General Info, Carly, and Trumps Speech

For those of you who haven’t noticed yet, FOX news has become the Trump network. If you think you will get any news of a positive nature concerning Ted Cruz, you won’t find it there. Other places that have gone over to the dark side in a big way is The Drudge Report, and Breitbart.  There comment sections are overflowing with vulgar, low info writers that can’t write a sentence the doesn’t contain at least six swear words.

Well, Cruz has got Trump and the MSM in an uproar. He had the audacity to name his VP pick. And a great pick it was. If you didn’t get to watch his announcement you should because he explains the why’s and wherefore’s and Carly’s statement at the end shouldn’t be missed. They are a perfect pair.

You hear a great deal from Trump supporters that the race is rigged against them. Taken together Trump got, when rounded off, about 55% of all the votes cast on Tuesday. However he got 72% of the delegates. Now if that were Cruz, Trump would be yelling his head off, but Cruz is saying nothing. On the whole, Trump has earned 28 percent more delegates than his pro rata share of the vote would deem appropriate.

In Delaware, Hillary got 55,950 votes to Trumps 42,472.  In PA, Hillary got 918,689 to Trumps 892,702. Rhode Island–Hillary 68,761, Trump 40,020. Conn. Hillary 170,075, Trump 123,367

In every single state Hillary beat Trump, yet he says he’s the only one who can beat Hillary. Even in NY, Clinton got 1,054,083 to Trumps 524,932.

Whereas in Texas, where there were still 17 Reps in the race, Cruz got 1,239,370 to Hillary’s 935,080 Trump got 757,618. Even then Trump lost to Hillary. Think about that for the general. One more Wis. Hillary 432,767 to Cruz 531,129. Even there Ted won over Hillary and Trump lost to both with 386, 370.

The race regardless what Rush and Hannity and some other sell outs tell you is not over. The real action will take place in the ten states that vote in the coming weeks. Indiana is an especially important state, and a must win for Cruz. If Cruz wins Indiana, he is probably set to do well in remaining contest. In fact if he does well, it could cause Trump to lose up to 8 of the 10 remaining contest.

Speaking of Hannity, he seems to have his knickers in a twist because in PA the parties do their delegate ballots differently. I’m beginning to think that Trump and Hannity should get a room. And I might ask you to note that he always has Trump on the night before an election. On Monday he had Cruz for 15 mins and Trump for the remainder of the show. Cruz got tough questions, Trump got Hannity soft balls. The Dems, state who the delegate is committed to. The Rep. ballot only has the delegates name. Hannity is upset because you won’t know who is supporting who when you vote and Cruz could get more. I guess it never occurred to him that it could work in just the opposite way and Trump could benefit.

Looks like Trump will be having his day in court for his fraudulent University scheme. In fact it’s possible he’ll have to testify and all this will take place at about the same time as the national convention. He wants a jury, but the judge seems not to be obliged.

Here is Cruz announcing Carly as he VP pick. If you just want to listen to her speech it starts just after the 53 min. mark.

You might want to take a listen to CNN’s military analyst and former Lt. General M. Hurtling on his analysis of Trump’s foreign policy speech. As a former military member Trump lost him completely in the first five minutes.

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Tomorrows Vote and Stop Target Bathroom Policy

Hi everyone. Just a quick note tonight. As you know tomorrow is another big election day. We have RI, PA, Connecticut and Maryland. If your backing Cruz these won’t be good states for him as far as the popular vote counts. He could pick up delegates in Pa. and perhaps Connecticut can’t be sure about that, but don’t let it get you down.

Once those are over, we move back toward the west and that’s looking very good for Cruz. Don’t hold your breath that Kasich will uphold his end of the bargain about voting in IN.,  He was out today saying, that of course he wanted people to vote for him, he’s just not campaigning. Well, maybe that’s because he’s out of money and delusional.

Anyway, tighten you seat belts the next few days are going to be a very bumpy ride. Stay away from the TV and talk radio and you’ll be fine. If you don’t you’ll hear how it’s all over for Cruz, the numbers don’t work, Trump has it locked up and he’s the nominee.

None of that is true. Even if Trump were to get to the golden ticket he still has to get enough delegates from eight states to put his name into contention. TIME mag, seems to think Cruz has enough unbound votes to take it on the first vote and definitely the second. Many of the bound votes are beginning to think twice about voting for Trump and are talking about simply not voting on the first round. So don’t lose heart.

On another subject. As you’ve probably heard TARGET has decided that it’s perfectly fine to let men into women bathrooms. Just today someone took a camera in and asked if he could use the girls restroom even though he said he wasn’t gender confused. They said yes.

If you want to help stop our little girls from having to put up with this, then please go to the web site below and sign the petition. Thanks.

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Here There and Everywhere!

Well, if you haven’t been told by FOX news today, all day and into the night—-Singer extraordinary Prince, died today. Our world is falling about but FOX is weeping and gnashing it’s teeth over the lost of this singer. I never really listened to him, guess he was after my time but if you say he was good I’ll be fine with that. On Becks show they seemed to think he was great, well Beck did so we’ll leave it at that.

In other news, I’m sorry to have to tell all the Trumpsters out there that your guy has decided he doesn’t want to play with you anymore. Supposedly he’s just been projecting an image in order to get the low info voters to follow him. Seems like Donald is nothing like what he told everyone he was and now, when the voters, (at least half of them anyway) have voted, he pulls the rug out from under them. At least that’s what his new puppy Paul Manafort, with ties to the Russian maifia told the RNC in a private meeting.

According to Manafort, “Trump is prepared to ‘evolve’ Now that we’re approaching the nomination. (they’re not but let them think it. They’re trying to make if a foregone conclusion which it’s not.)    “He’s been playing two roles. One public, onstage with voters, and one in private that is more subdued and will start appearing more.”

Continuing. “When he’s out on the stage, he’s talking about the kind of things that will make people follow him. But behind the scenes he’s much different.” Gosh now that should make those that believed in him feel really great about their vote. In other words he’s been stringing people alone, just like a used car salesman. Way to go Trump.

He came out today saying he sees nothing wrong with men using woman’s bathrooms, of course he’s the same guy who said his daughters so sexy that if he wasn’t her father, he’d try to date her. And then he says he wants to change the RNC’s stance on abortion. He’s all for it. Yeah. That’s the Donald we know and love.

Speaking of men in women’s restrooms, you might want to take a look at the pedophile who got the movement going.

You’ll see that he’s not some lowlife, but a very well placed opportunist.

Ted Cruz is in PA. at the moment and while in Phila. a completely different type speech then the one on the campaign trail. This speech gets us as close to Reagan as we’re going to get. Take a listen.

Kasich it seems is holding on with his nostril hairs. He spent more money then he’s brought in and now has on $1,160,028 and some change on hand. Obviously he’ll have to take out another loan from G. Soros like he did last time. Oh well.

I have to mention the election though I’d prefer not to. To say I was disappointed in how our precinct voted would be like saying Trump is a crude, narcissist, womanizer. And we all know that’s not true. How could so many people, people who came out to the rallies, who I thought understood what Constitutional Conservatism is, vote for a Dem lite or a moderate. It’s enough to make me want to go live in a cave somewhere. You did notice however the number of votes Hillary got compared to Trump? Even Bernie beat him. He couldn’t even hang on to Manhattan. Manhattan for heaven sakes. Plus where’s the outrage. Cruz has twice as many voters in Wisconsin and only got 39 delegates. Trump got half that many votes in NY and got almost three times the delegates. Why is that fair and why isn’t Trump screaming his head off about the unfairness of it all. Guess it’s only unfair if Trumps on the losing end.

Oh well, at least I can say with all honesty, and gratefulness, that I had nothing to do with it. My hands are clean.

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Kasich, Hillary’s Twin Sister

I’ve been a little lacks the last few days in keeping up with the blog so forgive me. I’ve been making calls for Ted Cruz here in NY and in Pa. I’ve had a lot of positive results. Speaking of Cruz, I and several of the Mohawk Valley Patriots made our way over to Cicero to be part of the Ted Cruz rally. For those who didn’t make it you missed an absolutely great, and fun event. The room held 2,00o and I’d say there were ruffly a thousand there. Not bad considering how little they advertised the event. If I hadn’t been listening to Beck on a Syracuse station I wouldn’t have known either.

I know I’m prejudiced, but Cruz did a great job. Oddly enough he’s taller in person than he looks on TV, and for the few moments I got to talk to him he was extremely gracious and actually listened to what I was saying. If you’ve never been to a rally, you should try to go. It’s just so much fun. Of course no one at this rally was thrown out, or hit in the face. The secret service officers were everywhere and by the look of it, not ones that you’d want to cross.

As you know Tuesday is election day here in NY. Prepare for lines as I believe this will be a huge primary. I haven’t written much about Kasich because I didn’t see him as a factor in the race, but I believe he could do well and perhaps do better than Ted. After all NY isn’t a bastion of constitutional conservatives. So I thought I’d go over some things you should know about the Ohio Gov.

First off as you’ll see below there is very little difference between Hillary Clinton and John Kasich.  Harsh perhaps, but just hear me out. Here are the top 16 times that his left-wing tendencies have been on display.

  1. Obamacare: You might have seen the add on TV this week showing Obama praising Kasich for implementing Obama’s Medicaid expansion. He did this over the objections of both Rep. legislative houses in Ohio. In other words, he used executive action. He campaigned in 2010 against Medicaid expansion, predicting “that it would stick states with large and unsustainable costs.”  He predicted 447,000 residents would sign up, but instead 661,725 have. It’s projected that this will cost Ohio tax payers 27.5 billion by June 2020.
  2. Twisting Scripture to Promote Welfare: To promote welfare expansion he asserted that he would be asked on the day of judgement, “What’d you do for the least of those?” Kasich not only supported the goals of the Left, he validated the entire pagan foundation of the social justice movement.
  3. Roe V. Wade: He isn’t in 2014 that it’s the law of the land,thereby giving every pro-life advocate a slap in the face.
  4. Planned Parenthood: Following the release of the videos exposing PP’s harvesting of baby organs, many GOP governors worked to defund the rogue organization. Not only did Kasich refuse to do so in Ohio, he justified his refusal by noting he couldn’t risk a showdown with Obama because it would threaten the Medicaid funding and risk a gov. shutdown. (CNN Debate 9/18/2015)
  5. Marriage and Judicial Tyranny: After the Obergefell decision which redefined marriage, Kasich said, “I’ve said all along that when the Court makes a decision, we abide by the law of the land. They made their determination and —just move on. 
  6. Males Are Females Too: For women who don’t want men in their bathrooms, Kasich had this to say, “Everybody chill out. Get over it if you have a disagreement with somebody.”
  7. Marriage and Judicial Tyranny:In response to state laws protecting the religious liberty of private business owners, he said, “I read about this in Mississippi where a couple refused to bake a cake for a gay couple. What the hell are we doing in this country?” He added, “I may not appreciate a certain lifestyle or even approve of it, but I can —but that doesn’t mean i gotta go write a law and figure out how to have another wedge issue. The Supreme Court ruled and let’s move on.”
  8. Amnesty: Kasich refers to deportations as inhumane and said he didn’t want to see anybody in pain. Evidently, that sense of compassion didn’t extend to his legal constituents.
  9. Birthright Citizenship: “I think we need to get over that. I’m not for ending birthright citizenship. Let these people who are born her be citizens, and that’s the end of it. I don’t want to dwell on it.” (Can 8/12/15)
  10. Syrian Islamic Refugees:”I think we have a responsibility in terms of taking some more folks in.” (U.K. Guardian)
  11. Gun Grabber: Kasich supported the assault weapons ban. Now he’s seeking the votes of Republicans in the northeast who have been beleaguered by these very same weapons bans.
  12. Supreme Court Nominee: Kasich criticized the Senate for not meeting with Merrick Garland the SC nominee. If Kasich controlled the party, he’d be happy with a permanent anti-gun majority on the SC.
  13. Strong believer in green energy: Calls global warming “real Concern” “We have to pay attention to the science.”
  14. Taxes on Oil & Gas Production: Kasich subscribed to the Dems modus operandi of “if you don’t like it, tax it.” Since 2012 he’s consistently pushed for increased taxes on the industry, which threatens to chase economic success out of the state.
  15. More Passionate Defender of Common Core than Obama: In response to complaints about CC, Kasich expressed a complete misunderstanding of the role of Race To The Top federal funding with CC mandates. “Obama doesn’t set it, the state of Ohio doesn’t set it, It’s local school boards driving better education. I’ve asked the Rep. Gov’s. who have complained to tell me where I’m wrong and all I get is silence.” (Huffington Post. (1/25/15)
  16. Iran Deal here to Stay: Evidently he believes that Obama’s Iran alliance is the Default. What would we do without it? Kasich attacked those Reps who said they would tear up the deal on day one. I don’t know what that means.”

So, the bottom line. How can he claim to be the best general election candidate when he agrees with Obama and Hilary on every major issue of our time? He’ll look like a fool at the debates agreeing to every premise of the left and ceding over the moral high ground to their most repugnant policies.

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What’s In It For Me?

There’s a big story in the tax returns that Trump claims he can’t release because he’s being audited. Well, the really big story is not the true size of his wealth, but about how Congress turned the income tax into a source of massive wealth for many of our richest citizens including Trump.

Now we all wonder how that could be seeing what a burden it is to most of us but the riches to be mined from the tax code are well known to America’s top tax lawyers and their clients.

Since 1986 Congress has accomplished what medieval alchemists could not in their quest for a philosophers’ stone that though lead, could be transformed into gold. That problem has been solved by our income tax code. It only took a few short lines to do so, but do so they did.

It’s all about tax rules that require you to depreciate, or reduce the value of buildings over time, even if the market value is going up. If your depreciation is greater than your traditional income from work and businesses, Congress lets you report negative income. If these paper losses are just a dollar more than your income, it wipes out your income taxes for the year. Yep, that’s right, a year.

If Trump’s returns show he had paid no income taxes in some years, that could be a reason he’s not to excited about showing them to us. Congress says most Americans can deduct no more that $25,000 of real estate depreciation against their income. But if you work two days a week managing real estate and own enough that the depreciation exceeds your salary and other income Congress lets you live income-tax-free. So as long as you keep buying building and depreciating them, the tax man doesn’t come calling.

A decade after Trump graduated from college, he enjoyed a luxurious lifestyle in Manhattan while paying NO income taxes. Depreciation on his buildings let him tell the IRS that his 1978 income was negative by $406,379. The following year it was negative $3.4 million according to documents found in casino regulatory files.

To understand how reporting a negative income can be profitable take a look at your pay stub. If Congress gave you a deal similar to Trump’s instead of the government deducting taxes from you check, you would keep that money—like an interest-free loan and could use it to make money.

Invest that money at 5% and then pay the tax 20years late. For each dollar of tax, you’d pocket $1.65. Net 10% and you’d pocket $5.73 for each tax dollar you didn’t pay. Trump says that NBC paid him $65 million a year for “The Apprentice” (The network says that’s grossly over stated.)  Nevertheless, lets go with Trumps numbers and assume he reports a negative income that year through the magic of depreciation. The none paid income tax on his Apprentice haul would be almost $23 million.

Trump claims he’s a world-class investor, so assume he earns 10% interest on it. After 20 years, that $23 million tax burden would be transformed into a $130 million net gain. About 2.1 million taxpayers report negative income annually. The IRS knows but won’t say how many of them are failed small business owners and how many are rich landlords like Trump.

au audit is not reason for Trump to withhold his tax returns. Releasing them does not affect the IRS and the agency told him it would make no difference. Trump is the only one of the current batch of Pres. candidates that haven’t turned over his return. Trump promotes himself as a champion of people whom he says Washington politicians and the donor class ignore. If he would release them we see how much comes from his businesses and how much from congressional tax favors.

And you think the guy wants to change the system? He is the system!


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More Buzz About What’s Happening.


NEWS FlASH—-For those of you who might be leaning Kasich you should know that 2 illegal aliens raped a girl in MD. Kasich supports sanctuary cities. He also this weekend criticized NC officials for not supporting the law that allows men into women locker rooms and bathrooms. He said if he got a bill like that, he wouldn’t sign it. It’s unfair to the LGBT community.

Well, it’s been a rather amazing end of week this week. The campaigns are here in NY even if you haven’t seen them. I was hoping someone, anyone, (on the rep side) would come upstate if only to drive past on the Thruway but so far it isn’t happening. Everyones down state. Except maybe that back biter Kasich.

If you haven’t heard Cruz is wiping the slate with delegates. In Colo. he took all 34 delegates. In Wyoming he took 9 and Trump got 1. There should be more here when they vote on the rest at the end of the month. In Iowa, Cruz goes 11 for 12. In Indiana it appears Cruz will also take all if not most of the delegates, and if he can keep Trump under 50% here in NY he’ll get delegates here.

As for NY, you can’t go by state wide polling. There are twenty eight districts in NY and each district is different and so it’s like having twenty eight minnie elections. You get three delegates from each district and what Cruz is trying to do is to pick up those Conservative Reps. that live in the NYC area and it appears there is quite a few.  Many if appears will vote Cruz. Also there is a push by the jewish community to vote Cruz. There’s a very good YouTube video where a middle aged Jewish man is talking about why he’s not voting for Trump and that they grew up in the same neighborhood.

The birther issue is still being pushed by the other side and has reached the Supreme Court. It will go nowhere because the guy filing it has to prove that he would be personally affected or damaged by Cruz becoming President. Funny how this was an issue Trump started not with Cruz but with Obama.

Now for some of the ridiculous. If you are a fan of Judge Jeanine Pirro, you will be aware that she is very favorable to Trumps campaign. Last night was an absolute love fest. It might interest you to know that she was once married to a man named Al Pirro a Westchester real estate lawyer and one Trump kept on retainer. When she ran for Attorney General Trump gave a generous $20,000 to her campaign fund. Looks like money talks louder than virtue.

Then we have this, Trump, who hires really great people, the very best people, needs to do a better job at picking them. Why, because his people accidentally told his supporters to vote for Cruz’s delegates. Yep. Seems the delegates are numbered not named and Trumps really best person, got the numbers mixed up and gave them the numbers for the Cruz folks. Oh well, win some, lose some.

Moving on. He hasn’t been on staff for more than a week and already Paul Manafort, who is replacing Lewandowski, the man that assaulted the female news corespondent, is also being charged by a woman who worked with him, for making unwanted sexual advances. Then we have Roger Stone, who encouraged riots during the convention and threatened the delegates who do not support Trump by telling them he would give out their room numbers so Trumps folks could ask them some questions.

Now it turns out that Mr. Stone is not the fowl mouthed spokesmen he appears when on FOX, the only network now willing to have him, but he’s also into kinky sex. He and his wife posted a want add in “Local Swing Fever” stating that he and his insatiable lady, both experienced swingers, were seeking similar couples or exceptional muscular. . . single men. Stone acknowledges that the ad is authentic. There is a picture of stone, taken from the waste up, that show him bare chested and having his ear licked by a rather large breasted woman wearing nothing but body paint. Yep! Trump knows how to pick them.

Gosh think of the parties they could have in Lincoln’s bedroom.

It seems as if Mr. NY values has finally gotten around to visiting the 9/11 Museum. Now according to  Trump he lived only blocks from there and watched it fall from his bedroom window. Of course that was a lie, several other buildings block his view and he lived four miles away.  This is the same Trump who said he lost hundreds of friends there but can’t name any.

Ten years ago he was on MSNBC (because he’s a Dem.) saying that the design was awful, disgusting, that the angles were all wrong, that it would go unrented, and the grounds around it looked like junk. Then he gets to the best part. He tells Chris Mathews, “It’s really a shame. We have a great opportunity. And, you know the terrorist win. If we build this job the way it is, the terrorists win.  WOW!

Trump repeats the part that no one would rent space there and that’s why he built over on Wall St. (with a $150,000 grant from the federal government for “small business.”)

To date, 65% of the Freedom Tower has been leased. Wrong again Donald. Now I know that at the time there was a huge argument about the building design. Trump even offered to build it saying he could have it done in no time. But claiming that the “terrorist win” if it’s built?

There’s no excuse for that.

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All You Ever Wanted To Know About Delegates

Okay, Trump got beat in Wisconsin and he’s not happy. In fact he was so unhappy he refused to make a concession speech. Instead he sent out a childish, lie infested massive for Hannity to read on air. If you do the math, there are still plenty of delegates available for either Cruz or Trump to reach the magic number.

Here’s what’s coming up.

Tuesday, April 19 —

  • New York……95 Delegates, Proportional, Closed Primary

Tuesday April 26–

  • Connecticut….28 Delegates, Proportional, Closed Primary
  • Delaware……..16 Delegates, Winner Take All, Closed Primary
  • Maryland…….38 Delegates, Winner Take All* Closed Primary
  • Pennsylvania..71 Delegates, Winner take All* Closed Primary
  • Rhode Island..19 Delegates, Proportional, Open Primary

* Congressional district delegates are allocated according to results in that district rather than statewide. For Penn. at-large delegates are WTA by statewide vote, but congressional district delegate are elected directly. 

Tuesday, May 3–

Indiana……57 Delegates, Winner Take All*, Open Primary

* Congressional district delegates are allocated according to results in that  district rather that state wide. 

Tuesday May 17–

Oregon……..28 Delegates, Proportional, Closed Primary

Tuesday May 24

Washington….44 Delegates, Proportional, Closed Primary

Tuesday June 7–

  • California….172 Delegates, Winner Take All* Closed Primary
  • Montana…..27 Delegates, Winner Take All, Open Primary
  • New Jersey…..51 Delegates, Winner Take All, Open Primary
  • New Mexico….24 Delegates, Proportional, Closed Primary
  • South Dakota….29 Delegates, Winner Tale All, Closed Primary

* Congressional district delegates are allocated according to results in that district rather than statewide. 

Now–for those of you in NY. Here’s how it works.

81 district delegates are bound to presidential contenders based on the primary results in each of the state’s 27 congressional districts. Each C. district is assigned 3 National Convention delegates who are slated by the Presidential candidates prior to the primary. In each district: if a candidate receives more than 50% or only 1 candidate receives 20% or more of the votes, the person with the most votes receives all 3 delegates.

Otherwise, if at least 2 contenders receive 20% or more of the vote, the one with the most votes receives 2 delegates and the the one with the second most of votes receives 1 delegate. Otherwise, if no contender receives 20% or more of the vote, the party will elect 3 delegates without considering the results of the primary.

14 at-large delegates (10 base at-large delegates plus 1 bonus delegates plus 3 RNC delegates) are bound to the presidential contenders “winner-take-most” based on the statewide primary results. 11 of these delegates (the 10 base at-large delegates plus 1 bonus delegates) are elected at the state committee meeting.

If a candidate receives more than 50% of the vote, that candidate receives all 14 delegates. Otherwise, the delegates are distributed proportionally to those candidates receiving 20% or more of the vote. Round fractions to the nearest whole number. If too few delegates are allocated, the candidate receiving the largest vote receives those of the remaining delegates. If too many delegates are allocated, subtract those delegates from the candidate (s) who met the threshold but had the smallest number of votes.

So before your eyes glaze over, I’ll end this and get it out into the ether.

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Why I’m Voting For Cruz — Pt. 2

Hi there. Yesterday we talked about Cruz’s views of Taxing, Foreign Policy, and Freedom of speech. Today I’d like to continue with his stand on Dishonest Politicians.

Dishonesty in politics is not only rampant, but we all know it’s a fundamental cause of all other political problems, and Cruz is already doing something about it. He demands honesty and openly calls out anyone on either side of the isle that is lying. For instance, in Oct. 15 during hearings regarding the $80 billion budget proposal Cruz called out those who were being dishonest about the nature and meaning of the plan in question. “We’ll spend now for a promise that ten years hence we’ll magically cut spending. Nobody in either chamber believe’s that. It’s an agreed to lie by everyone.” Such honestly and forthrightness is almost unheard of in a politician these days. No wonder they don’t like him he cramps their dishonest style.

The Federal Reserve, Money, and Banking Cruz believes the destabilizing of our money contributed powerfully both to the bubble and collapse of 08″ Cruz wants to return to a gold standard or as he puts it, “keeping our money tied to a stable level of gold.” In regard to bank regulations, he wants to repeal Dodd-Frank, which he believes killed hundreds and even thousands of small financial institutions.” No other candidate acknowledges such facts or advocates such reforms. 

Corporate Welfare and Subsidies–Cruz believes that the government should not be bailing out or propping up businesses–including big businesses–and he takes a principled stand on such matters. During the FOXBN debate in answer to the question “would you bail out the big banks in a financial crisis?” Cruz said absolutely not. “I would not bail them out.” As you know he opposes ethanol subsides and campaigned accordingly in Iowa. He also opposes oil subsidies and campaigned against them in Texas where he won his Senate seat. Cruz again is the only one taking such stands and achieving such wins.

Appreciation for Ayn Rand’s IdeasCruz is a fan of the novel Atlas Shrugged, and his appreciation for Rand’s work is no small matter. He is not an Objectivist but he sees great value in Rand’s ideas. This is why he often mentions Rand when discussing Obamacare. In Sept of 13, Senator Cruz read excerpts from Rand’s book on the Senate floor. He read the section on productivity from Galt’s speech. “Productiveness is your acceptance of morality, your recognition of the fact that you choose to live….  That your work is the process of achieving your values, to lose your ambition for values is to lose your ambition to live.”

He later in 2015 again mentioned Atlas on the Senate follow, this time in connection with the government’s massive spending. Imagine the possibility of a U.S. president speaking from the Oval office, “I’d like to share a few excerpt from one of my favorite books, Atlas Shrugged. and the encouraged Americans, to but the book and read it.

Can you imagine a President that looked you square in the eye and told you what you didn’t want to hear because he knew it was the truth? Have we ever had someone like that? Reagan–Ted is not Reagan and most young people today only know of him from what their parents have told them. Ted isn’t Reagan. He’s Ted and he’s willing to give everything he has to turn the country around. Not for monetary gain, not for fame, but because he loves his kids and wants them to grow up in a world where every penny they earn isn’t going to pay the interest on the debt and where they can say they’re a Christian without fear of being arrested. If these are the things you’re looking for in a leader, then I believe Ted is your man. He’s mine, for these reasons and more.

I would just once like to have a President who isn’t trying to make a name for himself or show how smart or sexy or foul mouthed he is but just wants to bring America back. No shining city of a hill, just a better, stronger, safer, more steadfast America.

If you agree with what I’ve written, remember the election is only a couple weeks away. Know what your voting for and don’t simply vote to get even. Vote for your grandkids, and theirs that they’ll live to see America standing tall again.

Feel free to forward this to your friends and family. If they still haven’t decided, even better. Thanks and pray for America.

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Why I’m Voting Cruz. Part 1

I’ve never pretended that Cruz wasn’t my candidate. In fact, I find myself moving to the point that I’ll not be able to vote for Trump. As I Christian I simply can’t vote for someone who uses God for his own purposes. Over the past few days I’ve gotten several e-mails asking me why I like Cruz so much. Well, since all this began I’ve been writing down or squirreling away every bit of info I can find on all the candidates. This is what I’ve collected on Cruz and why I think he’s the only one suitable to sit in the Oval Office. If you don’t think so, please enlighten me. Feel free to share this with your on the fence friends. Many of these facts are not known. The media seems loath to put out anything that would place Ted in a favorable light. Remember the primary is quickly approaching.

Freedom of speech is the lynchpin of a free society. Without it we are all prisoners of another persons feelings. Cruz recognizes the fundamental importance of the right to freedom of speech and vows to uphold the 1st amendment as a fundamental law of the land. Cruz’s recognition of the existence and importance of the right to freedom of speech means that when he’s faced with questions about the matter, he’ll approach them with the aim of understanding how this principle applies in a given context. He won’t dismiss the principle as irrelevant or question whether it exist. All of the other candidate running at this time have demonstrated an utter disregard for this our first freedom.

U.S. foreign policy has been atrocious for many decades, and we’ve paid horrifically for that fact. Over the past fifteen years, Islamic jihadists have murders thousands of Americans on U.S. soil. During that same time Americans have been killed or maimed abroad. The causes for this problem are many but one of the major causes is that every one of our past administrations have embraced the wrong purpose of U.S. foreign policy .

I believe Cruz would correct this deadly error. Cruz sees the proper purpose of foreign policy as what it is: to protect the lives and rights of Americans. He’s said numerous times the we need “an America first foreign policy”–one which we “judge each challenge by how it affects the U.S.” He has emphatically opposed “nation building” or efforts to make foreign countries into democratic utopias.”  According to the Senator, “it’s the job of the military to protect THIS country and  to hunt down and kill the enemy that would kill us.” He add’s, “We going in with overwhelming force, kill the enemy, then get the heck out.”

Cruz sees the rules of engagement as immoral because it makes it impossible for a soldier to defend himself or his fellow soldiers on the battlefield. These rules make it impossible for our guys to defend themselves. Having a husband that served in the military, that’s a view I share wholeheartedly. Cruz believes that the military should be permitted to operate at full capacity and do what needs to be done and to make the sand glow if that’s what it takes. Cruz puts total war and nuclear weapons on the table. No other candidate does so.

Cruz acknowledges that the Islamic theocracy in Iran is a major sponsor of terrorism against America. He states something we all know and that is that Iran has already declared war on us. Cruz promises that if he’s elected “under no circumstances will Iran be allowed to acquire nuclear weapons, “if the ayatollah doesn’t understand that, we may have to introduce him to his seventy-two virgins.” THAT is how a U.S. president should speak. No if’s, and’s or but’s. He will name the enemy, acknowledge that they’ve attacked us, and make clear that we have the means and the will to convert them to dust.

In regard to Israel, he recognizes this tiny, productive, rights-respecting state as America’s number on ally in the war on terror. “Our alliance with Israel,” Cruz says, “is a strategic bedrock for the United States.” He went on, “America’s security is significantly enhanced by a strong Israel. We will support Israel’s regional qualitative military edge and make sure that, especially in light of the worsening security climate caused by Iran and ISIS, Israel has everything it needs to defend itself.”  No other candidate stands unapologetically with Israel, much less calls our alliance something to celebrate. Once again Senator Cruz stands alone.

Cruz acknowledges that it’s common n’t sense to not accept any more refugees from countries with significant al-Qadea or ISIS presence, and we should “empower law enforcement to patrol and secure Muslim neighborhoods before they become radicalized.” (as a side note, Michigan now has not one but two cities that are considered Muslim enclaves.) In regards to foreign policy, Cruz is the clear cup choice for me.

Taxing, Spending and Shackling Americans.  Cruz believes that the government has violated the rights of we the people in a myriad of ways for more years that we can count. Through it’s mind-numbing regulations, and draconian taxation, he believes American’s have had countless dreams and ambitions ruined. He hasn’t got a silver bullet for this problem but he does have seriously good ideas about how to begin moving us forward. Cruz wants to do away with a substantial number of rights-violating polices and departments. He wants to dismantle the IRS. Now even I know this will be a hair-raising feat to accomplish but by eliminating the IRS and simplifying the tax code it will help clarify what the government is doing in this area and how much it is taking in and from home.

Cruz wants to eliminate the Dept of Education, Energy, and Commerce.  Housing and Urban Development. The EPA. and many others. According to Cruz he will appoint heads to each of those agencies whose central charge will be to lead the effort to wind them down.”I will press Congress relentlessly to do this.” Now this is HUGE. Eliminating the Dept. of Ed. alone would improve our lives and those of our children in tremendous ways. He want to cut at least twenty-five other federal agencies, bureaus, commissions, and programs–including the Corp. for Public Broadcasting, the National Endowment for the Arts, the National Endowment for the Humanities, and the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. All of this is good–and only Cruz embraces or advocates for it. 

Part two tomorrow.

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Who’s Got the Delegate

All right, here we go. Lots to report tonight. First, there is delegate voting taking place in Colorado today.  The voting is by Congressional District and doesn’t all take place on a single day. It takes about a week. However, Cruz won all the delegates voted on today. These come from the Denver area. On Thursday the vote will be in CO-7, with the remaining CDS on Friday and the statewide delegates on Saturday. Cruz is the only one whose paid attention to these folks but you can bet the other two candidates are paying attention now. At the moment it looks like non-committed and Cruz will be the big winners since Cruz has already won two districts.

In North Dakota there is also delegate voting going on. North Dakota does not hold a caucus or primary. Instead about 1,800 ND., Rep., party insiders and activists will attend the state’s GOP convention. They will pick the 25 delegates that will go to the convention. These 25 delegates will be selected by a group of 22 state party leaders and you can assume they’re the ones who gave money, worked for the party and did all the necessary things to be recognized by the state big-wigs.

Once the Committee decides who it wants the 25 delegates to be, the full convention made up of the rest of the 1,800 will vote on the list. This guarantees that each campaign will do their best to woo delegates once they’re selected. However, it’s important to note the Sen. Cruz will deliver the convention’s keynote address on Sat. Both Trump and Kasich set top surrogates, Trump sent Ben Carson, but Cruz went himself. An internal Cruz campaign memo circulated earlier this month suggested the campaign’s advanced ground org. would help win over the unbound delegates.

Moving on to Tenn. Seems there’s been a bit of a knicker twisting by the Trump people. Trump’s campaign is upset about how the TN GOP is planning to steal their delegates at a meeting today. At issue is the slate of 14 at-large delegates that will be picked today. The Trump people claimed that they had an existing understanding that seven of their delegates would be picked; but the state GOP says not so fast. There was no understanding. And, sadly there won’t be now. It seems that a person on the Trump campaign allegedly “spoke dismissively’ of both the process and a female member of the TN GOP.

Is this important? Yes, it is. Or at least relevant. As of right now, The TN Trump campaign is watching as the TN GOP is removing the number of Trump partisans in the at-large delegates pool shrink from allegedly seven out of fourteen to allegedly four out of fourteen. This is because (though not stated) someone in his campaign decide to threw his weight around by making rude comments that gave the TN GOP an excuse to stand on its prerogatives. Complicating this mess is that Tenn. delegates are bound to the candidates for two votes at the convention.

Update—-to clarify, nothing that happened today will have an effect on the first and second ballots; everyone kept the same bound delegates they had going in. However, starting on the third ballot the at-large delegates will be unbound, and can vote for whomever they like. All this came about because as usual, one of Trumps people opened his mouth in a rude and unnecessary manner.

Moving on to Calif. Ted has just been chosen to be the keynote speaker for the Calif. Republican 2016 Convention Saturday Banquet on April 30th. He also received an incredibly strong endorsement from the Chairman of the party. This is fantastic news.

Finally, as you know Sarah Palin is an advocate for D. Trump. She represented him in Milwaukee last night and I’m sorry to say it wasn’t pretty. She was met with tepid applause and stone-faced silence when she insisted that D.Trump was the only one with the knowledge to secure the middle east. Eight minutes into her speech and there was no applause. In fact she only was applauded three times in 19 minutes. When finished she said at least she wasn’t booed.

You know, I really feel sorry for her. She was pushed into politics by Laura Ingraham long before she was ready, has had several family tragedies and now is struggling to remain relevant. I was never a great fan but I thought she was trying to do her best in a situation she wasn’t really comfortable in. I wish her well, but I think she’s going to have some hard times ahead if she continues to be used by Trump in this manner.

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