What are we to believe now when they say these things. Perhaps this is God’s way of saying “I am the truth and the light, no one comes to the Father but by me.”

Maybe it’s time to stop listening to our religious leaders and simply turn to the Bible for our answers.

Here is what Todd Starnes, host of FOX News & Commentary and professing Christian had to say about the meeting.

  • Just got back from Trump’s “conversation” with Evangelicals. No mention of Jesus.
  • Trump dodged most of the religious liberty questions at Evangelical “conversation.”
  • I was one of a few journalists invited to attend Trump’s conversation with Evangelicals, It was basically a campaign rally, folks.

According to USA Today, Trump also encourage evangelicals at the meeting to “pray for people” to vote for him. Sorry, but for me that ain’t going to happen.



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Religion In Trump and Obama’s America–Not

Let’s talk religion. It seems to be the big topic at the moment. Now I know it’s 2016 and America is on the brink of extinction but lets stop for a moment to consider why that is so. Could it be the stupidity of it’s citizens? To a large extent the answer is yes. Americans today seem ready—no, I take that back, it’s really not Americans in general it’s low information, reality TV watching, old fashion red necks and our leaders as a group, who seem totally incapable of grasping reality. (Real reality that is. Not the TV type)

For instance. The Republicans, you know who they are, just put forward a guy who has the brains of a slug to be our next nominee. He knows nothing about anything and delights in letting everyone know that fact. As for his grasp of religion, asking him for his favorite Bible verse, will get you this answer. “I can’t say because it’s too personal.” Personal? A Bible verse. You know, the ones your suppose to share with others. But then maybe his favorite verse has to do with the money changers in the temple.

But what does that have to do with my topic? Well “Mr. I know the Bible better than a fifth grader,” just accused Hillary of hiding her faith. “We don’t know anything about Hillary in terms of religion.” Well excuse me but we do. There have been books written about it. Hillary is a socially liberal Methodist. She tells people that all the time. You might not like that she is but she is, none the less. Other than Trump saying he’s a Presbyterian  what do we know about him. NOTHING. Not even his favorite verse.

But did you know this. Today the gilded toad met with our so-called religious leaders so they could kiss his ring. Or as he put it, putting together a faith advisory board.  It was at this meeting that he made the aforementioned statements. What is sad is to see these men, supposedly leaders of the faith, having anything at all to do with this fraud.

His board will consist of Paula White, Ralph Reed, Michele Bachmann and Jerry Falwell Jr. What so sad about this; other than the fact that they’d rather stand with Trump than with God, is that Falwell, had his picture taken with Trump, and in the background was Trump on the cover of Playboy. I bet Falwell’s dad would be proud.


Here’s the problem with this. What do Christians believe? First and foremost that God sent his only son to die for our sins. In order to be saved you must be born again. Simply put, you admit you’re a sinner, and bow before God. You ask for forgiveness. How can any Christian leader follow a man who would say he never needed forgiveness. That’s the same as mocking God.

Many of the people who attended this meeting backed Cruz. How could they back Cruz and call him a true Christian then turn on a dime and say the same about Trump? I’m reminded that the Lord made clear that many will preach and do miracles in my name but I will tell them at judgement that I never knew them.

On another Christian topic, Churches in Calif have for the past year been fighting a law that through  ObamaCare would force Churches to provide abortion funding.  The Calif. Dept., of Managed Health Care reclassified abortion as a “basic health service” under the Affordable Care Act and ordered all insurance plans in the state to begin covering surgical abortions immediately.

The whole mess has been in court since then, but under Obama’s administration it was found that there were no violations in forcing the church to do this. This clearly violates the Weldon Amendment. This amendment is an annual appropriations rider, signed into law in 2004 which protects against state-imposed discrimination on the basis of declining to pay for or participate in abortion. The HHS office of Civil Rights declared today they found no violations of this law and so the Calif running will stand. And remember, as California goes so goes many other states.

The House is trying to do something about this but it would still require Obama to sign it. He won’t. Why would he? In conclusion, these are the wages of Obamacare, and the liberal hatred for the Christian faith.


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Beware The Lost of Due Process

As I said in a recent post, the next thing you’ll hear will be that a gun loaded itself, walked into a gay nightclub and shot a lot of innocent people. Afterward the gun was killed. Now that’s not what happened. An Islamist terror monger loaded the gun and killed the people. That’s how ridiculous but dangerously serious the gun question is becoming.

Today the Senator from West Virginia, said the problem isn’t terrorism, the problem is “due process.” Do you understand what they’re suggesting here? Think about it for a minute. One of the main points of the Constitution is “Due Process.” The right of the individual to face his accuser and to have the right to know what the charges are against him. ”

“Due Process” is defined as a fundamental, constitutional guarantee that all legal proceedings will be fair and that one will be given notice of the proceedings and an opportunity to be heard before the government acts to take away one’s life, liberty or property. Also, a constitutional guarantee that a law shall not be unreasonable, arbitrary or capricious.

We all know that the Dept. of Homeland Security has stated that groups like Vets, Christians, Tea Party members, gun club members, and any group with conservative values are in fact home grown terrorist. We’ve all read the articles concerning this view in the MSM and on Conservative web sites. I have written several articles on this subject when Obama first came to office.

So what their saying is anyone on a watch list can’t be allowed to own a gun. A watch list. That would include no fly list. Now Ted Kennedy somehow got put on the no fly list and it took him over six months to get his name removed. If someone as famous as he, takes six months to get it done, how long would it take you or I, and how much would it cost? “If,” and that’s a big if, it could be done at all.

Now the Democrats in their rant yesterday on the Senate floor assured Senator Sasse that yes people get on these list by mistake but that they will add into the bill that these people will have every opportunity to be taken off the list if a mistake was made. REALLY? Oh yes, they can go to court and spend thousands of dollars and in the end will remain on the list.

At the end I will add two video’s–one Senators Cruz’s amazing rebuff of the Dems filibuster, and the other Senator Sasse question.

And moving on to another addition of Trump the Unbearable, we see that super energy Trump isn’t so super energy anymore. After all he just turned 70. ( No comment I’m also 70) but he just looks worn out. Perhaps it’s the orange make-up and the phony hair piece. Anyway moving on. It could be the tiny hands? Trump seems to be having trouble with the RNC! Yes, he is. It appears he wants them to do all the work and allow him to reap all the benefits.

The reason? Well, he never bothered to build a functional campaign of his own – and so insist that the RNC fall in line and do as he tells them. He’s dictating everything to the RNC, including who they use as consultants, and vendors. If they opposed him, their out.

Think how that will work when he becomes President. (I didn’t say that) Problem is all the good consultants worked for other candidates. He also thinks the failure to raise money is the RNC’s fault. While Trump promised Priebus he’d call two dozen top donors, it turns out he only called three than quit. To much effort you see. He’s use to getting others to do his biddy.

Look it’s simple. If he’s such a tough guy, and is so wealthy why doesn’t he just sell one of his many buildings to cover cost. I mean he keeps telling us he’s going to win. (Polls show otherwise) I think it’s time to put his money where his Shirley Temple puckering lips are and sell the building. After all he is (70) so selling a building is surely worth the cost. Especially if your convinced your going to win.

And many of you choose Trump over Ted. When will Trump act like this? Never.

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It’s Just the Beginning

What’s the greatest lesson learned from the Orlando massacre? It’s that such an attack had to happen–and will probably happen again. Why, because nothing changes that really makes a difference. It’s like Ground Hog Day.

Consider: the shooter, Omar Mateen, was “quite religious” and a pious Muslim attending mosque and praying regularly. He saw himself as a jihadi killing evildoers–he recited prayers to Allah during the attack.  But even after he declared himself as a believer in ISIS, our officials and the liberal press are trying to obfuscate the Islamic role.

Despite all the above, and clear evidence that ISIS has repeatedly executed homosexuals, often videotaping the event, the FBI Special Agent Ron Hopper said the bureau was still working to determine whether sexual orientation was a motive.

And of course Obama said exactly what he always says after these Muslim attacks. It’s still too early to know the “precise motivations of the killer.” Instead he exploited the massacre for his own gun-ban agenda, saying that access to “very powerful weapons very quickly” is “a problem regardless the motivations.”

Others, as I mentioned yesterday will blame the cut throat Christians who would dare say they didn’t want to bake a cake or hold a wedding on their property. According to ACLU staff attorney Chase Stragio, “You know what’s gross–your thoughts and prayers and Islamophobia after you created this anti-queer climate.” Anti-queer? Simply because our faith tells us not to participate in these sorts of situations?

Another factor could and probably is deliberate incompetence: Obama’s own purge of training materials and language deemed “hurtful” to Muslims is being cited as partially responsible for the FBI dropping the ball. I mean it would never occur to them that gay bars could be a target.

In this car Islamophobia trumped homophobia: “Gilroy, a former Fort Peirce police officer, said Mateen frequently made homophobic and racial comments. Gilroy went to the boss and complained but they did nothing.

And then we have this. The media is again warning against that notorious wave of “reprisals” against the Muslims that never manifest. If you want to talk about reprisals–


Florida officials were quick to invite a Muslim cleric to address the media and “Preempt a possible backlash against the Muslim community” as opposed to the other cleric who openly taught in Orlando that Islam commands the execution of homosexuals.

Similarly, the head of the Jewish LGBTQ group fears a backlash against Muslim, and pointed out that “We should remember not to blame all members of any other religion or political ideology for what one person does.” Of course this doesn’t account for the countless members of one particular religion that constantly and always engages in violent behavior.

To the careful observer, all of these reactions from liberals, leftist media, and Obama are par for the course whenever a jihadi terror attack happens in America. Stout denial of any connection between the attack in question and Islamic teachings’ cynically exploiting the attack to demonize conservatives, gun advocates, and “homophobic” Christians; and cries that any scrutiny into Islam is tantamount to a “backlash” against Muslims.

It’s because of all these standard reactions that these attacks won’t stop but will grow larger.

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Tragedy–America At War, But No One Admits Its.

I’m not sure you know about this, well maybe you do because you couldn’t miss it. According to the left, a gun loaded itself, drove over to a gay club. Went inside and shot a whole lot of innocent people. Ridiculous you say? Of course. A gun can’t do that, but a human can. Sadly the left has decided to throw away common sense and once again use a tragedy to push for gun control.

Of course the spinning has already begun.

  • Isolated incident
  • Deranged Individual
  • This is not a reflection on a peaceful religion
  • This act of violence is because of the Trump rhetoric
  • This is why we need gun control

I’m sure you can add your own. Folks this tragic act was a Terrorist Attack on Americans, on American Soil. It’s that simple. You don’t hear about a shooter in a Tel Aviv Market described as an “isolated incident.” We’d laugh at that assertion.

As Senator Cruz stated in his deeply thoughtful and angry statement over the weekend, the left has to decide who they will protect. The gay community or Muslims. He also stated that political correctness must be abandoned if we’re to fight this plague and win.

We also need for the media to stop putting out information that simply isn’t true. Of course where guns are involved they always get it wrong. The widely popular AR-15 and AK-47 are actually semi-automatic rifles. They’re not that different than many popular hunting rifles on the market. They just look a lot cooler.

Secondly the ‘AR’ in AR-15 doesn’t stand for assault rifle. It’s actually abbreviated for ArmaLite, the company that originally designed and manufactured the AR-15 and AR-10. ArmaLite then sold their design to Colt in 1959.

And now to Donald Trump. He wasn’t satisfied to simply give his condolences to the families of the dead and wounded oh no. He suddenly realized that for about 20 seconds people weren’t focused on him so of course he had to correct that. It was his tweet referencing “congrats” over being “right on radical Islamic terrorism” that caused a swift reaction on social media, with many questioning how Trump would handle such a massacre if he were in charge. That fact that Donald thought the situation was suitable for numerous tweets shows that shallowness of the man.

If this were Israel, the family of this man would be packed up and moved out of the country. Instead, the left will again as always try to blame it on everything but what it really was. Islamic Terrorism. How many more people need to die before we realize we’re in a war. As to guns, just think how different things might have been if some of those in the club had canceled carry permits.

People don’t commit these crimes in places where they know people are carrying. They go to gun free zones where they are free to reck havoc on the inspecting.

We need to pray for the families of the dead and wounded and demand that our government stop being afraid to state the truth. I believe someone once said that the truth will set you free. I’m waiting.

If you didn’t get a chance to read Senator Cruz’s statement you can read it here.


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Election 2016 Better Than Two Evils–Parts 4/5

Continuing from yesterday with point four.

Point Four–We need a president who believes that the best way to bring American jobs back from other nations is by making America business-friend.y.

As I said in a recent blog, approximately 75 jobs per state were created last month. We cannot have a robust economy if we outsource all of our manufacturing. We have to make things, grow things, harvest crops, develop mineral resources, and produce the supporting services for each of these endeavors if we are to have the kind of prosperity that reaches every American willing to work.

Businesses do not leave America because of the quality of our workers. Businesses pick up and leave because our laws are unfriendly to business.

First and foremost, our corporate income tax is one of the highest in the world. Taxation represses incentives. The higher the tax, the less the incentive to create and grow businesses. Businesses are responsible to their shareholders for the bottom line. And while we should hope that they would do everything possible to keep American jobs in America, we don’t make it easy for them when there are more favorable tax policies beckoning to them from beyond our shores.

We also discourage business by a confusing and crippling amalgam of state and federal regulations. All federal regulations of business (other than interstate shippers) are in violation of the original meaning of the Commerce Clause. If we return to our original legal foundations on the issue, America will become business friendly overnight.

Some states may be more heavy-handed than others, but the market will teach states that freedom produces more jobs and happier voters than oppression.

Presidents contend that their policies will help grow the economy.

Point Five— We need a president who will honor the next generation by not leaving them with a mountain of debt.

Debt is a tax on the next generation. Congress spends money it doesn’t have today for programs that are designed primarily to win votes from people gathering hand-outs from the government.

Grandchildren will be paying for grandma’s federally-subsidized prescription medicines for the rest of their lives.

A young taxpayer in 2035 who is paying taxes for money spent in 2016 is being denied the essence of a republican form of government. In a republic, we elect the leaders who make our laws and impose taxes on us. When the taxes via debt, we have taxation without representation on the generations stuck with the bill.

The true national debt isn’t $19 trillion. If the feds followed legitimate business accounting practices, the true debt would be at least $140 trillion more. This is the amount of the unfunded liabilities from entitlement and pension programs. It’s a Ponzi scheme.

The way we get out of debt is not by taxation. There is no amount of taxation that can ever truly get this nation out of debt. If we taxed by confiscating everything that everyone owns –down to our homes, bank accounts, televisions, tennis shoes, and cell phones–it wouldn’t be enough.

There are two things we can and must do to not leave our kids with a mountain of debt and the seeds of a violent revolution.

  1. We have to stop spending so much money. The vast majority of today’s federal spending is unauthorized by the Constitution. While we cannot violate the promises we’ve made to Seniors, we have to phase out these programs for the future to stop the inevitable crash that will otherwise come violently upon us.
  2. We have a one-time opportunity to get this nation out of debt by responsibly selling off federal assets. In many states, more than half of the land is owned by the federal government. The oil reserves alone is worth trillions–probably enough to pay off the $19 trillion “official” debt. The land itself and other resources can be systematically managed as a true trust fund to put enough resources into he fulfillment current entitlement obligations to fulfill our existing promises. But then it must stop.

Once these resources are gone, there isn’t another set of assets to solve another generation of debt. We have to spot spending like there’s no tomorrow. For our Grandkids, there is tomorrow. We can’t look them in the eye and live them in slavery to our debts.

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Election 2016; Better Than Two Evils–Parts 2 and 3

Continued from yesterday.

Second point. —  We need a president who understands the difference between a good political leader and the Messiah.

The Declaration of Independence proclaims that we are endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights. The next sentence makes an equally important observation. “That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men.” The Founders, as phrased in the Bill of Rights, believed that the central purpose of government is to protect our God-given rights to life, liberty and property.

Most candidates for President believe that the purpose of government is to provide for the needs of the people. Campaigns from such candidates largely center around the idea that “I can provide for the people’s needs better than my opponent.”

When candidates offer to be the “Provider in Chief” they clearly indicate that they are confused between the idea of being a political leader and being the Messiah.

“Are you better off than you were four years ago?” was a famous question from a presidential debate. This very question plays to the tendency among people to look to the government to provide for their needs.

Here’s the truth. The correct question voters should ask is: “Are you more free than you were four years ago?” We should assess the effectiveness of our government not by the measure of providing us with benefits but by its effectiveness in protecting our God-given liberties.

Here’s a second truth. If we are looking for economic success, we should know by now that centralized government and its morass of regulations and benefits can never compete with freedom. We have far too many American candidates who promise the light-beer version of the USSR-centralization and benefits just a little less onerous than full-blown communism. Centralized government was a god that failed to keep its promises to the people.

If you want prosperity, you want freedom. If you want freedom and prosperity, don’t look for a Messiah on the ballot. Look for a leader.

There’s only one true Messiah. His name is Jesus.

Third point.– We will need a president who will follow the Constitution in matters of military intervention.

America needs a strong military to defend our people, our land, and our liberty. We need a robust intelligence network that utilizes human resources and technical savvy to protect us from dangerous peoples and movements ( keep in meant that the Fourth Amendment must be obeyed in relationship to searches and seizures of American citizens and lawful residents.)

But having a strong military and intelligence services does not answer the question; When should the U.S. intervene with its military? The starting point for our answer is this; When we engage in military operations against another nation, this is an act of war. So this leads us to a second question; When should we engage in war?

There are two times we should engage in war. First, naturally if we’re attacked–like Pearl Harbor we should instantaneously fight back. Japan declared war on us. The President has the authority and duty to defend the country.

But, sometimes wars are entered into by our decision. The Constitution does not specify the parameters for deciding when a war is wise. Rather, it gives us the rule to ensure that the decision to enter war is not the judgment of just the President. Congress must declare war, the Constitution says.

The 9-11 attacks were not perpetrated by a traditional enemy army. But, it was still an act of war that justified the consideration of a strong military response against any nation responsible. But, since judgment was required because of the lack of direct involvement of warriors in uniforms, we had to make a decision about entering this war. Congress should have declared war against any nation responsible.

Congress sort of did this. But the authorization for the use of force was vague in terms of the nations targeted and was deliberately labeled not a declaration of war. Sort of complying with the Constitution is not sufficient.

When Congress declares war, the nation is committed to the effort. When the President declares war, the nation is quick to blame him for his decision. Our troops deserve to be sent into battle only when the entire nation is behind them. It’s too much to ask them to risk their lives for a cause that is the scission of a single individual–even the President.

We need a President who will defend our nation with the will to win the moment we’re attacked. But we need a President who will not send our military into other battles without a declaration of war by Congress on behalf of the whole nation.

Our military takes an oath to defend the Constitution. We should not send them into battle without complying with the Constitution’s provisions. They deserve our whole allegiance and authority.

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Election 2016: Better Than Two Evils –Part One

Before we start, let me give you this grim milestone–According to statistics, more than 100 million working-age Americans are out of work. The May jobs report said only 38,000 jobs were created. Do you know what that boils down to? It winds up being just under 75 jobs per-state. Seventy five jobs! Wall St. sees this as an unmitigated disaster. And they’re right!

And now on to the message of the day.

One of the reasons we have accepted the premise of the “Lesser of two evils” in our voting decisions, is that we don’t have clear ideas of what “good” looks like. For the next few blogs I’m going to try and give a coherent philosophy that we should be looking for in a President.

This is not the final word on the subject. There can be “the better of two goods” but, I respectfully suggest that if we had a President who believed and practiced the ten views I’ll outline, most of us would say, “this is really pretty good.”

The first is

  1. We need a president who will tell the truth when he takes the oath of office.

On Jan. 20, 2017, someone will stand in front of the US Capitol and promise that he’ll defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Most who aspire to take this oath view it as a mere formality lacking any meaningful relationship to their daily duties. At best, some will view it as a guiding ideal that should influence certain decisions.

The truth is that the central job of the President is to support and defend the Constitution. What this means is that the number one duty of the President is to do his very best to ensure that every branch of government stays within its constitutional limitations and respects the God-given rights of the people

A president who both understands this promise and truly intends to fulfill this commitment will start by ensuring that he himself lives within the duties and authorities that are granted the President by the Constitution. This means that he will never issue executive orders that purport to control private industry, land, property, or people. He can give an executive order about the dress code of the executive agencies, for example. But, he can’t be a defender of the Constitution if he issues execute orders that give directives or mandates to the states, local governments, private businesses, or private individuals.

A Constitution-defending President knows that federal laws must be made by Congress, not the executive branch. If Congress, delegates power to his branch of government to make substantive rules and regulations–he should veto any new legislation of this type and should refuse to allow any executive department to issue any such rules for existing legislation.

The Constitution says that all power to make law is vested in Congress. Congress cannot delegate this power to the executive branch because it is not merely delegating its own power. Congress is attempting to give away the right of the people to vote for the people who make the law. Congress does not want the political responsibility for the mountain of oppressive regulations they have authorized. A Constitutional president won’t go along with this and will force Congress to do its own work.

And the President should get his veto pen at the ready. Every law by Congress must be authorized by the actual text of the Constitution–not judge by the Supreme Court’s loose-goosey approach–but by the original meaning of the Framers.

The business of defending the Constitution is more than a full-time job. And it is a moral commitment that is the heart of a legitimate President.

Tomorrow—-We need a president who understands the difference between a good political leader and the Messiah

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What’s Coming To America

Here’s some news you should know about but probably haven’t heard. Roughly 70,000 refugees are accepted each year for resettlement around the country and are put on a fast-track to citizenship, with full access to the welfare state. Obama hopes to greatly increase that number.

But there’s a problem. A great many of these people have active TB. Active TB is infectious, while so called “latent TB” is not infectious but 10% of those infected with latent TB develop active infectious TB. In 2015, almost 400 migrants with latent TB were settled in Indiana. The state is now seeing an increase of cases as more migrants move in.

Tuberculosis is one of the most lethal infectious diseases in history, Dr. Jane Orient, executive director of the Ass. of American Physicians and Surgeons said. “It’s easily transmitted, say on a public bus, or in a restaurant or any public place. It is becoming highly resistant to all our antibiotics” She said.

The disease is airborne and is “caused by a group of bacteria called Mycobacterium tuberculosis. General symptoms may include a prolonged, productive cough, blood-tinged sputum, night sweats, fever, fatigue, and weight loss.” the Indiana Dept. of Health reports. Screening for TB is supposedly required before entry into the country, but only 77% of the 1,885 refugees resettled in Ind. had been screened. At least 26% of these new arrivals or 394 tested positive for TB once they arrived and were checked.

99% of the refugees were resettled in just two counties in Indiana. Marion Co. (Indianapolis) and Allen Co. (Fort Wayne) Oddly enough both counties are high conservative counties and are counties were Cruz won. See a pattern here? Over the last ten years 35% of Indiana’s 1,131 cases of active TB were in Marion Co. 9% in Allen Co.

According to the World Health Org. there are 27 high burden countries. where there were at least 4,000 cases of TB. One was Burma. Most of the people resettled in Indiana were from Myanmar Burma. People of that area die at a rate 530 times higher than the 0.1 deaths from TB for every 100,000 residents in the U.S. The statistics in Vermont are mind blowing.

These immigrants are being secreted into our country and relocated without any input from the states or the people living there. Many times the Gov’s. don’t even know it happening.

The upcoming election of one of two criminals has taken most of the air out of other subjects, but there are things out there that need telling. For instance, did you know that for the first time in history the 2020 census questionnaires may be offered in Arabic, now the fastest-growing language in the U.S. The Census Bureau has already conducted some research on what it would take to implement the new forms and has made recommendations.

The growth in Arabic language use is tied to continued immigration from the Middle East and North Africa and the growing U.S. Muslim population. The bureau identified about 1.9 million people with Arab ancestry living in the U.S. in 2014, but advocacy groups have suggested that the number may be much higher. (I agree with higher).

Among those who speak Arabic at home, 38% were not proficient in English–that is, they report speaking English less than “very well.” This is comparable to the rate of English proficiency among the 39.3 million U.S. residents who speak Spanish at home. Some 42% of this group does not speak English very well, according to census data.

Now lets look at this logically. During the great European migration to the U.S. or that period starting in the late 1850’s people coming to America had no choice but to learn English as quickly as possible. If you didn’t speak English you likely didn’t work because no one wanted to hire someone they couldn’t understand or couldn’t understand what was being said.

The people coming wanted to be American’s. They wanted to be part of this great nation and to participate in a way that would pave the way for their children to improve their lives and move up the economic ladder. Also, there weren’t any interrupters at doctors offices, or gov. office’s or even at the schools their kids attended. Learning English was the key to a better life.

Now those coming have no real desire to be anything other than what they are. They don’t want, on the whole to assimilate, or to learn the language or even to socialize with American citizens. They form their own towns within towns, rather like what Obama is doing with the immigrants he’s bring in.

We hear about the take over of Europe by the Muslims, but this is what’s really going on. Watch and listen because our Gov. is bringing it here.

Thanks to Moonbattery for vedio.

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