Calif. now belongs to Mexico

August 29th, 2014

A q;hick word about the race in Miss. that Thad the cheat Cochran won. McDaniel found enough fraudulent ballots to fire a lawsuit, but it was Dismissed just days ago and now he takes the fight to the state Supreme Court. Whether anything will come of it is hard to say. One thing we definitely have to remember is who was behind this farce and who it was that made this all possible. The RINO’s. Don’t forget it.

1. If it wasn’t Calif. I’d say it couldn’t be happening. No ones that stupid. But it is California so I won’t say what I just said. According to the LA Times, while introducing Mexican Pres. Enrique Pena Nieto, who said America is “the other Mexico” Brown “spoke about the interwoven histories of Mexico and California.” He nodded to the immigrants in the room, saying it didn’t matter if they had permission to be in the U.S. “You’re all welcome in California,” Brown reportedly said.

Brown has made California a sanctuary state by signing the Trust Act and giving driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants. He has also expanded financial aid to illegal immigrants by signing the California DREAM Act. Pena Nieto reportedly “thanked state official for embracing foreigners, citing measures that extend state benefits to immigrants.”

Note that. State benefits.

Even during the border crisis, Brown reportedly vowed “to find ways to shorten long waits at the Tijuana-San Diego international border crossing.” saying, “If we can put a man on the moon, we can put a man from Mexico to Calif. in 20 minutes.”

Of course he’s talking about them coming here not one of our going there by mistake.

In 2012 28% of Calif. were born outside the US. That according to the NY Times. Hispanic voters reportedly “made up 19.2% of Calif. voters” in 2010. And, according to Pew Research, Latinos make up nearly 40% of the state’s population and have made Calif “only the second state, behind New Mexico, where whites are not the majority and Latinos are the plurality.”

Even though the University of Calif. has admitted a record number of Hispanics, the Latino Caucus has vowed to make affirmative action and bilingual education top legislative priorities.

Read the last two paragraphs again. It’s true; Calif. has seceded to Mexico. It’s as if Matt Bracken’s tremendous novel Domestic Enemies: The Reconquista is clairvoyant non-fiction.

Isn’t it interesting; the Supreme Court ruled that Arizona couldn’t enforce federal immigration law because it claimed that the Executive Branch has so called “Plenary authority.”

Yet progressive loons like Jerry Moonbeam Brown can rewrite federal statues and annex an entire state to a foreign country? The Democratic Party is completely out of Control. It has succeeded in its century-long quest to fundamentally destroy our form of government.


2. Did you know that the government of the United States is suing the town of St. Anthony, Minn. a Twin Cities suburb with a population of a little over 8,000 to force the town to allow development of an Islamic center in an area reserved for industrial development. This might seem like a minor news story, not worth talking about but it sheds light on the broader legal and cultural trends going on.

According to the Minneapolis Star Tribune,

The federal government on Wednesday sued the small north-metro city of St. Anthony, contending that it’s City Council violated federal law in 2012 by rejecting a proposed Islamic center. “An injustice has been done,” U.S. Attorney Andy Luger said at a news conference in Minneapolis. “I will not stand by while any religious group is subject to unconstitutional treatment that violates federal civil rights laws.”

They failed to mention the fact that they happily stood by when the city also denied a Christian group the use of the same space a month previous.

The lawsuit alleges that the council’s decision to deny the Abu Huraira Islamic Center the right to establish a worship center in the basement of the St. Anthony Business Center violates the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act passed by Congress in 2000.

Now I have to admit that I’ve heard of many things since I got into the Tea Party, but I have never heard of the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act. So, in order to learn more I checked out the DOJ’s web site. It prohibits zoning laws that “treat churches or other religious assemblies or institutions on less than equal terms with nonreligious institutions.”  So it may actually apply here.

The problem is that no one seemed to give a hoot when a Christian Org. was turned down, and I’m sure this law was inforce when that took place.

Apparently the RLU act is being used by the feds around the country to force acceptance of Islamic centers, contrary to local zoning regulations:

It marks the first time federal prosecutors have sued a Minnesota city citing the law, although the DOJ has filed similar suits elsewhere in the country on behalf of Islamic centers, according to a U.S. attorney’s off spokesman. 

So why exactly did the town turn down the request you might ask? It appears the council didn’t think that a religious and cultural center was compatible with the site’s light-industrial zoning.  On Wed. the town officials continued to defend the council’s action, saying that the reject was based purely on zoning issues. “Discrimination had nothing to do with it,” said the City Attorney. “Religious uses of any type are allowed in the vast majority of the city. They are just not allowed in the roughly, five percent of the city reserved for industrial use. This zone is designed to create jobs and be an economic engine.”

Back in the dark days before Obama that explanation would have been enough. It would have made common sense. No longer. Now the full weight of the feds–that is, the Obama administration–has come down on the side of Islam, and Islam only.

Town attorney Jay Lindgren said that the city denied another Christian org. request as well and for the sam reason and nothing was heard out of Washington. 

Now, come on folks, it’s not hare to understand what’s going on here. At this point I believe St. Anthony doesn’t have a hope in hell that they will prevail. They will be ground underfoot by Eric Holder’s Dept. of Injustice. Not because the administration has any particular regard for religion in general, as Christians and Jews can readily attest–rather because they want to display favoritism toward Islam.

Now for an Update on this story.—–The Becket Fund has weighed in on this so I will add their comments. This was the group that beat DOJ in the Hobby Lobby case and is also representing the Little Sisters of the Poor and Wheaton College cases, so I think it’s reasonable to hear what they have to say.

They are not saying this because they think DOJ does a good job protecting religious freedom –far from it. But according to Becket, the RLUIPA land use litigation is one area where DOJ gets it largely right. If you look at this somewhat incomplete list, you will see that DOJ has a pretty good cross-section of religious land use cases, including Jewish, Christian, and Muslim houses of worship:

“DOJ has taken the side of rabbinical schools in Rockland Co. NY and Baptist churches in Arizona, among others. I do not think you’ll advance the religious liberty of any group, by painting an inaccurate picture of how RLUIPA works. In fact you are more likely to increase your readers’ opposition to religious liberty statutes like RLUIPA that are good for our country, not least because they restrict gov. power.   I’ve litigated RLUIPA cases across the country, frequently on behalf of Christians and Jewish houses of worship, but on occasion also Muslim or Buddhist one.’ 

So, you now have both sides of the story. If Becket is correct, and they obviously have the knowledge, it was only a coincident that there was no legal action when the Christians applied and here’s my guess as to why. The Christians never complained. They figured the law was the law and they’d live by it. On the other hand, the Minnesota’s Chapter of the Council on American-Islmaic Relations did, and asked DOJ to investigate.

No One is Safe

August 28th, 2014

If you think about it, America has been a very lucky nation where terrorist attacks are concerned. Hundreds have been stopped we’re told and only two, have done any damage. But could all that be changing? Could our way of life be on the chopping block? Let me give you a scenario. What would happen if say a handful of ISIS terrorist where to spread out across a state or the country for that matter, and on a specific day, enter a mall, a sporting event, a crowed restaurant, anywhere where people are gathered and with the simple ring of a cell phone blow the place up.  Lets say Los Angeles, Detroit, Chicago, New York City, Atlanta. You get the picture. All blown up at the same time. The country would go insane. No one would know what or were to go to be safe.

Could it happen? I’d say yes , because ISIS says they’re already here.  James Foley studied his cart in the Chicago area. He was familiar with the streets of Chicago and apparently so is ISIS.


An anonymous tweet has an attached photo showing a message written in Arabic. the note is dated June 20 and is being held up in front of the Old Republic building on Chicago’s Michigan Ave. Dubbed the Magnificent Miles, a shopping mecca, Michigan Ave is another symbol of what, from a radical Islamist perspective, is wrong with Western culture and civilization.

The text reads: We are in your state, we are in your cities, we are in your streets, you are our goals anywhere.” It adds the hashtag#Amessagefrom ISISto US.

It would be easy to dismiss this as a stunt with no real significance, except that it echoes promises that Isis and its sympathizers have already made plans which  include flying their black flag over the White House, currently occupied by a former Chicago resident.

“Many terror organizations refer to Chicago as Obama Town,” said a Chicago security expert Ross Rice, a former FBI agent assigned to the Windy City.  In a joint bulletin issued with the FBI on Friday, the DHS warned local, county and state law enforcement agencies to be on the lookout for signs of activity by the IS and its sympathizers.

There is apparently no shortage of American recruits for terrorism and there is no shortage of Western passport holders who have joined IS. As many as 3,000 members of IS have U.S. or European passports and could slip into america without notice. British ambassador to the U.S. Peter Westmacott, said that roughly 500 Britons have joined IS with British authorities apprehending 60-70 of them who returned home with intent to do harm.

On the other hand with our open borders they wouldn’t need a passport. “I think there is the obvious great concern because of the condition of the border from the standpoint of it not being secure and us not knowing who is penetrating across, that individuals from ISIS or other terrorist states could be in the U.S.,” said Texas Gov. Rick Perry.

That should make you sleep better at night. And of course then there’s this.

Here  are some recent acts of jihad on American soil that you may have missed–all from this spring and summer.

1. Seattle Muslim “on a jihad to kill Americans” prime suspect in four murder cases–Ali Muhammad Brown, is currently in jail on $5million bail for alleged murder of a college student in late June. He has already been charged with gunning down two men at  29th and King St, in Seattle’s Leschi neighborhood on June 1.  He is now the prime suspect in a fourth homicide. It took the local press five paragraphs before they mentioned that “multiple sources with knowledge of the investigation say Brown told police he carried out the murders because  he was on a jihad to kill Americans.”  Also hidden deep in the story, “Prosecutors say Brown is a devout Muslim who had become angered by W.S. military intervention in the Islamic world, which he referred to as evil.

2. Seattle Muslim who said gays should be exterminated gets ten years for arson at gay nightclub. Musab Mohamed Masmari, was sentenced several weeks ago to ten years in prison for pouring gasoline onto a stairway in a famous gay nightclub. Neighbors say he set the stairway on fire last New Year’s Eve, when the club was crowed and –if the fire had not been put out–the carnage would have been far worse. In a report from Feb. we learn that an informant told FBI that Masmari believed that homosexuals should be exterminated. The media simply played this not as a case of terror but of “homophobia.”

3. Friend of boston Marathon jihad mass murderer found guilty of hindering FBI investigation.  According to the LA Times, a friend of Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarneaev was convicted for hindering the FBI investigation by hiding Tsarnaev’s backpack from authorities. Tazhayakov could be a fool. A dupe. Or as his defense attorneys have it, a “good kid.” (isn’t every thug?) Or he could be a true believer. That question wasn’t broached at his trial, as illuminating as it m ay have benn of Tazhayakov’s motives and actions. Those questions would have been branded “Islamophobic.”

4. Texas: Two Muslims arrested on jihad terror charges–Rahatual Ashikim Khan, an American citizen bon in Bangladesh, wanted to join the Somali jihad terror group al-Shabaab. He was not Somali and did not have connection to Somalia. He just wanted to wage jihad. Todd Wolfe, a convert to Islam from Houston, wanted to head to Syria for his jihad. Wolfe’s wife told an undercover FBI agent that her husband longed to “Perform a violet form of jihad.” She said he, “just wants to hop into Syria. He’s ready to die for his religion.”  Accprdomg tp the FBI Wolf’s jihad aspirations didn’t end with Syria. He indicated that he learned that al Qaeda in Syria was training brothers from other countries and then sending those fighter back to their home to conduct terror attacks.

5. Florida: Muslim who threatened 2nd 911 found guilty of terror charges.—A Tampa Muslim named Sami Osmakac was convicted of plotting to bomb a Tampa bar and then blow himself up in a jihad-martyrdom suicide attack in another crowded area of the city. Osmakac said of non-Muslims:“We will go after every one of them, their kindergartens, their shopping centers, their nightclubs, their police stations, their courthouses and everything until we have an Islamic state the whole world.”

6. Muslin who wanted to murder 100,000Americans cops plea.—Ahmed Abassi, according to the NY Post, wanted to derail a NY to  Toronto Amtrak train. He also discussed with another jihad terrorist “a plot to release bacteria in the air or water to kill up to 100,000 people.”  he was also, according to Manhattan US Attorney Preet Bharara, plotting to “commit acts of terror and develop a network of terrorists here: in the U.S. Abassi could’ve gotten 50 years in prison, but avoided the terrorism charges by pleading guilty in federal court to lying on his visa application and to immigration officials when asked why he flew to the U.S. in 2013. Cosequently he could soon be a free man.

7. Rochester NY: Muslim charged with plotting jihad murder of U.S. troops and Shi’ites in western NY. —The A.P. reported that on June 2nd, Mufid Elfgeeh, a Muslim businessman in Rochester, bought two handguns and the silencers as part of a plan to kill members of the armed forces returning from war as well as Shiite Muslims in western NY.  The AP, anxious as ever to deflect focus away from Islamic jihad, in its lead paragraph explaied that Elfgeeh was plotting to kill troops “as vengeance for American actions overseas. So why kill Shiites?  As a vengeance for Iran being a bitter enemy of his bitter enemy, the U.S.” Obviously Elfgeeh is a Sunni Islamic jihadist who wants to kill members of groups that he considers to be enemies of Islam. The AP will never tell you that.

8. Virginia: Two Muslims convicted of piracy were ready to launch rocket-propelled grenade at Navy ship.–Two Somali Muslims, Mohamed Abdi Jama and Abdicasils Cabaase, each got 40 years in prison for plotting to shoot a rocket-propelled grenade at the Navy ship Ashland. They each got slightly longer than 40 years, rather than life because the RPG that one of them was holding was broken and incapable of firing, or because U.S. District Judge Raymond A. Jackson believed that life imprisonment was cruel and unusual punishment. Is firing an RPG at a Navy ship not cruel and unusual punishment for those on  board?

9. Minneapolis: Muslima gets 3 years probation for lying about funding jihad group—Also in May according to, a Muslim woman in Minneapolis named Saynab Abdirashid Hussein got three years of probation for lying to a grand jury about her efforts to raise money for jihad terrorists in Somalia. The defendant lied to the Grand Jury saying that she did not participate in raising money for the individuals who left Minnesota to fight against Ethiopian troops then present in Somalia.  Who was she participating with? Where are her partners in this endeavor? What are they doing? Does anyone know? Does anyone care?

10. Houston: Muslim arrested for making terroristic threats and displaying hoax bomb after four-hour standoff at Wal-mart–Mehrzad Malekzadeh was waving a knife around. After a four-hour standoff with police he was arrested and charged with “making terroristic threats and displaying a hoax bomb, which are both class A misdemeanor charges.” Bond was set at $5.000.

So what does all this mean? It means that if not ISIS, there are certainly others willing to kill Americans. And yes, all these were fairly low level and all were stopped, but someday they’ll miss one. Our leaders, who we elected, almost to a man, willfully ignores the nature and magnitude of these terrorist threats. The are complacent and refuse to realize the danger this country is in. We must force the media to be honest with their coverage, and to stop acquiescing to the Muslim Brotherhood and CARE who have infiltrated their board rooms and nightly news cast.






August 25th, 2014

Although Pakistan has long been a nominal ally of the U.S. nobody would ever accuse us of colonizing that country. Mater of fact, it’s not even safe for Americans to travel there for any reason.  But there’s one Islamist country where the U.S. is more than welcome, and where American contractors are making billions of dollars; that country is Qatar. It also happens to be the same country that’s “negotiating” the ceasefire between Israel and Gaza.

Qatar is home to two of the largest American military bases in the world. Al Udeid and As Saylyah. the first is the hub for CENTCOM in the Middle East region, while the other is a huge pre-positioning base. The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were directed out of the bases in Doha, Qater. It’s in Qatar that the U.S. executes its military policies and pursues its objectives in the Middle East.  So why am I telling you all this? Read on.

With all the protection provided by a massive U.S. military presence, you’d think that tiny Gulf state which has only 278,000 citizens (and a non-citizen population of 1.8 million) would have a relatively small defense budget. Qatar did, for a short time, have it’s own military, a small one, but one none the less.  And why arm yourselves when you’ve got all that American firepower on your very doorstep.

Yet for all that, Qatar, per capita, is far and away the greatest purchasers of military grade weaponry in the world. Huge arms contractors like the Boeing Company, Lockheed Martin, and Raytheon have sold tens of billions of dollars in 2014 alone to the ruling al-Thani family.  In April, Qatar announced a $24 billion arms purchase from a variety of manufacturers, Boeing included. In July, another $11 billion contract was approved by the Pentagon, which included the manufacturers Raytheon, Boeing and Lockheed Martin.

These 2014 deals give Qataris such toys as Patriot missiles and Apache helicopters, and many more sophisticated weapons. People talk about how armed America and Americans are, but per capita, Qatar makes us look like denizens of gun-free zones like NYCity. This does not include weapons purchases from numerous other countries like Germany and France.

Commercially, The Qataris depend on two sources of income, energy extraction and commercial airline flight, and they depend on us to provide the capital goods. ExxonMobil is partnered with the al-Thanis to capitalize on Qatar’s vast reserves of natural gas, the third largest in the world. And the deal making goes on in billion dollar increments.

Qatars reach extends beyond all this however. They have notified the world that they are transitioning to a knowledge based economy. Many American universities have satellite campuses in Doha, including Carnegie Mellon, Texas A&M, Georgetown U, just to name a few. Carnegie Mellon has a longstanding relationship with DOD going back to early DARPA cooperation and in April was awarded a $7.5 mil. grant to “reshape mathematics” part of an Air Force project. Georgetown has courses focusing on international relations and diplomacy. The focus on education is more self-serving than idealistic.

Beyond all this Qatar operates many international education-directed initiatives and organizations.These include the Qatar Foundation, which brought a Harvard Law School program to Hamad bin Khalifa University:and WISE, sponsored in part by Exxon which funds global educational programs and activities.

In July of 2013 Qatar funded a program to teach Arabic in the Tucson Unified School District, a district known for implementing a La Raza-developed curriculum, focusing on racial grievances for Mexicans. The group seems to regularly show up with each other–an odd pairing, unless one can piece together the intricate thread that connect the Middle East and Latin America, a daunting task for anyone to attempt at home or on their own.

Oddly enough, Lockheed Martin, which just signed a massive multi-billion arms contract this month with Qatar, is a corporate backer of La Raza. Of course you might say all of this seems harmless enough, and maybe it is, except— for the clear links between Qatar, Islamic terror, and transnational-organized crime, including narcotics and human trafficking. Qatar over the last ten years has made a name for itself as the richest country per capita, in the entire world. Mean income in the Kingdom was $93,352 in 2013 and the peninsula is renowned for its booming real estate. They have one of the largest sovereign wealth funds in the world, with more than (at least USD $170 billion assets under management.

But all that glitters is not gold. Beneath the surface a distinctly different picture emerges. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the mastermind of Sept 11th, was on the payroll of the Qatari Ministry of Electric and Water for a period of years. His “job” was a no-show job at that, arranged by the head of the Qatari religious authority. According to leaked State Department cables, Qatar has the worst record of cooperation for counterterrorism –worse even than Iran. And remember it was Qatar who accepted the five Terrorist recently freed by Obama.

Did you know that the former Emir of Qatar was at West Point on the day when the Bergdahl deal was struck. He was at the graduation of his son! More than a dozen top Qatar families and government officials have sent sons to U.S. military academy’s which might explain why everything about Islam and Terrorism is being deleted from the cadets text books. Military training in foreign lands is an al-Thani family tradition. How better to destroy the enemy then to know their tactics before hand.

Even London, now called by many Londonstan has a major presence of Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamists living in their towns and villages.  But lets talk about John Brennan. Considered by some to be an Islamist infiltrator. Though it’s been practically erased from the public’s memory, a report in 2010 called Sharia: The Threat to America, and issued by the Center for Security Policy whose Board includes former CIA director R. James Woolsey, states in part.

“It is hard to overstate the danger associated with the President of the United States having as his top advisor John Brennan in these sensitive portfolios someone so severely compromised with respect to shariah and the threat it poses.” 

The report was issued when Brennan was Counterterrorism Advisor to Obama. He was given a promotion to Director of the CiA in 2013. Anyone concerned?

In conclusion,  there are pages more I could add here, but the bottom line is that our enemies aren’t at the door, they’re inside the house and just waiting to strike. Qatar is one of the main backers of ISIS and is in the process of liquidating all traces of Christianity, and Christians, in Syria and Iraq. They backed Hamas and are backers of the Muslim Brotherhood. The goal of Qatar and their allies is the establishment of a Caliphate across the entire Middle East, extending into Africa, Asia, and Europe. Like the Ottoman Empire before them, responsible for the Armenian genocide and previous Caliphates before the Ottoman Empire, their treatment of the Christians and Jews would be violent and unbending.

American is providing the weapons to those who would destroy us and they do it with such blatant disregard that we must wonder what will happen when they find themselves the very target of the weapons they provided.


Beacon and Christians

August 25th, 2014

If you were out and about this weekend you might not have heard  about the Vermont Restaurant that Removed a Sign with the word Bacon on it because it offended a local Muslim woman.  The owner of the restaurant said they “removed the sign that was located on public property as a gesture of respect for our diverse community.” She also spoke about safety concerns.

Was she afraid that the Muslims would burn down her business? That they’d bring a lawsuit? Or worse? If so, then she should’ve complained to the local law enforcement that she was feeling threatened and feared for her life and her business.  Would they have done something? Probably not.

I have a question. So now the owner has taken down the sign. Next week a Muslim comes in and sees the woman in the next booth eating bacon. Will the Muslim complain that she’s feeling insulted? That she wants the woman to leave so she can eat without having to face this indignity? Would the store owner, in order to show  respect for the Muslim take bacon off her menu and ask the notorious bacon eater to leave?

Perhaps we should start complaining when a women dressed in Arab garments walks by us in the grocery store. This is America, dress like a slob or else! When an Arab man looks at us  in a way that makes us feel, if even a little, uncomfortable. What would happen if we told the store owner, we feel threatened, and insulted that  they do not dress like we do.

Yes, it sounds stupid, and it is. But how else are we to stop this? It seems that whenever American law and Islamic law conflict, it’s the non-Muslims who have to give way? Why? If a Christian walked in and said they were offended that the business employed only gays, would the store change it’s policies or would the person making the complaint be called a homophobe and ignored. If we went into a gay bakery and ordered a cake and said it was to celebrate a gay who became straight through Christ, and they refused to make it, would they have to change their way of doing business and take sensitivity training? If Muslims can use their religion as a reason to be insulted and to force others to go along with their beliefs, then shouldn’t we Christians have the same rights?

Perhaps we don’t because we simply find it uncomfortable to stand up for ourselves. Christians are too busy trying to make everyone like them and not see them as kooks. “Oh, don’t say anything. Just turn the other check. Let them see we mean them no harm and that we’re just like everyone else.” Forget the fact that they mean us a great deal of harm. They’d like to see us all dead and in our graves.

Problem is, we aren’t like everyone else. We’re children of God. We’re saved by grace. Our Savior lives. So why don’t we act like it. Why do we alway couch our words rather than speak up for what we know is right?  We are pushed around because we allow people to do so. Why do we not demand the same respect that the Muslims demand. I’m reminded of the saying, “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.”

And another thing…Have you ever noticed on TV or in the movies, the whimps  are always the Christians. They’re alway the racist, or the bigots,or the crazy guy running around declaring all non-believers must die,  or the holier-than-thou members of the community. We watch a lot of British TV programs and you can bet that if there’s a Minister or Priest involved they wind up being the killer, or the rapist or the thief or the just plain nitwit. It never fails. The pastors are always weak, frightened, spouting scripture at every turning or having an affair with at least two of their church members. It never fails.

Why do we put up with it? Oh, I see, we don’t want to be called names. We don’t want to be considered weirdo’s. Well, that’s why everyone walks all over us. It’s about time we began showing some of God’s righteous anger. Jesus was humble, but never weak. When he saw wrong he spoke up about it. He didn’t hang back wondering how his words would be interpreted.

You don’t see Muslims worried about what people think of them. They don’t care. They merely do what they want and when people don’t like it the say they’re Islamophobic and presto change, they get what they want.  Well, maybe we should start saying that if you don’t like what Christians do or say, your Jesaphobic. OK, that’s not a word, but it could be. And maybe it should be. Someone doesn’t like what you think or say because it has Christian overtones, tell them they’re being Jesaphobic. That, if noting else, will get there attention. Labels always do.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that if we don’t start fighting back, if we don’t stop worrying about being politically correct, we might as well pull the plug.

Take this little test and let me know after a few days how it turns out. When your with friends, count how many times you start to say something but stop because you’re afraid of being labeled a racist, or bigot or homophobe etc. Count the times you’d like to say something but don’t for the same reason. I do it all the time. Talking to tea party friends at lunch we’re talking about Ferguson. I start to say something. (and remember I’m lunching with like minded friends) yet I stop and say, “Now I’m not a racist or whatever,” before completing my thought.

We all do it and we all have to stop it. The problem with America today is we’ve been cowed into not saying anything even when we know we should. It has to stop. So, get involved, try my experiment and let me know how it turns out. Bet you’ll be surprised!

Dumb and Dumber times five

August 23rd, 2014

As you know I never do anything that isn’t serious on this blog…you do know that don’t you? Anyway, I’m going to break that rule because I couldn’t stop laughing at this. No really. It’s a real headline.


Now is it just me or could they have simply skipped the study and gone right to a thousand years of death certificates. Of course if you lived forever there wouldn’t be a death certificate so I take it all back. A study was definitely necessary. Of course if you had a lot of ancient Egyptians, early cave men, the Apostles, or even further back, those not quite ready to stand erect walking around you wouldn’t need a study at all. Your hundredth grandfather who was now sharing a room with your son would be all the proof you needed. Just a thought.

1. Well, school is starting again even if it seems it just ended. I know, I had a child in school and well, as parents we all feel the same about the first and last days of a school year. One, anticipation, one absolute dread. If my son is reading this you know I’m kidding.
Anyway, I think you’d be shocked to learn what goes on in these so called halls of learning. This was written by Twin Cities area high school teachers, of how their schools teach literature classes. This one comes from Edina H.S. which was once known as an excellent institution:

Acceptance and inter-cultural understudying can be fostered through the use of powerful texts, discussion, analysis, and exploration in the classroom. An English Curriculum grounded in social justice rests on a belief based in equity–that each person should have access to resources regardless of race, gender, ability, age, socio-economic status, or sexual orientation.

“Access to resource?”

Additionally, a social justice framework is grounded in a belief that children are the foundation of our future, and that schools, therefore, can (and should) play a significant role in shaping an equitable landscape of that future. Social justice teaching asks students to think critically about texts–to question whose voices are heard in a text and whose are silenced, who’s being overly served and who’s being under-served, how power affects the tex, and how we know what we know–and to think critically about their power and role in effecting meaningful change in both personal, local, and immediate contexts, as well as in global contexts. Additionally, English classes are charged with a preparing students to be critical creators, consumers, and participators in a media infused, global 21st century that is already well underway.

Funny, there was not one word in there about teaching the classics in order to learn to reason and question. Is the only thing the kids need to know is that up till now every things been unfair and unjust? If I had a kid in that school, I’d pull him or her out tomorrow.

The statement below is from a teacher at Woodbury High School:

At Woodbury High School, the [literature]course is primarily structured chronologically. Social, economic, cultural and political frameworks of the readings are sometimes explored explicitly through eight critical lenses: feminist, deconstruction, new criticism, new historical/biographical, reader response, post-colonial, psychological and Marxist theory.  Students apply critical literary elements such as figurative language, symbolism, and motif to find author’s intent.

This isn’t education, this is mis-education, worse than not attending school at all. Any child of normal intelligence would gain more from staying up late at night reading books with a flashlight under the covers than from being subjected to such trash. It’s this sort of teaching that will likely ruin literature forever.

One of the web-sites I got this information from mentioned that there youngest daughter, in fourth grade, was given an assignment to relate how she, personally would combat global warming. She wrote that she would never live in a house bigger than John Edwards’ or fly on more private airplanes that Al Gore. But the mother said, not all kids have the resources to see through this nonsense. It is only by constant parental vigilance that public schools can be prevented from going off the rails.

That is why I’ve said a hundred thousand times since beginning to write blogs that we have to be very leary of what’s being taught and how it’s being taught. Do you ever read your children’s text books?

The idea that we must learn all these approaches to Literature is ridiculous. Let’s admit it, some works of literature are just there to be enjoyed. Yes they have messages many times but imagine reading Jane Erie and trying to work out all the different angles these teachers see in every story. Their lives must be a misery. Will, what did feminist Jane think, how does Jane meet the desire to be global and to take care of the earth. Boring……..


2. Supposedly the President is heartsick over the beheading of James Foley. I mean even the fist bump and golf cart smile is a sure sign of inner turmoil. The question is, is this so called turmoil because he still thinks his policies are the correct ones or because he simply can’t seem, no matter how hard he tries, to get a hole in one.

If you can still find his”tears on his pillow speech,” watch it with the sound turned down. Never once does he look directly into the camera as if talking to us. He looks side to side and down. Sort of like one of those bobble head dolls you stick on your dashboard. Maybe you could get one with him in a tress skirt.Now do the same thing with Carter’s malaise speech from 1979. Yes, I’m asking a lot but watch it anyway.

I’m no fan of Carter but at least he looked us straight in the eye. Obama makes Carter look downright “Prsidential.”

Now check out Bush’s speech after 9/11 without sound.

I wasn’t always happy with him, but at least you knew when he was being sincere.

Obama feels the pain of– a missed shot!

August 22nd, 2014

In Obama’s statement on the beheading of James Foley by devotees of the Islamic State (referred to in his statement as ISIL) yesterday, Obama spoke up on behalf of Islam: “Let’s be clear about ISIL. They’ve rampaged across cities and villages–killing innocent, unarmed civilians in cowardly acts of violence. (shouldn’t that be terrorism?) They abduct women and children and subject them to torture and rape and slavery.(he failed to mention being buried alive) They have murdered Muslims–both Sunni and Shia–by the thousands. (Funny how he mentions them first.)They target Christians and religious minorities, driving them from their homes, murdering them when they can for no other reason than they practice a different religion. They declared their ambition to commit genocide against an ancient people.”

So in other ISIL speaks for no religion. They’re like Atheist I guess, they don’t believe in anything they just like to rampage and kill, (I’m not talking about the atheist here)or so Obama is trying to say.

He continued, “Their victims are overwhelmingly Muslim, and no faith teaches people to massacre innocents. (guess he never studied the Quran where it tells them to kill if they don’t convert.) Their ideology is bankrupt. They may claim out of expediency that they are at war with the U.S. or the West, but the fact is they terrorize their neighbors and offer them nothing but an endless slavery to their empty vision and the collapse of any definition of civilized behavior.”

The question is how do you edit Islam out of the Islamic State?

We can compare and contrast Obama’s words regarding “ISIL” and Islam with his recent remarks declaring that “we tortured some folks.” He asserted: “When we engaged in some of these enhanced interrogation techniques that I believe and I think any fair-minded person would believe was torture, we crossed a line. That needs to be understood and accepted.”

The problem is, that while he declared us guilty of “torture,” he instructed that the torture we committed was “contrary to our values.” So at least we have that going for us. Like true Islam, according to Obama, “our values” are worthy.” Gosh, now I feel better. He continued that what was done in our name was outside the American creed like the bloodthirsty maniacs of the Islamic State.

But wait! All is not lost. Obama has come to redeem the time. Like a merciful God who
understands all, Obama allowed:”I understand why it happened. It’s important when we look back to recall how afraid people were.” Obama does not purport to understand the devotees of the Islamic state, but his reticence in this case serves the reputation of Islam.

2. A word here about the declaration made in Ferguson that blacks are being targeted by white police officers. Let me say that Ferguson has an all black elected city council and that council hire those white police officers. So they’re the ones you need to question.
Also here is a real eye opener on the facts of black and white crime in America. It’s stunning.

3. A lot has been said and not said about the economy lately and I began to wonder,
where exactly are we on the road to serfdom? Lets take a look. We’ll start with wages. Wages have been stagnant since the START of the supposed recovery in 2010. Real median household income, using the highly understated CPI is on a glide path to oblivion. You can see this everywhere. Just notice the space available signs to see how businesses are doing. Low paying, part-time jobs aren’t going to revive this debt saturated economic system.

The S&P 500 has risen from 666 in March of 09 to 1,972 today. That’s a 196% increase in a little over five years.During that same time real household income has fallen 7%. Eleven million people have left the job market. According to Rober Shiller’s CAPE ratio, the stock market valuation has only been higher three times in history. 1929, 1999, and 2007.

As for the Fed balance sheet, it was $900 billion before the 08 crisis. Today it stands at $4.4 trillion. The Fed has increased their balance sheet by 220% since March of 09.Would it be safe to say there’s a correlation between the Feds printing $2.4 trillion and handing it to their Wall Street groupies?

Lets look at this from the angle of the stock market recovery without the Fed pumping
there money heroine into the veins of Wall St. If you divide the S&P 500 Index by the size of the Fed. reserve balance sheet, you’ll see the true purpose of QE1, QE2, and QE3.It wasn’t to save Main St. it was to save Wall St.

Without the Fed funneling fiat to the .1% banking cabal and creating inflation in energy, food, and other basic necessities for the 99.9% there is no stock market recovery. The recovery occurred in Manhattan and the Hamptons. So we have to realize that the trickle down theory has gone off the track.

Now lets consider this. The entire stock market advance has been created on record low trading volumes and record high levels of monetary manipulation. Even though the Fed has driven senior citizens further into poverty with 0% interest rates, those with common sense have refused to be lured back into the lion’s den.

Quantitative easing was supposed to force little old ladies into the stock market and consumers to spend their debased dollars before they lost more value. Spending would revive the dormant economy, but it didn’t happen. The peasants haven’t cooperated. Instead it sapped the life out of the middle class as our wages have stagnated and our living expenses have skyrocketed. Just look at the price of ground beef today.

Another confidence trick being played on us is the idea that housing has rebounded. It hasn’t. The housing market for real people is worse than it was in 09. The national home price increase has been centered in the usual speculative markets, aided and abetted by the Fed’s easy money. Investors and flippers account for 34% of the market. Foreigners account for 30% of all home sales.

Unfortunately the idea that housing is coming back is a false hope. Mortgage applications are in free fall, and new home sales are at 1991 levels. Existing home sales have peaked and are beginning to roll over.

Quantitative easing ends in October unless Wall St can create a new crisis in order to print more money. I’m afraid to say it but everything I’ve read researching all this is that home prices are overvalued by at least 30%. Ten year Treasuries are yielding 2.4% while true inflation is north of 5%. I won’t even talk about the bond market. I don’t want any of you jumping out the window.

We had a choice. We could have bitten the bullet, but we didn’t. If we had the economy would be in much better shape and so would our check books. What one has to wonder at, is the total absence of any moral courage on the part of those who think we need to be led. The critical thinking folks are growing restless and angry. We’re beginning to grasp the true enemy we should be fighting against. When the stock,bond, and housing bubbles all implode simultaneously, all hell will break loose in the country and it will make Ferguson look like a walk in the part.

Information gathered from the Brookings Institute, Heritage, the 2014 and Jim Quinn, financial writer at Doug Ross Journal.

Just a quick note on another subject, Al the dull Sharpton is having a hate the cops rally in NY city this weekend and the teachers union is backing him. Are these folks fit to teach our kids, and should the police answer their calls if something goes wrong? Maybe when there’s a gunman roaming the hall they should call ol’Al.

August 18th, 2014

Hello everyone, Now, I’m not the one as most of you will agree, to be talking about the English language. But I’m going to do it anyway. In the beginning, because the second subject is more serious. One of the many oddities of the English language is the multitude of different names given to collections or groups, be they beasts, birds, people or things. Many of these collective nouns are beautiful and evocative, even poetic.

You’ve got a gaggle of geese. You’ve got a pack of dogs. You’ve got a herd of Buffalo, a stuck of jellyfish, a colony of ants, a school of fish. And the list could go on. To these I propose to add another: An embarrassment of Democrats. That they’re incapable of embarrassment is part of the equation, but just part.

The party itself is an embarrassment. I’ll count the ways on another day, perhaps after I read Bill Voegeli’s forthcoming “The Pity Party: A Mean-Spirited Diatribe Against Liberal Compassion.”

The Democratic party is one led by Barack–hole in none–Obama, Joe–I’m flying home for a haircut–Biden, Harry–the do nothing–Reid, and Nancy–big bucks–Pelosi. And waiting stage left, Hillary–the I’m broke–Clinton. Now wouldn’t you say that was an embarrassment of Democrats? Come on, admit it. You know it is. Who would you include?

In later blogs we’ll look into those running for office that should be running out of town with a lynch mob on their heels.

2. As you know, I’ve been writing for some time about the demilitarization of the police forces in this country. I spoke about how they were being trained and what this would mean to the general population. What we’ve witnessed in Ferguson, is exactly what I have been warning about. When you have men dressing up like Darth Vader want-to-be’s, that’s how they’re going to act.

No one’s suggesting as liberals did in the 60′s “I could start a pretty good riot myself” Hubert Humphrey, that the rioting is justified, or still less, the looting. Nor is anyone jumping to the conclusion that the officer who fired the shot that killed Brown did so improperly, unlike Al-the wannabe-Sharpton and the rest of the race hustling rabble whose first words are alway “police brutality.” As for Brown, he’s not the young kid whose picture is being shown on the MSM. Brown was 6’4″ and almost 300lbs. The guy he ruffed up in the seven-eleven, looked like a kid next to him. Of course this is what is always done in these situations.

If you’ve paid attention, for some time now a number of conservatives and libertarians have been criticizing these trends in police force structure and practices, in particular what some call “up-arming” so that our police now look like Navy SEALs or Army Rangers, than beat cop Sgt. Murphy. Add this to the growing number of paramilitary-style-no-knock raids–sometimes egregiously mistaken and who no admittance of liability after ward–that local police conduct with a force structure that looks more like the 101st Airborne division taking Baghdad than a municipal constabulary.

Then consider as I’ve talked about before, the frequent practice of police–our public servants–to rest very badly when a citizen wishes to videotape them in action in public, sometimes confiscating cell phones and erasing videos, and you have a real problem on your hands.

Another problem is there’s never an apology offered when they break into the wrong house, accidentally shoot an elderly man or woman, killing pets and destroying property is all just considered collateral damage. No apology needed.

Yes, certain types of situations call for extreme force. I grant that. And it may be a correct practice in many urban areas. But how many rural and small towns face the sort of threat that might be encountered in a big city?

I do believe than Rand Paul missed the mark with his particular criticisms on the Ferguson Episode. And he does have a point that the funding for this militarization comes from Washington. I believe it is another effect of the liberal administrative state. In other words, it’s a failure of liberalism.

There are many good cops. Officers who want to be a positive force when it comes to keeping us safe, but unfortunately they are becoming fewer in number. Those who make mistakes as mentioned above should be held responsible for getting it wrong. There needs to be a high price paid. We need to stop the flow of money to the police so they can’t purchase these weapons of war, and we have to force the Pentagon to stop selling them.

I will make one remark however and it’s this. I simply couldn’t believe what Patrol Capt. Johnson stated at a press conference when discussing the looting taking place. “We had to evaluate the security of the officers there and also the rioters. We just felt it was better to move back.” What in the world is he talking about? His oath of office wasn’t to protect his fellow officers and those who where rioting. His oath was to protect and defend those in harms way. Those innocent citizens who were victims of the looting. Whose stores have been set on fire. True, they moved back all the heavy military stuff, but that was after the fact. In a way it did America a favor because finely those in Washington see how this militarization looks and it’s not pretty.

And thanks to the ACLU, I’ve discovered that the police aren’t buying this stuff used from the military, they’re buying it directly off the shelf of the manufacturer and the gov. is paying the police large amounts of money to do so.

One last question here. When was the last time the white community looted and rioted when a white child was killed by the police? Did we riot when innocent elderly people where shoot, when our pets were shoot, when our front doors were knocked off their hinges and our babies in their beds where severely endured? If we did, please let me know.

The Cost of Living in NYC / A word about Huckabee

August 14th, 2014

I was reading an article by Steven Malanga of the City Journal the other day and he was talking about the Cost of New York. The city not the state, but it could apply to the state as well. He was talking about de Blasios tale of two cities, and how in order to correct this dreadful problem he’ll raise taxes, the minimum wage, the cost of doing business and in so doing correct the situation. It will no longer be a tale of two cities, it will be a tale of one city with no one in it.
It’s a long article and comes to the same conclusions we all have when thinking about cities run by Progressives. And as you might know, he says little about what he thought was causing the city to get so unaffordable for so many. He blames, get ready–not enough taxes. So lets look at the numbers. Sit down, these are shocking.

Here is what it would COST PER SQUARE FOOT to build a 15 story building in eight of the largest cities in the U.S.
Manhattan–$173.10 Staten Island–$167.48 Bronx–$165.73 San Fran–$160.84 Boston–$152.48 Chicago–$145.85 LA–$140.00 Houston–$115.11 National average $124.97

It cost 50 percent more to start a business in Gotham than in the U.S. in general. Between 03 and 2010 NYC saw no rise in the number of firms with 50 or more employes.
Heres the cost of doing business—-Manhattan–$15.00 Chicago–$8.00 San Fran–$5.00 West L.A. $3.00 New Jersey–$2.50 Dallas–$2.00

Cost of Middle Income Jobs. during 2008-2009-recession (R). during 2010-2011–(rc).
Jobs paying above $75,000—- JOBS LOST (R) -101,730 jobs gained (rc) +29,230
Jobs paying $35,000 to $75,000—- JOBS LOST (R) -91,800 jobs gained(rc) -9,380
Jobs paying below $35,000—– JOBS GAINED (R) +43,350 jobs gained(rc) +51,550

Where wages go further and where they don’t. Average Annual Wage (AW) Adjusted for city’s cost of living (CL)In other words your cost of living is the value you get out of your wages. If your earning ten dollars in Texas but you can buy 20 dollars worth of stuff with it. That’s what the cost of living is.

Houston (AW) $67,279 (CL) $75,256
Memphis (AW) $53,069 (CL) $61,780
Charlotte (AW) $57,506 (CL) $61, 636
Columbus (AW) $53,634 (CL) $59,395
NEW YORK (AW) $77,640 (CL) $59,395

During the 1990′s city officials fought among themselves and with neighborhood business groups over plans by the Pathmark supermarket chain to open an outlet in East Harlem, which had lacked a major supermarket since the 1960′s, despite the $3 billion or so annually that its residents spent on food. A 2009 study by the Bloomberg administration estimated that NY needed 100 more supermarkets to serve its residents adequately and was losing $1 billion in sales a year as shoppers left the city to buy food. When a city won’t even allow the poorer neighborhoods to have food locally available, that’s all you need to know about why a city dies.

2. I’m beginning to think that the left has succeeded in dumbing down the populace to the point that when they enter the voting booth they lose all sense of conscience and knowledge. How else do you explain so many RINO’s winning their primaries? Have the people forgotten what these guys have done to us? Have they forgotten all the false promises, the lies, the votes that will hurt rather than help us? Obviously they have. They go into the booth, look at the names, point to the worst possible candidate then pull the lever. Later, when the ether of the voting booth dissipates they stumble home weak in the knees saying “What have I done?” While everyone else is saying, though they don’t mean it, “Father forgive them for they know not what they do.” Actually I think the latter is the more accurate. People go in and vote with not an ounce of knowledge beyond the mans name recognition.
So the plight of the Tenn. voter after having voted for Lamar (the plaid shirt) Alexander. Here is a man who is drooling over the idea of amnesty, and getting a bill pasted, yet he goes on the air, says he’s againit and suddenly like a bunch of lemmings everyone believes every word out of that phony baloney’s mouth. No less than two days after the vote, he comes out and says that an Amnesty Bill is a top priority for the next session. And all the people said, “Lamar, why hast thou forsaken us?” Again! And the moral of this tale. If you don’t know any more about the candidate than his name, you have no right to be voting!

3. On the subject of politicians, yes, I know many of you like Huck the Huckabee. That’s fine, I won’t hold it against you. But you know, behind those dimples and that double chin lies an ulterior motive. Yes, that’s right. Of late the guitar playing Huckster has been out on the stump endorsing candidates right and left. But, and there’s always a but, he has a reason or at least one is suspected. It seems old Huck has a daughter named Sarah Huckabee Sanders. According to this little lady her father, “Is more serious this time. He sees the environment to be better for him than last time.”
Now there’s nothing wrong with that. Most daughters think their dads are great. Anyway, Sarah’s married to Bryan Sanders, the Little Rock Arkansas branch manager of the firm The Wickers Group.”According to Trailblazer Blog at the Dallas News, those candidates running against the Hucksters picks are rather upset.
According to a very reliable Rep. source there is a close connection between the Huckster and the Wickers Group. In early 2012 a candidate named Dewhurst badly need a leading conservative’s endorsement and he courted Huckabee. Huckabee let Dewhurst know it would be good if Wickers were somehow involved with Dewhurst campaign efforts. Immediately a nod of the head and it was done and the Wickers’ name soon thereafter popped up as the co-founder of a pro-Dewhurst super PAC. According to the Rep. grape vine, this isn’t a solitary incident. It’s happening with frequency. So, is this what it takes to get the Huckster to endorse you? Hire his son-in-law? For a man contemplating another run, it sounds like a great way to call in favors when the money needs arise.

4. Just to show you we don’t always see what we’re suppose to see, or see it as it really is, here is a test question for you. It is a Hong Kong Elementary School first grade student admissions test question. Most adults can’t solve it–not for want of math skills but because most have lost the child’s ability of unconventional thinking. Here is the problem. The answer will be in tomorrows blog.


Tying Up Lose Ends

August 11th, 2014

There’s a lot going on in the world and it’s hard to keep up so this is going to be a catch-up if you can blog. So fasten your seat belts, here we go.

1. From a MVPatriot came this info. The U.N. Resolution 2117 list 21 points dealing with firearms control. The most interesting and important is Point Number 11. Number 11 calls for “member states to support weapons collection and disarmament of all UN countries.” By a vote of 53-46 the U.S. Senate voted the resolution down. Here is who voted for this resolution and you won’t be surprised that it was all Dems. By the way, this stops the U.S. from signing on to the U.N. Small Arms Trade Treaty which would affect all private gun owners in the U.S. and had language that would’ve implemented an international gun registry, on all private guns and ammo.
Signers included, and be prepared not to be shocked. Baldwin WI, Baucus MT, Bennett CO, Blumenthal CT, Boxer CA, Brown OH, Cantwell WA, Cardin MD, Carper DE, Casey PA, Coons DE, Cowan MA, Durbin IL, Feinstein CA, Franken MN, GILLIBRAND NY, Harkin IA, Hirono HI, Johnson SD, Kaine VA, King ME, KlobucharMN, Landrieu LA, Leahy VT, Levin MI, McCaskill MO, Menendez NJ, Merkley OR, Mikulski MD, MUrphy CT, Murray WA, Nelson FL, Reed RI, Reid NV, Rockefeller WV, Sanders VT, Schatz HI, SCHUMER NY, Shaheen NH, Stabenow MI, Udall CO, Udall NM, Warner VA, Warren MA, Whitehouse RI, Wyden OR.
You might want to let your hunting buddies know who it was in our state that wants to take your guns, as if you didn’t know already.

2. If you missed this take a look. Bill Whittle explains the line of succession of murderers that paved the way for Putin. This is a very informative video and really helps to understand who Putin is under that bare chest.

3.Some weeks ago a young single mother of two happened to stray into the state of New Jersey carrying her newly acquired firearm. She thought her permit allowed her to do so. It didn’t. Why, because New Jersey and it’s Gov. Crispy Creme, are anti-second amendment wacko’s. If you haven’t heard, NJ has mandatory sentencing.
Allen, had her first court appearance on August 5th where she learned that she “faces a maximum of 11.5 years in prison–ten for the gun, and 18 months for the ammo. Moreover, the judge in the case “refused Allen the ability to enter into a “pretrial intervention” program to avoid jail time.” The prosecution offered Allen a “five Year…plea bargain with no option for parole for 3.5 years.” Allen’s two sons, of which she is the only provider, are two and six years of age. So what I want to know is this. Is the portly purveyor of populist pablum going to help this woman out? A women who made a stupid mistake by even considering visiting NJ or will he let her rot in jail while her kids have to grow up without a parent. Her reason for having the gun was that she’d been the victim of two separate robberies in the past year. Of course if the police hadn’t been spending their time learning how to break into the wrong homes, and arresting innocent people who took pictures of them, maybe she wouldn’t have needed the gun.

4. I recently read a very interesting article on why out cable bills are so high. Here’s a little of what I found. The cable companies and telcos are the last vestiges of MaBell, a government-sponsored monopoly, and they are clinging to their monopolistic power by their fingernails. they take massive amounts of cash slather it all over K street as if it were butter on a Michael Moore waffle. Which is why, they have the worst customer service ratings imaginable. Consider this.

TV programming is a main driver of cost in you cable bill–and the prices keep going up. Did I mention that by 2018 the cost per network is expected to increase 36%.
Below is the estimated amount cable providers pay to top networks each month, per subscriber in 2014.
ESPN—$6.04, TNT $1.48, NFLNetwork $1.22, Disney Channel $1.21, FOX News $0.99, TBS $0.72, FOX sports 1 $0.68. Median cost per channel: 14 cents. Total cost for all channels: $45
Comcast, Time Warner, or DirecTV pay networks like ESPN and TNT a certain amount per customer for programming each month. That comes out of you monthly bill whether you watch them or not. Interestingly, this issue relates directly to net neutrality. NN isn’t a left or right, issue: it’s a liberty issue. Should a few monopolies control your access to content or not? NN says they shouldn’t be able to discriminate, period.
Did you ever wonder why you can’t choose the channels you want in your packet? Maybe if we could we wouldn’t have hundreds of stations that only ten people watch. I’m reading a terrific article on this subject and once I get it straight in my head I’ll share it with you.

5. You have friends in Calif? I have family, but if they’re dumb enough to live there what can I say?
Anyway, it seems Moombeam Brown has a Cap-and Trade Scam that will spike gas prices by as much as 70 cent a gallon starting in Jan. At that time fuel suppliers will have to comply with the cap and trade program. In San Diego Co. where the average price on Fri. for a gallon of self-serve regular gas was $3.894, come Jan, they’d be paying over four dollars. Now this is causing a bit of panic in the Dem. ranks as word is getting out and elections are coming up. They’re pleading for Moonbeam to do something. But wait, are they doing this because they’re concerned about their insane policies, their impact on energy prices, the increased flight risk of businesses and productive individuals, or the ever-diminishing prospects of a once-great state…Heavens no, They, as usual, are only worried about themselves and getting re-elected.

So that’s it for now. Hope you learned something. And don’t forget, I set up a comment section so you could air your opinions, try it. You’ll like it. You can stay anonymous; Like Scrooge was when he sent the turkey to Bob Cratchit.

Is Teen Sex Really Harmless?

August 10th, 2014

We are constantly being told what is good for use. Sugar–bad, smoking–bad, guns–bad, fast food–bad, etc. And it’s always followed by a list of good things. If only we’d eat this or get rid of that all would be right with the world. Meanwhile, there’s not a peep about one of the most dangerous activities people can engage in at any hour of the day or night–premarital sex. Or, extramarital sex. Or, dare I use the biblical word, “fornication.” Many would say Billie, stop being so judgmental. Some would say I should mind my own business.

Fornication I think fits because sex is loaded with moral implications: The possibility of dysfunctional relationships, of sexually transmitted diseases, of an unwanted pregnancy or abortion. The possibility of guilt, shame depression, and yes, suicide, can all follow in the footsteps of this particular word.

Of course it sounds dramatic, maybe even over the top, but it’s true. Sex can be dangerous. We all know it, yet it’s promoted everywhere you look. In the movies, on TV, even to our children who are being forced by the school systems to learn the wonders and joys of Bondage and masturbation. According to the Fremont Calif. district administrators, they believe it’s important for 9th graders to have this information. To bad they don’t feel reading the classic’s and learning Math are important as well. Perhaps they could take the time they use in teaching kids to abuse themselves and instead us that time to teach something of a more uplifting endeavor. But I digress.

Most of the time when we hear about these things we’re disgusted, but then continue on as before. No, I’m not saying government should regulate people’s sexual behavior, or that conservatives start their own barrage of PSA’s speaking out against the dangers of sex. I doubt they’d get aired even it we did. What I’m saying is there needs to be more tolerance for those of us who speak out about the costs of this highly sexualized age, without our being driven from the halls of public debate as if we were witches that should be burned at the stake.

When I hear people saying sex is no big deal, as if it’s no different than eating a steak or going for a drive, when I see ads comparing voting to losing your virginity, or hear social conservatives slapped down when they voice their objections to a licentious culture, it breaks my heart.

Why, because I’m picturing the girl walking home alone after having sex on the beer-drenched floor of a fraternity house with a guy too drunk to remember her name. I’m thinking about what she’s feeling. The tightness in her chest, the sick feeling deep inside, and all the while knowing she probably do it again. I’m thinking about the young women who think the only way they can get a man to pay attention is to have sex with him. Women who in their disparate search for love are welling to do anything to find it, and in doing, destroy themselves.

One of the articles I read on this subject was written by someone who works with these girls. She talked about how the girl wept uncontrollably when talking about aborting her baby. She showed the woman the knife cuts on her arms and how lost she felt when she realized that her life would never again be the same.

But it’s not just the girls. It’s the boys who sit in a bathroom, alone, staring at a lab report saying he’s HIV-positive. How he struggles to fight the fear welling up in him. His life is also forever changed. All these kids exchanged a precious gem for a handful of dust.

The stats aren’t pretty—an estimated 8,300 young people between 13 and 24 reported to the Centers for Disease control in 09 that they had been diagnosed with HIV infection. At the end of 2010 nearly 873,000 people reported having HIV.

Nearly half of the 19 million new sexually transmitted diseases (STDS) each year are among young people 15 to 24. Chlamydia, and gonorrhea cases are highest in Americans between 15 and 24.

More than 400,000 teen girls age 15 to 19 gave birth in 09. While teen birth rates are at an historic lows, the teen US birth rate is one of the highest among the industrialized countries.

Though both men and women are affected by STD’s, women face the most serious long-term health consequences. Left untreated, it can steal a woman’s chance of having children, and according to the CDC, STDs cause approximately 24,000 women to become infertile each year. Syphilis rates are on the rise as well and highest among women 20 to 24.

I don’t have to tell you the abortion statistic’s. They’re bleak. A total of 35 percent of pregnant teens have abortions. Though the number is getting smaller, it dropped 3% from 09 to 2010. But did you know this.
Statistics show that women who abort are four times more likely to die within a year than women who don’t. Women who aborted in the year before their death were 60% more likely to die of natural causes, seven times more likely to die of suicide, and 14 times more likely to die from homicide. Abortion is linked to smoking, drug abuse, suicide, violent behavior, and eating disorders.

So, what does all this mean? Yes, people have a right to do what they want with their bodies. They can engage in any kind of sexual activity they want. But does that mean we should ignore the consequences? Remain silent at all cost. Are we so afraid of being called names that we say nothing? What kind of society celebrates, perpetuates, and capitalizes on a behavior that can hurt so deeply, that robs people of their innocence, their happiness, and even their lives? Is that compassion?

Who, I ask, are the truly compassionate ones. Those who say it’s all alright. Let the young destroy themselves if they want, teach it in the schools so their curiosity leads them to try it, it’s none of your business anyway, or are the compassionate ones the ones who warn that there are consequences, that these momentary moments of pleasure, sold as innocent sex play can destroy and leave you a hollow shell?

I’ll end with one final question. We hear constantly that the government should stay out of the bedroom. Using that argument, isn’t paying for contraception putting the government not only in the bedroom, but right there between a woman’s thighs? Thank you to the CDC. D.C. McAllister of Ricochet, and the for some of the information gathered here. Also HHS. and the Census Bureau.