Cuomo’s Gun Grab

The anti-Second Amendment hysteria by left-wing extremist and the media–but I repeat myself–has reached a fever pitch following recent incidents of gun violence at public schools as if breathes new life into a punch list of Constitutionally questionable laws designed to completely disarm America.

One such law gaining momentum is the Extreme Risk Protection Order (ERPO). By taking one part “big government knows best” and adding a heaping cup of “for the children” with a dash of “mental health crisis” for seasoning, progressives in both parties have created the perfect recipe to satisfy their appetite for killing the Second Amendment and denying us our God-given right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

An ERPO empowers family members and the police to seize guns from anyone they feel poses a danger to themselves or others simply by obtaining a judge’s order–an order that doesn’t require testimony from the “accused” which is a violation of our Constitutional rights. No warrant. No charges. No arrests.

After the Parkland, Fl. high school shooting, Gove. Rick Scott–currently the GOP candidate for US Senate–joined forces with Republicans who had already joined forces with Dems to pass a host of anti-gun laws, including ERPOs. In the months that followed, GOP governors in Vermont an Maryland also passed ERPO laws.

Earlier this year I wrote about how mental illness I being used to deny gun rights and shared a story about an ERPO being used by police in Seattle, WA to forcefully confiscate the guns of a man because his neighbors didn’t like that he “started” at them while legally wearing a holstered forearm.

Besides the fact that ERPOs are becoming one of the greatest threats to our Constitutional rights, they are also serving as the grease for the slippery slope we are taking toward tyranny, as we see in the recent proposal of Andrew Cuomo.

Cuomo plans to introduce a proposal to the state legislature for a law that will allow teachers to petition a joke to remove guns from eh homes of “troubled students.” Under his expansion plan for ERPO, teachers and school administrators would be granted legal standing to petition a court to remove firearms from the homes of students considered a threat to themselves or others. The teacher’s union loves this idea.

If it becomes law, the next time a child acts up in a NY school a SWAT team could b knocking down the door where they live to disarm the parents. And with the way ERPO laws are gaining acceptance–including in Washington DC, it could happen where you live as well.

Think about it. A teacher talks about the danger of guns and some kids tells the teacher he is scared because his dad has a bunch of guns. The teacher tells the Principal the principal calls the police and that father loses his gun rights. They know the can’t abolish the 2nd Amendment, but this is the same thinking as banning/registering ammunition, etc,. just a backdoor to disarmament.

I can see this ending very badly. One of these days they’ll over reach at the wrong time and a parent will feel the need to take a stand–and that won’t end well. This better get batted down in the courts before it gets that far, but I’m dreadfully afraid it won’t.


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Article 13: The Black Death of the Internet

Many of us take the internet for granted.  YOU SHOULDN’T! The free Internet will not last unless there is a major pushback against attempts to put it in a straitjacket, like the European Union’s Article 13:

The Proposal for a Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council on copyright in the Digital Single Market, to give it its full name, is an attempt to reshape copyright law for the internet age. It’s based around the relationship between copyright holders and online platforms, compelling the latter to enforce tighter regulation over protected content.

The Article stipulates that platforms should “prevent the availability” of protected works, suggesting these ISSP’s will need to adopt technology that can re confuse and filter work created by someone other than the person uploading it. This could include fragments of music, pictures and videos.

The Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition has previously warned that: “Some requirements contained in Article 13 can enable abusive behavior, thereby threatening freedom of expression and information.” Last Oct., 56 leading academics published a set of recommendations on the proposed directive, including claims that Article 13 is “incompatible wit the guarantee of fundamental rights and freedoms and the obligation to strike a fair balance between all rights and freedoms involved”

Copyright could serve as the pretext for bureaucrats to take a strangle hold on Internet content. The European Parliament will vote on it June 20-12.

You said this doesn’t involve you–YES IT DOES. If you send links to friends, post part of a song to your facebook page, send a tweet of a picture from a magazine etc, you would be breaking the law. I would be breaking the law every time I add a video or give you a link to an article. Every time I copy from an article to get a sentence correct or an idea I would be breaking the law.

Watch the video below that explains it all. Soon doing this could get me fined or shut down–and I’m a nobody in the the scheme of things.

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The Gestapo Has Found A Home In England

Ideas are more powerful than guns. We would not let our enemies have guns, why should we let them have ideas”  Joseph Stalin

If you haven’t heard of Tommy Robinson, you will now. I have been writing on the downfall of Britain for over a year now. Some would say why? That’s England not America. Maybe for the moment, but stop and look at what’s happening on the Progressive Socialist side of the ledger here in America. Free speech is being shut down on almost every campus in America.

So what is all this about? It’s about a man who is trying to stop the destruction of his country. As far back as five years ago I began writing about the multicultural enrichment of Britain by Islamic colonist that included rape gangs that groom underage British girls, girls as young as twelve to be sex slaves. They are beaten, humiliated, tortured and imprisoned by these “animals” and the government, does nothing.

For objecting to the Islamization of Britain, Robinson is a thought criminal — and not in a figurative sense. He literally is a criminal because liberal authorities do not like his thoughts, although officially they arrested him for “breach of the peace,” an all-purpose charge that cane applied to people who’ve done nothing wrong.

Considering that British prisons are dominated by Muslims, Robinson’s sentence is literally a dead sentence. See article below)

This represents a major escalation from the practice of temporarily incarcerating and then expelling foreigners who come to Britain to discuss the issue of massive Islamic immigration as happened to Lauren Southern, Martin Sellner, and Brittany Pettibone.

Let’s not have any more criticism of Putin’s treatment of journalists unless the mainstream Media speaks out as forcefully as Stefan Molyneux on this.

UPDATE: As of today (Tuesday) the bane on the media has been lifted. they can now write about what happened. Do to Conservative world pressure.

I want you to notice what he was saying about 1984. About the truth being erased. This is why I wrote so strongly about the left destroying out historical monuments. History can’t be taught if it’s been erased! Here is a follow-up video. And another, less well done but still relevant video on a similar subject. Folks don’t thing this can’t happen here. The progressives are pushing these things every day. This we be how we live if we sit back and let it happen.

Thank you for reading. These are important subjects that we should be aware of and don’t say it won’t happen here. The British people were saying that as well.

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Christians Sabotage the Beaches — Scouts Hand Out Condoms

If you’re planning a vacation to Toronto and you’re thinking of walking on the beach, you might want to think twice. You see Christians have been sabotaging the beaches in the Toronto area. Items such as broken bottles, nails, and needles have been buried just below the surface of the sand to do the most damage possible.

Some bottles were buried with the jagged edges deliberately facing up.

Only one ideology would encourage such pointless, indiscriminate malice. In fact a local Toronto newspaper got a letter from the “Revolutionary Christian Force” claiming responsibility and threatening more of the same, in addition to poisoning drinking water and setting forest fires. Hello Calif.

The letter recommends that Canadian citizens convert to Christianity and follow the teaching of Jesus.

This and worse have been going on for 1,400 years starting with the crusades. Something must be done to stem this tide. While people have denounced Islam as being just as bad, no one can doubt that over 33,000 lethal terror acts have taken place just since Sept. 11, 2001.

Editor’s note, I’m sorry, I meant to say Islamists not Christians. Silly me!


Now that the Boy Scouts have completely succumbed to the bullying of social engineers by dropping the word “Boy” from their name so as to be more “inclusive,” their motto “Be prepared” has a new meaning. This year at the World Scout Jamboree to be held in West Virginia this summer, condoms will be passed out as needed.

The theme of the jamboree is “Unlock a New World.” Well, they certainly seem to be doing that in Spades. For those interested, these is an alternative to the defeated Scouts is ‘trail Life USA. Its Chairman of the Board is Florida Family Policy Council President John Stemberger who issued a response:

The fact that they are requiring that condoms be ‘readily accessible’ and are communicating this to everyone — including youth participants — shows the the BSA is bot anticipating and facilitating sexual conduct between minors at this event. These policies are both outrageous and completely irresponsible.”

It would have been shortsighted to expect anything else, once the Boy Scouts started knuckling under to liberal demands to accept noisily homosexual troop leaders, girls who “identify” as boys, et cetera.

Further count jamborees will probably feature drag performances, From there, they will progress to filming porno movies. With progressives in charge, there is always a new world of corruption and degeneracy to unlock.

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The Big Bad NRA

The Constitution be never construed to authorize Congress to infringe the just liberty of the press, or the rights of conscience; or to prevent the people of the United States, who are peaceable citizens, from keeping their own arms. — Samuel Adams

So lets see, another group of kids were slaughter while at school, and the wheels of the bus go round and round. Once again we will be forced to listen to the left debate adnuasim the dangers of owning a gun. Usually the left tries to convince us that they wouldn’t confiscate all guns in private hands, but I think that argument has reached it shelf life.

In the Esquire, the day of the Santa Fe, Texas shooting, they wrote this.

Hey there, NRA: Listen, I know the moments after a gunman opens fire in a school are hectic for you. You have to get your talking points together, you have to mentally prepare to debate a traumatized yet sensible child, you have to look at yourself in the mirror and practice saying that more guns wound make things less deadly, It’s a busy time! And since we are always either in the moments before or after a mass shooting, you’re pretty much always busy, I have noticed!

Anyway, I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that I now actually want to take your guns–All your guns–Right now.

If the left keep eroding our national character, progressives may one day be able to disarm us without setting off a second civil war. Will that satisfy them? No, progressives progress.


It’s time to stop getting mad at the NRA and start putting the blame where it belongs. Squarely on the schools, their security systems and parents who don’t keep tabs on their children’s electronic devices.

Despite receiving a warning directly from the Russian government, the FBI failed to stop the Tsarnaev brothers from staging the Boston Marathon bombing. Despite having plenty of resources, the Charlottesville police failed to stop a car attack that left a woman dead. The FBI interviewed Omar Mateen, the Orlando Pulse nightclub shooter, and considered criminally investigating him. They didn’t — possibly because his father was an FBI informant.

The FBI also missed numerous “red flags” before the San Bernardino shooting. And despite having lots of warning, the FBI. the Board County schools and the Broward Sheriff’s Dept. under Sheriff Scott Israel all failed to stop Nikolas Cruz from shooting up the school.

This is why calls for more gun control ring hollow. When the laws that would hav prevented these people from getting a failed because those in charge of executing them chose — chose — not to enforce them, because doing so would have made the school’s crime reports look bad, then it’s hard to believe that more laws will make a difference. You know what might make a difference, though? CONSEQUENCES.

For instants, cowardly deputy Scot Peterson, who conspicuously neglected to put a stop to Cruz’w killing spree, is mentioned as “the only person so far to pay any price for failure.” That price was to resigned. However:

(Peterson) because he resigned and wasn’t fired is still receiving his full lifetime monthly pension fo $8, 702.35 –sparking outrage among parents of the victims.

“This infuriates me in ways people cannot comprehend. My daughter would still be alive if this person did his job, Fred Guttenberg, whose 14-year-old daughter Jaime was among 17 people killed that day. Andrew Pollack, whose 18-year-old Meadow died, tweeted: “The coward of Broward, Scot Peterson is gettin over $8k a month. He hid while my daughter was slaughtered. How in the hell is he getting this? That money should go to actually securing our schools!”

Turn on the TV and you’ll hear that it was the NRA that killed their kids, the same NRA that just killed the kids in Texas. It’s not guns that the problem is security. If we can do it at sporting events why not our schools.

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Segregation Use to Be A Bad Thing, Not Anymore!

When I was a child, many moons ago, segregation was still in force. I remember travel from Los Angeles to New Orleans in 1959 on our way to Atlanta to visit my sister. I was sitting next to the first black person I ever meet. A woman in her eighties going to visit her family. My mother wasn’t a freedom fighter by any means but she was a Christian and so my mother insisted on helping the lady into the station, and seeing that she made her connections.

As we waited I got a taste of what segregation was all about. The black lady was concerned because my mother sat with her and not in the white’s only section. The lady also advised me not to drink from the colored water fountain. Not only did the whites look at us angrily but the blacks as well. That and other incidents during our stay in Atlanta have remained with me till this day.

Segregation was a cruel and evil ploy perpetrated on blacks but Democrats. Now however it seems that blacks have decided the segregation is a good thing. Something to be wished for. Why do I say this–

Black students at Harvard University are organizing a graduation ceremony of their own this year excluding whites, to recognize the achievement of black students and faculty members some say have been overlooked.

By “some” they must mean obsessively Afrocentric black supremacists. (see article No Whites Allowed)

Harvard joins a growing number of universities that have added graduation events for students of different ethnicities. Some have offered black commencement ceremonies for years, including Stanford, Marshall and University of Washington. Some have added them more recently, and are also adding events for a variety of cultural groups.

These have included Latinos and sexual deviants. If universities are going to preach cultural Marxist divisiveness, they may as well practice it. At the Harvard black graduation,

Every student will receive a stole made of traditional African kente cloth, meant to symbolize their shared heritage and to be worn with their cap and gown at the university’s graduation.

Liberal heads would explode if they had a separate graduation to celebrate those who got into and through school on their own merits, without any help from Affirmative Action. Yet in the end, that’s what we will be left with, when every special interest identity group that can be played off against the core population gets its own special ceremony and stops attending the general ceremony.

Segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever, as George Wallace might say.

I leave you with this thought. Would these black students be so willing to have a separate graduation if it was imposed on them by the very forces their grandparents fought to overcome?

Do these black students have the foggiest notion about what’s happening in Africa at the moment? Would they be willing to go and live there?

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Is Education Really About Facial Expressions?

Technological advances allow ChiComs to push totalitarianism to extremes even Stalin couldn’t have imagined. For example, facial recognition technology is used for enforcing facial expression compliance:

Three cameras have been installed above a blackboard at Hangzhou Number 11 High School in eastern China. The system identifies seven different facial expressions — neutral, happy, sad, disappointed, angry, scared and surprised –to determine whether children are focused on their lessons, and if they’re not, the computer will feed this back to the teacher.

A student reports:

“It’s like a pair of mystery eyes constantly watching me.”

Not only is Big Brother always watching, artificial intelligence will increasingly allow him to process everything he sees. The school’s headmaster confirms that those who the machines regard as inattentive will receive lower grades.

Good thing nothing like this could happen her in the Land of the Free. Imagine living in a country were authorities dictate what kind of expression you must have on you face–Oh wait . . .

From Pennsylvania:

Northern Lebanon School District students are required to smile while walking the hallways between classes,  . . .

Fifteen-year-old Julianna Gundrum, a student at the school said if you didn’t smile there would be consequences. “If you don’t smile you get called to the office or down to see your guidance counselor,” she said. “You have to talk about your problems then. You have to or you get detention.”

Even though smiling in the hallways is not a written role in the district, it is something that Assistant High School Principal Benjamin Wenger has taken upon himself to enforce, according to several teachers. The teachers spoke to the Lebanon Daily News anonymously for fear of retaliation from the district.

Wenger could use some of the ChiCom technology to ensure that he doesn’t miss any noncompliant facial expressions. Advanced surveillance technology might also help him catch teachers who talk out of school.

My question is why is anyone sending their kids to public schools? Where are the marches and protest about this stuff? School is diffidently not about learning any more–it’s about indoctrination and behavior modification.

Oh, and do remember, last week Pa. voted in several socialist candidates.



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Twitter Is No Longer A Safe Place for Conservatives

Remember when a Project Veritas undercover video revealed that Twitter shadow bans conservatives? At first Twitter denied that it did that, Now we read this:

Twitter will now use thousands of behavioral signals when filtering search, replies, and algorithmic recommendations. If it believes you are trying to game its system, or simply act like a jerk, it will push your tweets lower down. It’s the biggest update so far in the company’s push to create healthier conversations, an initiative announced by its CEO Jack Dorsey in March.

Dorsey is a militant leftest. His idea of “acting like a jerk” likely equates to espousing views to the right of all the way left.

From The Goldwater:

Twitter announced Tuesday that they were taking steps to limit “behaviors that distort and detract from the public conversation” by downlinking content that displays such behaviors. Content that has been downlinked will be removed from search results and “public conversations,” according to the company.

Making observations that undermine leftist ideology distorts and detracts from the public conversation, as the many anti-leftist who have been throttled down or shadow banned had their accounts canceled outright already know.

You do not actually have to violate Twitter’s policies to find yourself restricted. Just rubbing someone at Twitter the wrong way or getting flagged by an algorithm suffices. For some, this is the last straw. Warden at Ace of Spades makes a case for dumping Twitter altogether:

Conservatives who choose to stay on Twitter-to engage and “fight” the left in the marketplace of ideas will have their content throttled and their influence diminished even as Twitter benefits from their use of the site.

Worse, users on the right are putting their private information in the hands of a company entirely populated by unscrupulous, vengeful leftists who think nothing of doxxing people with whom they disagree. I can’t emphasize this enough, tase people hate you and cannot be trusted.

It’s time to change direction. Enough is enough. Let’s stop acting like a bunch of battered spouses and exercise our options. Support our friends. Punish our enemies. It’s time to build our own world.

A good place to start is

This sight is a lot like Twitter except that it is run by libertarians instead of leftists. Already it is up to half a million users. Check it out. It’s time we fight back!

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The Rise of the American Socialist State

Recently, it has come to light that Barack Obama and Eric Holder have formed a group to try and reshape state legislatures in their socialist left-wing image. If successful, Democrats would be in control of Congressional redistricting after the 2020 census, thus creating Democrat majorities last for decades. I have also written that it appears the Dems are realigning with with the socialist ideals of communist such as Karl Marx and how this so-called Democratic-Socialist ideology has been gaining acceptance with millennials, which if you’ve read what I’ve written about the American University situation is understandable.

As this new alignment grows be prepared to witness the gradual death of capitalism and Constitutional government and the rise of the United Socialist States of America.

I had a long talk with a friend last night and he asked if I really believed America would become Socialist. I answered yes because Socialist offer everything and it cost you nothing but your soul. I’ll explain.

If you didn’t hear about the election in Pa. yesterday then I’ll tell you. Four openly socialist candidates supported by the Democratic-Socialists of America (DSA) won their primaries in state House races.  The Pittsburg chapter of DSA strongly backed two candidates in particular: labor organizer Summer Lee and women’s rights activist Sara Innamorato, both of whom are dues-paying members of DSA.

“It feels like a monumental shift” the group’s Pittsburgh co-chair, Arielle Cohen, told HuffPost. “We won on popular demands that were deemed impossible. We won on health care for all; (see my articles “Two Year Old Alfie Evans has been found Unworthy of Life) we won on free education.”

The other two winners were Elizabeth Fieldler and Kristen Steele. Of the four, only Seale will face a GOP opponent in Nov. which means that three of Pa., legislators next year are guaranteed to be DSA members.

Liberal Dems were winners in other primaries around America as well yesterday, proving the lurch to the extreme left isn’t fake news. To paraphrase a line from an episode of Seinfield, these radicals are real . . . and they’re spectacular.

Now here’s the sad part, and the most important. Despite being presented with an opportunity to select conservative candidates to counter this left-wing extremism, the Gap chose “moderate” candidate because they’re allegedly more electable. And that brings us to the crux of the problem.

When Republicans choose to protect the party by becoming Democrats in order to win, they only ensure that Democrats win and America loses. Democrat-lite is still Democrat, and Democrats are now socialists, which means that Republicans have become accessories to the advance of socialism and can’t be counted on to reverse America’s course.

Conservatives need to completely cut their ties with the GOP, if for no other reason than to let them self-destruct. If we continue to play the #Unibrow game, our Constitution and the Republic it protects are doomed, and the rise of the United Socialist States of America will be inevitable.

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This Is Getting Serious and Needs to Stop!

“The measures adopted to restore public order are: First of all, the elimination of the so-called subversive elements. . . They were elements of disorder and subversion. On the morrow of each conflict I gave the categorical order to confiscate the largest possible number of weapons of every sort and kind. This confiscation, which continues with the utmost energy, has given satisfactory results.” Benito Mussolini

When it comes to homicide in the USA, black people are disproportionately likely to be killed by other black people. White people are also disproportionately likely to be killed by black people. In both cases, this is by extremely wide margins. But you wouldn’t know it from the rabidly Caucasian-hating propaganda vomited forth by the entertainment industry. Paul J. Watson has a look at the appalling “This is America” video by zillionaire entertainer Donald Glover, a.k.a. Childish Gambino:

Talking about guns—

Many people turn to Vox and Snoops to find what they believe are non-partisan answers to articles they read in the news. They are not non-partisan. They are Democratic mouth pieces. I have written about Snoops several times and how the information they give out is skewed to the left. So BEWARE


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